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Previewing The Bengals

This week I don’t have much good news in my preview.  Not much good news at all.

Some people may view this as an overreaction to the Cardinals game last week, but this is more based off of the fact that the Vikings have more unknowns about their team heading into this week than they have had since week one.

Bryant McKinnie and Adrian Peterson tipping off opposing defenses has become a topic of conversation.  With injuries, it is possible that we have three second day rookies starting on our defense.   Other than our starting center, every starting offensive linemen has injury of some sort.  The Bengals are an upstart team that most Vikings fans have not seen much of this season

This is my way of telling you not to get mad about this preview.  I am not trying to highlight negatives or be too pessimistic, but rather point out the unknowns and trying to predict how those unknowns will play out against a very solid 9-3 football team.

THE VIKINGS PASSING GAME  (Advantage:  Bengals)

The Bengals defense has allowed fewer points than any other team in the NFL.  A big reason for this is their 12th ranked passing defense proving to be quite stout at important times.  This will prove to be a tough matchup for the Vikings 9th ranked passing offense.

There are concerns among some fans (I am one of them) that we are going to see a less efficient Brett Favre as the regular season comes to a close.  However, if the Vikes can regain the balanced offense that they have seemingly kicked to the curb the last couple of weeks, then perhaps Favre will feel less of a need to imitate Tarvaris Jackson’s no look jump pass like he did last week.

A big part of the concern here comes from the fact that 4 of the Vikings 5 offensive line starters have been limited in practice this week due to injury.  The Bengals pass rush has been less dominant since Antwan Odom was placed on IR, but the remaining are no slouches when it comes to getting to the quarterback.

Jonathan Fanene (5 sacks), Robert Geathers (3.5), and Dhani Jones (3) could provide problems for this offensive line if they are not at 100%.

The Bengals have had fun picking off opposing quarterbacks as well, and they have 14 on the year.  Led by Jonathan Joseph (5 INTs), Leon Hall (4), and Cris Crocker (2).  Crocker has not practiced this week due to injury.

The Vikings offense allowed the Cardinals to put a formula on tape on how to shut them down.  A good coaching staff would make adjustments to counter this formula.  I’m not convinced that we have a good coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball.

Combine our problems on the offensive line with questions about Brett Favre’s durability, and I have to give the Bengals staunch defense the edge in this one.  That being said, if Favre has the time to get the ball to our very talented wide outs then the Vikings offense could very well go back to shooting off fireworks.

PLAYER TO WATCH:  So far this year, Brett Favre has kept his skeptics (anybody know one?) pretty quiet.  He’s having an MVP type season and one mediocre (he wasn’t actually that bad) last week is no reason to think he has regressed.  However, if the Vikings offense sputters for the second week in a row then you won’t be able to shut those skeptics up (anybody know one?).  This added bit of drama should make sure everyone is keeping an even closer eye on how Favre performs.


THE VIKINGS RUNNING GAME (Advantage:  Bengals)

The Bengals have been very successful stopping the run and are ranked 2nd in the NFL in rush defense.  The Vikings poor rushing efforts last week caused them to slip to the 11th ranked rushing offense. 

Adrian Peterson is coming off of what was arguably his worst collective week of his career.  He faced numerous questions about his habit of fumbling the ball, got a highly publicized speeding ticket, and then ran for only 19 yards on 13 attempts against the Cardinals.  Oh, and his ankle hurts too. 

The Bengals are only allowing opposing rushers to gain 3.8 yards per attempt.  This is due in large part to the efforts of Dhani Jones (55 solo tackles), Jonathan Joseph (43), and Chinedum Ndukwe (42).  The stout defense also features a very talented run stopping corner in Leon Hall.

The Vikings offensive line injuries will doubtless come into play again this week.  While they are expected to get Anothony Herrera back into the lineup at 100%, the injuries to Bryant McKinnie, Steve Hutchinson, Phil Loadholt and Visanthe Shiancoe will not serve the running game well.

One thing that I feel adamant about is that the Vikings need to do a better job of establishing the run (that feels so weird to say about this team).  Adrian Peterson was only used 13 times last week, which is inexcusable to me regardless of how little his production is. 

