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Live Blog Coming… Hopefully

So, before I make any promises about a live blog on Sunday night, let me give you a glimpse into my personal life a bit.

As you may know if you read my Bio, I live in a place called Valdez, Alaska.  Unlike many Alaska towns we are on the highway system (literally at the end of the road).  The next closest “big city” is Anchorage which normally takes a cool 6 hours to get to.

This week, Valdez saw a multi-day snow storm that netted something like 5 feet of snow.  Much of the State saw similar extreme weather.  On Friday, I have to drive Mrs. Warwas to Anchorage (how are the roads up there Fran?) for a scheduled, and very important, dental appointment

Along the way, we will face many obstacles.  The snow we received in Valdez is nothing compared to what Thompson Pass got.  Avalanches in this stretch have had the highway closed sparatically over the last couple of days. 

Once the 4×4 gets us through The Pass, then we are in what is known as the Copper Basin.  The Copper Basin is where I do a lot of my day job work outdoors, and has regularly seen temperatures of negative twenty degrees and lower (much lower sometimes).  The roads are usually slick and full of giant mammals.

Then we get to an area known as Eureka Summitt.  Again, snowfall is almost sure to be hard and heavy in this area.

Shortly there after, the narrow and winding roads of the Glenn Highway will keep my knuckles white for quite some time.  It won’t be until we get to the Wasilla-Palmer area, which has some it’s scary moments as well, will we be feeling a bit safer.  Other than the occasional stupid driver, we are now in the boundaries of civilization again.

Then Mrs. Warwas has her dental appointment.

Then we get to turn around and do the 6 to 8 hour trip all over agian.

So, besides the fact that I enjoy sharing parts of my personal life with you all, this is a long explanation for why my hopes for a live blog could potentially be dashed.

If an avalanche closes the highway on our way back, if weather doesn’t allow us to make for some other reason, if Mrs. Warwas is feeling too unwell to make the trip, if the massive amount of snow does something mischevious to my satillite reception or internet connection then please accept my apologies in advance for not hosting the live blog.

BUT, chances are that everything goes well, and that we will be ready to chat up a storm while we watch the Vikings destroy the Panthers.

In my absence, I have some pre-written articles scheduled to post automatically, so don’t think the site wont have updates.  Check back for the new posts.

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15 Responses to “Live Blog Coming… Hopefully”

  1. starrc10 says:

    I do not accept your apology, if the live chat doesn’t happen, I will drive to Alaska and do it myself from your computer. I am sure it will not be an issue that I will be in Iowa as the game starts, and your house is in Alaska.

    In other news, why is Derrell Derrell Bevell Bevell so much fun to say?

  2. Fran the Man says:

    Sorry to add to your woes but the roads down here are AWFUL. However, I would expect them to be cleaned up by Friday. Forecast says no more snow for a while, so hopefully you’ll zip in and get that tooth yanked and back home in time for the chat.

    You guys need to watch the video Adam has linked to “Stupid driver”. It’s hillarious.

  3. B. Grant says:

    Your pending travel woes kinda put rush hour in Minneapolis to shame, Adam. Good luck!

    While I am apparently much more of an outdoorsman than a certain CB I know, I would agree that a dome would be the best. So, we need a stadium designed for football that has a dome over it. Let’s see, where could we find one of those?

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    To Fred’s old pal Mrs. Warwas,

    Let Freds guess Adam told you, let’s move to Valdez Alaksa… it will be a great adventure, we will live off the land, as long as we have each other, all we need is love… blah, blah, blah. Then he hit you with this, during mid July:

    “ The crashing glaciers and towering Chimychanga mountains rising from the sea make Valdez absolutely picturesque. Come and see the natural beauty that entices people from around the world to visit.”

    Please note the last word…VISIT. Fred is sure you’re a fine looking women (who obviously cares a lot about her teeth), but what the hell were you thinking? It says VISIT, not stay!! Valdez? Like the Exxon Valdez? Yeah, that should have been a clue. Your husband scammed you girl!

    Fine, Freds gets the better or for worse part of the wedding vows, but for the love of Pete, you’ve paid your dues young lady, get out of there!! Lewis and Clark called and they think you’re nuts. How much fun can it be up there when the highlight of your week is watching the live taping of “The Deadliest Catch” week after week after week?

    There are plenty of good looking men down here that would appreciate you moving out of that country and moving to America. We know Erin Henderson and EJ are free. In fact, Big Johnny would love to take you to dinner. Please know that Big Johnny, isn’t named Big Johnny because of anything that is supposed to be big, it’s because his mom named his other brother Johnny too, so, well you get it, he is Big Johnny and the other Johnny is Little Johnny. Come to think of it, unless you want to live with Johnny and his mom, you’re probably better off scraping oil off the water foul up there n Valdez.

    Good luck getting your teeth cleaned!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Haha, good stuff, Freds. But, for your information I met Mrs. Warwas in Alaska… AFTER she moved here on her own accord.

      That being said, I think she’s had her fill of our “visit” and wouldn’t disagree with much that you said.

      Have a good Friday everyone! See you sunday!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      One correction Freds, Johnny doesnt live with his mommy. Johnny is single though and his two kids live with him. ( built in family )

  5. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds has paid no attention to football this week. Do the Panther have any chance this week. Freds hates these stupid night games.

  6. B. Grant says:

    Freds, your concern for Mrs. W is… um…., well… interesting. You’re a little hard on our fellow Americans up there in yon hinterland, though.

    And yes, if we don’t have PerHarv OR Sir Sidney, the Panthers certainly do have a chance.

  7. Patrick says:

    Adam, this is 100% why I read this blog. This was a great read, and good luck with your trip. Hope to chat with you on Sunday

  8. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam I always thought you were a little crazy, now I think your totally crazy. I assume you have snowmobiles or a dog team with a sled. Is your situation like what I saw on the movie snow dogs?

    • Adam Warwas says:

      No, I’m more of the minimalistic type of Alaskan. Give me some comfy boots, a tent, a good bottle of scotch, perhaps a gold pan, my dog, and some good company and I am set for a fun day in the wilderness.

  9. Why did you link to my post in this blog post’s line: “Then Mrs. Warwas has her dental appointment”?

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