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Favre has evulsion fracture and stress fracture on ankle

Could the Brett Favre game streak finally be over?

That’s a question that will be asked about a million times this week leading up to the Vikings Sunday matchup with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Favre hurt his ankle in Sunday night’s loss to the Packers in Green Bay, and was limping late in the game and also out of his post game press conference.

Today head coach Brad Childress told the media that Favre is in a walking boot, stating that he has an evulsion fracture and stress fracture. He said that right now Favre will not need a surgery, meaning of course there’s a shot he could go Sunday.

Now we just have to wait for the ESPN updates from Favre’s lawn, and the minute by minute updates to see if he’s going to play or not.

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49 Responses to “Favre has evulsion fracture and stress fracture on ankle”

  1. c.carterhof says:

    Doesnt matter if he plays, IMO. At this point, offense isnt what it was last year. I dont care for Jackson much, only thing is his mobility.
    If Jackson starts and we win? That could be it for Favre. We lose, and its back to the old man. Either way, all I want is a win.

    Oh yeah-
    Childress says Carl Johnson told him today Shiancoe’s TD should not have been overturned, because he completed the catch.

    That doesnt make me feel any better, maybe if you hired competent officials…

  2. fozz44 says:

    This may be what is required to ‘force’ Brett to break his consecutive game streak. Let Tavaris get in there and throw it 50 yards downfield…something we have only seen once or twice this year.

    Has anyone heard updates on Sid Rice’s expected return?

  3. Purple Charlie says:

    Carter and Jon,
    I don’t remember refs determining the outcome of a game as much as these last 2 years…

    • Jon says:

      i just don’t know how with slow motion with 8 different camera views, they can’t give a decent call. but mr carl johnson and look at the play from his comfy office and say, “hell of a catch Shiancoe”….i don’t see how much more position he could of had, other than gift wrappign it and giving it to a ref while in mid air….just makes no sense.

      also the Miami, Steelers game….that was a horrible call, u dont just stop the play while the ball is loose and talk while the players are fighting for teh ball and say “YA THAT’S A TOUCHDOWN, K BYE”….and than wrong and “WELL WE DON’T KNOW WHO GOT THE FUMBLE (because we stopped it mid play), sooo steelers ball on the 1 yard line” if that happen to us i’d be livid.

  4. Brett says:

    Maybe I should pick up TJ to replace Favre in my fantasy league…
    Would really like to see what TJ can do in there at this point.

  5. Brett says:

    Favre is definitely having lots of “backward sterger”‘s about coming back… (get it? get it?!)

  6. B. Grant says:

    Careful guys. TJack will still be TJack. Its not like he was a sophomore and now he’s a senior. I know Favre frustrates us with some of his plays, but I can still feel the frustration Tavarus caused me, too. Mobile – yes. Able to read defenses and go to the right receiver – not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I will pull for the guy, but…

    And let’s give Favre some due here. If he was playing on a fractured foot, well I’ve had leg injuries, and continuing to play is no small thing. I don’t think effort or heart is in question here. He’s a gunslinger, and last night was the downside of that approach, but he was trying to gut it out for the win.

    • Fragile Freds says:


      Correct on Tjizzle.

      Regarding Farve, not so correct. Gun slinger Fred’s ass. The problem isn’t him taking good risks, it’s the wide open passes he is missing, the fact that he can’t move, he can’t throw on the run. Dude is busted up. His long ball looks more like a Klue punt than a long pass.

  7. phil says:

    anyone with me that joe webb should get some playing time? maybe out of the wild cat or something to spice things up

    • Fragile Freds says:

      The only formations Joe Webb should be seeing is the :

      1) Wild bench
      2) Wild clip board
      3) Wild baseball hat

      My man Joe looked good against 3rd teamers. Webb isn’t ready. Let’s get serious…please.

      • Brett says:

        I don’t agree. I think it would be completely okay to bring him in OCCASIONALLY (not often) for some plays where he is at WR, or Wildcat, etc…

        Yeah, he’s a rookie… but so is Gerhart. What do you have against trying stuff like that?

        Only problem is… I doubt Chilly would ever think of something like this. That would be as crazy as throwing the screen pass… whatever that is.

        • Fragile Freds says:


          Are there thinks that Webb can do that Percy can’t? Then just use Percy at that spot if you’re so inclined to go with the “cat” offense. Webb hasn’t been a running back anywhere, yet you want to throw him in at the highest level and give it a try? That’s why…too big a risk.

          • Brett says:

            “Webb finished his 2009 season with 2,299 passing yards and 1,427 yards on the ground, the latter the third-highest season total by a quarterback in NCAA history.”

