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Anger Management

I have never been to an anger management class, but if I were I think one of the main pointers they give is to put your anger into question form.  So… since I am still too angry to give unbiased, quality analysis, let me put some questions out there as if I were at Childress’ presser:

1.  Why did your best player, the league’s leading rusher, only carry the ball 18 times in what was generally a close game?

2.  After making such a big deal this preseason about Brett Favre’s “pitch count” why did he throw 51 passes when he was obviously struggling with accuracy all day long?

3.  When is the front office going to invest the resources needed to find a left tackle that knows how to play football?

4.  At the end of the game I know everyone would WANT a touchdown, but why are we throwing the ball when all we NEED is a field goal?  Even if the screen had worked we would’ve scored, leaving the Steelers with too much time left on the clock.

5.  The few times we blitzed good things happened (Leber Sack and Asher Allen forced fumble) so why did we do this on so few occasions?

6.  When it is obvious he wants to win more than anybody in the world, why are we consistently taking Adrian Peterson off the field on game winning drives?

7.  Should we all pitch in to buy a tackling dummy for Madieu Williams since it’s obvious the Vikings can’t afford one?

8.  Perhaps we should also raise funds to buy the Vikings a television so that Chili knows when to challenge a call and when to not?

9.  What more will it take for the coaches to realize that the soft zone nickel defense does not work?

10.  Does Chris Kluwe have a drug problem?

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13 Responses to “Anger Management”

  1. olderthandirt says:

    LOL Adam!!! I think you’re taking this loss way to hard. Deep breath ……… count to ten. A couple of bad calls and two turnovers. They happen!!! I think we played a pretty good game. A few dropped balls that shouldn’t have, made the difference. One drop, the fumble, and a second drop, not looked into the hands, for an interception. Without them, we could have had two more scores, and they would have had two less scores. Could have, would have, should have!! Those are the breaks of the game. We held our own or better against a very good team, on their field, plus had to try and overcome the Zebras. This game will just make us dig in deeper.

    GO VIKES!!!

  2. starrc10 says:


    I thought it was interesting that they called for the touchdown try today but last week went with the runs to setup the field goal…. BOTH times the wrong decision!!!!!!

    In the Ravens game they are charging up and down the field the entire second half, so we decide on a 2 point lead then?!?!?!

    This time the Steelers are having trouble scoring, but we don’t go with the runs to setup the field goal?!?!?!

    Its like he switched the game conditions from last week.

  3. bernie says:

    We got robbed, plain and simple. As a Vikings fan of 39 years i live in Pennsylvania, and see the Ste(a)lers every week, they always get the refs call, plain and simple. This game was stolen from the Vikes, Andy, and you can second guess all you want, but we were the better team today, we outgained them in every category

  4. bernie says:

    Adam, i called you Andy because you sound like Andy Griffin, asking all those what-if’s. Actually i do agree at keeping AP in the game, and run up the middle, we had plenty of time to tie or win, even a shuffle pass to AP is a better call than a screen.You gotta go for the win on the road, especially when the refs are totally against you. That interception on the screen should’ve been caught by Taylor, he gave up on it, and let em’ pick it.

  5. olderthandirt says:

    Starrc ……. that’s an interesting analysis, but I thought that was a good call myself. The result was the only thing bad about it. What if Adrian carried and fumbled?? Same result. You never know from one call to the next. How many times has
    Chester gotten that called and made a big play out of it. You never know. It just wasn’t meant to be, and the Refs made sure it wasn’t. That tripping penalty turned it around, plus our failure to score a TD with four chances from the one.

  6. Adam Warwas says:

    The refs are too easy of an excuse. Dugan did flail his leg on that, so I personally think that call could’ve gone either way.

    The play calling was atrocius to me. The catch and run by Adrian on the last drive proved two things.

    a. He wanted to win Really, Really bad.
    b. He can catch and run just like Chester, and should not be taken off the field.

    51 passes from Favre is unacceptable, and Chili knows it.

    This is three weeks in a row where the Vikes have abandoned “what’s working” and let the other team impose their wills.

    Good teams figure out how to win even if the Refs seem to get a few wrong. see: Saints vs. Fins

  7. Brendan Engle says:

    “When it is obvious he wants to win more than anybody in the world, why are we consistently taking Adrian Peterson off the field on game winning drives?”

    I think that quote describes the Vikings perfectly.

    Honestly though, you can’t fault Childress for the play call on the final drive. If we play for a FG and end up losing in OT, everyone gives him crap for not going for it. Brett Farve isn’t Tarvaris Jackson. He has done this many times before and will do it again. The play call was the right one too.. and it was a play that both Chester and Favre make 95% of the time. If the simple screen is completed, the Vikings have either a first down or a short third down with over a minute to go inside the redzone. Even if it is not tipped right into the hands of their LB, we are looking good. The players blew this game, not Childress.

  8. Adam Warwas says:

    I can see your points, guys, but respectfully disagree.

    I’m trying to think of another team that actively chooses to take their star player off the field when the game is on the line… and drawing a blank.

    The same goes for that goal line stand where Adrian only got one crack at gaining a half yard. This reminds me of when the Jets started to go downhill last season… when they started putting too much responsibility on Favre and not let their other guys make plays.

    I still just can’t believe the playcalling. Three designed passes to Tahi? WTF?

  9. c.carterhof says:

    With everything that went wrong before the int. we still had a good shot at winning.
    And I thought Vikes were gonna do it. But it didnt work out that way, so I’m thinkin this is a good football team Adam. The Saints are good, but they will lose. Same goes for the Colts and Broncos.

    I agree with some things you are saying, but I aint gonna hang my head and call it a season. There is a long way to go.
    Next week is a big game. We find a way to beat GB at their place, and we have a 2.5 game lead on them. And we would have the tie breaker making it a 3.5 lead. The Bears got throttled today, theres a team that needs to worry where they’re going, not us!

    We get to 7-1 at the bye? I’ll take that! A win today would’ve been great, but like olddirt said, this game will make us dig deeper. Lets dig in.

  10. Adam Warwas says:

    I agree Carter, for sure not hanging my hat, but how many times do we have to get burned by the smae exact things game after game before our coaches wake up and grow the cahones to put a boot ont he throat of an opponent?

  11. Brendan Engle says:

    I agree that having Peterson on the bench was a complete blunder. Not only is Adrian arguably the best player in the league, he also wants to win more than anyone in the NFL. He didn’t look like he was going to be stopped at the end of the game and it reminded me a lot of the Packers game last season.

    I still have to disagree with the goal line series. Adrian had been stuffed two times in a row (one negated by penalty). I personally would have fed him the ball again, but the Steelers defense is tough to gain a yard against. Brett Favre has thrown more one yard TDs than anyone in the history of the NFL by far and no one was questioning the passing calls when they worked numerous times before this season. The TEs screwed up the routes at the back of the endzone, and again, that series is on the players… not the coaches.

    Believe me… I have never been a Childress supporter, but I also don’t agree with blaming him with a double edged knife. He gets blamed for us collapsing because of being too conservative one week and then he gets blamed for being too aggressive the next. He got blamed for being too obvious of a play caller forever, and now he finally has the guts to not just run the ball every down, and he again gets criticized.

    When it came down to it, we were in a good position to win this game, and in the end, the players didn’t pull it out. We put up a good fight against a good team on the road though. Plus, the Bears got destroyed, so that helped 🙂

  12. bridgit says:

    This will jut make the Vikings hungrier-at least they weren’t 16-0 and collapsing in the Superbowl.

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