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Adam Trash Talks With The PackerRanter

Last season I began doing a “trash talk” segment every week with a blogger from the upcoming opponent, and it was quite the fun exercise.  My first (and favorite) venture into this feature was with Robert Greenfield over at  Thanks to the Vikings whooping the Packers twice last year, I never really had to eat any of those words.

I decided that it would be fun to check in with the PackerRanter prior to the regular season with another back-and-forth as to whose team is going to have the upper hand.  Here is our conversation in full for your enjoyment.  I’m in purple, and he is of course in that pukey green color:

Before we start this war of Internet words, I’m going to go out on a limb and say we can agree on two things: 1) The Packers and Vikings are the only legit contenders to the NFC North crown and 2) Of those two teams, the Packers clearly have the upper hand. With this year’s NFL MVP at the helm, the reigning defensive MVP on the other side of the ball and weapons across the board, the 2010 Packers have enough firepower and chip on their collective shoulders to make a serious run (while running over the Vikings in the process).

I can agree with your prediction #1, at this point, but #2 is completely ridiculous.  If by “upper hand” you mean a pair of over-the-hill corners, an offensive line that will eventually be hated for how often they let your “NFL MVP” get killed, and a #1 rush defense that is sitting in jail… yup, you got the upper hand.  I just don’t buy it.  The Vikings are oozing with talent.  Brett Favre will be back throwing to one of the best pass catching crews in the league, with Adrian Peterson on a war path, and a defense that takes no prisoners.  But, the offseason isn’t over yet, and your team can still improve… by picking up some players that the Vikings cut.

I find it interesting that you’re citing age as a factor when you’re pleading for a 50-year old to come and save your team…again. But I admire your willingness to welcome Favre back, knowing full well you’ll get screwed while the window of opportunity gets that much smaller. Isn’t it amazing that “despite” our O-line that Rodgers put up 4400+ yards and 30 TDs? And how much does it just burn you that Ryan Grant had a good of year as your coveted Adrian Peterson? I’d also like to remind you of the hierarchy of castoffs – the Vikings get first dibs on the Packer castoffs followed by the Bears and the Lions. That’s the way it’s always been and always will be.

I agree, it is amazing that Mr. Rodgers had those types of numbers instead of being wheeled out on a cart, the way your O-Line was jumping out of the way of pass rushers.  Staying healthy for two years in a row will be a challenge for your “MVP” considering that Bulaga isn’t quite enough attention paid to a woeful O-Line.  Grant had 1,253 yards and 11 touchdowns with 11 touchdowns in addition to 197 receiving yards.  Peterson?  A mere 1,383 yards with 18 touchdowns and 436 receiving yards.  Do the math, then consider that Peterson’s numbers were considered a “down year” and you’re still telling me they are just as good as each other?  Oh, and Grant’s recent concussion issues should go a long way towards proving that theory.  With or without Favre, the Vikes are the superior team.  I don’t know that I would brag about your castoffs going to your division opponents only to come back and beat you.  On the plus side, though, you don’t have to play the Bucs this year so there’s an extra win and a little less embarrassment, eh?

Like all great teams, our offensive line got significantly better as the season progressed. With Bulaga (stud in the making by the way) now in the mix and Tauscher back at RT, you are going to be surprised. Just wait. I said Grant had as good of year as Peterson in 2009. Sure, AP got all the goal-line carries to stack up the TD totals, but his YPC was exactly the same as Grant’s at 4.4. The big difference was that AP coughed the ball up seven times (losing six!) while Grant only fumbled once all year back in week two. Hell, AP fumbled more in the Saints game alone than Grant did all season. I guess what I’m saying is that #28 fumbles. A lot. You’re telling me that doesn’t enter the conversation when comparing the two? But clearly you’re going to have to pay Peterson like the cover boy he is. And since you’re throwing all your cash at Favre like he’s a cheap stripper, I wonder if you’ll have any left over to pay him (and Rice)?

It is true that the Vikings are a stacked team and NEXT YEAR have some decisions to make as to whom they will pay how much, I must say that it is a good problem to have and that we won’t simply let our best players walk away like the Pack did with Kampman.  Plus, we can keep our players out of jail.  I think your statement should have read “throwing cash at Brett Favre like a Green Bay defensive back does to hookers.”  The fact is that the Packers are not a deep team.  If Rodgers, Grant, any offensive lineman, or one of your ancient defensive backs gets injured/suspended/arrested then Packers fans will be screaming the “sky is falling” and rightfully so.  The Vikings have incredible depth behind their incredible starting talent and this alone is enough to make them the favorite of the North.

