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Another Q&A Session

Thanks to those of you who submitted questions for this weekend’s Q&A session.  I know I promised to answer every question asked, but I have decided to exclude a few, becase they are… well… ridiculous.

Let’s get started.

Fragile Freds Asks:  Any news on the progress of treatment for Cheech Harvins migranes?

Brad Childress was asked almost that exact question (minus the Cheech & Chong reference) at the League Meeting last month.  Basically, Childress said that finding a solution remains their number one priority.

It is humbling to know that our species has not found the answers to every mystery in the universe… including ones involving the human body.  Even the brightest medical minds at the Mayo Clinic were not able to get a good enough grasp on Harvin’s problem to keep him on the field the entire 2009 season.

I would think that doctors are monitoring Harvint his offseason, searching for patterns in an effort to figure out what triggers the migraines and also what helps him recover.  There is no word yet as to if the problem has been solved or even if it can be.

Ole AsksAdam, given that the draft is a crapshoot, why would the Vikings consider drafting a QB. Why not go the Denny Green route and adopt the “Rent-a-QB” strategy. It has worked so far with that favre guy.

That’s an interesting question, Ole.

If you look at the most successful teams of the last decade, they are those that have done a good job of drafting franchise quarterbacks.  The Colts with Manning, the Patriots with Brady, the Steelers with Big Ben, the Cahrgers with Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers.

With that being said, a team can also be successful by adopting the strategy you suggest.  The Saints with Drew Brees, the Cardinals with Kurt Warner, and the Vikings with Brett Favre.

The goal should be to find talent at the quarterback position.  The goal should not be to limit yourself by saying you HAVE to find that quarterback in a specific way.  Bottom line, you just have to find one.

The draft may be best described as a “crapshoot” but when it comes to free agency, the quarterbacks available  in the last few years are probably best described as “crap.” 

If the Vikings feel like Brett Favre is coming back for sure AND they feel like they won’t get fairly compensated for Jackson or Rosenfels in a trade, then they very well could decide to hold off on drafting a quarterback this season.

Childress has, however, gone on the record saying that a team should draft add a new quarterback to the training camp mix every single year.  And I agree with him.  That could just mean, however, that you bring in an undrafted free agent.

Vikings John Asks:  Adam what Viking draft classes can you rate as being the best and which can you rate as being the worst?

I know it is cliché, but 2005 has to be the worst draft since the free agency era.  Troy Williamson, Erasmus James, Marcus Johnson, Dustin Fox, Ciatrick Fason, C.J. Mosely, and Adrian Ward were their selections.

Do any of those names conjure any good memories from you all?  Not me.

As a result of that poor draft, the Vikings had to over pay Bernard Berrian to replace Williamson, give up a very hefty package for Jared Allen to replace James, and over pay Madieu Williams to replace Fox just to get the team back on track.  I am glad they did, but a team would surely like to draft well so that they don’t have to make such dramatic offseason moves just to be competitive.

As far as the best goes, time will tell, but I think last season takes the cake. 

Percy Harvin was rookie of the year and Phil Loadholt was an instant starter and an upgrade.  I think if the draft were to be re-done today, both of those guys would get picked in the top 20.

Beyond that were later picks Asher Allen, Jasper Brinkley, and Jamarca Sanford.  Each of them started at points during the season and contributed in ways that suggest they will be mainstays on this team for the near future… at the very least.

I know both of those answers are pretty modern ones, and there are other years to consider, but these have to be pretty good example.

Viking John Asks:  Adam if these 5 players were available to get at #30, who would you take and why over the other 4.
Mays S USC
Pouncy G/C Florida
Wilson CB Boise St
Iupati G Idaho
Weatherspoon LB Mizz

I would select Sean Weatherspoon out of Missouri for multiple reasons, the first a foremost is that I think he is the best player available out of those five.  He has great range, is very football smart, and is a born leader with excellent skills in dealing with the media.  I have no doubt that tis kid will be fun to watch over the next ten years for whatever team chooses him.  Heck, he even sang at the combine when asked to do so by none other than our head coach, Brad Childress.

There is also a need for outside linebacker as Ben Leber is in a contract year and has crossed the 30-year-old line.  Chad Greenway is also in a contract year, and with the way things have been going as far as the Collective Bargaining Agreement goes, one has to expect the unexpected.

