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Bye Week Advice

No, this isn’t a post where I tell Bryant McKinnie to avoid drinking too much over the course of the bye week.  No this isn’t a post where I tell Bryant McKinnie to avoid strip clubs, night clubs, or using metal poles as clubs.  And no this isn’t a post where I tell Bryant McKinnie to avoid boats and/or Lake Minnetonka.

Instead, I wanted to give you a little friendly advice on who to cheer for during a week of Viking-less football (and, no, I haven’t taken each of your fantasy teams into account).

  1. Cheer for the Redskins:  The Skins are not going to make the playoffs, but the falcons might.  One more loss for the Falcons makes it that much more likely that we would have home field advantage in the case of having to face them in the playoffs.
  2. Cheer For The Cardinals:  Since we have to play the Bears twice still this year, they are now enemy #1.  Letting the Cardinals beat up on them would make the Vikings that much more likely to remain on top of the division.
  3. Cheer for the Ravens:  The Vikings have already beat the Ravens, and still have to face the Bengals.  If the Ravens could abuse them badly, then perhaps the Bengals will have no confidence left when they come face the Vikings.
  4. Cheer for the Patriots:  Kick back and watch Randy Moss do his thing.  What Vikings fan doesn’t enjoy that?
  5. Cheer for the Bucs:  The old saying goes, “I cheer for the Vikings and whoever is playing the Packers.”  Plus nobody really wants to see the Bucs go winless, do they?
  6. Cheer for the Panthers:  Right now it looks like the Saints are the biggest threat to the Vikings Super Bowl desires.  Hope that the Panthers can somehow put one in the Saints loss column and put on tape how to beat that powerhouse of a team.
  7. Cheer for the Seahawks:  The Lions are not really a threat to our divisional status anymore, but watching them continue to have to draft in the top 5 and pay players who get drafted in the top 5 will be sure to keep them there for a long, long time.
  8. Cheer For The Chargers:  I wouldn’t mind if the giants continue their mid-season collapse.
  9. Cheer for the Titans:  Starting to see a trend?  That’s right, cheer for the AFC team to beat the NFC team.  The Niners might be in our past, but a loss to the Titans might ensure that they stay there.
  10. Cheer for the Eagles and Cowboys to tie:  I dislike these teams equally and they are both a threat to the Viking sin the playoffs. 

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7 Responses to “Bye Week Advice”

  1. bridgit says:

    “. . . or using metal poles as clubs.” Funny!

  2. Fragile Fred says:

    AKs –

    All good advice my friend, but your old pal Fragile will be spending the day building up some “home” equity with Mrs Freds. We have a long season ahead, Fragile will be needing to cash in a few chips later on in the season so
    Mrs Fred will be getting a little TLC during the bye week. You know, a romantic setting, dim candles, some nice Teddy Pendergrass on the 8 track, a fine vintage beverage (perhaps Colt 45, 1987). Need to keep Mrs Fred happy for the second half of the season.

    As Fred learned from Denny:

    If you’re looking for Freds, his hand is on the plow and the best thing when your hand is on the plow is to look forward.

    Freds just learned of your live chat during game time. Fred will try to bring his limited knowledge of football and sharp tongue to the next session.

  3. c.carterhof says:

    Hey Adam. I agree with all that cheerin advice except the last one, I cant stand Dallas. Go Philly.

    Hey Freds, where ya been? You should stop by the old blog.
    And I think maybe a 2009 Colt 45 would be more to her liking. But 1987 was a fine year!

  4. c.carterhof says:

    Adam, I was wonderin what you thought of Zac Robinson, QB from OSU. Looks like he has some potential.

  5. starrc10 says:

    Since its bye week, how about a little break-down of the matchup between the Bears-Vikes? I haven’t watched much of them, save the first half of their anemic offense trying to score on the Browns. Anybody got the keys to the game?

  6. Adam Warwas says:

    Freds, great to hear from you, my friend. I hope Mrs. Freds enjoys the bye week, her romantic dinner, and the fine choice of beverage!

    Carter, normally I hate the ‘Boys very much, too. But for some reason (maybe having to do with last years playoffs) I’ve developed an equal hatred for the Iggles. Either way, I hope for a tie, and am curious to see if McNabb knows ties are possible this time around 🙂

    Carter, I plan on discussing some draft prospects this week if I can find some spare time to watch some film. Robinson is high on my list to watch some film of, as I’m very impressed witht he little I’ve seen of him so far. His ability to play well from under center instead of from the spread/shotgun is a great trait in a prospect. I’ll move him up my list since you’ve requested some analysis.

    In fact, I have big plans for this year’s offseason. I plan on having some very detailed scouting reports, mock drafts, prospect bios, big boards… you name it. While most of that will really pick up after the Super Bowl, make sure to check back often. I’m going to a story this week about the 6 prospects I think the Vikings may consider trading up for on draft day (Clausen, Bradford, Suh, McCoy, Okung, and Berry).

    Expect a lot of Bears talk from me coming up as well. Theya re now enemy #1 for the Vikes, no doubt about it. They make up 25% of our remaining schedule, and are now the division opponent closest to us in the divisional race.

  7. bigjohnny84 says:

    Right on Adam, its not to early to think about these things. Another injury or two and we could be fighting for a playoff spot. ( Favre goes down )

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