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For The Few That Are Left

I have taken quite a bit of flak for my anti-Favre rants prior to the season starting.  Some people want me to admit I was wrong.  Some people want me to start being more positive about #4.  Some people want to have Brett’s next baby.

Well, none of the above will come from me any time soon.

For those of you who might have missed it, my reasoning can be found in my Handbook: For Those Who Love The Vikings But Hate Brett Favre.  Here is parts one, two, three, and five (I passed on number four, just like the Vikings should have).

After the miracle touchdown last weekend, there are fewer and fewer Vikings fans in need of the Handbook.  For those few remaining, however, much of the advice still applies.  In what appears to be a pretty prophetic or lucky turn of events, I believe we are currently on step seven of the Handbook.  Here is what I wrote back in August:

 Step Seven:  Do Not Accept “I Told You So”

You’ve doubtless got some friends who think getting Favre was the best football move in the history of sports.  They’re Super Bowl bound now!  Is it too Early to talk about an undefeated season!?!  Imagine how much better Adrian Peterson will be!  Please, give me a break.

Well, I’m warning you, this talk will get worse before it gets better.  Look at the first three games.  Browns, Lions, and Niners to start off the season.  They could bring back Terry Bradshaw and he would lead this Vikings team to a 3-0 start against this schedule.  Favre probably will, too.

So come week four, that incredibly hyped game against the Pack, there will be a lot of Favre ass-kissing going on by certain Vikings fans.  They’ll want to shove it in your face how wrong you were when you said getting Favre was a terrible idea.  Don’t let them get the best of you, though.  Don’t respond at all.

Afterall, you are smart enough to realize that the Vikings have a schedule coming up that includes actual football teams like the Ravens, Steelers, Bears and Giants. 

So, while many people will have counted their chickens before they’ve hatched in week four, remember that 75% of the schedule still remains.  And that those teams are much, much tougher.

So, for those of you who are wondering why I am still not on the bandtractor, please understand that I am smarter than your average Jets fan.  That’s right, remember when Mike Nugent got hurt in week one against the Dolphins last year?  The Jets were forced to go for it on 4th and 13, where Favre pulled a Manning/Tyree play out of his ass for a touchdown in the win.  All Jets fans were lining up to have Brett kiss their baby.  Brett was a New York God.

So, as the season wore on and Brett started throwing picks instead of touchdowns, and his old body started to crumble, how did Jets fans respond?  Did they still love him?  Were they sad to see him go?


They dumped him.  They replaced him with a hopeful rookie, and I will forever remember Jets fans as the biggest lot of fairweather sell-outs in the NFL.  And I refuse to join them.

That is why I am sticking to my original thesis that Brett Favre will do more harm than good to this talented team in the long run.

I refuse to be as ignorant as a Jets fan.

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8 Responses to “For The Few That Are Left”

  1. starrc10 says:

    Woof. I do agree the hype is completely out of control.

    You are dead serious about staying off of and glaring at all who chose to get on the Favre boat. More power to you. But as I like to say – Democrate or Republican, I am an American first – adjusted here to – Favre or Not, Go Vikings. I will hope against hope that you are dead wrong here.

  2. Adam Warwas says:

    Starr, It is true, I hate Brett BUT I love the Vikings. Your American argument is almost word-for-word from Step One of the Handbook (check it out ont he links above).

    And, yes, I hope for the best for the Vikings which is why I was against the Favre acquisition in the first place. But, even I got very excited to see him throw the game winner last week.

    Don’t mistake my lack of faith in Favre as a way of me HOPING the Vikings fail. I hope he , or somebody, takes them all the way. I really do. I just feel this script is going to end badly.

  3. starrc10 says:

    Damnit! I have the same feeling! I just dont want to acknowledge it!

  4. bridgit says:

    Glad to hear you won’t have Brett’s baby!

  5. Ace says:

    I think your stance on Favre is merely a safety net so if he fails you can say you can say you never endorsed him in the first place and if he succeeds you can say ‘Hey, I’m a Vikings fan. ‘

    Bottom line – Brett favre is a better QB than Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels. If you don’t want the better QB then you aren’t thinking in the terms of the best interest of the team. End of story.

  6. Adam Warwas says:


    I’m a Vikings fan first, and so yes i hope for success, and am very happy to see the financial benefits of getting Favre.

    I’m a Favre skeptic second, meaning I think he was a bad move in football terms. Especially considering how we could have spent the $12 million he’s getting on players who offer a larger upgrade than Favre does (I know, I know, this is arguable).

    I’m a Favre hater third, meaning my hope for success and my analysis of football come long before my personal feelings about the Packer Great Posing as a Viking.

    Bottom line, I don’t like the guy, I don’t think he was the right football move and that’ll show int he long run, but i sure do hope that i’m wrong.

  7. Wes Thompson says:

    Realize that I just read this post after the Vikings beat Green Bay, but I am still NOT on the BF (I can’t say his name, the TV announcers say it enough for everybody) bandwagon. I have only gotten to the point where I HATE BF a little and I mean little less. It is GREAT the Vikings are 4-0, but it is the Vikings that are 4-0, NOT just BF. Maybe it is because I am a life long Vikings fan, but I still think BF will rip our hearts out in the end.

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