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A Band Wagon Fan???? Are You Kidding Me???

Last week, I wrote a melt-down article concerning my dissatisfaction at the mediocre effort made by the Vikings over the previous 4 weeks. I stand by the entire article, even if I am only a Ghost written figment of Adam Warwas’s imagination ( See explanation below ).

When the story first posted, Adam Warwas got credit for this article through no fault of his own ( simply an input error by our editor ). No harm intended, we all make our little boo-boos. – Especially me !

But what I found fascinating, was that when it first came out, there were many kudos for the candor, and courage of this well needed critique.

One comment said “Adam, that was brilliant ! “

The next said “ Way to go Adam! Somebody needed to speak up and tell the cold hard truth. Thanks ! “

Followed by “Ouch!!! The truth hurts, Way to go Adam. I hope they live up to all the talk…”.

Another said “Nicely done Adam…..quality rant material right there”.

Thanks to all for your wonderful thoughts. I accepted them with humility even though they weren’t really directed towards me. I have processed them into my ego, they felt nice and I’ve put them away into my psyche where they can never be removed. Too bad if you didn’t mean them for me…. I took them anyway. Woo-Hoo !!

Interestingly, after my name was connected to the diatribe, the demeanor changed. Suddenly the article wasn’t “ Brilliant, righteous, truthful or courageous. ( Doh ! ) In fact, to my dismay, things became rather negative.

One comment I received said “ That everything negative this season was my fault !”
Another went as far as to suggest that I was actually a “Ghost written figment of Adam Warwas’s imagination !” I have always respected the writing ability of Mr. Warwas, but until recently, I never realized that he actually “Created me !” Kind of like how Stephen King ( another Maine guy) created Carrie.

Then it struck me like a Jared Allen bull rush….….when Adam was the writer it was a brilliant, truthful, quality rant.

But when the name correction was made……. Well, let’s just say I noticed a momentum change.

It was at this moment that I had the epiphany that this whole thing seemed like an interesting metaphor for the Vikings.

Adam is the Cowboys or Patriots or Giants.….and I’m the Vikings, or am I the Chargers or maybe the Saints.

He’s Adam Sandler, and I’m Rodney Dangerfield.

He’s Favre…..I’m T. Jax.

He gets the love, I’m a Ghost.

Ok, maybe my aneurism is beginning to effect my sensory neurons. in a negative way.
But there was one thing that really did bother me…….. Adam Warwas tried to insinuate that I was a Band Wagon Fan.

Me !!??! A band Wagoner ???? Are you kidding me !!!

I have been a Viking fan since Joe Kapp. I haven’t missed a game in over twenty seven years. ( That includes the Les Steckel era ).

There is maybe, and I mean maybe…1 % of all the Viking fans on the planet who have been with this team longer then I have. I am betting that Mr. Warwas is included in that
99 %.

So please excuse the me for chaffing at the much more imagined then real personal attack on my loyalty, while I re-focus on things that really matter. Like who are we going to play, and how are we going to win !

By the way, BOTH of my week 16 predictions came true. So, where is the love ? …..I know, I know…..Ghosts don’t get no respect !

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15 Responses to “A Band Wagon Fan???? Are You Kidding Me???”

  1. Ole says:

    howzit Ad…. er …. Chris

    just cover up that bruised ego with a favre jersey

  2. Purple Charlie says:

    Chris is a Super Star!!!
    Oh and Chris,There are a few 1% folks on this blog…

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    Well give your old pal Freds a little credit, he held his New Year’s day resolution of being a “kinder and gentler” VG poster for a little over a week. A good 6 days longer than most of Freds resolutions. But, Chris (or Carrie or whoever the hell you are), you just pushed Freds off the “kinder and gentler” wagon, sober for a week and now this article!

    My mans Chris, on behalf of the lower 99%, please accept our apology for all of our past opinions. Why didn’t you give us your Viking resume earlier?

    “I have been a Viking fan since Joe Kapp. I haven’t missed a game in over twenty seven years. ( That includes the Les Steckel era ).
    There is maybe, and I mean maybe…1 % of all the Viking fans on the planet who have been with this team longer then I have.”

    Your’re HIRED! Wow, so you’re the guy! We’ve been looking for you! Wow, Joe Kapp AND Les Steckel!!

    Roll up the side walks, shut down the internet, we found him. THE Viking authority, the 1%, cream of the crop. All other opinions are now null and void.

    Purple Charles puts in much more clearly than Freds ever could, “there are a few 1% folks on this blog”. I suspect most here could list their Purple resume and it would match your Kapp and Steckle, and if they don’t go back as far as yours, it doesn’t mean they know less than you.

    Your writing is enjoyable your self justification is not. Keep the articles coming with your opinions. Freds doesn’t care how long you’ve been a fan and telling me doesn’t add any value or credibility to your enjoyable writing.

    And for your information, Freds has a little purple history himself, he goes all the way back to Moss and Culpepper! So…take that!


    Your old pal Freds (chairman of the lower 99%ers)

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Freds, what happened? I think I just stepped into the twilight zone?

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Bravo Freds,
      Trueful,Yet Spicy,and Satisfying…

    • Coach Chris says:

      Hey Fred,

      I think my point was missed. I meant absolutely no offense to Viking fans what-so-ever. I don’t think there is any correlation between the tenure of a fan and how long they have been a fan. Perhaps, coach needs to apologize for the unintended Pomposity that my words may have made me appear.

      My point was: Coach doesn’t like band wagon fans who attach themselves only when a franchise is winning and leaves just as quickly when the same team is not.

      Coach mentioned his longevity only as evidence of his rabid level of commitment to the Vikes. I never meant to insinuate that I know any more then anyone else, or think I am better then anyone else in any mannor. If anyone out there is a bigger fan then me, then you have my respect, admiration and thanks…..But I stand by my statement ” I am NO Band Wagoner “.

  4. AnotherBlondeViking says:

    If my Lefseville HS math is correct:

    1% + 99% = 100%

    That number represents how many Purple fans we need cheering the Vikes on to victory over the Cowpokes next Sunday!

    Skol Vikes!

  5. Purple Charlie says:

    A+ ABV,
    You are the #1 Math Teacher on the Blog!!!

    GO Vikings!

  6. Fragile Freds says:

    Lefseville HS school of Science and Math.

    Freds when to Lefseville High for 7 years.

  7. Fran the Man says:

    1% here.

    I’ve been a Viking fan since day one.
    Joe Kapp, smoh cap!
    I came over with Lief Ericson and have been a Viking fan since.

    And Chris, I KNOW Adam Warwas and you sir, are no Adam Warwas!

    Just kidding. . .

    (Except that part about being a 1%er)

  8. Fragile Freds says:

    Anyone see the Pats game? Vintage Randy Moss, the team gets behind early and Randy checks out. Randy has always had the best hands in the game. Randy also has no balls, the guys is great when the the team is ahead, he has always been terrible when the team is behind.

    Fred doesn’t miss his front running skill set.

  9. Fran the Man says:

    Yeah Moss is a has been. But not the Cardinals!!
    They’re kicking the you-know-what out of Green Bay!

  10. Fran the Man says:

    Oops. No sooner had I said that then. . .fumble.
    GB’s ball at the 50

  11. bigjohnny84 says:

    You guys want to see a boring live-chat, Seifert is having one now.

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