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Summer Doldrums

[Note from Adam:  In a time when the NFL offseason is about as exciting as watching paint dry, I have suddenly found myself busy enough that I can’t even keep up.  Don’t worry, my lack of updates is temporary, and I’ll catch my eighty-second wind pretty soon.  However, I would like to be the first to welcome Mike Halldorson to the staff at Vikings Gab.  I am excited to see what he brings to the table, and also how quickly he replaces me as you favorite hack blogger around.  Welcome, Mike!]

So this is my first write up. I have been a long-time visitor and really enjoyed Vikings Gab; I hope you all enjoy me, as I have enjoyed this site. We have reached the slowest time of the year for football. The majority of us have recovered from our heartbreaking NFCC defeat, the draft has come and gone, Free Agency is basically over, and training camps are too few and far between.

Being a Vikings fan this offseason has been relatively busy, unfortunately most of it has been things we don’t want to hear. Our stadium situation has almost reached the breaking point, for some reason taxing out of staters (with hotel, rental car, and jersey taxes) is against Pawlenty’s ethics. The Starcaps case just won’t die, and although it is far from over, it looks like we are losing. And who could ever forget a certain QB that loves his tractor.

The draft seemingly left most of us disappointed. Although, the more I’ve looked into these players the more it seems like it wasn’t a total screw up. Frazier spent a ton of time with Cook prior to the draft, and it has been said for quite some time that we were focused on him. The combination of AD and Gerhart will allow us to pound opposing D’s into the ground until they scream for mercy. Griffen was a 1st round talent with a lack of work ethic, something Karl Dunbar seems to be able to overcome. Degeare looks to be a decent project, and D’Imperio, well anything that will get Tahi out of here is a good thing, right?

There has been some player news lately is worth discussing, as well as keeping fans guessing. Ray Edwards is very upset that the Vikings couldn’t have done something about the CBA. Granted I can see how he is mad he didn’t get a big, fat contract this offseason, because he certainly is improving every year, it doesn’t excuse him blowing his team off and complaining like he has been. Brett, even though we all are pretty certain he will be behind center last year, will keep us guessing, and worrying, and doubting, and discussing, and researching every potential medical condition, along with time of recovery, he could possibly have. Now Fat Albert wants, the Vikings? This is a guy that has the talent to be the best DT in the league, but yet he all too often decides a little boo boo needs to keep him out of practice. And, well, the guy tried to curb stomp a Cowboy. The only thing that keeps me interested is that if he keeps blowing off the Redskins’ camps he could potentially be had on the cheap. This could give us some crazy Madden-esque style of talent on our DL.

So now, we wait. We wait for Favre, we wait to see what happens with Albert, we wait to see how the team looks at minicamp, and we wait for OTAs and camps… Welcome to summer!

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15 Responses to “Summer Doldrums”

  1. Fran the Man says:

    Well let me the first to welcome you aboard Mike.
    Great first article, by the way.
    So, did you comment here in the past? I don’t recognize your name. . .

    Adam, this doesn’t mean you’re through here, does it?

  2. Fran the Man says:

    As far as picking AH, I’d love to see that.
    Some character issues and problems with laziness but one thing I know about dissatified franchice type players is, they ALWAYS play lites out in their first year with a new team. If he did that in Purple, this year would be the perfect year for it.
    Especially if we’re missing the “Wall”

  3. olderthandirt says:

    Nice to meet you Mike. Keep up the good work.

    Good to see you are still with us Adam.

  4. olderthandirt says:

    How’s it going Fran. Is it warming up some in AK??

    • Fran the Man says:

      I’m in a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt as I type this. Supposed to get up to 50 today! Whew! that’s hot!

  5. TheJazzyOne says:

    I look forward to reading more from you, Mike

  6. VAVike says:

    Welcome Mike, great start. Adam, great to see you’re staying put. While we’re waiting(Bret, Starcaps, stadium, Fat Al, and Ray) as discussed above. Let’s add return times of EJ and Ced Grif to that list. See were really not that bored, there’s always something to ponder.

  7. GoGerhart says:

    Hey I heard atowge isn’t goin to sign his tender for the rams and I was wondering how much u guys think he’ll come here.

  8. VAVike says:

    Wish away, but it has been documented several times that the coaching staff likes this group of safeties.

  9. Purple Charlie says:

    Hi ya Mike and Welcome!!! Liked the post, You pretty much summed it up as whats happening in Vikings news for sure, Always good to see new writers add their thoughts to the Gab.

    May this be the first of many great posts…


  10. Mark S says:

    Welcome Mike.

    I visit a few different sites to talk Viking football and I must say that many feel as you do about Ray Edwards.

    I find that to be disappointing.

    First let me say the CBA status has nothing to do with any team giving any player a deal that is fair. Many players (RFAs too) have received new multi-year deals this off season. Any talk of the CBA being a hinderance for the Vikings to know what they should gie Ray is weak. The Vikings gave Kennedy & Sapp two year deals.

    Second, Ray fulfilled his original contract. he made about 70K less than Jayme Mitchell (his backup) last year and did not say one word. He went out and performed pretty well.

    Third, the Vikings gave EJ & Cedric new deals prior to their original contracts expiring.

    So why not Ray?

    Fourth, Ray said that there has been no contact between his agent and the team for quite a while so negotiations are not taking place.

    I do not see how Ray is the “bad guy” here.

    If he gets hurt in these VOLUNTARY OTAs he will not get the 2.5 mil. He will get an injury settlement. In fact, if he gets hurt after signing the 2.5 mil tender offer and before opening day, his 2.5 mil is not guaranteed.

    There is no incentive for him to do anything. He has no contract and his tender offer if signed can be revoked at anytime before opening day by the Vikings and Ray will not get any money.

    It is totally unfair to characterize Ray as a bad teammate or person when he did everything he is suppose to do to earn a new deal, saw his teammates get new deals before their contracts expired, and never complained about others making more than him even though they did not play as much.

    It is pure BS for anyone to say Ray has not been loyal to the Vikings. I am not saying you are doing any of this but Ray is in the right here.

    The Vikings are really disappoiniting me as an organization. I do not expect them to treat players in this manner. If they cannot agree on a contract then move him and get something for him.

    I think the Vikings were trying to be greedy and may end up getting less in the end.

    If they think they can sign him after forcing him to play under the 2.5 mil tender offer by using some bopgus excuse about the CBA status then I would bet money that he will not sign a new deal and he will walk next year for nothing.

    That is what the Clippers do. Not the Vikings.

    But there is a new sheriff in town who has no qualms about not letting players go home to attend their grandmother’s funeral, cutting guys on Christmas Ev, cutting guys before the season opener after getting them to take less money, etc.

    • Mike says:

      Mark, I’m not hating on Ray and like I said, I can understand his point, I just don’t like it. Giving Sapp & Kennedy a contract has no real relation to Ray because they were both UFA’s…

      Very few RFA’s have actually gotten new contracts this offseason because of the 30% increase limit. Now big names like Pat Willis and Kolb got huge bonuses to get around this. But this F/O has been great about locking up players they want too, you gotta remember we also have Greenway and Rice set to be FA soon as well. So only time will tell what will happen will these guys and who the FO values.

      • Mark S says:

        There is really no justification for not giving Ray a new deal prior to or during the 2009 season.

        I would hardly call Kolb a big name either.

        Ray certainly has done more than Kolb.

        And Sapp & Kennedy do have pertinence in this discussion because you mentioned the CBA. And Kennedy will now make more than Ray this year while playing less snaps.

        There must be a significant difference in what he wants and what they want to pay.

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