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Packers Have Obstacles Of Their Own

The Packers ended last season with the third highest scoring offense, seventh ranked passing game, and sixth ranked overall offense.  This seems to be the jumping off point for numerous offseason publications that have the Packers as an almost certain participant in the 2010 postseason.

I’m not so convinced, and here is why:

First, that offense that is so highly rated will depend greatly on the condition of the Packer O-Line.  Chad Clifton is turning 34 and Mark Tauscher will be 33.  The Packers realized that neither offensive tackle can be truly depended on given their age, which is why they drafted the promising Bryan Bulaga.  Having to choose between aging and injury prone veterans and an inexperienced rookie is not ideal, and given that they will surround an absolutely mediocre interior offensive line, there are no guarantees that the Packers high flying offense will ever be able to make it off the runway.

I’m not trying to deny that the Packers have an incredibly talented offense, but the team that gave up an NFL-high 51 sacks has to be concerned for the health of their star quarterback. 

The Packers first year trying out the 3-4 defense (or the “psycho defense”) was a success that nobody really saw coming.  They finished with the top rushing defense, fifth ranked passing defense, second overall ranked defense, and was ranked seventh when it came to points allowed. 

Their defense was impressive for much of the 2009 regular season, but proved to still be in need of help when the Cardinals put up 51 on them in the wild card round of the playoffs.

The Packer secondary is aging dangerously just like the offensive tackles.  Only, in this case, the Packers didn’t draft a cornerback to counter the age of their current starters.  Charles Woodsen will be 34 in October and Al Harris will be 36 in December, both ages that are far more threatening to the career of a cornerback than that of an offensive lineman.

Brandon Underwood has been a promising young player, but is still somewhat in limbo after being alleged to participating in prostitution and possible sexual assault.  If Underwood is eventually charged and the evidence proves him guilty, there is a very good chance the NFL will suspend him.

The Packers defense has also said goodbye to two starters in their front seven.  Aaron Kampman left for Jacksonville in free agency and Johnny Jolly has been indefinitely suspended by the NFL after getting into deep trouble over the trafficking of cocaine, marijuana, and other narcotics.  These two players accounted for 57 starts, 192 tackles, and 14 sacks over the last two years. 

The Vikings are questioned because of perceived issues like a tough schedule, imaginary contract disputes, the WilliamsWall probably not being suspended for an over the counter substance that would make Johnny Jolly look like a saint, and a quarterback who creates a bit of drama en route to going 2-0 against his former team. 

There is no doubt to me that the very real threats of over the hill corners and linemen, a suspended defensive lineman, the departure of a true game changer, and an offensive line that protects Rodgers about as well as some very well paid tackling dummies are going to be bigger problems than anything facing the Vikings this offseason.

So, Vikings fans, while many publications are jumping aboard the Cheese Express yours truly is sticking with the prediction that the Vikings win the North for the third season in a row.  The Packers will probably come in second and they might even make the playoffs, but their lack of depth and potential for season ending issues are going to prevent them from joining the elite group of teams that currently includes the Vikings.

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16 Responses to “Packers Have Obstacles Of Their Own”

  1. Tyler Negrete says:

    Your points are valid, but a good portion of your words were tainted with such bias it made this article hard to read. I get that you’re a Vikings fan, and naturally oppose the Packers, but at least maintain a professional writing style in regards to your rival team. This bias makes the overall writing look neophyte at best, which is just unfortunate.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      neophyte… can’t deny it.
      Vikings fan… yup.
      Oppose the Packers… spot on.
      Unprofessional… you betchya.

    • Fragile Freds says:


      Your old pal Fragile will be as professional as he can be when he tells you that you are a douche bag. Thank you and good night.

      Direct, to the point, clear, well thought out….. Yup professional.

    • TheJazzyOne says:

      The point of blogging certainly isn’t to be unbiased… that’s what the national news outlets are supposed to do. The point of blogging is to talk about the team that you’re passionate about, and to maybe put down the teams you don’t like.

      It’s our right as bloggers. 🙂

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    I wish these cheesedicks would stick to breeding sheep and not commenting their pathetic bs here. I dont see how anyone can argue the facts here.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      easy Johnny, he wasn’t arguing the facts, just pointing out my unprofessional writing style… and considering the fact that I am not a professional writer… I think he’s spot on. I don’t call myself a “hack blogger” for no reason.

      However, I find it odd that this article was the one to nail me on. Considering what I’ve written in the past, I felt I was being pretty balanced and fair to the Pack in the above article.

      Ironic, really.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Sorry Adam I take it personally when a cheesehead insults our favorite hack blogger. If Vikes fan does it that’s one thing but a Packer well that’s different.

  3. CalVkg says:

    this piece is fine. we know the vikes aren’t without need for improvement –;_ylt=AslpIIfwY4fkJ1raGWR0Efc5nYcB?slug=ys-undersurveillancevikings071710

    the fudgepackers will be division seconds and can make the play-offs, but we’re still better and have a good chance to win the whole thing this year. as far as bias is concerned, if i gave them a fair shake, it would only be to get the last yellow drops off the end of my wang from pizzin’ on ’em, and i wouldn’t bother givin’ ’em that if they were on fire

  4. Sad Brad says:

    Keep in mind that Al Harris is coming off a brutal knee injury, too. A recent article brought up the very real possibility that he may never play again. Passing on CBs was a big mistake for the Pack, imo.

  5. Tyler Negrete says:

    I would like to point out to the people who are flaming me (which I really like the maturity of the posts) that I am indeed a Vikings fan.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Well, this may not be a place you are planning to stick around for very long (given that my style of writing and the immature comments are two constants here at the Gab), but I hope you do. Let me be the first to extend a more polite welcome, Tyler.

    • starrc10 says:


      We appreciate the outspoken comment, it gives our curmudgeons something to get excited about.

      I will agree with Warwas in that the article did seem reletively unbiased. That is why I come here for my news. Solid, well thought out opinions and largely up-to date and in touch with the facts.

      A Hack-Blogger? Maybe. But for my money, few do it better.

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