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Favre Has Vikes By The (Foot)Balls

This is an age in which a majority of American’s consider the term “large corporation” to be synonymous with the term “evil.”  If you are on that side of the political spectrum, then perhaps the NFL’s ultimate Everyman, Brett Favre, should be regarded as a hero to the commoners for the manner in which he has taken a multi-million dollar corporation hostage in its own house.

For those of us that are simply Vikings fans, whose own passions and dreams can be directly linked to the success of this giant organization, then the recent actions of Brett Favre could easily be viewed as unforgivable.

Either way, facts are facts.  And the facts tell us that Favre has his team’s (foot)balls in a vice grip.

To me, the answer is simple.  This whole thing has been orchestrated carefully dating way back to when the photos of Favre’s disgustingly injured ankle were mysteriously “leaked” to the media. 

From that point, the annual “will he or won’t he” drama took its all-too-familiar course all the way up until today.  Everyone expected Favre to come back.  Favre never just simply does what everyone expects.  So, here we are today, doubting that Favre will return for his 20th season.

Right where he wants us.

Or, more accurately, he has the Vikings right where he wants them.

Where is that exactly?

Well, for starters he has the Vikings brass interrupting practice to discuss how much more money they can and will offer him to return.  How many players in this league can boast that he caused that to happen?

Secondly, he has the Vikings listening to hundreds of media personalities discuss how the Vikings do not have any viable quarterback options behind Favre.  Whether or not you personally believe that to be true, there is no doubting that the perception is there.  And when ticket sales hang in the balance, perception is all that matters.

And, assuming that perception is indeed true, why is that perception there in the first place?  Well, that brings us back to the beginning of our story… because Brett Favre orchestrated it to be that way.  Through his actions ever since the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers, he managed to convince the Vikings not to hop into the Donovan McNabb trade talks.  He effectively forced the Vikings to pass on Jimmy Clausen… twice.  In both cases, one could suspect they passed on those opportunities out of fear for how Favre would react.

The Vikings don’t have a viable enough quarterback option to sell tickets at a rapid pace outside of Brett Favre.  Any option that could have existed to change that, has long since disappeared.

So here we are, almost a week into training camp.  Sage Rosenfels has thrown enough interceptions in camp to make us wonder if he’s the one that should be retiring.  Tarvaris Jackson could go nuts in camp, but it still wouldn’t matter because nobody has faith he can do it on game day.  Joe Webb?  Well, he’s a raw prospect that must be given time to learn before being thrown to the wolves.

That leaves the Vikings, a team in desperate need of solid ticket sales and momentum towards a new stadium, looking at each other knowing that they only have one option.  That option is to offer Brett Favre as much money as the rules will allow them and also to offer him as much time to sit on his tractor before the start of the season as he wants.

A team without options.  A player with all the leverage.

I have no doubt that the player will win with those odds 100% of the time.

The Vikes will do whatever he asks, and Brett Favre will be back in purple in 2010, whether you like it or not.

If I’m wrong?  Well, that’s a whole other article that is yet to be written.

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31 Responses to “Favre Has Vikes By The (Foot)Balls”

  1. Fragile Freds says:

    AK –

    A very well written article. Not kidding, very good.

    Freds doesn’t agree that they passed on Clausen because of Banjo, but who knows. Clausen wasn’t going to start this year anyway. No way coach baldeene gives the reigns of a championship team to a rookie.

    They did however pass on any other option (see Don McNabb) that they may have been considered otherwise. But that is the gamble I guess. IF you want to dance with this Richard, you agree also to pay the price. The price is having a quarterback who acts like a 14 year old girl who makes Paris Hilton look mature.

    Turn the page Vikes…. But they won’t.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Thanks Freds. I’d guess maybe “didn’t draft a qb” would’ve been more accurate than singling out Clausen.

      Of course, they did draft a qb, but they didn’t realize it at the time.

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Damn I never thought about the ruthless angle of this. But your points do make a helluva lot of sense Adam. If Favres true intention is what you are saying then I say the hell with him and take the 13 million off the table also. We’ll probably have an off year unless the defense can win some games for us but will have money to spend on a legit qb next year. Damn Childo for puting us in this predicament.

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    BJohnny don’t throw in the towel, 11-5 at worse.

