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Weekend Discussion

I am working on developing a weekly “calendar” of recurring features on this site with hopes of adding a little structure to what is otherwise an unorganized and chaotic series of ramblings out of this hack blogger.

So, the “Weekend Discussion” it is.  This is where I will pose a question or two that are (hopefully) harder to answer, and thus more likely to be discussed, than your average “fan poll.”

So, this week there seems to be a lot of discussion about Viking Greats of the past in the comments section, and I’ll stick with that theme but bring into the present at the same time.  Here we go.

My question for you is which Viking Great of the past would be most likely to employ the antics that Brett Favre is currently using to avoid training camp?  Also, would the fan reaction have been different if this player did that compared to the current reaction to Favre’s absence?

My vote?  I’d say Randy Moss would be the most likely to find a half-hearted excuse to miss camp, but the reaction would have been COMPLETELY different and he would have been run out of town even quicker than he was.

What say you all?

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12 Responses to “Weekend Discussion”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam, are we to assume that Childo would have been the head coach of these Viking greats? I cant imagine any Vikes players under Bud Grant that would even consider doing the Favre thing.

  2. B. Grant says:

    Actually, johnny, Alan Page made training camp attendance an adventure during a few of his playing years. He, of course, had fundamental problems with the NFL treating players like “a piece of meat’. My contention was that, be that as it may, your contract still requires attendance from day one. Alan donated significant amounts of his salary back to the Vikes as he simply boycotted camp, and it did create plenty of media flap and camp conversation. He certainly burned some fan popularity over that, and some players bristled as well. All in all, I found it amusing.

    But to just “allow” someone to miss camp…, no, not even close. Now, there were days when Tommy Kramer came in at less than 100% after his previous evening at Mettler’s bar, but he knew he had to at least be on time the next morning.

  3. B. Grant says:

    Adam – I like this idea of yours, but, for the record, I am one who also enjoys the “unorganized and chaotic series of ramblings” that you regularly present here. Never know what you might bring up, and that’s OK. No apologies needed for the Gab!

    BTW – recommended reading: “Always on Sunday”. Klobuchar and Yours Truly talk about football, past and present. Haven’t finished it yet, but am enjoying it so far.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      The chaotic ramblings will still be present, coach.

      I’m more just concerned with my “feast or famine” writing habits of late. I feel like I’ve done a good job of cranking out a bunch of articles all at once about 2 or 3 times a week, but then have been “dropping the ball” the rest of the time.

      And since nobody wants to be a feast or famine hack blogger that is known for dropping the ball, I’m just trying to develop a schedule of features that will keep the page updated and fresh as much as possible. Which is a somewhat tough task this time of year. 🙂

  4. Ole says:

    gotta divide this answer into two parts.
    The Rozelle Rule Era Slacker
    Free Agency Era Slacker

    Rozelle Rule Era was Jim Marshall. He was always off hunting goats, mountain climbing or hunting goats while mountain climbing. Bud Grant used to let him sleep in late on occasion too.

    Free Agency Era – None other than Fred Smoot. Freds did his best work while performing on water with hostess’ imported from Atlanta.

    As for the fan reaction, nobady cared in the old days, just show up and play. Today in this 24/7 information cycle which includes hack bloggers in Alaska, its difficult for modern day players to get away with bad behavior.

  5. CalVkg says:

    Jim Marshall always said, “there is only so much tread on the tire.”

    i guess he showed up, just didn’t work out in the off season

  6. c.carterhof says:

    Training camp hasnt even started yet. What happens if Favre does show up? Will the media, fans and hack bloggers take back everything theyve been saying?
    It would be suprising if he did, but can we at least wait another week to see?
    Anyways, we only got 47 days to go people. 47? That makes it 47 Joey Browner days! One of my favorites, this guy went to 6 straight pro bowls, was a 3 time all pro. And was a major reason the late 80’s Viking D was damn good.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      The hope is that Favre does show up in a week.

      But he won’t, so the secondary hope is that in a week we can finally pass along some news to you all that doesn’t even involve Favre.

  7. B. Grant says:

    Yup, had to be a lock, cart. He was a good one! Yet from a coach’s point, I always had to wonder how much better he could have been with some improved technique and a tad more discipline. Still, he was sure a player.

    • c.carterhof says:

      Always the Coach, eh Coach? I suppose Fran, Page, Marshall, Yary, and Krause, heck even Bill Brown, all could have been better players too. 🙂

  8. B. Grant says:

    I suppose you’re right, cart, although with Joey, he just had a number of things that were done his way rather than the fundamental way. He had a streak in him that said, “teach me what you want, but I know how I’m gonna do it.” Still, a great player he was.

    Bill Brown had a crew cut, bowed legs and a helmet with one bar for a face mask. And if he fumbled, there was a good chance it was because he lost a finger or hand in the process. Nope, no room for improvement with Bill.

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