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BREAKING NEWS: Moss Is Officially Now A Viking

The Artist Formerly Known As: “Straight Cash Homie”

According to’s Adam Schefter, the Vikings have acquired Randy Moss from New England.

Moss will make his grand return to New England on October 31, when the Vikings visit Gillette Stadium.

By acquiring Moss in the deal, the team gives up its 2011 3rd round draft choice.

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33 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Moss Is Officially Now A Viking”

  1. Fran the Man says:

    Here’s a great video of Moss stuff;

  2. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds thinks Randy came to the Vikes in spite of Coach Brads.

    • Viking John says:

      My old Moss Jersey is good again. Yes
      Freds we need you to come back also, make good on my many Smooter jerseys. Both 21 and 27. Don’t matter, I have them.
      Maybe this will be shot in the ass that the offense needs.
      Go Vikes

      • starrc10 says:

        The way I see it, John, our offense sure as hell can’t get worse…

        I shouldn’t say that, Childress could fall back in love with the pass and leave Adrian unused.

        In other news, I don’t like Childress.

  3. aussievike says:

    This is the best day of my life! Even better than the birth of my first child!

  4. wtfvikesfan says:

    Interesting fact….. If moss leaves in free agency Vikings get a third round comp. pick in 2012. Great trade!!!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      That is absolutley not true. The most a player over the age of 30 can get his team in compensation is a 5th rounder. Its a little known rule, which the Steelers did not realize when they let alan Faneca leave a few years back.

      Moss would have to sign a decent contract elsewhere for the Vikes to even get that 5th rounder for moss.

      • wtfvikesfan says:

        They said it on espn, nfl network, and kfan. They also said new england would have got a 3rd in 2012 if they would have let Moss go to free agency. So all these sites are wrong?

        • Adam Warwas says:

          Yup, they’re wrong.

          Another thing to keep in mind, too, is that with no CBA there is no promise that compensatory picks even exist that far in the future. Under the current rules, however, the best they would get is a fifth.

  5. VikingsDude says:

    Moss still is a great reciever, maybe lost a little. I think we stole him

  6. Fragile Freds says:

    Big winners:

    1- Adrian should be able to run with greater ease with the safety having to worry about deep coverage.
    2- Cheech should be able to have clearer and deeper crossing routes open.
    3- Banjo will have a guy who can go up and get it when the throws those whacky dumb ass interception waiting to happen passes.
    4- Childo gets to have a new column on the plastic play calling menu.
    5- Twin cities press. They get to cover Randy who is a damn mess whenever he opens his yapper. Never has there been a guy who talks in greater, crazier circles than Randy. Okay, maybe Mike Tyson.

    Big losers:
    1- Childo – Now you have Randy tugging on you every two minutes telling you he was open.
    2- Sidney Rice – That sure takes a bite out of old Sids bargaining power.
    3-Team unity – Everything will be fine until old Randy settles in and turns back into old Randy. Enough said.
    4- Darrin Bevell – Get this dude some Tums. Working with Moss and stroking his inflated ego ain’t going to be easy.
    5- Bernie “the glass” Berrian – Banjo didn’t like Bernie before Moss got here, now he will catch as many passes as BJohnny on game day.
    6- The offensive line. Now those fat incompetent danish eaters will have to pass block for another 2 seconds while Randy gets down field.

    Nice having Moss here, but let’s hope they don’t fall into the trap of using him as their only big threat. As we all know, Randy has a bad habit of being taken away in big spots then pouting like a two year old and becoming a real liability.

    It should be fun to have him here.

  7. Brian says:

    Here’s my question. When you guys are 1-4 due to my beloved Jets, how will that Moss trade feel? Face it, unless the Vikings aquire Vick next season this trade is pointless. Favre will be gone and you will have no one to thrown to him….which is the same dilema you were in before the season started.

    I’m lost, how does this help you guys? Not being a dick, just trying to figure this one out.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Hey Dick. . .er. . .I mean Brian, How does he help us??
      Man, that will go down as one of the dumbest questions ever uttered here on the Viking Gab.

      • Brian says:

        Thank you for now answering my question as it was a legit question.

        Again, look at the Cardinals. They have an amazing receiver with no one who can throw to him.

        I ask again…..with no QB, how is this a great move? Randy Moss isn’t getting any younger.

