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Lull Before Camp Has Viking Fans Edgy About Upcoming Season

Come on, admit it. Every Brett Favre article makes you jittery. Is this the BIG one ? Will we actually get anything close to something we can actually sink our teeth into ?

Something…… Anything……..Is he gonna sign or not ? On and on it goes with no end in sight.

Was Brett Favre throwing to some high school kids in Louisiana ? Did he consult with a shoulder specialist ? Is Brett planning revenge on the Packers and in particular Ted Thompson ? His agent said ……… His brother said……? His 3rd grade teacher said ……Blah ! Blah ! Blah !

We are all on the verge of Favre Derangement syndrome !!!

F. D. S. doesn’t just strike the elderly, sick or feeble. It effects virtually anyone it touches. Joe Six-pack, House wives, kids even Packer fans……..( not that anyone cares about the latter ). Nearly everyone is stricken. You may want him in purple. You may not. You may think he is the greatest QB of all time. You may hate the man with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns ! But if you are a fan of a team in the NFC North………you HAVE an opinion !

Today I learned that Favre may have mowed his own lawn yesterday. Could that mean that his shoulder is better ? Buss Cook said that he doesn’t think Favre will come out of retirement. “Doesn’t think ???”

Ah Ha ! As his agent, he should know……that must mean he’s gonna play !!!
When does it all stop ?????

Part two – The saga of the Williams wall.

The motion hearing took place earlier this week and now judge Magnuson is mulling what to do. Will we finally get to put the whole StarCaps issue behind us ? Now we hear that at least eight other players have tested positive for the ingredient “ bumetanide “ but received no punishment for it.

Hmmm? Does this sound unfair to anyone else ? I smell a conspiracy ! Let me guess…..these player play for large media teams such as the Cowboys, Patriots, or Giants ! Punishing them could hurt NFL ratings. So, let’s just hammer a few Vikings and/or Saints just to set an example.

Ridiculous ? Maybe. Paranoid ? Most definitely !

Welcome to the Lull before the storm. This is the period after the draft and before camp opens. There really isn’t much to talk about, so any little tid-bit can and will be twisted, turned and stretched like a Speedo around John Maddens waist.

Want more ? Does the anticipation of a Favre signing effect the Winfield deal ? Is it true that Deanna Favre wants Brett to return because SHE loves the limelight far too much to give it up ?

Here’s a surprise …. Packer fans DON”T want Favre to come back and play for the Vikings !! Go figure !

And how about this one…..Are you ready ? Brett Favre has just opened up a Waffle house in Minnesota !!! That’s right ! How’s that for PROOF positive of him coming back ?

You gotta love it ! It passes the time and if you don’t take any of it too seriously, then it is relatively harmless, even fun. Sooner or later, all of these issues will come to a conclusion.

Good or Bad… hang on for the wild ride and we’ll soon see who gets to say “ I told you so !” and who is saying “ D’oh ! “

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