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Vikings Enter Bye Week With Victory

If the Vikings had lost to the Lions today, then the week four bye would have doubtless been filled with fans calling for Brad Childress to be fired and speculation of a mid-season retirement party for Brett Favre.

If they had one in blow-out fashion, then fans would have had a good dose of optimism going into the bye, feeling that this team will get it together.

Instead, today’s 24-10 victory leaves us with some hope, but plenty of uncertainty remains.  The two weeks between now and October 11th’s Monday nighter in New York will be one filled with mixed feelings.


THE GOOD:  “All Day” took over this game which is exactly what the Vikings needed of him.  He averaged seven yards per carry as he rumbled for 160 yards, including an eighty yard touchdown run which is the longest of his career.  At the time I’m writing this, that puts Peterson only 14 yards behind Arian Foster as the league’s top rusher through three weeks.  He also had five grabs for 30 yards.

THE BAD:  While Peterson is clearly becoming a more complete back, he dropped an easy pass early on that could possibly have gone for a long touchdown.  Consistency in the passing game is still an area where he can improve.  With Peterson’s average so high, a game pretty well within hand, a passing game that still struggled, and a backup runner that fumbled means that Peterson should have had many more carries than his 23.  I just do not understand why this coaching staff resists giving him the ball on a more regular basis.


THE GOOD:  The defending rookie of the year easily had his best game of 2010 today against the Lions.  He led the team with six catches, 62 yards, and the team’s only receiving touchdown.  He also had 13 yards on two running plays.

THE BAD:  I’m not sure if Harvin will ever get healthy, especially if the Vikings keep using him on kick returns where he is constantly limping afterwards.  Plus, Harvin’s production is still only mediocre compared to what this offense did in 2009.  Brett Favre’s two picks and poor play continued today, and he needs to get better if Harvin is going to continue to develop.


THE GOOD:  They were able to stay out of Adrian Peterson’s way enough to let him run for 160 yards.

THE BAD:  The team had 12 penalties for 100 yards, most of which could be credited to the offensive line.  The penalties, however, were the least worrisome part about their play.  Favre was constantly smashed and bashed as the pass rush was getting to him with seemingly little resistance.  Perhaps the Vikings should’ve been talking to the Chargers about Marcus McNeill instead of Vincent Jackson.  John Sullivan once again had to excuse himself do to an in-game injury.


THE GOOD:  The Vikings defense continued to make up for deficiencies on offense as they only allowed 10 points, despite three Vikings turnovers.  Part of the reason for that is that they were able to create three turnovers of their own.  Husain Abdullah and Madieu Williams have been playing surprisingly well.  Chris Cook and Cedric Griffin looked decent in their 2010 debuts, and Chad Greenway and Ben Leber continue to play at a Pro Bowl level.

THE BAD:  That many roughing-the-passer penalties is not a sign of a dominant pass rush, but rather a frustrating one.  Once again, the pass rush seemed minimal and Brian Robison came away with the team’s only sack.

One last note:  I am very upset that Mickey Shuler Jr. was cut to make room for Hank Baskett.

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25 Responses to “Vikings Enter Bye Week With Victory”

  1. Jturner says:

    I’m with you on that cut of Mickey Shuler Jr. for Baskett. Just wondering if the Vikes thought that Baskett was btter than Javon Walker?

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Baskett showed us why he wasnt good enough to make any other roster in the NFL and losing Shuler in the process is just plain stupid.

  3. B. Grant says:

    The OLine is rapidly revealing what I’ve been saying for who knows how long… How on earth did Chili and Co. think this part of the team didn’t need attention? And this is no time to make a fix now. Good luck, Brett.

    As a coach, I’m gonna go ahead and say it. If I were scouting the Vikings, I would inject the comment “team not coached well” somewhere in the report. Penalties of carelessness, lack of big plays from people who should be making them (Hello, is Jared Allen or Bernard Berrian at work today?), offensive line seems to be clueless, etc. This team cannot reach championship status with the way they give up the offensive line of scrimmage.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Coach, how is it that we all know the o-line is a liability and Childo doesnt? Except Hutch, that guy does a helluva job. And the WRs are a disaster especially with Harvin dinged up and Childos answer is to sign Hank Baskett? No common sense at all here.

      • Fragile Freds says:


        No comment on McKinney’s play yesterday? Better than average for sure, in fact a good day. Give the guy some props when he deserves it. It will add some credibility to your comments when you bash him.

        Tell your old pal Fragile what you think the Vikes should have done in week 2 of the season to supplement the receiving group? You wouldn’t have signed Baskett, what would you have done?