            He also played receiver in College. The guy can definitely run the ball. What he can do that Percy can’t is keep defenses wondering whether or not he’s going to throw the ball. I think most teams would know if Percy lined up in the wildcat that the ball is definitely not being thrown anywhere. I could see Webb lined up at WR… motioning at the snap and taking the ball from Favre (or TJ)… and playing QB on the play… or just taking it and running it like Percy does at times… or not taking it at all… I mean, he’s do diverse that the possibilities are endless.

            I’m just saying… it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try. We weren’t afraid to throw Gerhart in there and give it a try for reasons that are beyond my understanding…

          • Brett says:

            Also, I’m not talking about making the wild cat our PRIMARY offense… or even using it at all. I just think Webb gives us some things on offense that hasn’t been considered by our incredibly creative coach.

          • Brett says:

            Sorry to keep going on… I was bored and looked at some videos of Joe Webb on Youtube because I was curious. Check this one out: (Not saying this proves anything… just thought it was sweet)


          • c.carterhof says:

            I agree Brett, why not? Only thing is you would have to deactivate a player from another position, I think.

          • Fragile Freds says:


            What your suggesting is taking practice time away from an offense that needs more time practicing core plays. If the Vikes institute the Jumpin’ Joe Webb cat, that will require new plays, new blocking schemes and a rookie QB who now has to take a snap, read the blocks, make a decision to run or pass all at the pro level. For what? He’s a rookie from a very small school who has never taken a snap at the pro level and here at mid year we want to have him run the offense? Even for one play? Could he run 99 yards for a game winning TD? Maybe or maybe not. Could he fumble? That is more likely.

            Let’s let the offense work on getting better. We don’t need another running back, AP is capable. We don’t need another receiver, Moss and Cheech are capable. I’m pretty sure Webb can’t run the offense as a primary QB yet. Screw spending time on trickery. Let’s fix this pig, the talent is already in place at receiver and RB.

  8. CalVkg says:

    favre might not finish, but he’ll prolly start
    then let’s see tj go out and webb play well

    did ya know the lakers are trying to three-peat?

  9. Nume says:

    Anyone else notice that green bay, one of the most penalized teams in the league, had 2 penalties called on them the entire game? And that’s not even mentioning the blown td calls…

    • Jon says:

      the refs really were a big impact in this game, and at least they made it obvious. but when favre throws a pick 6 and 2 other picks…and “tweedle dumb” (Loadholt) .. “tweetle dee’s” (Mckinney) predecessor grabs a facemask with seconds left on the clock and pushes us back to the 35 yard line after benig on the 10. It hurts…we had the game. we had perfect positioning and time 4 min left with timeouts, all we needed to do was put a drive together, and we killed ourselves that drive.

      Ya the rest of the game was ruled by the refs, but that last drive was a winning drive, that a championship caliber team should put together.

      and many are saying they watched the last play and that if randy moss went for the throw he could of had it, it was a catchable ball..but oh well.


  10. wtfvikesfan says:


    FIRE CHILDRESS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. c.carterhof says:

    You guys might get your wish-

    Favre has proved to be a tough old bird, but it doesnt sound good.

  12. Fragile Freds says:

    Carters how right you are. Favre is a tough nut, no doubt about it. The beating he took in the NFC championship was amazing, he just kept playing. Freds respects his on the field toughness for sure.

  13. fozz44 says:

    Rumor out of New England this week is they might by switching to the 7bags front on defense. In which case….fire up Joe Webb.

  14. titan concrete says:

    In 2008 we all wanted Tjack on the bench…we got our wish. Favre came in 2009 and every one loved him. It has been a rough start in 2010 and
    Favre has been …. well … Favre.He is very beat up and doesnt look like last year, and I agree that T-Jack needs to come in, but strictly to let Favre get some much needed rest. Once favre can play with a clear mind, put T-Jack in when we are up by a descent margin. But make no mistake, Tavaris is not even on the same playing field as Favre. As a matter of fact, I had a hard time using his name in the same sentence. Favre has mastered reading defense schemes, still can fire the ball
    and has the confidence to come from behind with 2 minutes left. He has to clear his mind and now heal his ankle. I do not want to think of Tavaris being the starting QB in a playoff game….that is scary.

    As for Joe Webb… fun to watch play against 3rd string defense in the preseason.He is SEASONS away from being a legit starting QB in the nfl.The thing that would benefit him most right now is alot of time on the bench, learning the game that is PRO football. Putting him in right now would do nothing more than hurt his confidence(see Tavaris Jackson)

    • Brett says:

      Just for the record, I never said Joe Webb should start at QB or hold any substantial position right now.

    • c.carterhof says:

      You make some great points titan, agee with most of it.

      However, nothing wrong with throwing in a play or two with Webb. Kid has some athletic ability, lets see what he can do. Give the other team something to think about, I think the reward is greater than the risk. The kid is freakishly talented.

