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McKinnie Continues To Be A Huge Disappointment

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I have been a critic of Bryant McKinnie’s long before I started writing here at Vikings Gab.  In fact, I have such a lack of appreciation for the Vikings starting left tackle that I often times fail to give him credit when he deserves it.  When my failure to give McKinnie his props gets noted by an astute reader, I usually feel bad about it.

I probably won’t feel bad about it anymore.

Bryant McKinnie has officially been dismissed from the Pro Bowl because he failed to show up for 4 of his 5 practices.

McKinnie used the media as a tool for publicly campaigning for his first Pro Bowl nomination.

McKinnie has not been a real positive light for the Vikings thus far in his career. 

In 2005, McKinnie was one of the primary organizers of the party to be held on a boat on Lake Minnetonka.  McKinnie reportedly lifted up one of the strippers that had been flown in from Atlanta, set her on the bar, and performed “lewd acts” to her in front of his teammates and the boat crew.  Later, McKinnie was one of four Vikings reportedly receiving “lewd acts” from one of the strippers for all to see.  McKinnie was charged with a misdemeanor for the events that occurred, and he received a $1,000 fine and 48 hours of community service.  Zygi Wilf also promised the public that McKinnie would be required to more community service on behalf of the Vikings.

While he was not suspended for the event, McKinnie was fined one game check by the NFL, which totaled about $41,000.  Only a day later, the Vikings gave McKinnie a contract extension to the tune of $48 million over seven years.

In February of 2008, McKinnie reportedly bashed the head of a Miami nightclub bouncer with a pole.  A YouTube video was available shortly there after showing the owner of the club asking McKinnie to leave the establishment because him and the women around him were getting out of hand.  McKinnie did not seem to take the request very seriously in the video.  He did eventually leave, went to a nearby strip club, and then went back to the original club… which is when the assault occurred.  McKinnie was suspended for the first four games in 2008 for the incident.

McKinnie recently switched agents, hiring the (in)famous Drew Rosenhaus to represent him.  Many speculated that the move meant McKinnie is soon going to try and make a play for a new contract.  After all, Rosenhaus will not be paid a dime for representing McKinnie if or until a new contract is signed under Rosenhaus’s watch.

Which brings us to the most recent event.  After reaching the Pro Bowl, some hack bloggers and others wondered if the election was deserved.  After all, he has not exactly been the most consistent player and was even benched at one point in the 2009 season after Julius Peppers dominated him.

Regardless, McKinnie was Pro Bowl bound for the first time in his career until being kicked off the team for not showing up to practices.  McKinnie tried to claim that he wasn’t showing up due to nagging injuries, but other players have insinuated that this was “B.S.” and reports are that McKinnie was feeling well enough to go clubbing in Miami the night before one of his no-shows…  no bouncers are reported injured yet.

McKinnie will not receive the usual stipend for appearing in the Pro Bowl, but it sounds like the league will take no further action against him.

Having not exactly been a positive force with the Vikings, the most recent incident may ensure that he has played his last game with the Vikings.  Rookie Phil Loadholt seems like he would not be too much of a downgrade if he were to move to the left side of the line, while veteran Artis Hicks could be re-signed to play on the right side.

Other options are also available via trade or the NFL Draft. 

I tend to think that the looming uncapped year will keep McKinnie in Minnesota.  However, if a trade is offered to the Vikings that they are willing to accept then I don’t think they’ll think twice but to rid their team of a player that has given their Public Relations department headaches off the field and allowed far too many sacks on the field.

While many expect the Vikings to have a relatively uneventful offseason (other than Favre Watch), I think McKinnie’s actions may have just made things a little more interesting.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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17 Responses to “McKinnie Continues To Be A Huge Disappointment”

  1. Ole says:

    good article Adam. Time to dump the chump Mckinnie. His actions this week, speak volumes to his lack of character

    Watching past games, Hutchinson is a great finisher of blocking. Often, his man is on the ground at the end of a play. On the other hand, McKinnie usually takes a “one and done” approach to blocking. He tries to block his guy once, if he gets beat, he quits.

    It’s time for the Vikings to get rid of this overrated “player”

  2. Matt T. says:

    I’ll agree that McKinnie probably showed poor form in Miami. If he is actually injured, he should have been out in front of this and. Instead, we’re left speculating and bringing up past embarrassing incidents. Not smmoth on his part. Too bad he couldn’t have waited until next week to host the party at South Beach.