        The offensive line is just plan weak on pass protection. Favre now doesn’t just look old, he looks scared to death. Who can blame that old bastard. Banjo is getting run over after every pass.

        According to some, coach of the year Brad got out coached the first two games because they lost. Did coach Brad win the coaching battle this past week because they won? Or let Freds guess, they won in spite of Brads.

        • Brett says:

          Wait wait wait… is the someone defending Childress that I hear???

          What I would have done in Week 2 to fix the WR problem?… How about fix the problem before it’s Week 2… like, in the offseason. (How about Housh? Walker?). I mean, you can’t honestly say that Childress does not just grab guys from the Eagles because of his relationship with the team. Baskett shot us in the foot multiple times Sunday. Was it 2 dropped passes and one crucial holding call?

          We didn’t win in spite of Childress… and we didn’t win because of Childress. We won because we played the Lions at home.

          • Fragile Freds says:

            Brett you didn’t answer the question.

            You said you would have fixed the problem before the season. But that wasn’t the question. Also, I didn’t hear you or anyone else saying we had a receiver problem before Rice (or the doctors) said he needed surgery. You’re not suggesting the Vikes have the power to make him have surgery are you? In fact, perhaps most would have said receiver was a strength for the Vikes. Yet looking back, it’s easy for you to say you would have fixed it by signing Housch now that you know Harvin is hurt, Rice needs surgery and Bernie is well, Bernie.

            So without being arm chair guy, Walker is the fix instead of Baskett? They are the same guy, both are yawners.

            By the way, Freds never feels a need to defend Childo, his record speaks for itself.

    • jianfu says:

      What’s most discouraging is Loadholt, who seems to have regressed badly from his rookie year. Teams are just attacking him with outside speed and he can’t do anything about it right now (outside of hold the guy or start before the snap because he can’t get into position in time).

  4. B. Grant says:

    johnny, as you might guess, I despise coach-bashing. However, I am not sure if the OL issue is talent or leadership. I watch them closely, and I find myself saying, “c’mon, that shouldn’t happen”, and I ask if its talent or coaching. Footwork is inconsistent, and I just wonder about the overall blocking schemes. How a three man rush can get by five linemen is beyond me, always has been. This group always seems to look like they have questions and unsureness about them. I just don’t get it. Honestly, this is a bigger part of our passing game problem than the receivers. Favre is thinking “get rid of it” before patterns have time to play out.

  5. Zag says:

    I thought Ryan Cook performed well in place of Sullivan. Cook and Herrera handles Suh reasonably well. McKinnie did great against Vanden Bosch, who is no slouch. Hutch, obviously, did well. And then there’s Loadholt… and he is just hopeless against a speed rusher.

    Jamie Dukes said it best (believe it or not) during NFL Gameday’s highlights of the game: The O-line is like a sieve. “They aren’t built for this,” in reference to pass-blocking.

    I have to agree with him. Our line is better suited to playing like road graters than playing like quick-footed dancers. Especially our tackles, who seem to be particularly inept when it comes to consistent pass blocking.

  6. CalVkg says:

    this is how we hafta win for now. stifle with our D, wear ’em out and get a big running day from AD, takes the pressure off favre; should’ve done that more in the first two games. i just don’t know if it’ll be enough in Oct. we need the passing game to improve before rice returns and now is that time

    loved the scuffle, loved it. except for favre smiling after he came out on the field feigning toughness

    let’s see our guys have a non-eventful bye, come back refreshed and focused to take on October and peak into the title chase

  7. Fragile Freds says:

    When do Jared Allen and Ray Ray come off injured reserve? The Vikes could use some outside pass rush. I think the Vikes get better when these two are back in the line up.

    And please, let’s not use the Jared is getting double teamed all day. The guy was getting killed yesterday one on one.

    Hey Ray Ray, that stupid ass jump over the blocker thing to get to the QB that Joe Webb taught you has resulted in two personal fouls this year. Knock it off.

    It’s good to be back watching the games live!

    • Brett says:

      I hate to say it but… Allen is overrated I believe. The only reason he did so great last season was because we played the Packers – twice. Take away that game and he is mediocre. Although, I do like the fire and intensity that he brings to the team and by no means do I think he’s a bad end.

      Who would’ve liked to see K. Williams return that swatted pass for a TD? I’ve been calling on from Pat every game so far…

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Maybe Ray is going to teach Joe how to Box???

      Your right, It’s Good to be watching games live again…

  8. Adam Warwas says:

    Our old pal Fragile Freds is in prime shape this morning.

    1. Yes, the Vikings should’ve signed Housh for the vet minimum instead of entering the season with four WR’s… one of which missed most of training camp. Plenty of people, including myself, took that stance the very moment Housh was cut if not sooner.