LOL…sorry, but I’m still laughing… OK I’ll stop. For a second there, you managed to make the Vikings sound 2% classy. But then I remembered this the same team known for popularizing the Whizzinator, the Love Boat and diuretic steroids – not to mention proud home to Randy Moss, Jared Allen and now Brett Favre, who played you like a fool, by the way, getting almost $10 million-dollar overnight because of a rumor. Don’t let Sage’s brilliant performance against the Rams 3rd team rosy the view of your backup QB situation…and Tobias Gerhart is no Chester Taylor (speaking of letting good players go). Come what may, the Green Bay Packers do not panic. Just look at how we handled Favre. I completely disagree with your depth statement and you could play the injury card with anybody. The fact is the Packers have players on the verge of breakouts on all sides of the ball – not to mention we are the youngest team in all of football. What does that mean for the rest of the division? Neck pains, mostly. You ever look up for a decade? It hurts.

The Packers fumbled four times, including one from Ryan Grant which was lost, in their first preseason game.  Just thought I would point that out.  Our hands were tied in letting Taylor go because we were a “final four” team last year, something that didn’t apply to the Packers because Aaron Rodgers decided to play hacky sack with the football in overtime of a playoff game.  Gerhart may be a rookie, but he is still a better backup than the Packers have without a doubt.  “Verge of breakouts” sounds like preseason hype that will soon be put to the test, and probably fail.  In all reality, the Packers are a formidable opponent this year (just like every year) and it will be fun watching the race for the crown.  They’re still a bunch of low-life, no-talent, cheese eating losers… but why be uncivil about this?  Have a fun season, PackerRanter.  We’ll do this again in week six after your O-line has fallen apart, your fans are using injuries as an excuse for your 2-4 record, three more players have been arrested, Aaron Rodgers has followed in his predecessor’s footsteps and forced his way out of that frozen hell hole, your secondary is allowed to start filing for social security, and Ryan Grant has been exposed for the imposter that he is and has fallen back down into the ranks of sub-mediocrity.  SKOL!

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33 Responses to “Adam Trash Talks With The PackerRanter”

  1. c.carterhof says:

    Great job Adam, the cash for hookers was good. Cant wait for this game!

    Cant wait for Sept. 9th either, its only 24 Robert Griffith days away!

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Gotta agree with my old pal CC, great job Adam. If we had just gotten beat by the Browns, pre season or not, I’d be hiding in the closet this week not bragging about our team.

    • c.carterhof says:

      Yes Johnny, at home none the less. I hear the Jake Delhomme led Brownies took the opening kickoff and drove 80 yards for a 7-0 lead.

  3. CSlinde says:

    Funny how he says in one sentence: ‘an offensive line that improved as the year progressed.’
    When it was all said and done the ultimate demise of their season was Dansby and Co cutting through their line, in sudden death btw, like a hack saw through a dead hooker. Much like the one’s hired by the Pack’s secondary. LOL!

  4. Ole says:

    Nov. 1, 2009
    packers – 26
    Vikings – 38

    the only way the packers could score was to burn Karl Paymah for three TD’s, and now he is gone!

    even Dugan scored a TD in this game, if that doesn’t shame a packer backer, I don’t know what will

    • GBPack says:

      Do you know what that is?

      • B. Grant says:

        Well, not to split hairs GB… but actually its only 5-0 since the Vikings have come into existence. And from the time the Vikes first made the playoffs in 1968 from an expansion start, the Vikes have been in the playoffs 26 years to the Packers 14. From that time on the championship count gives the Pack a 1-0 edge. Many ways to measure success, I prefer to stay somewhat within my lifetime at least. But you go ahead and paint 12-0 on your garage door. After all, it’s your door.

      • GBPack says:

        Spoken like a fan of a team that has won 0 Championships. How do you discredit a team that won championships before your team existed and before your birth. Pretty weak argument. And playoff appearances don’t mean squat if you don’t win the Lombardi trophy.

      • B. Grant says:

        Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. Like I said, since ’68, you got one championship and we got none. Seems like both franchises could eat humble pie here with those numbers. Hang on to what you got and milk it for all its worth, GB. We know you need it to get to sleep.

        But let me get this straight. If we go to the playoffs and the Packers don’t it don’t mean squat. And if the Packers go, and we don’t, it don’t mean squat. Riiiiiiight!

      • GBPack says:

        I just believe that the point of pro sports is to be the best. In football being the best is being the league champion. The Packers have done that 12 times. If you go to the playoffs but fall short of the ultimate goal it is great to build on and makes for fancy stats when trash talking strangers on some blog but in the end you have fallen short. History is on my side friend and damn right I will milk it for all its worth (you would too.) Just think you win the Super Bowl this year and you just need 11 more to tie us! Good Luck!

