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Rice’s Absence A Hip Problem Or A Wallet Issue? Or Both?

I have been wondering for quite some time about the mysterious hip injury that is keeping wide receiver Sidney Rice off the field.

In Judd Zulgad’s recent article about the situation, he goes out of his way so many times to assure readers that he is not suggesting that Rice is faking his injury, that it makes me wonder if, well, Rice is faking his injury.

I won’t go so far as to say that is my official opinion (heck, it isn’t even my unofficial opinion) but there is no doubt that there are two issues at play here.  First, the hip injury, of course.  Second, the fact that last year Rice had the fourth most receiving yards in the NFL and he is set to make only $550,000 this year.

Rice’s 1,312 regular season yards and eight touchdowns should suggest that Rice is due a pay raise.  If that doesn’t convince you, then how about those 184 playoff yards with four touchdowns?

The bottom line is that Rice feels that those numbers should have earned him a new contract and that the Vikings think the fact that he didn’t do squat in his other two NFL seasons means he needs to further prove himself.

The unsettling nature of the Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t help matters at all.

The questions of when Rice will return, how healthy and productive he will be, and how much he’ll be getting paid are all questions that matter plenty to the Vikings 2010 Super Bowl hopes.

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20 Responses to “Rice’s Absence A Hip Problem Or A Wallet Issue? Or Both?”

  1. B. Grant says:

    Adam, there you go again with your conspiracy theory. I guess its the media genes in you coming through again. I say let the guy have a sore hip and be done with it. But then again, that wouldn’t get readers like me riled up, so go ahead with your theory, unofficial though it may be.

    What happened to cart today? He appears not to have reminded us that we are only 31 Scottie Graham days away from the “Romp in the Swamp”. S’Ok, cart, got your back.

  2. c.carterhof says:

    Thanks Coach, you’re alright. I dont care what Tomb and Freds think about you.
    Im thinking Rice is faking it, or maybe he is just waiting for Favre to show up. Thats what he did his first two years in the league.
    We are 30 days away from that “Romp” Coach. Yes sir, thats 30 Bill Brown days!

    • Fragile Freds says:

      Freds loves Bud, Carters! Freds belief is that if you ain’t getting teased, you ain’t getting loved! This policy does not apply to the fairer sex. Ah what the hell, I guess it does.

    • B. Grant says:

      As soon as Freds or Tomb say something that makes any sense whatsoever, we will start to care what they think, cart. (how’s that for some love, Freds!)

      Meanwhile, another good call with Boom Boom. His picture should be in the dictionary by the listing for “football player”. We tried to encourage him to actually avoid a tackler from time to time, but we never got through.

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds suspects he is hurt, and if he’s not and this is a contract ploy, well he’s going about it the wrong way. One of the Vikings big barganing chips is to tell Sid he is well, fragile and gets hurt way too much. This injury doesn’t help show the Vikes he’not. Over his short career with the Vikes, Sid hasn’t exactly been an iron man.

    One good season, that’s it so far! Put some Ben Gay on that hip Sid and get your ass back out there!

    If all goes according to plan, next week Farve comes out in the press and says, he’s retiring, “ankle’s not fillin’ purdy gid”. The ankle’s not healing. Week after that, Coach of the year Brad takes a Greyhound bus down to Hatianville Mississippi to convince weiner flasher that he’s really really need. The week after that, he’s shows up on a white donkey to save the day.

    • B. Grant says:

      I say he arrives in a Hummer this year. Or maybe an ’85 Ford 150.

    • starrc10 says:

      Well saids, Freds.

      Since my true Viking fandom started in 1998, I appreciate the daily countdown being sprinkled with history lessons.

      Bill Brown = Boom Boom, he liked to run into people.

    • bigjohnny84 says:


      I believe that “weiner flasher” story was bogus. You must really love Favre considering how much fun you make of him.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        Is Coolio still around???

      • Fragile Freds says:

        Honestly BJohnny, your old pal Fragile didn’t follow the weiner story. I just learned of it here on VG and followed it no farther than that. I hope it’s bogus. It would be sad to see Farve or anyone else do such a thing and ruin his rep.

        Freds works high tech, lives low tech. The less gadgets during the non work hours is best.
        Sounds like Buds is moving into the world of DROID. Don’t go to the dark side Buds!!

    • Purple Charlie says:

      I really missed Fred’s throwing Brett under the Bus !!! lol

  4. B. Grant says:

    When it comes to the female of the species, Freds, it’s all in the timing of the tease, I believe. What you say or do now could be funny, but could be a disaster two hours from now. As we all know, tread lightly.

    With bucks like us, though, its open season at all times. That’s why we can let ‘er rip on the Gab. We only have one gear.

    Rice has a bad hip. Period. Bernard did the same thing over the last two years with his hammy. Rice doesn’t strike me as a guy who would pull this string, but then we don’t exchange Christmas cards, so I can’t really say, I guess.

  5. Fran the Man says:

    You have to wonder how many of those yards and TD’s happened because of Favre.
    His first two years certainly didn’t justify a salary increase. I think Sid needs to strap it up for one more season and prove last year wasn’t an anomaly.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Favre definitly made a differance, Finally had someone to get the ball to him… ( Sorry Tarvaris )

      And your right, Put 2 seasons together first

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Ya Charlie Coolio is still around but not too much lately. He told us he had stuff going on including a trip overseas. And one thing about Freds, he hasnt changed his mind about Favre one little bit.

  6. Fragile Freds says:

    Buds if you get on Twitter, I will submit to technology and “follow you” on line. How exciting would that be?

    Below are a few of your first entries Freds sure:

    * Should I wear my blue checkered shirt or red one?
    * I’m in my basement sanding a rocking chair
    * My grand daughter just called me a crack daddy? I’m not sure if she is referring to the level of my blue jeans or she thinks I have a drug problem.
    * Watching re runs of the hunting channel this evening.
    * If I ever meet that bastard Freds in real life I plan to punch him in the face.
    * I wonder if we are having lima beans or pinto beans for dinner.

    See now, THAT is worth following…or what ever one doeson twitters.

    • B. Grant says:

      Sorry, Freds, I refuse to twitter, tweet, bling, ning or anything else. I will blog, text and e-mail, that’s it. Period.

      But if I was to “tweet”, I would tout that nice Twins win tonight – the Minnesota boys of summer of are back on top. Five homers – Sweet!

      (Go with the blue checkered shirt – red is too flashy for us, Freds.)

      • B. Grant says:

        Meanwhile, get yourself on over to Fleet Farm and get a PURPLE checkered shirt and a Remington hunting cap to cover your new crew cut when outdoors. Now you’re flashing some style!

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Coach, Fred would have to trade in his purple thong though.

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