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Quote Of The Week

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty gave his most comprehensive interview to date in regards to the Vikings stadium situation.  The full interview can be seen here, but the key quote that sums up the whole darn thing is exactly this:


Minnesota loves the Vikings and we’re very proud of the Vikings.  You just saw this last season when certain Sundays, over 80 percent of all the televisions in the state were tuned into the Vikings game — the whole state seemed to come to a standstill to watch the Purple and Brett Favre. For a lot of Minnesotans, the Vikings bring such great joy. Certainly we want to keep them, they’re a valuable asset, but we have to do that in a way that also is respectful of the current economic crisis that we’re facing.


If you include preseason, the Vikings have 20 games left to play in the Metrodome before their lease expires and they are officially homeless.

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10 Responses to “Quote Of The Week”

  1. SupaScout says:

    Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work that you put in to Vikings gab. I regularly look at least 20 other football related sites and nearly every day you have something new. Over the last couple weeks I’ve looked at many of the other ___gab sites and you put in a ton more effort than their writers. I hope the head of the gab network appreciate you like we do.
    Thanks Supa

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Supa, thanks for the very kind words. I do strive to provide as much as I can even during the offseason’s “slow time” like right now.

      However, the thanks really should go to you and all the other readers here at the Gab. Living where I do means I seldom get my daily fix of Vikings talk so having this online community is a gift to me. You guys are the best fans and best bloggers around!

      Thanks again Supa, you made my day (which happens to be my birthday)!

      • Tomb... says:

        Holy schnikes, how old do you intend on getting Adam? If I was you, I would have quit long before now. I mean, how long in the tooth can one guy get?

        Happy Birthday. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated. You do all the work and us jokers get to crack-wise. It’s a beautiful thing!

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Well happy birthday Adam. If I had known sooner I’d have mailed you a bottle of Scotch.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        Tomb, every year I make it through the odds of getting taken out by a grizzly increase… that’s how I look at it 🙂

        Thanks Johnny, but don’t worry, Mrs. Warwas took care of that already 🙂

      • Tomb... says:

        I hate bears. I’m with Colbert on bears:

        Bears are soulless, godless, rampaging killing machines. They are on the list of things that will kill you. They are Satan’s minions and the TRUE symbol of evil. Once believed to be the work of dragons, Bears (like purple donkeys) enjoy running around the woods molesting and raping innocent people and squids. For years now, ravenous bears have had free reign to use our woods as their personal latrine, protected by their “endangered” status. Now the government is wisely considering ending the grizzlies’ special treatment in order to protect our honey jars and Paddington Station. Bears’ strong vitality and resilience makes them one of mother nature’s nearly unkillable animals. A bear has never been downed by any less than five gunshots. Combinations of high explosives, assault weapons, and trebuchets have been known to only piss the bear off. Why can man-kind put a man on the moon, but not invent a weapon that can take down Big-Yogi over there?


        It is believed that long ago all bear-kind were united in promoting the advancement of honey-loving. By swatting acrobatic fish out of the air and, by the location of their defecation alone, it seemed that they were just solving straightforward problems.
        The evil soulless bears caugh brutally raping innocents in a foul beastiality attackHowever, bear-kind turned against man when we tried to offer them freedom: freedom to dance, to fight for money, and to be kept in small cages. It was then that bear-kind fractured: the grizzlies (the militant wing of bear-dom), spectacled (elitists), and black bears (or just “bears”, as Stephen calls them) became godless killing machines bent on wiping out mankind, and the polar bears became agnostic killing machines (who might be godless, but they’re not quite sure), in favor of wiping out mankind but setting as their first priority the devouring of human children. (Polar bears have been known to threaten Canadians—but who hasn’t been?)

        Ever since, America has stood fast and alone against the tyranny of beariness. Bears are just scary and they reek of anti-Americanism. Bears are just scary, period, and if you don’t think so, you need to get the Hell out of America, you hippie.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Jesus Tomb, where the hell did that come from?

      • Purple Charlie says:

        I have come to the conclusion after reading Tomb’s last post… That I would rather face a Grizzly to the death than Tomb!!!

        Tomb, you are Crazy Scary lol!!!

      • Tomb... says:

        LOL. Those aren’t my words, just a copy and paste from Stephen Colbert’s website.

        If you watch his show, you’ll get it. If not, then yeah it probably looks a bit whackadoodle. It’s satire, but it cracks me up, because I really don’t trust bears.

  2. Purple Charlie says:

    Adam, As you see, Everybody thinks your gab rocks!!!
    Happy Birthday and Many more!!!You deserve it…

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