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OPEN THREAD: Merry Christmas Vikings Fans!

Draft Day is finally here and we get to find out what new toys are hiding under Rick Spielman’s Christmas tree this year.

Today is the day that all mock drafts, guesses, analysis, speculation and everything else goes out the window and each team will have ten minutes to decide which direction their future is headed.

How exciting!

Unfortunately, as many of you already know, I will not be able to man the site during the first round.  So please feel free to utilize this post as an “open thread” for the first round.  Once I am back and able to contribute, you will get a full analysis from me.

Gab Founder Matt Loede, however, will be hosting a live chat for all football fans at our mothership.  If you are interested in that, then here is the link.

On Friday and Saturday, we will be hosting live chats for round 2-7 of the draft which I would like to extend an invitation to each and every one of you.

So, enjoy draft day and Skol Vikings!

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104 Responses to “OPEN THREAD: Merry Christmas Vikings Fans!”

  1. B. Grant says:

    What? No mention of the Smoot Chat? Oooo, you’re on thin ice, Adam.

    Lets hope that at the end of the day we are better in the secondary and on the OL. That’s what I want from Santa Rick.

    • Tomb... says:

      Hey Coach…I happened across an earlier post the other day where you alluded to Mrs. Coach seeing you on questionable sites, thru no fault of your own?

      You know, when you click on “images,” and type in “getting to home with twins,” that raises some concerns. I mean, WE both know you are just looking for pictures of Puckett in the World Series, but maybe the Mrs. might think you are not so innocent.

      • B. Grant says:

        Well, I can’t thank you enough for that insightful piece of information, Tomb. I have begun to be more cautious and specific after I went looking online for some hunting gear from a well known Sporting goods line the other day. I leanred that just typing in “Dicks” is not enough information for the proper path to that sporting goods source.

  2. Jerkpepper says:

    The NFL draft is horrible!!!!!!!!!

  3. Norseman66 says:

    Just keep away the Grinch!!!

  4. Purple Charlie says:

    I don’t think Freds is feeling too bad about that chat thing, sounded like a pain, Wow it’s finally here guys.

    Have to go with Coach, on the O-line and Secondary… QB,RB, 3rd round or later.

  5. Norseman66 says:

    Lets go through the list:

    Meat to BBQ..check
    Draft Guides…check
    TV locked on ESPN for the next 15 hours…check

    yep, that about does it!!!

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Easy Norses,

      We have pick 30, pace yourself. We don’t want you passed out from too many Colt 45s before pick 30.

  6. Norseman66 says:

    Here’s a nugget just found on Rotoworld:

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter predicts that Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen will fall to the Vikings at No. 30 overall.
    The Dallas Morning News’ Rick Gosselin annually puts out the nation’s most accurate mock draft, and agrees with Schefter’s projection. It appears teams are souring on Clausen at the worst possible time for his stock. Other interesting picks from Gosselin’s Thursday morning mock: Brandon Graham to the Jags at No. 10, Demaryius Thomas to the Dolphins at No. 12, Ryan Mathews to Seattle at No. 14, and C.J. Spiller falling to the Texans at No. 20. Apr. 22 – 8:46 am et
    Source: Dallas Morning News

    • Tomb... says:

      Clausen falling to 30 would surprise the hell out of me. I’d be happy picking him up…even though (listen up Warwas) Bradford is the better QB.

  7. Tomb... says:

    Our first round pick, McKinney, and Berrian for Joe Thomas.

    Spielman, make it happen.

    • Viking John says:

      Thats a big wish, Tomb…..
      Go Vikes

      • Tomb... says:

        Yeah, I know…it’s monstrous really.

        …but who WOULDN’T pull the trigger on that trade??

        I would giggle like a damned school girl for a month straight.

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Freds would vote for Obama if Speilmans could make that work.

      No….not really.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Now that’s going a bit too far Freds.
        Glad you changed your mind.

      • Tomb... says:

        Football should be nonpartisan and sans political commentary, me-thinks.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Ok, no more Obama bashing. It’ll be hard but I’ll try to comply.