    I do think he’s been better on the field than you are giving him credit for. Peppers took him to the shed, sure, but he also helped protected Favre well enough for him to have the best statistical season of his QB career. And Peterson’s yardage was down thus year, but his 3-year total is pretty great and he had 21 TDs in the 18 games, many if which were inside the 10.

    McKinnie deserved the Pro Bowl as much as any other LT in the NFC. It’s disappointing he’s not representing the purple, as well as Sid Rice.

    I’ve just started coming to the site mire regularly. Keep up the good work.

  3. Matt T. says:

    Dang. Sorry for the typos. Big fingers on a small phone.

  4. Kevin WI says:

    he’s an embarrassment to the Vikings….time to trade him….send him to Miami…he seems to like it there.

  5. Fragile Freds says:

    This is a tough one. Like Matt, Freds thinks Brian is better on the field than most of Fred’s pals here at VG. My man Brian has proven to be very high on the jackass scale. For the first time, Fred would listen to trade talks to have this hip hop wannabe move on.

    If the Vikes decide it is time to rebuild the offensive line, this might be time to let LLCool J go. Assuming you can get a decent pick for him, the Viking management team has shown the ability to get starters in lower rounds. As much as cornerback has become a sudden area of weakness, Fred still would like to see the first two picks go toward athletic offensive linemen (Fred wants this every year it seems). Our run game was so crappy this year that we need to make a real investment in this area. It’s a joke having Adrian Petersen looking for holes when there are none to run through.

    Keep Hutch and Phil Load, the rest of them, replaceable as far as Fred’s concerned. Fred will have to rely on the coaching staff to judge the quality of Sully, but so far he’s no stud.

    Anyway. Bring on the draft!! If we stay at 30, trade down, pick up picks and rebuild this line.

    Give Sage the ball next year, screw Don Mcnabb.

    • B. Grant says:

      BMac has been on my black list for some time, and this sure don’t help that any. The man just simply does not have a high level of dedication to the game, either on or off the field. He seems to almost play disinterested. I feel like he enjoys earning the big bucks, but savors the offseason more than the season.

      The quality of a team’s offensive line goes up on the importance meter every year in this game. The ability to protect the passer and free the runner is the essence of the game of football. I agree, Freds, that OL is again at the top of our draft priority list.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      I’m with Freds and Coach, This year was bad for holes opening up for AP.( Matt Birk was missed )as compared to last year. Need to address the Offensive line. Like Coach said,he plays disinterested, His heart isn’t in the game. After this stunt, I’m tired of McKinnie, This goes way back and just doesn’t seem to end.

  6. Viking John says:

    Since Roger has a hard on for the Vikings, I think that the Big Mac might get another 1-2 game suspension. This gives another shot in the foot to the Vikings organization. If he did not want to play then he should have said a week ago.
    Do you think someone would actually want to trade for Big Mac? Take what you can get.

    Go Vikes

  7. CO Vike Fan says:

    Be careful what you wish for – while I agee with all that he’s an idiot and the latest round of shenanigans is inexcuseable, take a look around the league at all the teams struggling at left tackle and how the QBs are getting pounded. Look at the games Jared Allen had agains subs vs starters. Look at Chicago and Green Bay (before Clifton came back). I’d like to see something better as much as anyone, but there better be a heckuva backup plan before they ship him.

  8. CSlinde says:

    I think by definition those would be ‘hookers’, not ‘strippers’! Ha! He’s a lazy fool!

  9. […] sounded like a stern father when addressing the McKinnie issue, but also covered all the bases. Vikings Gab sounds more like an upset brother in their write up of it, tracking the other McKinnie occurrences […]

  10. jeege says:

    The guy’s a bed-sore of a human being and not talented enough to make up for the headaches he causes. (How many of those saints hits on Favre came from the left side?)

    Trade him. Period. This year is the last chance we could get top returns from trading him. (First round even)

    Get. Rid. Of. Him.

  11. starrc10 says:

    Haha, you called him a HUGE disappointment, referring to his size and the size of the disappointment he has laid on all of us.

  12. […] a fake ID. And there are many Vikings fans who are a lot more pissed off with him than I am (See Vikings Gab and PJD *parental advisory, particularly for PJD), but the fact remains that we don’t have […]

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