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Good Point, Rob

I recently wrote an article (or, more accurately, posted a bunch of quotes from Rodney Harrison) which was posted at our mother site  The article highlighted Rodney Harrison’s opinion that Brett Favre has been a selfish attention hound over the last four years.  In the article I agreed with Harrison’s take.  Recently, a reader who goes by Rob posted a comment that raises some good points.

Here is the unedited comment from Rob:

So, lets blame Favre for the media’s fascination with him?  That’s your angle?  Let’s knock Brett for being indecisive?  That’s what bothers you so much?  There are so many serious issues in this world (did you see the young Iranian woman bleeding to death?), but this is your BIG problem in life!  Adam, it’s you and Rodney and the other prideful fools who are getting tiresome.  Brett can change his mind all he wants…if a team doesn’t like it, they can turn away…nobodies holding a gun to anybody’s head here.  And if the press doesn’t stop the articles, it’s because they want to keep doing them.  Know why?  Money.  Brett sells.  And apparently, you only can at his expense.  Pity is, your article is more an indictment of your own charater than his.  Too bad for you.  Must be so tough to be going the suffering you’re experiencing. I know! If you don’t like the program, change the channel instead of knocking others who like that programming.  Or better yet, find an important m
 atter to write about, one that might challenge you instead of making you look foolish.

Rob writes an intriguing comment that raises multiple points of value.  The world is full of much more important things than football.  Iran.  Iraq.  The economy.  Job loss.  Dependencies.  Natural disasters.  Starvation.  The list can go on for a long, long time. 

I will never deny it that football rumors, speculation, and analysis is always trumped by more important issues.  However, I don’t write for a blog about Iranian politics.  I write for a blog about the Minnesota Vikings.

Football is a form of escapism entertainment, which has always been an important part of American culture.  Theatre provided an alternative to listening to reports of bloodshed during World War I.  Jigsaw puzzles became a cheap and effective activity to distract people from their woes during the Great Depression.  Baseball served as a cornerstone of American pride during World War II.  Music was a way for people to express and relate during Vietnam.  In today’s economic crisis, video games are selling like hot cakes as it allows people to escape the harsh realities of the world we live in. 

For many people, myself included, football serves as an escape from the daily disasters that hog up dozens of 24 hour news channels.  The escape is important in order to function properly as a human being.  Football strategy, contract negotiations, drafting pro athletes, practices, and even the psychology of a 40 year old quarterback are all part of the theatre known as football that we all enjoy so much.  Let’s face it, if you found Vikings Gab, you probably love every aspect of football.

Yes, Brett Favre has the right to change his mind.  Yes, the media has itself to blame for their infatuation with him.  Yes, a team can turn away from Favre if they choose.  No guns are to anybodys’ heads.  These are all choices, and it is my job to speculate, predict, and analyze on the decision of our favorite team.  It is somebody elses job to speculate, predict, and analyze the ongoings in Iran.

As far as the money goes.  ESPN might get rich off of a good Brett Favre story, but I sure as heck don’t.  I’m just looking to provide some fodder for those of you that are like me and love to read about the Vikings in order to escape the cold, hard realities of our world… if only for just a few seconds.

So, kudos to Rob for getting this “prideful fool” to write something that is more of a “challenge” and I hope I haven’t made myself look too “foolish.”  Also, thanks to Rob for stopping by and taking the time to comment on such an important matter.

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2 Responses to “Good Point, Rob”

  1. Rob says:

    Adam…just saw this today. I get your point. I understand that you’re writing “venue” is entertainment and you write about that. And your response was brilliant. I didn’t feel you slammed me, yet you made me feel a little foolish myself. I look at what I wrote differently now…kinda indicted myself. I was challenged by this and can see your talent rise. So, my apologies for being so insulting over fluff. I guess it’s just that some of the anti-Favre rhetoric has been so scathing and vehement…like hoping his back gets broken, their cumulative effect has really peeved me and I vented in your direction. So, Ive been set straight, but I hope I’m not the only one. Thanks for the bounce back. Enjoy the season!

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