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Introducing Laylah Figuera – Our Official Gab Sportscaster

Let’s face it.  If Ben Roethlisberger was a visitor at Vikings Gab, he would quickly describe this place as a “sausage fest,” yell obscenities at us, and then leave with his passé.

So, in an effort to diversify our readership, our founder (and freaking genius) Matt Loede has decided to add to our staff of hack bloggers here at Sports Gab by introducing a “female voice” to all the sites.

Laylah Figueroa is officially our Sports Gab Sportscaster and will be featured in many videos and articles across the Gab Network, including the occasional appearance right here at Vikings Gab.

Laylah grew up in a gigantic family with all brothers.  S0, needless-to-say, she’s used to watching and talking sports with the best of them. Being last picked to go into a game, she took it upon herself to get in the industry herself, via broadcasting.  Now, joining the Sports Gab Network, she will be the smallest on the team but almost certainly the most valuable.  From writing and sharing her opinions, on-camera appearances for previews and recaps, and also getting the backstage “gab” Laylah Figueroa across the board is an exciting addition to our Sports Gab team.

I am hoping to make Vikings Gab the early leader when it comes to Laylah’s “favorite” Gab Sites, so I am going to waste no time in introducing her to our fine group of readers that we have around here.  So, let’s start it off with a bang.

Laylah has generously agreed to do a semi-regular video segment in which she will answer some of your questions.  So, the questions can start now.  Put your most pressing questions into the comments section and we will soon hear Laylah talk some Vikings with us. 

Hop to it, Gabbers, give Laylah a big welcome and get rollin’ with the questions!

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48 Responses to “Introducing Laylah Figuera – Our Official Gab Sportscaster”

  1. PJD says:

    This is going to go over well.

    Ask her for me if she hates the Alyssa Milano clothing line as much as I do.

  2. Viking John says:

    This site is getting pretty civilized? No more cussing and women comments from Freddie?
    She sure is pretty, but can she write and report? Sounds like we will find out.
    Go Vikes

  3. Mark S says:

    Hi Laylah,
    Welcome to the Vikings Gab community. Kind of weird for me to say that since I am new.

    I was wondering if you could give your thoughts on the Vikings 2010 draft?

    Do you think they should have taken a QB like Clausen for example?

    What do you think Chilly’s long term plan is for the QB spot?

  4. TheJazzyOne says:

    Nice work, Gab leaders!

  5. Fran the Man says:

    Howdy Laylah,
    I was just wondering what you’re wearing right now. . .

    Aw, just kidding. Welcome aboard!

  6. Fragile Freds says:

    So much to say, so many reasons not to comment. Remember Freds, kinder…gentler…ok…. alright….Freds will be nice. Unlike his old pal Frans, who seems to be well, let’s just say glad to see Laylah. An excellent posting Frans, your old pal enjoyed that one!

    Freds doesn’t think that it is by coincidence that Coolies hasn’t posted since the announcement of Laylah’s new position at the Gabs. In fact, Freds just received an email from Coolies announcing that today he also will be injecting some estrogen into his Vikings site. We all know that AK is a mentor and guide to young Coolies…so without further delay. Coolies would like to introduce his female contributor,…. Phyllis George!!!

    Young Phyllis was a pioneer to young women everywhere when it came to paving the way for future women sports contributors. Nice find Coolies!

    Feel free to post your questions on Coolies site for Phyllis.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Lol !!! Your a bad bad man Freds…

      And Laylah, Welcome aboard, You will soon find out it is never boring around here…

  7. Viking John says:

    Way to go Freds, where did you find that.
    Go Vikes

  8. starrc10 says:

    My questions:

    Who is your favorite Viking on the current roster, and of course, why?

    Across all the areas head coaches influence, most Viking fans and sports media at large seem loathe to give Brad Childress credit for the success of this team. Is the Viking’s success because of, or inspite of, Coach Childress?

    Thank you!

  9. Fragile Freds says:

    Just a few more questions? Thank you.

    1) If you had to chose one or the other, would you rather be a look like Barbara Walters or be a Packer Fan?

    2) Would you rather eat dirt or take a hot tub with Mark Chumura?

    3) Who do you think has more hair, Brad Childress or Kojack?

    Thank you so much!!

  10. bigjohnny84 says:

    Laylah, are you married?

  11. starrS10 says:

    Maybe there would be more serious question asking here had the unnecessary photo not been posted… come on, guys.

    My husband is watching a video about the Starcaps case, so the question that comes to my mind for Laylah is this: Do you think the Williamses deserve to be suspended? And do you think they will be?

  12. c.carterhof says:

    I think starrs has a point here Adam. There are always stupid questions, but without the photo would Fran be asking about her clothing? Or would Fred be gushing and talking nonsense? Would johnny be proposing?

    • Adam Warwas says:

      No… they’d probably be asking me to post a picture 🙂

    • Fragile Freds says:


      “Or would Fred be gushing and talking nonsense?”

      Fred can only speak for himself,he was talking nonsense long before the picture. Gushing, not so much. AK – the use of “stupid” is not a reach, at least as far Fred is concerned. In fact, hearing that word from Freds old pal Johnny is music to Freds ears!

      • c.carterhof says:

        Fragile Freds
        May 13th, 2010 at 5:59 pm
        Just a few more questions? Thank you.

        blah blah blah…..

        Thank you so much!!

        Thank you so much?
        If thats not gushing, I dont know what is. 🙂

  13. Adam Warwas says:

    By the way, glad you are back Johnny. Hope all is well.

  14. c.carterhof says:

    “Laylah…you got me on my knees, Laylah…I beg you darlin please…”

  15. Ole says:

    Laylah, if favre retires or gets hurt, who do you think should be the Vikings QB, T-Jack, Sage or other?

    also, do you like “Women in Prison” movies?

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Ole, I gotta say your second question was frickin hilarious, cant stop laughing.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        Hi ya Johnny !!! Glad to see ya back, I haven’t read for a day or so and Wow…

        I think Laylah will come to like this site very much, She is in for a treat lol…

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Now see that. THAT was stupid,in fact VERY STUPID Ole. Very funny, put very stupid.

  16. Fran the Man says:

    To be honest, I really thought this was a joke.
    After reading Adam’s intro for Laylah;
    “So, let’s start it off with a bang”
    I figured this was a hoax.
    I’ll try not say anything stupid or silly from now on.

    (Although I gotta’ say, I’m still kind of wondering what she’s wearing right now. . .)

  17. PJD says:

    I would also be interested in knowing what her per day average is of times she rolls her eyes when some lecherous testosterone laden guy makes some type of weak advance on her regarding football. Something like, “Hey honey, you could play tight end!”. Embarassing, surely, but what are her comebacks or deflections? I’ll make sure to pass those suggestions to the wifey when Warwas and other Gabbers try their advances …

    Kidding? Maybe?

  18. Who is your favorite Viking of all-time?

  19. krugjr says:

    who gets the blame for the “12 men in the huddle”?

  20. Purple Charlie says:

    My Question,
    Other than Brett, What do you feel is the Vikings biggest issue this coming year???
    Thank you

  21. purplereign says:

    Yeah, what krugjr said…and CC too. Y’all got my back!
    And Laylah…how do you feel? I’d love to know…who said that?
    All seriousness aside, how do you feel about another shot at the title…for the pyrple?
    Skol Vikes!!!!

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  23. krugjr says:

    what’s a semi-regular video segment?

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