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Here’s to my uncle Frank. A HugeViking fan who took me to my first NFL game!

As I sit here at my keyboard trying to think of yet another clever way to put a new twist to the whole Favre angle. I realize that this is becoming harder and harder to say basically the same thing over and over about the story that will not die. Nothing new to report…. really !…….. How can I dig something out of nothing ? This wasn’t hard a while ago, but honestly, what can be said that hasn’t already been said Ad Nausium.

Did you hear about the Mississippi fisherman who caught a huge channel catfish that looked like Favre’s agent Buss Cook ? And on and on it goes………

I began to muse about my life as a Viking fan. Hey, I was born and raised in Maine for crying out loud ! What could a kid from the small town of Readfield have in common with anyone from Minneapolis ? Well, the weather is similar. Warm and humid in the summer, freezing ass cold in the winter.

Yet somehow I became a Viking fan. Absolutely no explanation and no apology. Joe Kapp was quarterback, Bill Brown and Dave Osborn ran with the ball. Kapp was eventually replaced with the unforgettable Gary Quozzo……Huh ? You don’t remember him ?

Anyway, a REAL Viking fan should remember him…..even if I didn’t spell the name right.
I recall a time in the early 1990’s I did some family genealogy and discovered that I had descended from an honest to goodness Viking chieftain from the 800 – 900 Anno Domini period. I found out that this great warrior crossed the Boyne river in Scotland and ravaged a village and was so pleased by his conquest that he took the name “Boynton” which could be roughly translated into “ Master of the river Boyne“.

The trail goes cold before this, and I have yet to discover this Chieftains name before he took the Boynton alias, but I have narrowed it down to about seven possible Kings of the time period. Two of which were the original “Ragnar the Terrible” or “Rollo the Fat”. Imagine my pride !!!

I also later found out that one of these “ Ahem” distinguished relatives actually traded 200 head of sheep, a herd of cattle and his wife for some prime acreage that came with it’s own castle equipped with a state of the art moat, drawbridge and title of “Lord” of said estate. Later Lord Boynton made it a crime in his land to not assist anyone in the realm to recover any lands or property in general stolen by thieves by going on what was called a “Hot trod”. ( Later referred to in westerns as a posse). This is where we get the more modern term of “Hot to Trot”. It seems that is the Kingdom of Lord Boynton it was a bigger crime to not assist in the recovery of the property then it was to steal said property in the first place and one could be hanged on the spot without a trial for refusal to partake upon this “ adventure “.

Anyways, my point here is that none of these seem to be related in any manor to Brett Favre. Yet, they are still somehow important to me !!! The other interesting point is that I knew none of this until well AFTER I had become a Loyal life long Minnesota Viking fan !!!! Strange coincidence ??? High level conspiracy ???

Perhaps ! This is precisely the kind of weird quirky kind of thing that the Democrats could only blame on George Bush !!!

Meanwhile, back on Earth…..I was taking the round about way to tell you all about my Uncle Frank. He is my favorite uncle for about a gazillion reasons, but he was a very successful business executive for a company originally called Monterrey industries out of the city of the same name in California. I grew up hearing of his many awesome exploits to many foreign lands most of which would take far too long to tell in this rambling dissertation into madness. One day I may tell you of his trip to China where he and my Aunt were entertained by a provincial Prince by eating “one hundred year old eggs” and a “fried bird“. I am told that beak first is preferable to the opposite end although the feet tend to drag down the gullet with a rather uncomfortable sensation !

And don’t get me started about Chinese public restrooms !!! An unsavory tale indeed !
As I was saying, eventually, by another “Astonishing “ coincidence, uncle Frank was transferred to Hopkins, an outskirt of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. His company had season tickets and to make a short story long, he took me to my first Viking game. Play-offs vs. the Rams in 1974. We drove from Maine to Minnesota. I feverously adjusted the radio on the trip as I listened to the Vikings pummel the St. Louis Cardinals 30 – 14. The following week I was at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington. Late December. Balmy and humid as I recall !

A couple of days before the game we toured the stadium and rode on an elevator with a man who stood fourteen feet tall with shoulders nine feet wide ( an adolescents perspective is employed here ). I later learned that the man was Jack Youngblood DE for the Bad Guys.

We won – 14-10 !!! All was right with the world. No disputed elections in Iran. Poor Hillary Clinton had not yet endured her infamous sniper attack, and JessieVentura was known only as “The Body “.

Later I traveled again to the twin cities and he took me to see the Vikings play a game against the Philadelphia Eagles during the Les Steckel era. We got pummeled !

Come to think of it, Uncle Frank took me to my very first baseball game too ! Candlestick park, Giants vs. Dodgers. All I remember was that Bobby Bonds was my hero that summer and the grass was greener then anything I’d ever seen in all my ( at the time ) 10 years.

My uncle Frank and I are both much older now. He’s been battling cancer the last few years and he seems a little smaller then the big guy I remember from when I was a kid. But I really, really wanted to say “ Thanks Uncle Frank for being my Dad when I didn’t have one “. I don’t see you nearly enough ! You taught me how to play golf, and I still have really silly pictures of us dressed in our Viking game attire ( complete with Helga braids and horns ).

Thanks Uncle Frank ! You have always been my Hero !!!

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One Response to “Here’s to my uncle Frank. A HugeViking fan who took me to my first NFL game!”

  1. Fragile Fred Smoot says:

    First and foremost, here’s to uncle Frank and the prospect of a long and happy life!! Uncle Frank is what Freds calls a man’s man. There aren’t enough Uncle Franks around these days. A man’s man leaves a legacy that a younger man looks back on with great pride and love. These lessons are applied to future generations because someone like Frank stepped into a void and a showed a boy how a man is suppose to act.

    Good luck Frank!

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