    2. Brad’s record does speak for itself. In 2010, that record is 1-2 with the only win coming against a winless Detroit team.

    3. I am willing to put myself out there: the Vikings won in spite of Brad Childress. With the talent gap between these two teams, I would hope my dog could coach the Vikings to a win over Detroit at home. The fact that Peterson only had 23 carries while Favre threw 34 passes is just plain wrong. Those numbers should be reversed until Peterson slows down or until Favre heats up. Childress and Bevell should know better.

    4. The real coaching hero here is Frazier. Despite the constant turnovers causing bad field position, this team still hasn’t given up more than 14 points to an opponent. HE should be applauded for creating some very solid safety play out of nowhere. If we can get that outside pass rush in rythem, then this defense could potentially be one of the best the NFL has ever seen.

    5. The Vikings should have traded all of their 2010 draft picks for 2011 picks. 38% of the rookies aren’t even on the roster. Webb, DeGeare, and Griffen have yet to have any sort of impact. Toby’s fumble means he has done more to hurt this team than help it so far. Cook was just fine. My point? If the Vikings were “all in” as they love to say, then they should have saved their draft picks for a year in which they could actually use them to build the team instead of wasting them.

    • Fragile Freds says:

      AK –

      Under the header of “you can’t have it both ways”

      1- Brads record speaks for itself. You are only looking at the past three games? Vikes did pretty well the past two years, no? Freds loves to needle people about Childo, but come on, give the credit for having a better record each year he has coached the team.

      2- So when everthere is a talent gap, no credit goes to the head coach when they win, but blame goes to them when they lose? Come on, can’t have it both ways, if you are going to hammer a coach for a loss, you need to praise him for a win. The fact is that the head coach (overall) doesn’t win, talent does ( and a high end QB).

      3 – Agree on Frazier. But still no credit for coach of the year Brad for his job as head coach? He is the head coach. Can’t have it both ways! Didn’t Childo Frazier the D coordinator? Come on! Throw the bald guy a bone.

      4 – I don’t recall you saying the team should have traded all their picks at draft time. You can’t have it both ways. Don’t wait until you see results and then look back and become an expert. Freds loves the 38% percentage use, like it is a bad number, you know as well as Freds does that this team has been damn good on draft day under this group. Yes, that includes Childo. Certainly a team that sucks would have more rookies make the team than an NFC championship contender wouldn’t you think? More good players equals less open spots. And you’re evaluating the rookie class after 3 games? Come on. Get some rest. Let your wife take the midnight feeding tonight, you need some sleep.

      Here’s to the Packers losing by 21 tonight!!

      Keep up the good work AK!

      • Adam Warwas says:

        1. How ’bout his post season record? Where are the rings?

        2. Head coaches should get credit for wins, even if there is a talent gap. That credit is on their record, which at this point is 1-2. With that being said, you know darn well that the pass to run ratio would’ve failed against better teams (i.e. Saints or Fins) and save for a few stupid Lion penalties, Favre almost had a four turnover day. The Lions game easily could’ve gone the other way.

        3. Okay, Brad Childress did a fine job getting this defense into shape. Happy now? You know as well as anybody Freds that Frazier is in charge of the defense and Childress and Bevell are on offense. Childress has done a nice job of letting Fazier be successful though.

        4. I indeed did say that this team should trade out of as many spots as possible to pick up 2011 picks prior to this year’s draft. I’d look up where I said it, but you are right about the lack of sleep thing and I am too tired 🙂 I know three games is too early to judge the class, but from what I have seen so far, it’ll be one to forget mostly. Rookie classes can contribute right away (see: Chiefs) and picking up instant impact players that could at least compete for starting gigs would’ve been “all in.” I’m not saying “all in” is a good football strategy, but if they’re going to say it then they should’ve done it.

        BONUS: RE-watched the game. Credit should be given to the offensive brain trust for getting Kleinsasser involved in the passing game. With the way the o-line is playing and with no real reason to have three WR’s ont he field (due to a lack of talent) then The Saucer should be on the field every play. It used to be that Saucer on the field meant he would be blocking only, now they have put tape out there that might make future opponents pay more attention to him when he is on the field. Having him out there will only benefit Peterson and Favre.

        • Fragile Freds says:

          Me happy? Always.

          By the way, you make my point with the Chiefs. The team has been cruddy for the past few years, plenty of opportunity to make the team as a rookie. Also the Chiefs had pick 5 in 2010 and pick 3 in 2009, the Vikes had 30ish in 2010. One would hope you would get a starter on a crap team at pick 3 or 5. Picking at 30 you MAY get a starter on a good team, but probably not as likely at pick 5.

