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Moss Rumors Make Semi-Annual Re-Emergence

I like Mike Florio at PFT more than a lot of people around the net, including readers of this site, and some of that probably has to do with the fact that he managed to find a way to pay the bills via a football blog… something I, and many other bloggers, envy and admire him for. 

He also is the best one-stop-shop for NFL news anywhere, period.  If you can put up with his often staunch opinions on certain matters then he is almost certain to be one of your first web visits in the morning.

If those reasons weren’t enough, then I also like him because I honestly believe that he is a fan of two NFL teams.  The Vikings and the Ravens.  Thus, we Vikings fans are often treated to extra coverage over at PFT which often times includes speculation (by the way, he predicted Favre-to-Minnesota about two years before it actually happened).

About twice a year, that speculation revolves around Randy Moss trying to make his way back to Minnesota to “take care of unfinished business.” 

The most recent article takes some of Randy’s recent comments and twists them into an effort on his part to try and get New England to cut him a year before his contract is up, so that they have more money to pay Vince Wilfork, and then Moss would be free to sign with the Vikings.

It is important to note that this is indeed a possibility, as the free agency limitations that are burdening the Vikings this offseason do not apply to players that were cut prematurely.

So would the Vikings be interested?  I have to think so.

It was a well-documented chain of events that led Moss to New England, and it was one that included Brett Favre begging Ted Thompson to bring him to Green Bay.  Favre never got his wish.  But now that Favre is in his annual retirement-watch-routine, getting Moss on board would almost surely seal the deal that Favre would come back for another shot at it all… Something the Vikings would love to see happen.

Furthermore, the Vikings are trying to do everything in their power to increase revenue.  The addition of Moss, the return of Favre, and the combination of the two on the same team would open up all sorts of new avenues to generate some cash.

There would have to be an odd man out in this scenario, and the obvious answer would be that Berrian takes that fall.  One of the biggest things that Berrian has going for him is that if Greg Lewis leaves in free agency then he is the only real veteran presence on this team.  If Moss comes to town then that is changed and Berrian could then be dealt away to the highest bidder (probably no more than a 5th round pick).

As one of those Vikings fans that is still better about the team trading away Moss, it is fun to think about, but I highly doubt anything ever actually comes of it.  What say you all?

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31 Responses to “Moss Rumors Make Semi-Annual Re-Emergence”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    I would gladly take him back and dump Bernie. You really think Bernie is only worth a 5th rounder? Of course with his injury history you are probably right. There is a reason Freds calls him Bernie “the glass” Berrian.

  2. Tomb... says:

    Just the thought of Moss coming back, well, arouses me a little.

    Is that wrong?

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    Vintage Moss isn’t it? When the going gets tough, Randy wants out! It happened with the Vikes, it happened with the Raiders (ever check out the stats with the Raiders? What a quitter)and now as the Pats look like they won’t get a sniff for 3 or 4 years, guess who wants out?

    Please don’t bring this kook back here. Fred believes Moss is the most talented receiver ever to play the game. Unfortunately he has seeds the size of an ant. When the team is winning, he’s a great guy. When they aren’t he’s a cancer, quitter & putz.. Teams have their ups and downs during a season, with Moss too much attention is drawn to his quitting during the tough times. Vikes don’t need it.

    AK, Freds would consider Sid Rice a veteran receiver now, you don’t? We don’t need Moss’ type of senior leadership.

    Let’s line up Sid, Cheech, Shankdaddy, & Reynaud or Jaymars. Fine, fine, fine…if we have to, Bernie can play too.

    • Tomb... says:

      …aren’t you the same guy who was talking about bringing T.O. into the fold?

      Freds, you are a mystery…wrapped in an enigma…with an esoteric shell.

      • B. Grant says:

        Tomb: “Freds, you are a mystery … wrapped in an enigma … with an esoteric shell.”

