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Well preseason rankings have begun to emerge. Low and behold, we are being hated on again. Despite returning 22 of 22 starters (at least by the time things count) and only a fluke game, where the refs seemingly KY’d up the ball when we were on O, kept us from the SB, we are somehow only the 9th best team in football, according to that is:

9. Vikings — Even if Brett Favre is back, there’s no telling if he’ll be as money as last season. Minny has to be better in all areas, especially in the secondary.

Well, our line should be better with Hutch and Herrera getting their surgeries, that and McKinnie’s ankle being healthy healthy, Loadholt and Sully have some experience. Our line should return to dominance.

Rice has proven he is a true #1, Berrian is a burner, Harvin is an all-pro WR and returner. Shank has become a game-changing TE (3rd most TDs of ANY receiver in the last 2 years), and we now have Gerhart to back up AD, which makes me believe we won’t miss CT.

Our DL is the best in the game, plain and simple.

Our LBs, especially with EJ, although healing quickly, still a tad gimpy, do leave a bit to be desired, but are very solid.
Our secondary, as you could tell by my last write-up, are going to be very good this year. Cook gives us huge body to put on guys like Megatron while we are waiting for Griff to get back to 100%. Even when, should provide us with one hell of a Redzone secondary. Asher Allen, playmaker extraordinaire, is making a name for himself at OTA’s. (” Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier raved about CB Asher Allen’s performance so far this offseason.” So, especially with the competition, Lito, Allen, Sapp, and Cook will create; will allow us to finally have that dominant secondary.

In terms of overall TALENT, there is no way we are worse than 2nd or 3rd in the NFL. If we somehow end up the 9th best team this year, well, I really hope our coaches are looking for new jobs next year! We are SB bound, no doubt about it.


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53 Responses to “Disrespect”

  1. Douchy says:

    Whatever, people always hate on the Vikings. We wear purple, I think that’s the root of it all. But in all seriousness, no one will ever admit the Vikings are good, even when we win the superbowl.

    Wyche is on there ranking the teams and namedropping rookies like he’s in high school. Everyone knows that rookies rarely make the impact the sportscasters say they will. The guys at are pretty much retarded, and their prediction track record attests to that.

    They just need to say stuff/write articles like that one to get people talking so they can have jobs in the off season. They’re just hype men.

  2. c.carterhof says:

    Agreed Douchy.

    I liked this post Mike, you went right to the point. Like your attitude.

    What do you think? Does old Bert have another great year left? Im thinkin at least a good one. Just hoping we dont see a 18+ int season. Ahhhhhh nooooo.

    I would rather see him retire and watch Tjax than that. Well…I dont know

  3. G.P. says:

    …Was there ever any doubt….
    Somehow Mr. Allen showing out and catching Frazier’s eye does not surprise me. Asher does well in high pressure situations and loves to compete. He’s a natural born go getter. Kid works hard and wants to succeed. He loves the game and just wants to earn playing time. Can’t knock him for that.

    His drive and ambition are what make me want to support him and see him succeed. He is talented but most importantly he works hard and remains humble. Sometimes pro footballers lose sight of their love for the game. They lose their hunger to be the best and give it their all. Allen is excited about the game. Its enough for him just to lace up his cleats and play. It’s his passion I like best. He is genuinely a humble and down to earth person. I’m not saying he’s on a moral high horse or that he’s above the trappings of the game only that thus far he’s remained what he’s always been a hard working individual, that loves the game, and wants to getter better no matter what it takes.

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Yeah, yeah, we know GP. 110%, “gut check”, puts pants on one leg at a time….blah blah blah. Let’s see Ashhole actually win a staring job before we crown him king.

      That should get Fred’s pal GP in a bundle!!!!

      • G.P. says:

        Awww Freds no panties in a bunch here. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and freds has to be freds. I see no Kings to crown in any of the Vikings Players they are all men no more no less. They run after a ball, hardly makes them worthy of kingship. Fan fare however is fun and helps to create such stimulating commentary. Hope all is well in your world Freds…I was wondering where you’d gone.:)

      • Fragile Freds says:

        You’re no fun G.P. Fred would have preferred a good old fashion melt down.

        And yes, Freds does have to be Freds. Not much depth and a whole lot of blather.
        Beauty in simplicity.