      • CSlinde says:

        GB- Then you guys haven’t been the best for a really longtime. You guys always live in the past. Who cares. It’s about the future. Right now, we’re a better team.

      • CSlinde says:

        Whatever GB. You must have cheese curd lodged in your throat. The best a fan can realistically hope for is to see a championship in their lifetime. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake. You’ve got one, and if I had to put money on it, I’d bet you were barely old enough to remember that game.
        In Mn, we’ve had a many tough ends to seasons fall our way but, we’ve got two World Series and maybe more. You take what you get and hope for the best.
        Too many fans think somehow what they think or believe has an effect on their team and that the past matters for success in the future. It don’t mean s#@!, especially in the free agency era where fosters change like Favre’s mind.
        Both our teams don’t give a Damn how many trophies the other has. Except one guy, Favrelous biatch! Your worst nightmare.

      • GBPack says:

        @CSlinde you make me laugh dude. I like how cocky you get at the end there with “Farvelous biatch” very funny. Truth of the matter is I was 23 and 24 the last time the man you hated for 16 years won and lost a super bowl. It should be a great season, and if you can make it to Lambeau on Oct. 24 I would bet you a beer on the outcome! (if you are old enough)The past is important to me because I am proud of the history of my team same as you are proud of yours. Whose team is better talent wise is debatable but I am liking having a 26 year old quarterback vs. your situation. How did you know I was eating cheese curds?

      • CSlinde says:

        Man, if I wasn’t moving to Alaska I’d tske you up on that GB.
        Always fun to make people laugh, regardless if it’s at your own expense. But seriously, I don’t get all these bums giving The Pack the division. They haven’t proved anything yet. Nada. Eventhough our records were one game apart, we actually won the division by three games. That said here ya go:

      • GBPack says:

        I am not a huge fan of the hype either but if you listen to it we don’t have to worry about it because Dallas is the team to beat in the NFC. Good Luck in AK. Thanks for the link I forgot about that jerk. How embarrassing! As much as I enjoy our rivalry I hope Percy Harvin is OK. Scary stuff there and I wish him the best.

      • CSlinde says:

        Thanks GB! You’re a good sport. All joking aside, I also wish you luck personally and for your team’s season. Should be an interesting one. We definitely have more preseason issues/drama to be concerned about. Cheers

  5. CSlinde says:

    I don’t think much of anything can shame a Packer Backer.
    Not being able to do a 30min keg stand umm…, having a wife that stands-up for herself, umm…, not being able to ‘noodle’ a catfish larger than 20lbs

  6. B. Grant says:

    Well, Adam, you’re in mid-season form! I hope we beat the Packers as bad as you beat the Ranter. (Although I do hate his point about AP’s fumbling – he’s got that one right.)

    Just back from the PGA – wow, what a finish! (even if it was GOLF!) Its hard work watching a golf major – not a good seat in the house. I stood where the fateful shot at the end occurred. Sorry, Dustin, it sure looked like a sand trap to me, although there had been four days of traffic through it.

    Sounds like the PS opener was a success. Good news. Now, if we can get all hands on deck, we should be good to go.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Adam- 1

      Good job Adam and good start to the season opener.

      I watched the PGA on TV and am still trying to figure out what the hell does “Grounded his club” mean??
      (I’m not a golfer)

      • B. Grant says:

        Fran – if you are in a bunker/sand trap, your club may not touch the ground in preparation for the swing. If your practice swing contacts the ground at any time prior to the swing that contacts the ball… PENALTY – 2 Strokes. You can do it anywhere else, but not in a sand trap. So, you can’t set the club down behind the ball to prepare for the upcoming swing like you can on the fairway.

        (I’m thinking I could be on the golf channel, huh?)

  7. B. Grant says:

    Relax guys. They’re taking their jeans back to exchange them for a different size, thats all. Probably have a cold one with Brett and be back by the AM practice tomorrow.

  8. B. Grant says:

    OK… Here we go…

    Report: Favre heading to Twin Cities

  9. PackersRS says:

    Whew, Favre will be back again to “save” ( the Vikings! All is well.

    BTW, Peterson fumbled twice on the NFCC game, both recovered by your team. He scored 3 times.

    Favre, on the other hand, lost one fumble, threw 2 ints, and scored only once…

    But, hey, he did beat us both times! Isn’t that how Vikings fans measure sucess? To be better than the Packers? Who needs rings…

  10. CSlinde says:

    2 games. Sorry for bad math

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