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Hutch To Have Surgery Too

The Vikings have perhaps the best guard in all of football.  In 2009, he didn’t play at quite the same level of domination as normal.

Steve Hutchinson played with a painful shoulder injury over the last three months and reports that he will have surgery on the shoulder during this offseason.

A timetable for the surgery has yet to be determined.

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15 Responses to “Hutch To Have Surgery Too”

  1. Fran the Man says:


    You mentioned a couple posts ago about it seeming like a lot of the regular posters here are taking some time off after this latest crushing defeat.
    I’m no different.

    I am going to take some time off from this forum (My favorite) and all the others for a time.

    As an original Viking fan from Day 1, I’m thinking over the reasons I put SO much into a sports team. I really am wondering why a seemingly intelligent person would get so obsessed with a stupid game and team.

    I know this, I will not be posting for while on any of the Viking sites, nor buying ANYTHING that has anything to do with the Vikings, EVER, until they win a Super Bowl. I really wish there were some way to convince all Viking fans to do the same.

    It kills me to see a lot of the player’s yucking it up after a defeat like this.
    While all the fans are crying in their beer, the players, coaches and Owners are discussing vacation plans, new cars they are going to buy, new Villas on the French Riviera to purchase. New chefs to be hired, new places to visit and just trying to find a way to spend ALL that money that we pay them to play the game.

    Well like I said, I’m not going to buy into it anymore.

    Thank you Adam for the great job you’ve done here this season and I’ll look you up and Vikings Gab next season.

    GO VIKINGS! (And take that worthless coach with you)

  2. Purple Charlie says:

    My heart understands your choice,It is a Sport and a Team, Why do I put them that high on the list of things in my life,Fran none of those guys on the the team even know me.And my heart is Crushed,like I lost someone close to me in my life!!! It doesn’t make sense,It’s just a game, Nobody died, It’s not the end of the world, I moving this problem way down the list, And I not going to let it happen again.I told my wife today, I’m letting a game get to me like that again!!! Older than dirt posts made me smile and realize it just a game.

    I have a choice, Quit watching football
    Quit taking the game to heart so much and just enjoy the team the sport and the game…
    I choose #2
    Take care Fran

  3. Viking John says:

    Win, lose, or draw. In good times and bad. I will always cheer for the Vikes. Lets hope we have a good draft to add to our team. You guys can all come out this summer for pontoon and 45’s. I know the smooter wants to.
    Go Vikes

  4. Tomb... says:

    Wowsville. You guys sound like what I went through in ’98.

    I was depressed for like a month. At some point, I had to come to grips with the fact that it is just ENTERTAINMENT. If the Vikes had won the SB, I wouldn’t be seeing my check in the mail or anything.

    Losing this one depressed me for about a day, and I’m still shaking that sense of anger that we shoulda/coulda/woulda.

    Having said that, life moves on. Even though the Vikes gave this game away, it didn’t take away the fun I had hosting a NFCCG at the ol’ homestead, with my daughter sporting her Harvin jersey, and playing Zeppelin’s immigrant song at the commercials, full blast, to get the crowd fired up. It was a fun time and that’s what’s important.

    Disappointing loss? Absolutely. But this season has still been a blast, and that’ll never change. Would you rather be irrelevant like the Lions, or be relevant and take out the Cowboys before succumbing?

    “There’s always next year” may seem old, but it’s better than “there is no next year,” right?

    Man I hope Favre comes back next year, so we can ride this thing one more time. “It’s the ride, not the destination,” right??

    Now I’ll hop off my soapbox. As you were my fellow purple faithful!

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Just 3 days this time!!!
      I loved watching the Vikes take the Cowboys out,Plus beating the Pack twice and the Packer fans whining… Priceless!!!

      • Tomb... says:

        YUP!! Both Packer games were PRICELESS! Very fond memories for this ol’ wardog.

        Favre wearing purple, going into Lamblow and handing them their collective asses?

        You can’t buy that kind of satisfaction.

        FA doesn’t look like much this year, so the draft should be interesting.

        I’d like to see something, SOMETHING, happen with our OL. They were not exactly dominant when the had to be in key games.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      I really hope Brett comes back too Bro…

  5. Tony Pants says:

    Bwaaak bwaaak bwaaak! Viking John I will drive your boat this summer.

  6. Fragile Freds says:

    Interesting comments from many of Freds old pals here on AKs blog.

    Like Tombs, Freds vowed some time ago (year before last actually) that he also was going to begin to view the Purple as entertainment. Too many Sundays were ruined by my mood after a purple loss. It doesn’t mean that Freds doesn’t bleed purple, he does. But it does mean that your old pal was simply going to “enjoy the season”.

    One of the steps that Fragile took a couple years ago was to stop watching the talking heads before the game and the same talking heads after the game. Freds also cancelled all cable TV. The idea that these jackasses know more than Fragile and you folks here is silly. They don’t know the Vikings like you do, so Freds comes here. That’s it. Not listening to the pregame crap and post game crap let Freds unwind and gives Freds alot more time to plan strategies on how to get Mrs Freds in the sack. Freds NEVER has a bad game there!

    Hang in there all of Freds pals!!

  7. bigjohnny84 says:

    Good posts guys I feel better now. I was starting to feel guilty about not letting the game bother me. I was ticked off Sunday night and Monday but then got over it but damn it was close to a SB try.

  8. Purple Charlie says:

    You really know how to make me laugh, Thanks Bro… PC is going to enjoy next year the good and deal with the bad in a better light. I don’t listen the Pre and Post Clowns myself, I’m going to start working on getting Mrs PC sacked after the game… Alot more fun

  9. Viking John says:

    No Tony, Freds is the captains. I will let you scrape barnacles or be the colts 45 go getter.
    Go Vikes

  10. […] Adam Warwas wrote a very interesting post today.   Here’s a quick excerpt:The Vikings have perhaps the best guard in all of football. In 2009, he didn’t play at quite the same level of domination as normal. Steve Hutchinson played with a painful shoulder injury over the last three months and reports … […]

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