The team only had 21 total rushing attempts last week, while Favre threw 45 times.  This amazed me, as even as late as the third quarter the Vikings were still within 11 points.  The team seemed to panic and opted to air out the ball entirely too much instead of beating teams via a balanced attack like they have done so many times this season.  The panic resulted in calling pass after pass which is part of why we saw Favre revert to his gunslinging ways.

The run must be established on Sunday if the Vikes want to have any success against this surprisingly tough Bengals defense.  Even if it means giving the ball to Percy Harvin 10 times, the run MUST be established.

PLAYER TO WATCH:  Peterson has not all of the sudden become a bum.  Underneath that helmet is still the same dangerous, fear-inducing monster that we’ve all grown to expect big things from.  Part of how his legacy will be regarded will depend greatly on how he responds to adversity.  Thus far he has dealt well with adversity, but Sunday will perhaps be his toughest test in this regard since he has entered the league.  We will all be watching anxiously to see how he responds.


THE VIKINGS RUN DEFENSE (Advantage: Vikings)

The battle between the Bengals 6th ranked rushing offense and the Vikigns 3rd ranked rushing defense will be quite interesting… if it ever happens.  Like we have seen so many teams do this year, the Bengals may opt to forego the run game all together and merely lean on their potential to exploit a struggling Viking secondary.

Cedric Benson has over achieved this season and Larry Johnson is perhaps finding himself in a situation where he can shine. 

However, the presence of the WilliamsWall will stifle their attempts.  Sure they may break off a few big ones, but for the most part, their run game will be shut down. 

Again, we have some unknowns in this area.  I personally think that Jasper Brinkley may prove to be even better at stopping the run than E.J. Henderson was.  Also, we may get Antoine Winfield back (ha ha ha) this week which would help when teams opt to run to the outside and avoid the WilliamsWall completely. 

This will be a tough matchup, but I have yet to see a running back that I think would find consistent success against this front four.  And that includes Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson.

PLAYER TO WATCH:  Jasper Brinkley will have some big shoes to fill as he hops into the starting middle linebacker role to replace E.J. Henderson.  Brinkley, known as a big hitter and downhill player, could probably solidify the starting gig for years to come if he performs with excellence at the end of this season.  We will await anxiously to see just what it is this kid brings to the table.


THE VIKINGS PASS DEFENSE (Advantage:  Bengals)

The Vikings are already ranked an almost embarrassing 21st against the pass.  This week, there is a potential that the defense will have three second day rookies in starting spots.  All of whom have never started before.  Think about it… Brinkley will replace Henderson.  Griffin, Winfield, and Paymah are all listed on the injury report which could cause Asher Allen (woo hoo!) to get his first NFL start if the stars align.  With Tyrell Johnson nursing a concussion, signs are pointing towards Jamarca Sanford getting the start.

This is a scary thought.

It is especially scary when you consider that the quarterback is the uber-talented Carson Palmer, and that he’ll be throwing to Chad Ochocinco (910 yards, 6 TDs), Andre Caldwell (363, 3), and Laverneous Coles (404, 3).

Last week, the Cardinals were able to stave off the Vikings tenacious pass rush by using primarily three-step drops.  The Vikings had obviously known this was the plan (perhaps because Vikings Gab said it would be???) and the defensive line had obviously been coached to help defend these passes by getting their hands up and batting down the footballs.

Pat Williams batted down two passes and Jimmy Kennedy batted down another one.  Batting down three passes is great, but it is no replacement for a solid pass rush that gets there in time.  The Bengals have had trouble defending the pass rush, and the Vikings had better figure out a way to get there this week, no matter how many steps Palmer takes before releasing the ball.

PLAYER TO WATCH:  Jared Allen was being double teamed like crazy by the Cardinals, and neither Kevin Williams nor Ray Edwards seemed to be able to take advantage of that fact.  Pat Williams, on the other hand, played perhaps his best game of the season.  Keep an eye on Jared Allen to see if he continues to draw such a persistent double team that was so effective last week.  If this becomes a normal thing, then his teammates have got to step up and help him out.


SPECIAL TEAMS (Advantage:  Vikings)

This bothered me all week.  Teams are now kicking away from Percy Harvin, right?  And whenever that happens to other teams they can say they have “won” that battle, right?  Well then why are the Vikings not “winning” that battle?