        Does this mean you think Freds is a cross dresser? Cause I had never heard that about him before? See, I don’t know much about how those fashion people describe some of the things women wear. I mean, yeah, that would be a mystery.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Sid a veteran presence, not yet.

      To me Moss’s attitude is not that much of a downgrade from Berrian’s… so add more talent, but have the same attitude… I’m all for it.

      • Fragile Fred says:

        Thanks but Fred would prefer the rookies check with Sid versus Randy on how to be a team guy, work hard and play the game versus Moss.

        How many rookie years would you like Sid to have before he is considered a veteran?

        Entering year 4, 129 catches, 1,312 yards, 8 tds last year. Played in an NFC championship game, and a pro bowl player. Seems like a veteran resume, a young guy, but a veteran.

        Freds would also consider Adrian Petersen a Veteran now too.

        Why is he not a veteran presence yet?

      • Adam Warwas says:

        The fact that he still is playing on a rookie contract for starters…

        It isn’t meant as a slight to Sid, Freds, but I rarely see Rice being a vocal leader and he still has a lot to learn himself.

        His numbers were good this year, but injuries did cause this to be his first “true” year.

        A guy like Moss has the post-season experience that Rice just got his first taste of this year. Attitude is important, but it isn’t everything… and Moss knows a TON about how to do the little things to make you a great WR. Whether or not he’s willing to share those things is another story…

      • Adam Warwas says:

        And yes i consider Peterson more of a veteran… he’s played in three (nearly) complete seasons and has come a long ways in perfecting his position (pass blocking, catching, short yardage) as well as being a vocal leader.

        Despite him also being on his rookie contract still, I think Peterson has had the experience more so than Rice.

        But this is being tit for tat I suppose, and Rice surely learned a lot from CC and Fitzgerald last offseason… not to mention Favre this season.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        To sum it up, I guess yes I would consider Sid a veteran, but not a veteran presence… yet.

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    Until Bernie pulls up in game 1 with a snapped hammie…again.

  5. Fragile Fred says:

    Well, let’s defer to Moss squirting refs, hitting the pipe, cussing out team sponsors, quitting on the team, walking off the field with the game not yet completed, having altercations with traffic cops, screaming matches with quarterback and fellow receivers.

    When Sid get’s to that point, he too can be a veteran “presence”.

  6. Fragile Fred says:

    Great receiver, a sorry sack of crap from a sportsmanship and leadership standpoint. This team is moving in the right direction, let’s not hand over our team leader responsibility to a guy who has proven he has no idea how to lead.

    No, really don’t like the guy. Love his ability to catch and change a defense. But the downside is just too great.

  7. B. Grant says:

    No thanks Randy. Our veteran presence is adequate, and our maturity level of those at WR is just what we’re looking for. All my best to you and your family.

  8. c.carterhof says:

    Coach, Freds, you guys are great…but, are you out of your minds??

    Having Moss, Rice and Harvin! Are you kiddin me?
    It will never happen, but can you imagine?

  9. B. Grant says:

    Ok, I admit it is intriguing. And we all know I was oh so wrong about Favre. But I just see way too much inconsistency in the way Randy goes about his work, and even how often he chooses to go about it.

    Now, if it lures Favre back for another year and all that, well, I am sure we have not heard the last of it. I am going to say what you admittedly heard from me last year… this just not seem like a good thing to do to the make-up of this team.

    And yes, there are those who from time to time have considered me out of my mind, thanks for asking, c.c

  10. olderthandirt says:

    LOL Talk about rumours!! I woke up to this in yesterday’s mailbox. Good thing it’s not true. ……….. Or is it? LOL

    I think Randy would be a big jump over Berrian, but he would need to know he is expected behave on and off the field. This is a new Vikings team, unless he wants to hang around BMc. Then I would say no!!! I’ve always have liked Randy, but he does have his downside.

  11. olderthandirt says:

    Whoops!!! I guess I should leave the link. LOL

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