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More OTA Highlights

Mike Wobschall of is doing a fantastic job of keeping us updated on how OTAs are going.  OTAs are not much of an indication for how the regular season will play out, but certain individuals can separate themselves from the competition in these OTAs and get a jump start on training camp battles.

It sounds like Chris Cook, Asher Allen, Tarvaris Jackson, Erin Henderson, and Greg Lewis did themselves some favors during today’s practice.  Here is Wobschall’s report:

The Vikings just came off the outdoor practice fields at Winter Park after completing OTA #7. Weather conditions were ideal once again today – sunny skies and warm temperatures – and the coaching staff continues to enjoy a productive teaching environment as they get younger players up to speed and veterans back in the swing of things.

I had a moment to speak with both assistant head coach/defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and 2nd round draft pick Chris Cook after practice, so be sure to check back a bit later to read what they had to say about OTAs so far.

For now, though, I thought I’d share some of the highlights from Wednesday’s action at OTAs…

– Speaking of Cook, the 6-2, 212 CB had a great day on the field. During 1 on 1 drills with the WRs, Cook forced a fumble and then on his next turn he registered an INT. On his 3rd go-round, Cook tipped a pass and forced an incompletion.

– Impact plays on defense, such as Cook’s INTs and tipped passes, are emphasized by the Vikings defensive staff during practices. So far during OTAs, and especially the last 2 days, I’ve noticed a lot of tipped passes and forced fumbles. I’ll have more on this with coach Frazier later today, but it’s been good to see the Vikings defense active in attacking the ball and forcing turnovers. CB Asher Allen also had an INT in today’s workout.

– In group installation the offense was working on the 2-minute drill. Tarvaris Jackson looks the most comfortable of the Vikings QBs in this situation and did a nice job in leading the team down the field, both in the group install portion and also in the offense vs. defense portion. During the offense vs. defense portion, Jackson capped the 2-minute drill by hitting a WR in the back corner of the endzone. The WR caught and secured the ball over his head, tapped both feet in bounds and then fell out of bounds as time expired. Sound familiar? It was very similar to the play that won the San Francisco game last year in Week 3. The player on the receiving end of this particular last-second play? Greg Lewis.

– I watched several individual drills during the early part of practice on Wednesday, but the most interesting drill was run by WRs coach George Stewart. I know I’ve raved about Stewart on the blog before this, but he does a great job working with his players and this drill was no exception. The drill is designed to make the WRs react to certain types of coverage on the fly. The QB takes a snap and the WR goes into his route. After a few steps, Stewart yells either “man” or “zone” to indicate the type of coverage the WR is seeing. If it’s man coverage, the WR continues running his route. If it’s zone coverage, the WR makes one more burst and then sits down in an open spot in the zone.

– LB Erin Henderson got in on the INT party, picking off a pass from QB R.J. Archer during 7-on-7 drills; Henderson returned the pick for a score. But on the next play, Archer bounced back and hit WR Jaymar Johnson along the left sideline for what would’ve been a 1st down.

I’ll have more from Wednesday’s OTAs on the blog this afternoon, including some thoughts from both coach Frazier and Cook. So stay tuned…

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20 Responses to “More OTA Highlights”

  1. G.P. says:

    Dear Wobschall,
    Nice job on the reporting end of things. Not to be a stick in the mud but I love how you made Double A’s INT an after thought. What, do they give every schmo a pen and access to OTA’s now days? Just Saying. So, Chris is a big dude and forced an incompletion. Not to detract from the skills of Allen but its still OTA’s so quit making the Cookie Monster seem like the second coming. I may sound like I’m sipping some major Haterade (for the record if I were sipping it’d be Fruit Punch flavored) However, I still, have my doubts about Cook. To me he seems about as solid as a house made out of soggy Ramen Noodles. Ramen is also cheap…trust me I’d know. I just think its a bit early to sing Cook’s praises. I will on the other hand fully admit to feeling a moment of genuine glee at both the idea that Allen is spending sometime returning kicks (47 total for 1,110 yards while at Georgia)and the fact that he had a INT. Yup, one might even say I’m giddy. Cook who? He’s no big bad wolf. He may huff and puff but he isn’t blowing anyone’s house down including that of a talented CB with an alliterative moniker. Too bad there aren’t any little pigs around. Wait..who am I kidding Cook wouldn’t scare them either…oh well I tried.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I don’t think Wobschall reads this blog G.P. But you surely drop him a line over at to tell him what is what 🙂

      Who knows… maybe you’d get into his “Monday Mailbag”

  2. G.P. says:

    I know Warwas. I was just venting. VG is like home and home is where you blow off steam. Good looking out I might just do that.

  3. G.P. says:

    I don’t think anyone would respond kindly to being called a schmo. Perhaps I’ll remove that part before I submit said comment.