The kicks go straight to Jeff Dugan, who carries the ball for five yards and falls down at the 27.  That doesn’t feel like a victory of any sort now does it?

The Vikings have got figure out a way to get the ball into the hands of someone capable of doing something with it, regardless of whether or not the opponents kick it deep.  It is time to make an adjustment and start taking advantage of the other team’s fear of Harvin.

Everything else seems to suggest that the Vikings are far superior to the Bengals on special teams, except for perhaps their ability to cover punts.



“Unknowns” is the theme of the day.  The Vikings have too many of them heading into this game in order for me to feel confident.  The offense needs to regain its balance in order to regain its stride.  The defense needs to overcome poor performance and a slew of injuries in order to stop a high powered offense.

I think if the Vikings can muster anything greater than laying another egg, then the crowd at the Metrodome will walk away feeling a little more confident about the upcoming playoffs.



For the first time this year, I honestly think the Vikings will lose a game.  I hope I am wrong.

24 – 20, Bengals.

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122 Responses to “Previewing The Bengals”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam, dont forget about dome-field advantage. The Vikes defense will get a little bit of an edge with the noise. (the dome will be rockin) Outside of Griffin, I dont see the pass D any worse off. I never thought I’d see the day you would pick Vikes to lose, you must be worried. I say the Vikes crank it up in the dome and win 28-14.

  2. Viking John says:

    I know last week was a disappointment but, before the season I did not hear too many people say that we were a 15-1 team. A lot of people along with my self said 11-5 or 12-4 if we got a few breaks. So this week will be a good test to see how the team will come out and play. Maybe they will have a determination to play the rest of the year for EJ. On the rookie situation, I think Brinkley will do fine against the run and Leber will fill in nice on the nickel. Lets see what Sanford will do in the S role. Can he do worse than Johnson? This Sunday will tell.
    Keep the faith Homies. Go Vikes

  3. bigjohnny84 says:

    And Adam I hope you are crappin crow for a week. Good point Viking John, can Sanford and son do worse than Johnson? Dont think so.

  4. bigjohnny84 says:

    Wow Steelers gonna get beat by Browns. Wouldnt ya know, Steelers played their best game all year against the Vikes, or perhaps their luckiest.

  5. Skee says:

    Pretty good points Adam. I hate to say it, but I think I agree with the summation. As you said, I hope I am wrong come 4:30 pm on Sunday. bigJohnny – good posts. The steelers look terrible – man we should have got that game. Goo night folks and Skol Vikings!

  6. Fran the Man says:

    Cut with the negatives Man!
    Vikings will crush ‘Em!

    Seriously though, I’m plenty worried about this game too.
    I think Hutch has been hurting most the season and probably at 80% at best. AD has been dinged with a sore ankle for a couple weeks now.
    Plus, he’s been “Coached” into changing his style and to be more “Patient” I feel Childress involved in this “Coaching”. . .

    Like Adam noted, double teaming Allen should be resulting in more opportunities for Edwards and Kevin, but it hasn’t and that’s a mystery.

    Favre looked old to me (And by the way, 40 IS NOT old to me) he looked pale and drawn after the game. That no-look pass over the middle that was intercepted blew my mind. WTF was that?

    Getting Herrera back will help a lot. Our O-line must get some pressure on Palmer, or he’ll pick us apart.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Brinkley play. He’ll have just enough games left in the regular season to hopefully fit in and if he can bring the level of play that he showed in college, we might have our future MLB.

    Starting 3 2nd day rookies is scary and intriguing at the same time. They won’t get another chance at their premiere, hopefully they take advantage of the opportunity and play lights out football. On the other hand, they could play like 2nd day rookies. . .

    Yep, plenty of unknowns and plenty of concerns.

    Great report Adam (And we all know who the Skeptic is, by the way)

    You mentioned Winfield may play this week? I didn’t hear that.