      • Tomb... says:

        Hey, I hold my tongue consistently on tea-baggers and their ilk…there are a lot more websites devoted to us spewing our political venom than there are Viking sites. This site should remain pure–well, as pure as any website with Tony Pants on it CAN be…

      • Fran the Man says:

        IDK, I seem to recall a few political comments from you. . . I get the feeling we’re pretty far apart politically, so it’s probably a good idea to keep it just football related.

  8. Jerkpepper says:

    What a horrible trade. Our first round pick, McKinney, and Berrian for HANK BASKETT!!!! Undo the worst trade in the history of sports and bring Hank Baskett back to the fold. Hank Baskett is busy appearing in Superbowls while Billy McMuffin is making McMuffins at McDonalds. Horrible trade, terrible move!!!!

  9. Ole says:

    Prediction – Jerkpepper 8th round pick – Raiders
    “Horrible” training camp hazing incident ends his career

  10. Fran the Man says:

    After the Sheppard trade, i’ve got no clue what we might do.
    Move up? Move down? See Clausen fall to us at 30?

    Personaly, I hope the front office (Spielman) doesn’t think Sheppard fixes us at CB.
    The only way that happens is if ‘Ced and Winfield are healed up and looking good by the start of the season. Big IF.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see us still go CB with the 30th. Of course like I said, got no clue. I just hope we don’t roll the dice on Tebow at 30.

  11. Rumpelstiltskin says:

    It will be an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing night.

  12. Rumpelstiltskin says:

    bwaaak 🙂

  13. Fran the Man says:

    Well it looks like we may be making a play for haynesworth;

    What do you guys think?
    the guy is a thug but a real player.

    • Norseman66 says:

      Anything above a 4th round pick is too much, You don’t know which Haynesworth you’ll be getting.

    • Tomb... says:


      That could be the greatest move ever, or the biggest mistake ever…I don’t see much middle ground.

      Absolutely intriguing.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        Norse and Tomb, Your right not sure who you get??? But playing in a 4-3 for us makes me lean on him…

    • c.carterhof says:

      I just saw that Fran, cant believe it would happen. Agree Norse.

    • Fran the Man says:

      The real boon for us picking him up is if the William’s get suspended, then it will be the best move we’ve made all year.

  14. Purple Charlie says:

    The guys a beast, Gave us trouble when we played the Titans, Still don’t know what is going to happen to the Williams…

    The guy looks like he wants to tear somebody’s head off every time they show him on NFL Network…

    Has something to do with being stuck in a 3-4 Defense, I think he would do well in Minnesota…

  15. Norseman66 says:

    Can anybody clarify for me?

    Since the 1st round is by itself this year, is it 12 or 15 minutes for time for picks?

    I know it was 12 minutes last year but that was with the 2nd and 3rd round in the same day.


  16. Fran the Man says:

    Ok, I’m screwed. It’s about an hour to draft time and I’m up against it here at work.
    I planned to skip out an hour ago and just had a job bid land in my lap sooooooooooo,
    I’m stuck for the next couple of hours.
    Anyone know if this is playing anywhere on the ‘net??


  17. Purple Charlie says:

    Won’t have to wonder how he would pan out now, That was a short lived rumor!!!

  18. wtfvikesfan says:

    another rumor is vikes moving up to 7 trading with oakland, vikes give up a player.

  19. wtfvikesfan says:

    heard it on KFAN.

  20. Fragile Freds says:

    Where’s Charles and Johnny?

  21. Adam Warwas says:

    Hey gents, had a few minutes to check in. Look like I am 3 of 5 so far… missing on Bradford… of course.

  22. Fragile Freds says:

    Get your ass back in that board room and finish up!!!

  23. Fragile Freds says:

    Charles did you get a yahoo id?

