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Trash Talking With A Niners Fan

I thought it’d be fun to find out exactly what a Niners fan thinks of the upcoming game at the Metrodome.  A good friend of mine, Ryan Buen, happens to be a die-hard Niners fan and he accepted my offer to do a little back and forth trash talking post.  I let him have the first and the last word, but I doubt the Vikings will be that kind to the Niners.  Here is what we each had to say:

R.B.:  There used to be a time when football fans would look at their weekly schedules, see that they were playing the San Francisco 49er’s, and rejoice. Those days are gone, get ready, because this IS your momma’s 49ers. For the first time since the early nineties there is cause for excitement. Thus far the Vikings have had no real tests facing the lowly Browns and Lions. This week they face the high ranking rush defense of the the 49ers, which will be a great gauge as to what the Vikings can do when Adrian Peterson is limited. This writer’s humble opinion is that what they can do, is lose games.
A.W.:  This is my momma’s 49ers?  If you mean that that my momma could play for them, then i guess you have a point.  Adrian Peterson will not be limited by this defense in the slightest.  They would have to bring 8 or 9 in the box in order to shut him down, and I hope they do.  Cause, if you hadn’t heard we have  a guy that can run just as hard as #28 but he lines up on the outside and catches the ball down the field… Percy Harvin.  Despite beating the Cards (who we thumped last year) and the Seahawks (who are worthless anyways) the Vikes are superior in every aspect of the game.  Favre or Hill?  Gee.  Peterson or Gore?  Hmm.  Berrian and Harvin or a bunch of guys keeping Crabtree’s seat warm for him?  Puleez.  WilliamsWall plus a guy who killed an elk with a spear, or your slap-dicks?  No question.  Overrated and overpaid Nate Clements or Pro Bowler Antoine Winfield and recently amazing Cedric Griffin?  Sure Patrick Willis is the best linebacker on the field, but we have the best overall group.  If you’re looking for a Niners edge, talk about coaching cause you wont win the player-talent battle.  And we’ll prove it on Sunday.

R.B.: Well we’ll get to see Harvin’s stuff this Sunday because Adrian can look forward to 8 in the box and constant pressure as we watch Favre throw Minnesota right out of the game. We unfortunately won’t get the chance to see if Clements is overrated because even if he does pick off Favre a couple times, really, how tough is it to pick off a 40 year old man? Jared Allen may be the most dominant defensive end in the game, but the Williams wall’s sturdiest days are gone. As walls get older they tend to wear and Pat Williams isn’t getting any younger. At 9-3 Shaun Hill has become a pretty good game manager, he doesn’t wait for the deep ball down the field which means there is less time for defenders to get to him. The biggest story for me in this game though, will be seeing what happens when Brett Favre is asked to win a game for the Vikings, and what new injury he will come up with after the game to explain why he didn’t.

A.W.: Good, I will look forward to 8 in the box and so will Berrian, Rice, Harvin and Shiancoe.  Count that up… 4 deep threats against 3 defenders.  That is something even a 40 year old Favre will be able to take full advantage of on a consistent basis.  Now I’m as big of a Favre skeptic as they come, but your hopefulness for the Niners defense is far too optimistic.  I’ve spent over a decade watching Favre torch far better defenses with far fewer weapons at his disposal.  I have no doubt that our offense can outplay your defense… otherwise why would the Niners defense be available on the waiver wire in my fantasy league?  We will give Hill the short ball all day long, our defense is actually better against the short throws (see: Chad Greenway) than anything else right now.  The WilliamsWall will force Gore to the outside just like every other running back this season.  Gore will then have to make it past the hard hitting duo of Cedric Griffin and Antoine Winfield… good luck with that.  And boy will it be fun watching Pat Williams feed you a shovel full of crow, as he is still a pro bowler that will be on Gore and Coffee like they were a stack of fluffy flapjacks.

R.B.: Here’s a fun defensive statistic, PYA 315, RYA 218, TYA 533 – Vikings. PYA -476  RYA-106 TYA-582 -49ers.
So while the Vikings have an edge in the pass rush, surprisingly it is not the team with the Williams Wall that is the dominant run defensive team statistically here. Minnesota hasn’t quite gone up against a running game like San Francisco’s so we’ll see how they fair against Frank Gore. It won’t be a Seahawksesque performance, but it would be a mistake to think that he won’t give the Vikes some fits. It would be foolish of me to compare Julius Jones and Tim Hightower to a talent such as AP, but in the same way that this is a bit of a benchmark game for the Vikes, it is also going to be one for the 49er defense. If they manage to put a stop on Minnesota you won’t see them available on your fantasy wire for much longer. And you’re right, you did spend decades watching Favre torch better defensive units, but you haven’t really seen it in the past couple of years and it’s that waning production that will be on display this Sunday. You know you’ve been waiting for that game where he comes out and throws 4 picks and 76 yards, don’t be surprised if it comes this weekend.