  7. Ole says:

    Great article Adam. Keep up the good work


    Rice had his big day
    Percy has had big days
    even that butt hole favre has had some good days

    hmmmmm, who’s missing from this list
    Time for Peterson to man up and bust loose

    Maybe even Mrs Freds will have a “Big Day”

  8. Fragile Freds says:

    Wow! Alot of questions for our team for sure. Fred expects Casper Hinkley will perform like a rookie. Anyone remember how EJ looked his first couple years? People were calling for EJ to be cut. Its a difficult position to play for sure. Expect Ken Anderson to throw alot. By half time Ben Leber will be grabbing the Radio Shack microphone from Casper and putting it in his own helmet so he can play middle linebacker. After the score is 42 to nothing, Ben will be hear Leslie Frasier whisper sweet nothings in his helmet like… “ahhh Ben, let’s ahhhhh try to ummmm, double dog willy whacker zig zag 254 man to man, zone cover 3, 2 deep, blitz Nebraska, single slide bomb blanket… oh screw it, just cover somebody you jackass, and tell Pat to tuck in his shirt!”

    AP will run for 125 yards and 1 TD on 67 carries. Coach will not give up on the run game. Even if they lose, the Vike need to show they can run. Fred doesn’t care how many 3 and outs the Vike have just run the stinkin’ ball. The offensive line will be fine, with Hererra back they will be better than last week.

    Vike 17 Bengal 14.

    Oles, Mrs. Freds appreciate your concern, she promises not to run up the score this weekend.

  9. Adam Warwas says:

    Our defense will hold them to only 14?? Now THAT is purple pride!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Adam last week our defense got embarrassed. So this week I expect they will redeem themselves. The D is a very prideful group. Freds is usually good with his predictions.

    • Fragile Fred says:

      AKs –

      You give the Bengal alot of credit. They average about 20 a game. Check out the following:

      Oaklands – Lost scored 17
      Brown – Won scored 16
      Houston Oilers – Lost scored 17
      Denver – Lost scored 7
      Baltimore Won scored 17
      Steeler – Won scored 18

      They are a good team, just not real high flying in terms of scoring. Fred thinks the Vike can keep them from scoring often. Even with our injuries, I would take our defense over the Brown, Oilers, Denver…

      We shall see..

      • Adam Warwas says:

        Good points Fred. However, against Oakland and Cleveland they were missing their best offensive weapon (Benson).

        The Vikings defense has a way of making opponents seem more “high-flying.”

        Baltimore has scored 20 or less points in their last five games, but they put up 31 against us.

        Only the Jaguars, Bears, and Seahawks have allowed the Cardinals to put up as many points as the Vikings did last Sunday. Good company?

        You could be right… but this D is hurting and the Bengals are healthy.

  10. Lost Viking says:

    Here’s this week’s Handle:
    Bengal @ Viking
    Line: Minnesota by 6 ½

    The Viking will feel more in their element next week when they get to play another team (Carolina) with a losing record. Minnesota’s 10-2 record finds that the only team it defeated currently sporting a winning record are the arch-rival Packer. Minny’s other opponents are a dreadful 31-65 combined. Vike were toyed with on Monday night as the surging Cardinal handed them a 30-17 loss. The Bengal stingy defence has allowed the fewest points in the league while attaining six covers in as many attempts when taking points.

    TAKING: Cincinnati +6 ½

  11. Lost Viking says:

    Good observations on Offensive line, Fran. We’ll be watching to see if Hutch and Herrerra are getting any drive off the line.

    Pass blocking has been good. Adam suggests not to be too concerned about Bengal front four.

  12. Tomb says:

    Sadly, I have to agree with Adam, I foresee a Vikings loss, but I think it will be worse than 24-20.

    If the Vikes manage to win, I will be shocked. I will be happy. I will, in fact, be shappy.

  13. bigjohnny84 says:

    Gee Tomb you think we will get blown out at home? You need to reread Frans last post.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Thanks for directing Tomb to go re-read my post buddy. . .
      If it hadn’t been for you, my typo would have gone unnoticed. Thank God it was Tomb that spotted it and not some witty guy who can really tear a guy a new one when he wants to. . .Thanks again Johnny.

  14. Tomb says:

    I reread Frans post for ya…just to be thorough.

    He said our O-Line must get some pressure on Palmer. That is by far the most unique strategy I’ve ever heard. The idea of Loadholt and BMac bearing down on Carson sounds fun. Fran’s either a genius, or a madman…or quite possibly a mad genius, I don’t know.

    BUT seriously, I just have a gut feeling this won’t go well for us, but I’ve been known to be wrong once or twice.

