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Favre Throws Away A Heartbreaker

Chris Collinsworth can make all of the excuses for Brett Favre as he wants, but Brett Favre had every reason to win this game.  The run game was doing what it was supposed to, receivers were making plays, and the offensive line was surprisingly stout.

Favre’s poor passes were really the sole reason that the Vikings lost, but a lack of a pass rush and some “interesting” calls from the refs and coaches can also be pointed out.

More to come soon, but let’s hear what you all think.

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11 Responses to “Favre Throws Away A Heartbreaker”

  1. c.carterhof says:

    I think Mathews shoulda been flagged 15 yards for throwin his lid off.

  2. Packer fan says:

    Matthews was held on almost every play. I don’t think you have anything to complain about…

  3. Ole says:

    clearly, the people to blame for this loss
    #1 childress
    #2 favre

    This game is a shining example of what precisely is wrong with this Viking team

    Bad coach
    Bad QB

  4. Brett says:

    Please don’t come in here talking about holding. I can’t even put a number on how many times I saw Allen held. It’s no excuse to throw your helmet off. I mean, if we’re getting called for “delay of game” for throwing the ball (when the ref had the ball in his hands two seconds later), you should DEFINITELY be called for throwing your helmet off on the field.

    Anyway… Hard loss. Like you said Adam, there were some calls that put us down in this game but it comes down to those three Favre interceptions. Another great game for Peterson and Percy. Really don’t understand Childress… I’m sorry Freds, I know you like the guy… but he is SERIOUSLY got some coaching issues. I was really hoping Moss called him out at halftime or afterwards for not pushing at the half. I mean, you have MOSS, AP, and HARVIN on the field. You prove that you can go deep with Moss the play before… and you wuss out and don’t try anything?! You could see Moss like “What’s going on here?” It’s like we don’t even want to win games… no fight out of Childress whatsoever. Didn’t Challenge the dropped Green Bay touchdown, bad clock management (again!).

    Got to say, I was excited when Favre limped off the field. Thought TJ might come in and spark something.

    Verdict: Bench Favre, fire Childress.

  5. Ole says:

    this game was over at halftime when childress, with three timeouts, the ball and about one minute left, would not risk a chance at scoring. Shameful

  6. Viking John says:

    Pass rush and sacks, we are sure missing them this year.
    Along with some good QB play.
    Bretty is sure showing his age.
    Maybe next week.
    Go Vikes

  7. CalVkg says:

    we gave the game away

    gave it to them

    here, you take the game, it’s yours

    gotta throw the ball away sometimes. last year he did that. not smart

    also not smart was the coaching staff and not challenging the bobbled TD. can we now play .800 ball the rest of the season? even .700? or will the nfc be so putrid that 8-8 gets a wild card?

    i had a bad feeling about this game. gotta go find my vomit bucket

  8. Jon says:

    What a tough lost, fuck…. When is childress going to realize he has a challenge flag, that 2nd TD from Green Bay was at least questionable to challenge…..and that Shiancoe TD, i don’t even wanna get into that…I’m at the point where i’d rather get TJ in because no matter what i’ll feel the same as i do now, or better. I don’t have expectations from TJ except the worse. You can put any QB on our amazing offense and they should be able to get something goin.

    I’m glad we moved the ball better. Beasterson had a hell of a game, and even though we(Brett,the only guy with a avatar picture, and I) were questioning why Gerhart was in the game so much, he ran the ball like a veteran. We have such an explosive offense, but we also have favre that explodes on himself.

    Didn’t notice much of EJ that game, he played deeper than usual which let the “OMG HOW SHOCKING ANOTHER SCREEN PASS, SLANT” get the best of us.

    just get to get this off my chest…

    THAT GAME WINNING TD CATCH(should of been) was pass interference, they pushed harvin out of the TD before he even touched the ball. This was the sloppiest game since the NFC championship. FUCK.


  9. Brian says:

    You know what the sad thing about all this is? The Vikings ACTUALLY went down to Mississippi to pursuade Favre to come back for another year. Then, to make it worth it for the guy, they up his contract so he’s making a million a game. Money well spent? Vikings fans have no one to blame but management. You guys a a clear oppurtunity to pick a QB up in the draft, then had a great oppurtunity to get an elite QB with McNabb. OR, if all else fails, chalk up the crappy season and let Tevarvis take a stab at it. But hey, thats the way the cookie crumbles.

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