A.W.: There are lies.  There are damn lies.  Then there are statistics.  Our rushing defense may not be dominating statistically, but I’m just curious who has had such a dominant performance against us?  Jamal Lewis really took advantage of our efforts to shut down Braylon Edwards by rushing for a whopping 57 yards.  Then Kevin Smith really took advantage of our efforts to shut down Megatron by rushing for an amazing 87 yards.  Holy Smokes, time to panic, right?  Well, let me ask you this… which Niners receiver will demand so much attention that we’ll have to divert some focus away from Frank Gore?  That’s what I thought… none.  The last time Favre torched a team, in my opinion, when he knocked off the undefeated 2008 Titans whose defense was far superior to the 2009 Niners.  I have been waiting for the game when Favre throws 4 picks, but it won’t be this week.  At no point will we be desperate enough to have him start slinging it.  Watch for that to happen when a more worthy opponent like the Steelers come to town.

R.B.:  While having no true stars, the 49ers have a vast variety of offensive options outside of Frank Gore. Isaac Bruce while being older then time is still an adequate possession wideout. Josh Morgan has shown in the past that he can occasionally bust out for a huge game. This will surely illicit a joke from you sir, but Vernon Davis has been getting quite a few targets lately and is going to be a good surprise for niners fans who have watched him struggle these past few years. The only question on Davis is when that light will finally flick on. If Gore is the only person on the offense accounted for, the 49ers to have the necessary tools to make Minnesota pay. If the Vikes start out slow again like they did in Detroit, San Francisco has too much offensive efficiency to let the Vikes get back into the game.

A.W.:  Nope, not worried about Bruce, Morgan, or Davis.  These guys will be accounted for, but the only player worthy of special attention is Frank Gore.  It will be easy enough to stick our linebackers on him to account for his pass catching abilities as well.  The Niner offense scares me so little that I think we COULD afford another slow start in this game, but i don’t think that will happen.  Sure, #28 will probably stick to his formula of having slow 1st halves of pounding away and then explode against a tired defense later int he game, but that’s a good thing in my opinion.  Besides Gore, the Ninersv offense is no more dangerous than that of the Lions and the Browns.  In fact, your O-Line will be devoured by our D-Line and Shaun Hill will probably spend most of his day in the horizontal position.  In order for your offense to be productive they’re going to be depending on turnovers… and lots of them.

R.B.:  Underestimating our offensive line would be a mistake, though not the best in the league, it is perfectly capable. Though most of the lineup from last year intact, this is obviously a very different team. Singletary has really got this crew drinking the kool-aid, and in my opinion it won’t be the turnovers that win this game for San Francisco (though they will certainly help) but the heart of this young San Francisco team that will end up getting them the W. If you watch the footage from the past two games, they may not play pretty football, but these guys just don’t stop coming after you. If Adrian starts out slow expecting the defense to tire up on him in second half he will be unpleasantly surprised because right now Singletary has these guys running on an unlimited gas tank. They will cause problems for Adrian, and most importantly will rattle Favre. Here’s a question, when Favre turns back into the human turnover machine, how long do you think it will take that team and Minnesota fans to turn on him. How many picks you think it’ll take for T-Jack chants to start.

Ryan’s Prediction:  20 to 17, Niners

Adam’s Prediction:  27 to 17, Vikings

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4 Responses to “Trash Talking With A Niners Fan”

  1. […] Trash Talking With A Niners Fan » Vikings Gab […]

  2. starrc10 says:

    Thanks Adam/Ryan-

    Good stuff here, seems like this should be a benchmark game for both our teams. The Seahawks lost their starting quarterback in the first half and the Cards seems to lay an egg every couple of weeks. The Lion’s and Brown’s struggles are well documented.

    I was interested to see that neither of you brought up the last time these teams met. ADP did get shut down (in fact, during training camp in Mankato they had some literature with player profiles and Adrian said that Patrick Willis is the best player he has ever faced… telling bit of info?). Should be a very interesting game.

    Kevin Williams is easily among the best (I would argue THE BEST) DTs in the league, Pat still has what it takes to be dominant, Ray Edwards has been very good these first two games, Jared Allen seems to be struggling (not sure what thats about). Defensive line could go either way.

    The LB’s seem to be getting ahead of themselves trying to make plays in the backfield. I actually suspect this issue will be sorted out when we face a runner they respect.

    The story line here is pretty simple; “Who plays their gaps and tackles better?” If the Vikes do these things the way they have the last two games, look for our first “L”.

  3. starrc10 says:

    I suspect we will also find out what kind of home field advantage we have this year.

  4. Aaron says:

    Fun read, nice addition! I tend to stay away from many other fans from other teams, so I don’t know if this is something I could contribute to one day or not! Especially during Green Bay week!

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