  15. bigjohnny84 says:

    How would you guys like your crow? Baked, fried, grilled or raw. I dont think the Bungles are that special. But I could be wrong also. Chances are it’s a close game but I like our chances in the dome. I would give Fran the genius tag.

  16. Fragile Fred says:


    You are not wrong Freds pal, you are right. Don’t let these nay sayers drag you down. You and Freds will be struting around like a couple of peacocks on Sunday. We will serve crow, Fred will suspend AK for a week for such negative behavior.

    By the way, what the hell happened to Todd? Freds was only kidding about the “your fired” Todds.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      A big thanks to my bestus buddy and big toe, Freds. Freds I will go out tomarrow and shoot some crows, so at least we can serve fresh crow. I guess Freds has the power to suspend AK, he’s the only shutdown corner we have. Thanks again Freds, I was feelin a little lonely on this one.

  17. Fragile Fred says:

    AKs –

    By the way, where are you watching the game on Sunday that doesn’t have an internet connection?

    • Adam Warwas says:

      From my neighbor’s igloo, Freds. It’s chilly in there, but it gets Sunday Ticket as long as the Polar Bears stop trying to use the Dish as a sled like on those old Coke commercials.

  18. Adam Warwas says:

    Suspend me!?! Bwahahaha, lest we forget who has the power!?! Who has access to the infamous “red button”!?!? Okay, fine, I have no power and as much as I wish I had a red button… I don’t.

    Todd is more of “Once in Awhile” writer, just like Johnny might get a prediction right “once in a while.”

    But perhaps he was so pissed that you guys all thought I wrote his last column that he said screw it? Who knows. I can promise you it wasn’t because you fired him Freds. Todd’s too tough to let that get to him 🙂

  19. Fragile Fred says:

    AK –

    Please let’s Freds pal Todd know that Fred would enjoy seeing him write again. Does Todds live in the land of the midnight sun as well?

    How would Freds do in Alaska do you think? Tough renting a boat during the winter?

    Dang if Fred had a big red button, the world would be a better place.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I’ll make sure to let Todd know and hopefully we’ll hear from him soon. He is not from the land of the noon moon.

      Freds, I think that Alaska would be great for you. The boats are even bigger here. Besides, all the ice would make for all sorts of great excuses for poor play.

      “I slipped on the ice and rolled my ankle”

      “I slipped and pulled my hammy”

      “I would have had that Pick Six but I slipped”

      You should come on up and give it a try!

  20. bigjohnny84 says:

    When will we know who is playing and who’s not? Any credible rumors?

  21. Tomb says:

    If Fred had a big red button, I have the nagging suspicion certain aspects of Tomb’s lifestyle would see abrupt changes.

  22. Fragile Fred says:

    Freds never thought of that Tombs, but that is very very possible my friend.

  23. c.carterhof says:

    Vikings, safety Tyrell Johnson (concussion) is doubtful, and five are questionable: cornerback Cedric Griffin (neck), receiver Percy Harvin (illness), tackle Phil Loadholt (shoulder), cornerback Karl Paymah (knee), and cornerback Antoine Winfield (foot).

    Harvin missed practice all week due to migraines. Winfield, who has not played since October, practiced all week on a limited basis.

    Also probable are receiver Bernard Berrian (hamstring), running back Adrian Peterson (foot, ankle), tight end Visanthe Shiancoe (ribs), guard Steve Hutchinson (shoulder), tackle Bryant McKinnie (ankle), and defensive tackle Pat Williams (foot).
    Also, Favre is probable.

    From PFT.

  24. bigjohnny84 says:

    North to Alaska, we’re going North the rush is on. I’ll go with ya Freds. I would love to hunt moose and caribou, I’ll bet Fran would take us.

  25. Fran the Man says:

    Hell yes I’d take you guys. Those Moose and Caribou are HEAVY. It’s not every day a guy gets to pack big heavy loads of bloody meat over miles of tundra. It’s great fun, we call it trolling for Grizzlies.

  26. Adam Warwas says:

    So, have to share this with you all. Picked up my new puppy last night. Beautiful little black lab – husky mix. The Mrs. and I are so thrilled to have our little 2009 “Rookie of the Year” that we named her “Percy.”

    How cheesy is that? I’ll post some pictures this weekend perhaps.