          Enough from Freds on this topic.

  9. Vikadan11 says:

    Hats off to Ryan Cook who has been the best center on the roster sense Birk left ~ Just a shame Morris and Chilly couldn’t understand he was one of the top Centers coming out of college the year he was drafted ~ Husain Abdullah has been a breath of fresh air at safety ~ Both offensive tackles are hetting the butt handed to them most plays ~ Favre want make it through the season until they do something about them ~

    How great was it to see Griffin and Cook on the field ~ AP looks like him old self making people miss and busting one to the house ~ Cook help take some of the junk of his back that Sullivan left around by his miss blocks ~ But AP did a lot on his own ~

  10. Fragile Freds says:


    Freds wouldn’t be too hard on Childo for not letting Cook play center. Until now, Cook has shown no aptitude for pointing at the linebackers with any sort of consistency. His pointing has been slow, not very straight and generally not very pointy.

    Cook also needs work on yelling “fire, fire,fire” and “mike, mike, mike”, not to mention “rover, rover, rover”. Until he works during the offseason at a NIKE camp for linebacker pointing and hollering, don’t blame coach Brad.

    Word has it, that Cook also has Daunte hands.

  11. Ole says:

    Freds, you make a good point about childress and the “can’t have it both ways” argument. But there is a glaring hole in your logic. Dugan.

    A good coach would have worked Dugan’s talents into every game plan. Imagine the nightmare opposing coaches would have if they had to game plan for Dugan. For example, kick off coverage team, because of Dugan, the other team would be forced to take a touch back every time because they need to preserve the safety of their team and the game officials. Punt coverage, same thing, either fair catch every ball or don’t even bother trying to field the punt. Now on to the best part, offense. Getting Dugan heavily involved would be a catastrophe to the Vikings, their opponent and the NFL. Havoc, mayhem, disaster, Dugan, infectious diseases all have a common meaning.

    Please reconsider your opinion in this dispute

  12. Fragile Freds says:


    Freds stands corrected, the Dugan factor was never considered. Thank you for adding some logic and sense, as always.

  13. B. Grant says:

    I score the Freds-AK smackdown a draw. Brad’s record is what it is, but we can’t have it both ways when placing blame and credit. Freds, you need to admit that Brad gaining another two wins this season is not in the cards. By the same token, neither Saucer nor Dugan (I know-tongue in cheek) is the answer to our offensive woes, although we would gladly take help from anyone. I agree that AP needs to be heavily involved, but we need to remember this is a 16 game season – (Chester’s absence is noticeable, isn’t it!)

    Let me throw this in the mix: Teams can and should keep an eye on injuries year round. Letting this happen to Sidney should leave someone red-faced. Face it folks, he is not going to be a factor this season.

    And did I mention the offensive line?

  14. Brett says:

    While I see your point Freds, here’s my take on Childress so far this season.

    First, I should start off by saying he has done an incredible job of getting a lot of talent onto this team. Whether he’s responsible for that or it’s more Spielman… I dunno. BUT, needless to say, the fact that he’s loaded this team with star power can’t be denied.

    BUT… this season alone Childress has made some HUGE mistakes (and we’re only 3 games in). Here’s some:

    1. While he couldn’t PREDICT Sidney Rice would need surgery, as Grant just said, he IS responsible for keeping an eye on that kind of thing and not taking Sidney’s “No, yea, I’m good” at face value. Regardless though, he found out Rice was going to have to have surgery… what… 2 weeks before preseason (or something like that)? That means he had approximately 7 weeks, give or take, to come up with some solution at WR. THEN, Percy has more issues and he STILL doesn’t do anything about the WR situation. We essentially began the regular season with THREE WR’s (Camarillo, Lewis and… Berrian…. okay, maybe 2 1/2). That is unacceptable for any coach to let happen. And then… KNOWING this is the situation passes up Housh for practically nothing but goes balls deep for Vincent Jackson and then settles for Baskett once the regular season has already begun? Really? Fail.

    2. He pretty much allowed the same thing to happen in our secondary. Thankfully we had some people step up to the plate in that area.

    3. Rosenfels and Reynaud… that’s all I need to say for that.

    4. Week 1 – Abandoning the run.

    5. Incredibly predictable play calling (not ALL him but definitely some).

    6. Clock management. Week 1 Childress really screwed up managing the clock.

    I could keep going BUT, I don’t want to sound like TOO much of a Homer. We DID just come off a win. Sorry if it all comes off harsh I just really believe that Childress has made some MAJOR mistakes this season.

    Oh, and I guess you can add to that list deciding that his 1-2 team with no chemistry needs a week of vacation during the bye week…


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