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A Rare Political Opinion From Adam

 Burress Weapons Charges Football    

Look, I want to make it very clear at the top of this post that I know this is not a Vikings-related post.  I also want everyone to know that I am very respectful of all political views and would never think less of someone if they disagreed with mine.  Nevertheless, I want to share my opinion on the recent incarceration of Plaxico Burress.

My argument boils down to one simple phrase:  You can’t fix stupid.

What Burress did was incredibly stupid.  He stuck a loaded weapon in his waistband and somehow managed to let it discharge in a crowded and very public place.  Luckily for him, the bullet went into his own leg instead of someone else’s body.  I will not deny it, his actions were stupid and illegal.

However, I have to wonder about his two year sentence.  Across the country we are letting criminals go that actually did hurt or kill somebody that wasn’t themselves.  Some of them get far less time than two years.  California is letting rapists and murderers out left and right because the prisons are overcrowded and it’s too costly to keep them in.  Yet, New York managed to find a spot for stupid old Plaxico.

Here’s the kicker:  The same political party that preaches about rehabilitation of criminals is the same political party that has created these gun laws in New York.  Even though Plaxico carrying a gun is legal in many other states, his ignorance and stupidity (not criminal intent) was enough to ruin his life, both professionally and on a personal level.  What do they plan on doing with him in prison, rehabilitating him?  Please.  Unless they plan on putting him into a post-grad program dealing with common sense, then it isn’t going to happen.  After all, you can’t fix stupid.

So the tax payers are going to foot the bill to incarcerate a local hero for his stupidity, even though he won’t come out the other end any less likely to be an idiot.  It would’ve been far cheaper for the State just to buy the guy a holster and take away his supply of sweatpants.  Maybe a firearm safety course as the cherry on top. 

But, no.  They are going to use a law that is barely constitutional, at best, to lock a guy away that spent a few Sundays throughout his career going up against a guy named Sean Taylor who was slain in his home, primarily because of his status as an NFL super star.  Also, keep in mind that this is all occurring in the same state where Leodis McKelvin of the Bills recently had his lawn vandalized in a very graphic manner because of a dropped football.  This is also the same state where someone recently broke into Donte Whitner’s house and stole $400,000 worth of jewelry. 

Where I live I sometimes carry a gun as protection from bears.  If I were an NFL player looking at a list of violence against players (including Steve McNair, Darrent Williams, and Richard Collier to name a few recent ones) I might be prone to carry a weapon as protection from lunatics, as well. 

So, in short, I think Plaxico Burress was stupid and that he obviously didn’t have the necessary knowledge and respect that one should have when carrying a firearm.  However, to ruin the guy’s life and throw him away for two years only to let him out with no increased wisdom about guns… well, that’s just wrong. 

If the State of New York is going to start limiting people’s rights to bear arms, not protect the celebrities and athletes living within their borders, and then make an example of high-profile cases like Plaxico’s in order to better enforce their new laws then I don’t think they deserve a professional football team, much less three of them.

It probably will not change in that state, however.  After all, you can’t fix stupid.

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