      • G.P. says:

        John Keats wrote: Beauty is truth, truth beauty. The two it seems are forever intertwined in an elaborate dance. I say my dear Freds you are rather deep but direct man. Don’t sell yourself short. G.P. has to be G.P. and always muse about the talents of Asher A. For the record I do recognize there are other players on the team and no contrary to popular belief I don’t think Allen is the second coming. I do however want to shine a positive light on his talents and enjoy the camaraderie here at V.G. If ever I offended anyone with my Double A fervor know it was in an effort to remain a loyal fan no more no less.

  4. c.carterhof says:

    Hey GP,
    something tells me you like this Allen kid. I dunno, just a hunch.

    If he can come close to what Winfield is/was, Ill be happy.

  5. G.P. says:

    C.C. your hunch would be correct my friend 🙂

  6. olderthandirt says:

    Hey CC, You haven’t been paying attention if you already didn’t know that GP loves Asher Allen. GP’s the leading man in the Asher Allen fan club.

    • vikingfan1490 says:

      i have also signed up for the asher allen fan club , i also think there should be a Jamarca Sanford fan club too. both should be starting this yr .

  7. Fran the Man says:

    Well that’ll make great bulletin material for the start of the season.
    I haven’t gone to to check but what 8 teams do they have ahead of us?

  8. fozz44 says:

    10. Jets
    9. Vikes
    8. Saints
    7. Falcons
    6. Bengals
    5. Packers
    4. Colts
    3. Cowboys
    2. Ravens
    1. Chargers

    There is apparently no drug testing for the writers at

    • starrc10 says:

      I actually felt much better about the ratings when I saw where he had the Ravens, Cowboys and Jets. Too high, too high and too low. I am not really worried about this hack.

      I do wish I would see more of MY favorite hack-blgger, Warwas, however.

    • Fran the Man says:

      The ‘Boys at 3!??
      Bungles at 7!??
      The guy is a nut job.

    • starrc10 says:


      Do you think these ratings are just a direct correlation of poplulation and fan base? I bet he didn’t even look at the rosters, probably just jersey sales and being an outstanding employee of the NFL did his best trying to get as many people excited about their now-overated teams (I’m looking at you Cowboy fans).

      • Fran the Man says:

        No. I think it’s a direct correlation of a sick mind. The guy has to be a Cowboy fan, I’m thinking.
        Oh well, like I said, great bulletin board material, as those ratings ought to piss off some Vikings, I’m thinking.

  9. G.P. says:

    OTD yes sir I think your observation is correct. I think I’m most definetly in the top ten of Double A supporters. He has a pretty rabid and dedicated fan base. Thanks for noticing. Yup I believe the kid can and will do big things 🙂

  10. […] there, it seems that we are the new whipping boys of the NFL, after Steve “Supermegaepictool” Wyche published his 2010 rankings. Cowmoobs at 3? […]

  11. Hey Fran, I agree w/you, the guy is a nut job. Pllleeeeaasssee! The
    Jets are too low and the Bungles, Ravens and Cowboys are too high. And so is the writer of the poll. And Mike…nice article. I love the attitude. SKOL VIKINGS!!!

  12. ace says:

    Mike “Schefter” is the greatest football mind ever.

  13. Viking John says:

    If AA can turn out half as good as the Smooter, then he might be something. Till then lets not get our hopes up. I thought MM had real potential, look where that went.
    Go Vikes

    • vikingfan1490 says:

      smoot was crap he couldnt tackle i would take benny sapp over him and im not that big of a fan of sapp. asher allen is more on lines of Antoine Winfield a hard hitter that isnt afriad to put his head into the rb and wr the only real difference between AA and AW is , AA has better hands and is a little quicker

  14. Alrs says:

    Well if Brett is not the guy for the job????
    What u think about Michael Vick at the Vikings???

  15. c.carterhof says:

    Goin ok Johnny, not gonna complain. You?

    3 more months Johnny, we’ll get some payback on them Aints. This offseason seems unusually long.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Have to say CC sometimes there just isnt enough hours in the day. And I couldnt agree more on the payback to those Aints. I hope Sharper plays and him and the Aints get their asses kicked thoroughly. Shut him up for good. Cant wait.