        • Fran the Man says:

          The reason I said it was a dumb question is because niether of us can predict the final score (Vikings 28 Jets 13)
          And it helps us TREMENDOUSLY because we do not have a legit #1 Receiver and Moss IS a #1 receiver.

        • c.carterhof says:

          Your question is stupid and hypothetical.

          But okay, if we were to lose to your Jets that would put us at 1-3, not 1-4. That would suck, but our season would not be lost. We could still go 13-3.
          In reference to our future, lets worry about that later. Anything could happen.
          Now, what if we whip your Jets asses?

  8. Luke says:

    So next year:

    #1 Moss (after he signs a 3 year contract)

    #2 Rice (Signs extension for 4 years)

    #3 Harvin in the slot where he can thrive.

    RB Peterson (breaks 2500 yards because they can’t stack the line and decides to sign an extension for less money because he can thrive in MN)

    QB Michael Vick comes to MN 🙂 or Joe Webb learns so much from Favre that he becomes amazing at reading Defenses and amazes us all.

    Coach: Childress becomes the first coach to be fired AFTER a super bowl win. Dungy comes back to MN to begin a dynasty.

    Anyone have a problem with that? 🙂

    • Fran the Man says:

      No problem at all Luke.
      I especially like the thought that Childo could be the first coach fired after winning a Super Bowl.
      It would be SO richly deserved.

    • Nume says:

      Lmao that would make me even happier than this trade….. if only it could actually happen. Of course I thought there was no chance of this either so you never know :P.

  9. Brian says:

    * meant to say not answering.

    • Brett says:

      Are you completely forgetting to look at THIS year? Especially when Rice comes back, the offensive talent this team has THIS year is unrivaled anywhere else in the NFL. If Brett can get his crap together and the O-Line can give him some time, this offense will be incredibly dangerous. I mean, even having Moss out there means he needs to be double covered and have a safety over the top. Think about what that opens up for AP. Sidney Rice… Harvin… Shaincoe… The numbers we could put up and then with a defense that has only allowed 3 TDs in 3 games.

      Now, Brian, as far as next year… who knows!? We haven’t signed Moss to anything outside of this year… BUT, if he does come back… dare I say TJ would have a hard time messing that amount of talent up? I feel like you could almost put any competent QB (nevermind, TJs out…) in that amount of talent and he would succeed.

      Answer your question?

      Oh… and you better PRAY Revis is back in time for Monday. Even if he is… who to guard… who to guard…?

      • Luke says:

        My bad for not talking about this year. I agree that things are going to make a turn for the best. We will get better and better as the year goes on and the chemistry will grow and we’ll take that right to the playoffs.

      • Brian says:

        Who to guard? Well lets see…..we’ll put Cromartie on Moss because he basically dominated him last time. Revis will be on “Migranes” unless he doesnt play for some odd reason. Pool OR Leonard will be in the back helping out whoever. Of course is Leonard is on the field, watch out Brett. My only concern against the Viking is that little devil Adrian.

        Now, I myself thought the Vikings were going to be nasty this year, but for some reason yuo guys wont block for Favre. My suggestion……GET VICK!

        • Brett says:

          Revis is injured, no? That might be the ‘odd reason’

          So, you are going to single cover Moss? Any CB’s gonna watch Shiancoe or are you gonna leave that to a LB? Oh, what’s that, you’re going to have LB’s watching Shiancoe. Have fun AP. Oh wait, you’re going to stack the box against AP? Have fun Shiancoe. Oh wait, you’re going to bring a CB over to Shiancoe to help because you stacked the box against AP? Have fun WRs…

          See how this works?

  10. Vikadan11 says:

    I’m happy they got the deal done and hope Moss is happy to be back ~ I hope he plays out the year under his current contract to keep other on the team from becoming upset and causing a split in the locker room with other vet who are looking for a new deal ~ I’m sure the Vikings did there home work within their own team and are sure they have it worked out ~

    Got to love the Wilf’s for adding another weapon to the roster ~ Are there better owners in the NFL from a Vikings fans stand point of view ~ I believe there are more happy Viking fans then there are unhappy ~

    I’m also happy the Vikings didn’t have to give up more than a 3rd to get him as well ~

    Great trade IMHO and he will be here if and when Rice comes back ~

    • Brett says:

      All the Vikings on Twitter seem ecstatic and very excited…

      I haven’t seen what Berrian has said… but really, who cares what he thinks…?

  11. Purple Charlie says:

    It was nice to get some Good news!!!
    Boy is Randy going to look good in purple again!!!

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