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Bus Cook Went Bonkers On Brett

In the past, I have often blamed Bus Cook for Brett Favre’s attention-seeking ways.  In light of a rant recently recorded in Men’s Journal (and pointed out by PFT) I guess the blame is looking to be 100% on Brett himself.

After discovering the Favre called ESPN’s Ed Werder this offseason and told him that he was going to need surgery, the Men’s Journal reporter jotted down a nice little rant from Favre’s agent Bus Cook.

“Brett talked to goddamned Ed Werder at ESPN, says he needs ankle surgery. Now why did he do that?” Cook asked.   “I’ve got Childress calling. I’ve got reporters calling all damn morning. Goddammit, why does he have to be such a goddamned drama queen? Play, don’t play, goddamn, people are getting sick of it. I’m getting sick of it!

“Why does he have to talk to these people? What good does it do? Ed Werder at ESPN! What’s he ever done for anybody other than say, ‘Look, look, Mommy, I got this first, ain’t I special?’ You got problems with surgery, talk to your wife. Why talk to goddamned Ed Werder?”

After apologizing to Cook, Favre had some venom directly aimed at him. 

“Jesus, Brett. You never learn. You guys go talk. I’ve got goddamn phone calls to make,” before poking a finger at Favre. “Thanks to you.” 

Bus Cook… I apologize for all the mean things I’ve said about you in the past.

Brett Favre… well, I’ll apologize for all the mean things I’ve ever said about you if, and only if, you call me next time instead of that hack Ed Werder. 

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20 Responses to “Bus Cook Went Bonkers On Brett”

  1. yo i gave u a shoutout on my site!

  2. starrc10 says:

    Read this article last night… Great read!

  3. c.carterhof says:

    Give em hell Bus. But, you know being an agent, it comes with the territory. Its why you make the big bucks Bus. Say that three times real fast.
    I wonder what Chad Greenway thinks of this. Speaking Of Mr. Greenway, we only have 52 days to go til opening kickoff.
    Yes thats right, its 52 Chad Greenway days!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      I love the Greenway pick CC. What was the competition? 52 doesnt ring alot of bells for me.

      • c.carterhof says:

        There is good reason no bells were rung Johnny.
        #52 Players Years

        Bill Lapham 1961 Bill Swain 1964

        Noel Jenke 1971 Ron Porter 1973

        Bob Stein 1975 Whip Walton 1978

        Joe Harris 1979 Dennis Johnson 1980-85

        Jim Dick 1987 Randy Rasmussen 1987-89

        William Kirksey 1990 David Bavaro 1992

        Richard Brown 1994-96 Kailee Wong 1998-01

        Henri Crockett 2002-03 Keith Newman 2004-05

        Chad Greenway 2006-09

        Alot of dudes have worn #52, just not many were real good. Most were one and done. Only competition For Chad was D. Johnson. He was pretty good, but I like Greenway.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        I do remember Wong CC. Didnt he end up with the Texans?

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    Can you imagine the reaction of the people on this site if Banjo Brent Favre was doing this crap while still with the Pack? This blog would be filled with Farve bashing.

    People, just because he wears purple doesn’t make him any less of a drama queen. Having specific rules for one player over the rest is never good. Farve is a drama queen & self centered clown, can Fred get an Amen?

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Amen Fred. But I see only two options here.

      1. Be an 8-8 team and give cheesedicks the division.

      2. Put up with all this crap and message Favres ego and win the division and probably more.

      It sucks either way I know.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        Did the addition of Favre make us worse, Johnny? We were 10-6 without Favre just two years ago. Now we would be 8-8 without him even though we’ve added Harvin and others?

        I don’t know that this team has gone backwards at all, let alone enough to say we’re now 8-8 without Favre.

    • c.carterhof says:

      Amen Freds. I agree with Johnny.
      And what if he was NOT a former Packer. What if he was a former Charger or Bengal. Would that bother you as much?

  5. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam, our running game was a helluva lot better then. Tjack couldnt handle the pressure that Favre was under last year. And wasnt Gus a huge player as well?

  6. Fragile Freds says:


    Huh?? Really?

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      How many games will Tjack win with the issues on the oline? How much better was the offense with Favre vs TJ? Who do the Vikes players want to be the QB?

  7. Adam Warwas says:

    Interesting stuff… I think our team is too talented to take a 4 game nose dive based off of just one player. But who knows… like CC says the schedule is tougher… kind of like it was in 2008.

  8. bigjohnny84 says:

    I’m no Favre lover but I love the Vikes and wins are wins and QB is the most important position. Childo and Speillman are to blame here.

  9. GB Nordic says:

    No not Cilly and Spilly are the blame. He was the exact same way here in Green Bay. Once a drama queen ALWAYS a drama queen.

  10. PJD says:

    Bus Cook: A hero to all NFL fans, telling the Silver Fox how it is.

    And really? Ed Werder? RAAAAGGGGGEEEE!!!!!!

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