  4. Norseman66 says:

    Hey, Check this out!! I knew something sounded funny when this whole thing came out:

    Brett Favre-QB-Vikings Aug. 3 – 8:23 pm et

    FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer – the same reporter who broke the “story” of Brett Favre’s alleged plan to retire — stated on Twitter Tuesday that he believes Brett Favre will NOT retire.
    NFL Network analyst and longtime Favre associate Steve Mariucci also went on NFLN Tuesday, saying “Everybody just needs to calm down a little bit right now.” “If Brett’s body is feeling good enough,” said Mooch, “… he would play. Right now, he told me, ‘I’m trying to get my body healthy’. … The Vikings don’t want him in the camp right now. They would prefer that he waited and stayed home to heal up. … But right now, he hasn’t retired. He’s still trying to get healthy.”
    Source: Jay Glazer on Twitter

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Hi ya Norse!!!
      Here we go again with the Media, They are dying for a story, What better way to get something stirred up…

      • Norseman66 says:

        Ya know, something didn’t seem right with this whole thing right from the get go. For one, all there was was an unknown source, nothing specific. I think a lot of sports shows/networks and papers are really going to come out looking like idiots jumping on this right away before checking the facts out.

  5. Purple Charlie says:

    I think you pretty much hit on everything, He Definitly has the team where he wants them.

    After last year, This story really doesn’t surprise me…

    Hows Mama, Baby, Percy doing???

    Freds!!! Hows it going my friend??? Everything good at the homefront??? Rumor has it that Mrs P.C. took the computer away until training camp lol… Just took a leave for a while.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Hey Cahrlie! Good to have you back with us!

      Mrs. Warwas is doing well. Had an ultrasound today, and those always produce cool pictures. The baby boy seems healthy as we can hope for, so now its mainly just a waiting game (the baby that is, not Favre. Well, that too.).

      Percy is a good pup. A little crazy, but sweet as can be.

      Again, glad you are back (or is it glad the Mrs. let you come back?).


    • Fragile Freds says:

      Charles you hen pecked old kook! Glad to see your bright and charming wife let you back on the computer. Your old pal Fragile was right wasn’t he? Mrs Charles shut your saggy old ass down until training camp didn’t she?

      Don’t worry just wait until Adam’s son Fred is born, Mrs. W will be doing the same thing to him. This here blogs will be shut down in no time!

      “Adam, go feed the team of sled dogs!”
      “Adam, go kill a bear for dinner!”
      “Adam, go make more candles so we have some light.”
      “Adam, go put gas in the snow machine”
      “Adam, go get more firewood”
      “Adam, go churn more butter”

      It’s OVER!

      By the way, welcome back Charles.

      Oh and let Freds apologize in advance to his old pal Mrs. W. Freds doesn’t want an angry pregnant women on his bad side.

  6. Fran the Man says:

    “A team without options. A player with all the leverage.”
    A truer statement on the Vikings’ woes has never been uttered.
    And who put us here? CHILDO.
    From day one of his hiring, QB has been our weakest link. Five LONG years later, we’re still hurting at QB.
    If he (Childo) had any balls at all, he’d call Farve and tell him he’s fired.
    But of course he (Childo), as all of us know, was born with no balls, so the “Saga” continues. . .

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Hi ya Frans,
      The bright side of it is , This year should be the end of the “Saga”

      • Fran the Man says:

        Every time I think about this idiot getting a 4 year extension and a raise, the need for anger management increases. . .where’s the next meeting?

    • Fragile Freds says:


      Please consider this an official offer to join BJohnny and your old pal Fragile at next Wednesday’s angry management class.

      My man by the way…what are you wearing right now?

  7. Norseman66 says:

    I think that a “source” got bored today and put out a story to see what everyone would do. Funny how that press conference never materialized huh!?

  8. Norseman66 says:

    Who was Matt Loede’s source about the press comference today? Anyone ? Bueller?

  9. purplereign#57 says:

    Adam, all I can say is that I hope you’re right, and that “whole other article” never has to be written. Even thougha huge chunk of me wants to see T-jack have a beautifully orchestrated break-out season, with or without “Banjo”.

  10. Fragile Freds says:


    Freds could agree more with you on that one. But, it makes your old pal Fragile feel a bit itchy when you call him….Banjo?

  11. CalVkg says:

    adam, very good perspective

    once you’ve got money (not that i’d know), power is all that’s left. if there is some orchestration or manipulation here, and i doubt that that’s the main focus, they’ll use that power, and maybe get more money for attention-needy egos

    if you wanna push it a little further, bus cook and others are looking far beyond today. they already know favre will be a legend and his exit from playing football is being formed. they still have a lot of power right now to mold public opinion of favre for the history books. when favre retires from football for good, that opportunity is gone and the legend is set. but this is kind of just a lot of conspiracy talk, imo

  12. Adam Warwas says:

    Is it just me, or did PFT steal my story?

    Oh well, I’ve stolen enough of theirs over the years 🙂

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