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Favre Questions His Own Status

Brett Favre was asked at his press conference if he would be the starting quarterback next week against the Patriots.

“Who knows?” Favre said. “Really, who knows? I hope I do. It’ll be tough to get over this loss, as it’s tough to get over any loss. But I’ve got to find a way to do it.

“The reality is, if I can play but not be effective, then it’s not worth playing. I hope I use good judgment. We’ll see. I’m no spring chicken anymore. I don’t heal as quickly.

“I know the heart’s in the right place though. I know I left it on the field. It’s just disappointing it didn’t work our way.”

Favre left his press conference having to grab onto the platform and grimacing as he walked, once again putting some focus on his ankle.  Some cynical folks out there might say that it looked like a bit of an act.

Never-the-less, Favre has officially become questionable for next week’s game, so let the week begin!

Woo hoo?

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9 Responses to “Favre Questions His Own Status”

  1. CalVkg says:

    he’ll start, no doubt about it

    can we have holmgren call favre to chew him out?
    irresponsible qb play. wow

  2. vk4life says:

    I know I will get alot of crap for this but would it be so bad to see what T-Jack can do. 4th and 15 Favre had room to run for atleast 15 yards after he fell and got back up, spike the ball and have around 10 – 15 secs after you spike the ball and give your team a chance. But in Favre like fashion he just throws a bad pass. T-Jack (younger legs and a lot faster would have tucked it and ran. Coulda shoulda woulda I know. We need a spark and while I know Favre was, and still is a great QB and makes plays that are amazing, but at the same time tries to do to much when he does not need to. T-Jack has won games before and at one point had a winning record when he started games. He is a better QB than 2 yrs ago!

    Ok, who is first to beat me up for my ranting! SKOL VIKINGS!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I don’t think your opinion is all that crazy vk4life. The question is, as it always should be, which player gives us the best chance at winning ball games. With the way Favre (and the O-Line) has played this year, I don’t think it is unreasonable for some fans to think that player is the younger, healthier, more mobile Tarvaris Jackson. It can’t get much worse than what we just saw.

      • vk4life says:

        Adam, I just watch how when QB’s such as Rogers move out of the pocket creating different passing lanes and opportunity to run as well. I coach HS football and always tell my QB’s a couple steps right or left can show you different options. Favre will always be a guy that can bring you from 21 pts down in the 4th with 3 min left in the game. And we all know what else he can do. If Favre plays next week and it ends up like this game I hope Chili starts thinking long and hard about T-Jack. I just hope one day soon we find a franchise QB like the Brady’s, Manning’s, and so on. Maybe the commish will help make that decision for Chili instead!

        • titan concrete says:

          I totally agree with you. Since week 1 when we were running 3rd and goal and 4th and goal and getting shut down, I have thought that we would benefit from have T-Jack in, at least on 3rd or 4th and short. It gives us the threat of a qb rolling out of the pocket. If nothing else, it is the threat. On 4th and 1, everyone knows who is getting the ball.I have been a Favre supporter from day 1, and I still feel that he gives us the best chance to win, but I also feel that we need to have “QB by committee” when needed. I also do feel that Favre needs a couple weeks to rest and if Tjack comes in and can control his emotions, let him run the team for a little while.

          Another couple things that I have been wondering….Why arent we doing more halfback options/dump passes. They are all blitzing us all of the time, I think it would help for a quick option. And my 2nd question is what classifies a start for a qb? Im sure Favre wants to keep his career start record going, let him start the first 2 three and outs, then let tjack in. That way favre can blame his ankle and not look like hes getting pulled.

          • Brett says:

            I’ve been asking that question since day 1. It seems to me that if you are being blitzed like crazy in an attempt to kill the quarterback… throw screen passes. We did it like twice yesterday and gained significant yardage each time (once to Jimmy and once to AP… during the final series, I believe).

            This again goes back to the predictable, uncreative playcalling.

  3. Brian says:

    You know what the sad thing about all this is? The Vikings ACTUALLY went down to Mississippi to pursuade Favre to come back for another year. Then, to make it worth it for the guy, they up his contract so he’s making a million a game. Money well spent? Vikings fans have no one to blame but management. You guys a a clear oppurtunity to pick a QB up in the draft, then had a great oppurtunity to get an elite QB with McNabb. OR, if all else fails, chalk up the crappy season and let Tevarvis take a stab at it. But hey, thats the way the cookie crumbles.

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    There are so many little things that Farve can do that TJizzle can’t do. For example hitting a guy in stride on a 7 yard slant pattern or a swing pass where the receiver doesn’t have to stop, re-adjust catch the ball then run again. Farve has the seeds to mount a come back, we’ve seen very little of this from TJizzle. We tend to forget just how bad TJax has looked in the past, dude has gotten plenty of chances to suceed, yet not sufficient progress. Farve can win in play off situations, TJ, not so much.

    With all that being said, old Banjo is a broken down old piece of crap. Dude can’t throw a simple crossing pattern anymore, he has the mobility of your old pal Fragile after a rack of Colt 45s. He can’t throw the long ball because his elbow is shot, he can’t roll out becuase his prostate is inflamed. For the love of Pete, it’s time. Let this old bastard heal or text or whatever, just get him the hell off Freds damn TV! Let’s TJizzle run around, pick up some first downs, throw some bomberuskis to Moss and pehaps by playoff time, if/when TJizzle poops himself this old bastard will have sucked down enough Geritol to win a play off game or two.

    That game was a gimme, it’s time to turn the page. TJizzle isn’t the answer long term, but for a few games he will be better than what we saw last night and if not, line up the blue mats and let Jumpin’ Joe have a swing. Then you’ll really see a damn mess!

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