  24. Fragile Freds says:

    If anyone has an yahoo ID and wants in to the yahoo conference, I have it up now

    Send me your yahoo id at and I’ll invite you in

  25. Tony Pants says:

    Bwaaak bwaaak bwaaak. I hope the Vikings draft Optimus Prime but I think they will take Soundwave, a Deceptacon spy

  26. wtfvikesfan says:

    clausen dropping

  27. Fragile Freds says:

    AK —


  28. Fragile Freds says:


    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Sorry I’m late, had to work. Freds I want mt T-bone medium well, baked potato and appetizer. And yes plenty of Colt 45s.

  29. wtfvikesfan says:

    Clausen is a viking!!!! maybe

  30. Fran the Man says:

    Wow, what to do. . . .?

  31. Fran the Man says:

    I just got home, is Kyle Wilson still around?

  32. Ole says:

    Clausen will be there, the Jets ain’t gonna pick him. Thank Jeff Tebow is gone

  33. Ole says:

    Wilson to the Jets, Vikings are on the clock

  34. Tony Pants says:

    hi ole!

  35. Ole says:

    wassup Pants?

  36. Fran the Man says:

    Just got home. Clusen anyone??

  37. Fran the Man says:

    HEY!! I called that one.
    We moved down.

  38. Ole says:

    trade the pick!

  39. Ole says:

    yes, a trade!

  40. Ole says:

    now the Colts can draft Clausen and dump that Manning chump

  41. Fran the Man says:

    What’d we get? Maybe Clausin in the morning?

  42. Ole says:

    Detroit’s second, their 4th and a later round pick per Chris Berman

  43. B. Grant says:

    Well… that was fun.

  44. Fran the Man says:

    A GREAT move. We get Lions early second round pick, plus ours at 62. We’re stocking up for the future, cuz we already have a SB team.
    (Well, except for that coaching part)

  45. olderthandirt says:

    We got the Lions 2nd, 4th and 7th. That will be a swap in the 4th. We’ll pick earlier in the 4th now.

  46. Fran the Man says:

    Their 4th Too? Didn’t hear that one.
    It just keeps getting better.

  47. B. Grant says:

    They’re gonna take Clausen. Colts (Manning), Saints (Brees), Rams (already took one), so they decided to get an extra pick and still get their QB of the future. The guys they want at CB and OL are gone, so this is the choice left to make.

  48. Ole says:

    Good move by the Vikings, they don’t have to pay for a first round contract on an unproven rookie

  49. Ole says:

    Manning – cut
    Brees – cut

    Clausen to the Colts
    McCoy to the Saints

  50. olderthandirt says:

    Apparently, whoever we plan on picking will still be there tomorrow.

  51. Ole says:

    Prediction – The Vikings select Tony Pants

    the first time Pants gets his ass kicked in practice, Favre is gonna sing that “Pants on the ground” song again

  52. GB Nordic says:

    good move with the Vikes trading #30 to the Vikes. In exchange for the Lions 2nd round pick – 34th overall – as well as their 4th round pick (#100 overall) and 7th round pick (#214).

    We will see if the Vikes take Clausen or Mays

  53. GB Nordic says:

    Some Christmas present it like saying that you can open it on Xmas day. YOur parent dangle it in front of you and say..oh now you can open it on Dec 26th.


  54. SupaScout says:

    So, what happens when the Rams trade their pick tomorrow?

  55. Tony Pants says:

    I want Bumblebee for x-mas.

  56. wtfvikesfan says:

    Maybe the vikings will trade back again, and take colt mccoy.

  57. krugjr says:

    Ole……pretty long wait to end up with a question mark, huh? what do you think?

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  58. Norseman66 says:

    Great Job by the Vikes!!!! It gives them much more firepower to move up and down to target their picks. 10 picks now by my counting. C’mon down Cris Cook!!!!!

  59. Ole says:

    Maybe the Vikings are accumulating draft picks to trade to the Redskins for Haynesworth

  60. krugjr says:

    what we get is the 2nd pick sat am…..all night to look at who’s still there or take calls from anyone wanting that pick!

  61. krugjr says:

    had fun with freds and the gang…….great job!

  62. Purple Charlie says:

    Maybe someone will get spooked thinking we will pick Clausen and jump ahead of us to the Rams to get him…

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