I don’t like Mays.  He’s physically talented and his measureables are great, but I have troubles with his lack of covering abilities.  His big hits will be less effective against NFL ball carriers, even if he fixes the fact that he is constantly taking poor angles.  Mays should be considered a “project” by any team that takes him, in my opinion, and not expected to be a solid contributor for a few years.

I like the idea of taking Puncey, Iupati, or Wilson.  But the draft is fairly deep when it comes to interior lineman and cornerback.  The Vikings could select Weatherspoon feeling confident that they’ll find quality cornerback and interior line help in later rounds. 

I will say this, however, if all these players fall to the Vikings then they need to do some moving around to ensure they can get two of them… the value would be too great.

c.carterhof Asks:  I think everyone agrees that the throwback jerseys are way better. Why wont they make them permanent?


Throwback jerseys have become a source of revenue for sports teams.  Instead of getting people to buy one Adrian Peterson jersey… now they can buy two.  One regular and one throwback.

If they went back to the throwbacks, then they wouldn’t have any throwbacks, and then they won’t make any money.

That is my guess anyways.

I do agree, however, they are far superior and perhaps Bryant McKinnie would feel less like Grimace if they went back to the good ol’ days.

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17 Responses to “Another Q&A Session”

  1. coolio says:

    Hey adam you now how you did the live mock draft. How did you do it? I wanted to do something like that on my site, like we can all comment live and predict who will go next as the draft is going on.

  2. G.P. says:

    Ahem ahem of course my boy will be a “Mainstay” a staple like peanut butter and jelly or um Spam. 21 21 21 will shut it down down down!

  3. coolio says:

    G.P you really like Asher Allen don’t you?

  4. Robert Salamon says:

    Looking at weatherspoon makes me step back and scratch my head.Thanks for sharing fellows.r

  5. Viking John says:

    I would take him also if he is there. Weatherspoon could be a stud.
    Go Vikes

  6. G.P. says:

    Hey Coolio! Yes, yes, as a matter fact I do. Just a quick question are you relatively new to V.G. ? Just wondering..t.hanks for taking notice of my Double A frevor. I am in fact a huge Asher Allen fan!

  7. Coolio says:

    No not really. I’ve been commenting for about 3 months.

    • G.P. says:

      Hey Coolio,
      Thanks for answering my question. Three months don’t know how I missed that. Yeah the fellas and I (Paticularly B.J. 84 and P.C. those are my boys) comment on Double A a ton. Obviously you noticed we like the kid. Again, sorry I missed you hopefully Asher will give you some reasons to become a fan in the 2010 season and beyond!

      • c.carterhof says:

        GP, tell you this much-

        Like his hustle and his hittin, time will tell. Hope you are right!

        He has a cool name too.
        Asher Allen, just rolls off the tounge.

      • G.P. says:

        Hey C.C. , I agree one hundred percent with your post I too like his hitting and of course a little never hurt. He does have a pretty slammin’ name Asher Allen does roll and its rolls well.

  8. Purple Charlie says:

    Hiya G.P.
    How’s it going???You are probably still pretty busy, If I’m not mistaken, Didn’t Johnny mention that you do taxes???

    • G.P. says:

      Hey P.C. ! what’s up? No I don’t do taxes good guess though 🙂 Yes, I’m still very busy. Very seldom do I have a period where I’m not doing something. Some periods in the year are busier than others but never a dull or unfilled moment.

  9. Coolio says:

    G.P I actually have a Vikings fan site of my own called

    Asher has got to be better than sapp though and will probably start next year.

  10. G.P. says:

    I’ll most definetly check your site out. If you ask me Asher can and will exceed Sapp’s performance at some point because he’s just that willing and has talent and a solid foundation that can be built upon. With hard work which he isn’t afraid of and a bit more time Asher will most certainly be quite the awesome CB! Future starter material no doubt!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      GP my man! I think you are right about AA. So I’m guessing you dont see cb as a need for first rounder? i think the unknown satus of Griffin and Winnfield will make cb a high pick though. But I’ll bet AA gets every chance at any vacancy.

      • G.P. says:

        What’s up B.J. 84! You know how I think all too well. Of course I think our kid is the one stop shop for CB yup no question. However, one man does not a team make and I’m willing to concede that a little depth at corner can only do the defense and most importantly the team some good. I want Asher to start in fact I won’t need a present for Christmas this year if the Double A ends up starting on the regular. I’d love to see him move up the roster and believe he is capable and will do so. 21 21 21 21….I know he can I know he can.

  11. coolio says:

    Riley Cooper, WR, has visited the Vikings

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