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Making Himself Known

After Ray Edwards predicted he would break the all-time sack record, I clearly remember Michael Strahan being a guest on Best Damnand being asked about the prediction.  They showed Strahan a picture of Ray Edwards.

“Who is that?” Strahan said calmly.  “I’ve never heard of this guy.”

Well, after a solid season, a spectacular post-season, and some very interesting offseason comments just about everyone in the NFL recognizes the name “Ray Edwards” now.  Oh, and that doesn’t count the time when he said Brett Favre was a diva that would have to earn their respect.

Edwards is causing a stir within a media that is hungry for any type of story they can run with, given the slow nature of this time of the offseason.

In a circuit of interviews, Edwards is seemingly unhappy with the coaching in the NFC Championship game and attributes the loss to the Vikings showing a little fear while the Saints showed no fear.  Here are the specific quotes:

There’s no room for fear in this game and I felt that there was a little bit of that there in New Orleans and that’s why they beat us. As you can tell, they went for it on fourth down plenty of times and you could see in the [Super Bowl] they did it by doing the onside kick.

They had no fear when they were playing, so that was just definitely something that they took in and took hold of and backed up it 100 percent wherever they were at and that’s what helped them win the championship.

We try to pride ourselves in trusting everybody that is on our team and I feel that it wasn’t. But the coaches make the calls, we players will play so you have to live with that part of the situation and just keep going.

It seems to me that Edwards frustration with the loss combined with frustration over his contract situation are making him particularly bitter towards the NFL and the Vikings organization.

Edwards would normally have been an unrestricted free agent this season, and able to make a play for a huge contract in the offseason.  Instead, the uncapped year is forcing him to be a restricted free agent that allows the Vikings to retain his rights at a relatively small price tag (around $3 million).

The NFL recently released salary figures for top executives and seeing how much Commissioner Roger Goodell made (almost $10 million) in 2009 got Edwards’ panties in a bunch.

I don’t see him out there getting hit or nothing like that. The commissioner makes $9 million, so you tell me where the balance is? He doesn’t put his life on the line, he pushes a pen.

It’s frustrating because we play this game to take care of our family and we eventually are at the team’s mercy of what they are going to do with us.

That’s what we fought for with the whole Reggie White thing was to have free agency and this is not free agency if you sign for four years but you’ve got to serve two more. That’s not free agency.

As I have heard pointed out in numerous spots, Goodell is in the NFL’s highest ranking management position while Edwards is not even the highest ranked laborer on his team.  Unlike many places of work throughout the nation, some laborers actually make more money than Goodell in this scenario.  Edwards just isn’t one of them.

In the battle between the Player’s Union and the NFL to gain the trust and sympathy of the public, the Union should probably tell Edwards that he isn’t helping and he should shut up.  After reading his comments, I do not exactly feel bad for him.

After all, if his sole concern is to take care of his family, then he should be thrilled that he’ll make around $3 million this year to play a game.  I know I would be.

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11 Responses to “Making Himself Known”

  1. Tomb... says:

    Edwards. SHUT THE HELL UP. Everytime I start to not mind the guy, he pisses me off by flapping his gums.

    Puts his life on the line?


    I’d like to see him tour Iraq and/or Afghanistan (like The Mullet did), and see how much sympathy he gets for making a paltry $3 million for, you know, “putting his life on the line” with the men and women over there making next to nothing who are GENUINELY putting their lives on the line.

    On a personal level, I now cannot stand this guy. This doesn’t take away my loathing for Goodell, but wow.

    Freds? You care to join me in a fist-fights with Edwards? We may need a couple other fellars though…I’m a bit older and not quite as lean and mean as I used to be.

    Edwards, eat a richard, you A-Hole.

  2. Fran the Man says:

    I wouldn’t mind this little gangsta’ getting the ax either. I believe he had his 8.5 sacks this year not because he’s an 8.5 sack type of guy but more because he plays with the Williams wall and Jared Allen. Plug Robison in there and we won’t miss a beat.

    Risking his life (Playing a game for 3 mil a year)?? What an idiot.

  3. krugjr says:

    takes all kinds, doesn’t it? well put, Tomb, you just start liking this kid and he opens his mouth and spoils it all……the crap shoot called pro sports…pay these kids millions, then sit back and hope they grow up!

    at least they knew he was a head case when they drafted him….some come around and some don’t!

    GO VIKES!!!!! TRADE BMAC!!!!!

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    Count your old pal Freds in Tombs. Freds wouldn’t mind cold cocking Ray Ray.

    This guy is completely delusional. Freds gets so sick and tired of these inflated overstuffed D bags thinking that what they do has such great importance.

    Freds loves football, he also used to love Baseball until those A holes starting striking time and time again. Freds no longer watches pro baseball at all.

    Hey Ray Ray, let your old pal Freds put things in proper perspective for you. When you “put your life on the line”, I don’t feel better about my safety because you’re doing your job. You don’t put your life on the line for me or anyone I know. You don’t sacrifice for the better good of mankind. What you do is entertain Fred for three hours a week on my 26 inch Walmart Vizio TV (yes with rabbit ears). That’s it. No more than that Ray. Don’t put what you do in the same class with those those men and women who really do, put it out there….and there are plenty.

    So Ray, shut the hell up you stupid jackass. Entertain Fred by sacking quarterbacks, every time you feel a need to open your mouth, just don’t. Goodell gets paid to use his brain, you get paid to tackle people. He promises not to act like he is capable of doing what you do, extend the same courtesy to the rest of us by never ever speaking a word ever.

    Fred will keep this simple, when the ball is snapped chase, tackle, collected massive coin & repeat. You’re a dumb ass Ray, Fred doesn’t care a lick what you think about a damn thing.

    • Brett says:

      Beautifully stated Freds. This should be forwarded to Ray. Does he have a twitter account? I’ll post a link to him if so…

      Seriously though, you guys don’t even wanna know what THIS starving college student would do for 3mil hahaha…

  5. krugjr says:

    please forward to ray and/or his agent…..

  6. Viking John says:

    I will take the 3 million…. Then Freddie and the rest of you can come over and drinks Colts anytimes you want to.
    Go Vikes

  7. Purple Charlie says:

    Speaking of Agent, Maybe Ray’s should start proof reading Ray before he gets in front of a mike… He should be banned from interviews. Unless he wants to first, apologize to Our Men and Women fighting over in Afghanistan, Iraq. They are the ones that put their life on the line. And they do it for everybody They are our Heroes…

    Think Ray… Before you open your mouth!!!

  8. B. Grant says:

    The prosecution rests, your honor.

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