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Favre’s Agent Releases Statement

Brett Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, just released the following statement:

“As far as Brett is concerned, in spite of reports to the contrary, Brett’s situation has nothing to do with his contract, but everything to do with his health and ability to contribute to that team and play at a level that he has been accustomed to playing over the years,” Cook told Mariucci. “Brett’s ankle, which needed surgery since 2007, was surgically repaired this last spring by Dr. James Andrews. Until such time, Brett feels he can play at a level that he expects of himself, no decision will be made.

“Brett has an appointment to see Dr. Andrews next week and will know more at that time. Brett continues working every day, rehabbing his ankle and will see after his visit with Dr. Andrews what his status is at that time.”

What is interesting is that this means Cook has pretty much just made it very difficult for Favre to accept the pay raise that the Vikings have offered.  He also just bought Favre another week’s worth of time.

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10 Responses to “Favre’s Agent Releases Statement”

  1. B. Grant says:

    Thanks Adam, you’ve been vigilant in trying to keep up, and accurate, with this thing, which is more than I can say for some of the media.

    I am not a declared Favre apologist, but I do think many fans and media have been more guilty of “drama” than Favre has. We are making this way more complicated than it is, and what it is is simply this:

    “If Favre’s ankle is healed enough, and whenever that might be, he will play. The time to determine that is not right now.”

    I really think it is all that simple, and I think more of the drama is coming from the sports world than from him. Like him or not, the Vikings need Favre (and should be ashamed of “upping the ante” if they truly did so). He loves football, and has a real and sincere conundrum between wanting to play, and determining if he is healthy enough to play. Let it be what it is, I say.

    • Tomb... says:

      Coach, how wonderfully naive of you. Such a measured and reasoned response is nothing but a shadowy figment of history in the 24 hour news cycle.

      Why build oneself up to feel good when it’s so much easier to tear someone else down.

      Its all the rage to call one of the most talented humans to ever grace the football field a diva for also being an emotional guy who cannot let go of the game he is still EXTREMELY good at.

      Is it really Favre who drums up all this “wishy washy” stuff, or the media? Or ultimately, US THE CONSUMER who cannot help but comment and fuel the fire.

      • B. Grant says:

        So…. this is what it took to bring Tomb from his… “tomb”! I have missed your waxing perspective, and as I have read your post twice, I am going to assume that you agree with me. If not, let me know.

        It seems to me, Tomb, that a great skill in life is to break things down to the simpleness of it all, rather than imagine conspiracies and generate speculation. This approach gets me in trouble on occasion, but keeps me out of trouble on many, many more occasions.

        I will acknowledge that Favre enjoys the occasional messing with the mind, but in many more instances he simply doesn’t care what people think or are talking about. To be sure, that is the way many things are in his territory down there. Its both a strength and a weakness, and it is what it is… but he sure can play quarterback.

        In the end, all that matters is if he actually does or does not play in regualr season games, and that is still over a month away.

      • Tomb... says:

        Yes sir I was agreeing with you…and I too follow the basic tenets of Occam’s razor (although conspiracy theories are fun to bat around from time to time).

        However, I’m not sure I would lament so hard about texting being evil. I guess it reminds me of a gun. It is neither evil nor good. It can put venison on the table, or gun down someone’s mother at the ATM. The hand that weilds it is what matters.

        Texting can be fantastic. At any given time I can check on my daughter and know where she is, what she’s doing, etc.

        …but in the wrong hands, it can be a tool for some horny alpha male doing what horny alpha males are apt to do.

        I’m apparently in a rambling mood today.

      • B. Grant says:

        Don’t recall this Occam fella. He apparetnly did Gillette razor commercials, but who did he play for?

  2. Zag says:

    Watch the newly posted Favre video on

    He’s leaving Oak Grove High School and gets caught by a couple of reporters. He says, quite confidently, that if he is healthy he will play.

    He also states adamantly that it is not about money.

  3. bigjohnny84 says:

    I just wish Favre would get on top of these things quicker and not let things get so far out of proportion. But he loves the attention too much.

  4. B. Grant says:

    You know what johnny, we never had these problems before we had texting. I think that’s the culprit. Dang tweetin’ and textin’ and blingin’ and facebookin’ and … When we traded for Fran, nobody knew it till it was a done deal. The reporters knew when we told them.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      That’s the way it should be coach. All this technology can really muck things up and ruin lives in the process.

  5. Luke says:

    So what’s up with the Star Tribune always jumping the gun? Last year before Favre joined the team, they had “breaking news” every few days that only they had and they were NEVER right. They somehow get these reliable sources that they can NEVER name. If you are from MN, you KNOW not to listen to the Star Tribune for any truth with “breaking news”. They try and be the first, but they always end up looking foolish.

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