  4. Morrow says:

    G.p. How exactly do u and ur boyfriend think mike is makeing cook sound like a “big bad wolf”?? all he’s doing is pointing out a couple players who made good plays, like u said it’s just Ota’s there really ain’t much to report and there isn’t even any contact so he’s makeing the best of what he sees and from what I have read they are pretty good observations but hey that’s just me but if you think you could do a better job then y don’t u make ur own website and compete with mike then we can all see who’s the “schmoe” and who’s not anyways you should be happy someone’s bringing us pretty damn decent info on the Vikings GOD knows and aren’t

    • G.P. says:

      Morrow I’ll just assume you aren’t aware that the boys and I are Double A fans. I have a track record of sticking up for Allen regardless, of who wrote what. I would have said something similar had someone else wrote the article. No one is immune. I appreciate you reading my comment and seeing the merit in it as you took the time to post a response. If defending AA and feeling he deserves to be recognized make me a schmo then I’ll wear the title with nothing but pride!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Boyfriend? Oooo, the Mrs. is going to be sooo mad at me.

  5. Fragile Freds says:

    Easy Morrow….easy. Freds guy GP is just having some fun sticking up for AA. Don’t get your big boy pants in a bunch.

  6. G.P. says:

    Exactly Freds! Just doing what I always do. Thanks for having my back and realizing I was just taking up for the kid 🙂

  7. starrc10 says:

    The Chris Cook koolaid seems to be a theme this year… In the vein of the Vikings trying to get their draft class to appear exciting. I hope he is good, but I want Dbl-A to see more time on the field.

  8. Morrow says:

    Asher isn’t going to have any problem getting playing time y r y’all so parnoid he’s got a year under his bealt and did great cook is a big guy who MAY have great potential but neither of them will play much more than nickel package because we have 3 stud corners so u guy r makeing a big deal out of nothing

  9. G.P. says:

    I’ve yet to see anyone make a big deal or anything of the like. Thank you so much Morrow, for emphasizing the core context of my original comment. Which was in so many words that Cook may have potential however, it is too
    early to tell. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves and sing his praises to early. I also stated that he posed no threat to Asher as he is a talented CB in his own right. I suppose the comment may have been to complex to comprehend for some. For that I apologize I should have said it more simply as nuances are hard for some people to navigate.

    Freds and Starrc10 are just a few of my very smart boys. Who understand my word play.

    Warwas is a happily married man and soon to be father.

    I appreciate you trying to hold your own better luck next time.

  10. Morrow says:

    Lol thank you for attempting to say you had to dumb it down for me but I’m not trying to argue with y’all I wasn’t even originally commenting on cook I was commenting on your remark on mike he does a wonderful job, as for our secondary we can all speculate on different players we’d like to
    see play more but I’m sure we can all agree the part that needs most improvent is our safties, tyrell can’t play for crap I witnessed multiple dropped interceptions that hit him right in the hands… I’d like to see Winfield back there and rotate Allen, griffen, and that other vet we just picked up play cb, and maybe a little bit of cook to give him some exp.

  11. Adam Warwas says:

    Now now boys, play nice. G.P., that is no way to welcome a new reader to the site.

    I do agree that Mike Wobschall does a good job when he is allowed to actually cover the Vikes and not forced to be a cheerleader 24/7.

    I also agree that there will be some sort of rotation/uncertainty at the CB position. ‘Toine starts, slides inside on nickel downs, with Lito and Asher and Cook and Benny all getting reps at #2 and #3.

    • starrc10 says:


      Do you think there will still be a down year with Ced after the surgery? It has long appeared to me that as much as people want to talk about the advancement of treatments, it still takes 16-18 months to really re-gain form after an ACL tear. Any decenting opinions on that?

  12. big dave says:

    Chris Cook is a monster..he will be the best vikings corner for several years..once he gets time and reps in the league watchout..this guy is pick 6 when he gets the int..and he is long but very quick I don’t think people realize his game speed is tremendous for a tall corner..the trend of the future is here 6 foot 2 200 plus pound corners that run 4.3 or 4.4 yessir

    • vikingfan1490 says:

      big dave i couldnt agree more with u , i love the pick of cook he will be the replacement when winfield retires (sad day for me as winfield is my favorite player) but with his ball hawking skills it only helps seeing how we really dont have cbs that catch and can take it for a learning from winfield he will learn how to tackle people with force and with his frame that can only make him more deadly . i see great things coming from only if we could put Asher Allen back at safety and start Jamarca Sanford would we have a really great defense is to praying that they get ridd of our crappy safeties

  13. Jack says:

    How is Angelo Williams doing in OTA? He is a free agent CB from Ferris State. Played for me in high school.

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