  27. Fragile Fred says:

    Johnny, Freds will NOT be hunting ANYTHING. Fred will find some husky Alaskan women named De’ala nuk nuk loosely translated meaning, “big boned women who likes to retrive colt 45 for lazy bastard who scratches himself and watches vikings”.

    Fred has strick rules about hunting. If it aint at the pancake house or De’ ala nuk nuk can’t retrieve it, Freds aint going out of the igloo looking to shoot it!!

  28. Fran the Man says:

    And there really is no problem with Bears up here. You just have to remember to wear your bear bells. Almost all people who first move up here wear them.

    I had a fellow ask me one time how you tell the difference between bear poop and wolf poop.
    I told him the bear poop has a bunch of little bells in it.

    • Adam Warwas says:


      Hey Fran, what’s the best thing about Anchorage?

      Answer: You’re almost to Alaska!

      Zing (sorry, i think you might live there)

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Fran is right though… the bears aren’t really much of a problem… just have to be smart and aware.

    • Tomb says:

      Bears aren’t a problem until they’re hunched over you eating your gizzards.

      Bear bells. Nice. Basically says come and get it, right?

      Only Bears that don’t scare me are the Chicago ones. The rest of ’em suck.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        Nah, you guys have it all wrong. Bears really leave you alone for the most part… I’d take being in the woods with a hoard of grizzlies over being in the city with a bunch of gangbangers any day.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Fran, hows that joke go about hunting bear. You just want to be able to run faster than the guy you’re with.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        It helps if you shoot the other guy in the knee… gives you the edge in the foot race.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Just be able to outrun the guy you’re with.

      • Fran the Man says:

        A couple of guys are up in the mountains sheep hunting when they spot a Sow with two little cubs. The Sow spots the two hunters and starts running at them from several hundred yards off. Ears down, hell bent.
        One of the guys drops his pack and pulls out a pair of tennis shoes and starts to put them on. His hunting buddy says “Are you crazy, you won’t be able to outrun that bear!” The other guy replies, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you!”

  29. Fragile Fred says:

    AKs congrats on the mutt, Fred found some home video of “Percy”

    Cute dog.

  30. Fragile Fred says:

    Bizkit is Fred’s hero…loved it!

  31. Fragile Fred says:

    Fred can’t stop watching Bizkit run into the wall…

  32. Adam Warwas says:

    81 comments!?! That’s a VG record, I’m certain of it!

  33. bigjohnny84 says:

    Bizkit kinda reminds me of Freds.

  34. Tomb says:

    I’m outta here peepz, have a great weekend, hope I have to eat crow on Monday.

    GO VIKES!!!

  35. Adam Warwas says:

    Take care Tomb, don’t have nightmares about bears… and if you think you might… pad your walls or where a helmet to bed.

  36. Fran the Man says:

    Cya Tomb, save your appetite

  37. Fran the Man says:

    Can’t you get a spell check on here Adam. What kind of a cheap site is this anyway?

  38. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam did you really get the milestone post? Must be rigged.

  39. Purple Charlie says:

    112 posts!!! Your growing leaps and bounds!!!

  40. Fran the Man says:

    So I sat down and wrote out the joke for BigJohn about the guy outrunning his buddy from the bear and it didn’t post! Sheeese, it was a couple paragraphs long. Aint’ doing it again.

  41. olderthandirt says:

    Holy Smokes!! This is great!!! Good to see the OAVer’s here chatting up a storm. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this blog had 120 comments.

    Great to see you stop by Tomb!! Now to see if you can prod coach into stopping by. It’s not like this is too technologically challenging to sign in. I’m sure AK would let him stop by for a quick “coaches view” of things.

    Wouldn’t that be great??

    BTW …………. My opinion of last weeks game?? It stunk big time!!! Reminded me of the “Ghost of Vikings Past”. Enough of that. Time for some rookies to kick some Bengal butt, and get us back on our winning ways. Plus Taylor and Peterson have to get the running game going again. I am afraid we are in for a nail biter tomorrow.

    LOL Loved your bear stories. We have black bears in Northern Minny and the only place you see them is at the garbage dumps or in the city if the berry crop is poor. This year wasn’t too bad, even with the cool summer. The berries lasted until late September.

    GO VIKES!!! Beat those Bengals!!

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