  16. Mike H says:

    just want to say thanks to all ya’ll for the great feedback… got another article on the way… between, teaching, my own school, my research, my family, etc… its getting tough to write every day…

    but Berrian, Shank, TJ, and Harvin all said they will answer some ?’s for us… haha getting them to agree was easy, getting the actual replies to the questions is taking awhile… I guess i’ll blame it on OTAs and minicamp?

    anyway, hope you’re all enjoying my writing at least a little bit!

    • c.carterhof says:

      Thanks for checking in Mike.

      I do enjoy your writing, I like your upbeat outlook on things. I can tell you bleed purple, but you are realistic as well. You are a good addition to VG.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Good point cc. I also like your stuff Mike.
        Great addition to VG, for sure.
        At least you write something every now and then. . . unlike another writer we used to know around here who’s initials are AW.

        By the way Mike, what are you wearing right now?

      • Mike H says:

        thanks a lot guys… like i said, its tough to write daily, especially in the offseason, but i have been speaking with several players that keep me up to date on some things, and use other resources for others… once the season starts again I will be writing a lot more… anyway I do have one waiting to be posted, just a continuation of my roster eval….

        anyway, just wanted to again say thanks for the kind words… means a lot

  17. Fragile Freds says:

    Frans, Frans, Frans…… You are one sick dude!

    Funny, but very sick.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Freds, after I posted that, I got to thinking,
      maybe Mike wasn’t around here during the “Laylah” era.

      Mike, I really have no interest in what you are wearing. (Unless it’s something really weird, then I guess we all should know about that.)

    • Viking John says:

      Freds, the guys are picking on me because I own a few Smooter jerseys….Whats up with that? AA could end up like MM or he could end up like AW. Wait and see. Back to the 45’s for me.
      Go Vikes

  18. bigjohnny84 says:

    Gee Freds after some of the links you put on here I dont see how you can call Fran or anyone else sick.

  19. Fragile Freds says:

    1) Don’t believe him Mike, Frans is a little, well…..light in the loafers that way.

    2) Johns, Smoot haters? How could they? Wear the jersey with pride, especially while being the captain of your pontoon. A better captain there never was!!

    3) Johnnys, who else would be better equipped than Freds to call someone else sick? Your old pal Fragile knows sick and believe me Frans is up there. Those long long cold Alaska winters get a man thinkin’ up there. Thinkin’ ’bout creepy “what are you wearin’ sort of thins…..

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Never thought about it that way Freds but I still dont think Fran is sick. Good old boy would be a better description.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Thanks for sticking up for me Johhny.
        Sometimes that ‘ol Freds can be a real bully.
        Why I’m thinkin’ of making a trip down there to see if the guy can box. . .”light in the loafers”. . .Why I oughta. . .

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        No problem Fran. Sometimes Freds needs to be calmed down. I feel sorry for Freds if you ever get your hands on him.

  20. Fragile Freds says:

    Hey Johnnys,

    What do you think of your western neighbor joining the Big 10?

  21. Dan K. says:

    This article got me pretty pumped up!!!

  22. Fragile Freds says:


    Nebraska joined the big 10.

    Freds listing of most followed sports:

    1) College football
    2) Pro football
    3) College basketball (pro sucks)
    4) High school basketball (pro really sucks)
    5) Amatuer boxing (pro sucks)
    6) Women’s volleyball
    7) Women’s fast pitch softball
    8) Women’s competitive eating
    9) Jello wrestling
    10) Junior circut Frisbee
    11) Idiot Savant Chess Tournaments
    12) International Checkers
    13) Senior’s Lawn Darts
    14) Contact Dominos
    15) 3rd grade kick ball nationals

    Johnnys, check out selection 8, it has some real fine competitors! Expand your horizons Johnny boy!!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Freds I think #9 would suit me better especially if it was nude jello wrestling. That is quite the list tho. I guess I did know about Nebraska joining big ten. Just another team for the Hawkeyes to beat up on.

  23. Coolio says:

    1. Colts
    2. Vikings
    3. Chargers
    4. Saints
    5. Jets
    6. Ravens
    7. Packers
    8. Cowboys
    9. Texans
    10. Falcons

    This is how it should go.

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