      • titan concrete says:

        I do agree with that carter. He does have talent and don’t get me wrong, throwing him in for a handfull of plays per game will help him learn, and make it interesting. I just don’t want to see him thrown in as starter while favre is recovering.(By the way, that would mean that Chilly would have to add a 2nd page to his playbook, which is highly unlikely) When he did get some playing time in the preseason, he did look like he has potential. One thing that I saw with him is when he couldn’t make the reads and didn’t have a good scrambling option, he threw the ball away. Granted it he misses a few easy reads, but its nice to see someone not try to force a play. I think at this point in the season, we would be undefeated had Favre not tried to force plays. We are too talented of a team to force things when they aren’t there.

        Any how…. Good luck TJack, looks like its your time to shine.

  15. phil says:

    ill go with 9-7, maybe 10-6

  16. phil says:

    if we get in the playoffs i feel bad for whoever we face cause we would be a hell of a 6 seed

  17. SupaScout says:

    Refs make bad calls! We all know this, it happens all the time. No matter the team, no matter the sport. As much as I cuss when it happens, it happens. Realizing this It wasn’t the Refs that lost this game for us it was #4’s pick after Pick after PICK. As much as I hate him, I hate Childress more for NOT PULLING HIS INTERCEPTION TROWING ASS! I hate Childress for supplicating to #4 whims. I hate Childress for trading our best back-up quarterbak away. I hate Childress for having so little faith in T Jak he can’t bring himself to put him in.
    Thanks I had to get that off of my chest.

    • c.carterhof says:

      We’re all upset Supa, not trying to start somethin.
      But, you have faith in T-Jack?

      • SupaScout says:

        Do I have faith in T Jac? How could I? He played poorly in preseason. He has never shown any positive consistency as a starter, and Brad Childress has so little faith in him he won’t put him in no matter how poorly the starting QB is playing.
        This is how bad the starting QB is playing 5 fumbles, 10 interceptions, only 6.7 yards per attempt.(This is horrible with the offensive talent on this team) Less than 200 passing yards per game. He has a 68.0 QB rating, only three QB have a worse rating; D. Anderson, M. Moore, J. Clausen. (the last two both play for the Panthers) Three starting QB with a higher QB rating in the league have been benched for their poor performance.
        I hear the announcers say that the interception are the receivers fault, but that still doesn’t excuse him from throwing into double coverage, or the erratic overthrows, I also hear that the offensive line is giving up too many sacks, but according to while with the Packers he had averaged 30 sacks per year, with the Jets in ’08 he had 30 sacks, last year he had 34 sacks, and this year he is on the same pace with 14 sacks in 6 games. He just hangs on to the ball too darn long.
        So back to your question Do I have faith in T Jak? No, but he is a professional QB and should at least be given a chance. What is the worst he would do lose the game? The QB we have now is doing that on a pretty consistent basis.

  18. Brett says:

    Adam, you should change the subject lol… This is turning into the “I need someone to vent to” thread haha…

    Ummmmmmmmm Halloween plans anyone? My birthday is the 30th!!! All I want for my bday is a Vikings win!!!

  19. B. Grant says:

    Sorry to repeat myself, but we are 5-8 in our last 13 real NFL games. Four of the 5 wins are blowouts, while all but two of the losses were very close. Favre’s “magic” did not come with him to Minnesota, and I have this sense that the leadership is not in place to win close games. The team we play next Sunday does have that leadership. I am hoping for the exception, but the pattern has become… with the game on the line, we fumble, throw interceptions, exhibit confusion on the sideline, and take penalties to kill ourselves. You gotta win the close ones in the NFL.

  20. c.carterhof says:

    5-1 at home 0-7 on the road. Our lone loss at home was the Dolphin game, had a very good chance to win that one Coach. Only two of those road games we had no shot. The other 5? Saints in NFCCG, coulda won. This year, Saints, had a chance. Jets, it was there for the taking despite the awful 1st half from the offense. And yesterday.

    My point is, these games are so close. We could EASILY be 8-5 or 9-4 in those games. This team is a darn good football team. Sometimes the better team does not win, I think its a bit premature to call the season. Winning the close ones is a great thing, but much easier said than done.

    • B. Grant says:

      They’ve had a very good chance to win all those close games, cart, and I know we are a “good” team. But those losses are not of the tough luck variety. Just as we get in position to win them (i,e. first & ten on the 15 yard line), our sideline looks like a Chinese fire drill, our performances don’t elevate, and somebody(s) steps up and makes a mistake. We need to be at our best in critical situations, and we aren’t. I’m not dissing our Vikes, I am simply sayin’ what I’m seein’. Winning close games is tough, but the elite teams get it done.

  21. Adam Warwas says:

    Wow, I hadn’t even realized Matt had this post up here. Quite the Monday morning conversation going on in these parts.

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