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Five Points About The Loss

The 2-4 Vikings face an uphill struggle after a 28-24 loss at the hand of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night.  While there are endless conversations to be had about this loss, here are five I picked to highlight right away tonight.

  1. Brett Favre Is Out Of Excuses – Brett Favre went 16 of 29 for 212 yards and a touchdown.  The downside of that is that he threw three interceptions within seven passes of each other and essentially tossed away a game that was there for the taking.  Chris Collinsworth shamelessly made plenty of excuses for Favre during the broadcast, but us Vikings fans are starting to realize that Favre is out of excuses.  His offensive line protected him well, he has incredible talent around him, and the running game was on fire.  Favre simply made poor decisions and held on to the ball too long.  Two weeks ago I suggested the Vikings should bench Favre, and nothing has happened since then to change my mind about that.
  2. The Refs Were Sloppy – I’m not one to blame a loss on the referees, but this was a poor showing by a referee crew who gave both teams plenty to complain about.  Andrew Quarless’ second quarter touchdown was not a touchdown when applying the “Calvin Johnson Rule,” Clay Matthews should not be allowed to take his own helmet off his head multiple times a game during the middle of a play, and how there was enough evidence to overturn Visanthe Shiancoe’s would-be touchdown catch is beyond me.  With that being said, the Packers also got jobbed on a couple of occasions, most notably a third down catch by Greg Jennings that should have been called a first down.  Instead it was ruled short of the first, and the Packers failed to convert the fourth down, and turned the ball over on downs.  This referee crew should be evaluated by the league before letting them back on anybody’s field.
  3. Childress Is Not To Blame – Fans were upset that the Vikings didn’t play for points at the end of the first half after they took a shot downfield and Randy Moss was called for offensive interference.  I was upset at the time, too, but after seeing Favre’s third quarter performance I could understand why Childress was content going into that locker room with a three point lead.  That is a decision that could go either way in my opinion.  The decision not to challenge Quarless’ touchdown catch was the decision I took biggest issue with in this game, as I could see it was bobbled after the first replay was shown.  Overall, I thought it was a well called game with good balance.  Execution was the problem.
  4. We Will Miss Cedric Griffin – Last week the Cowboys picked on Lito Sheppard after Cedric Griffin was placed on injured reserve.  This week, the Vikings didn’t have Lito available to them because of a hand injury, but they got rookie Chris Cook back after knee surgery.  Chris Cook and Asher Allen were absolutely awful against the Packers receivers.  Frank Walker was the best of the three, in my opinion, but that isn’t saying much.  The absence left by Cedric Griffin has been noticeable in both games and you know damn well that Tom Brady will take notice of this.
  5. Percy Harvin And Adrian Peterson– While Favre was making mistakes at every turn, there were two performances that should not go unnoticed tonight.  Adrian Peterson ran for 131 yards on 28 carries, had 41 yards on two catches, and had a rushing touchdown.  Percy Harvin has 3 rushes for 41 yards and a touchdown, 5 catches for 65 yards, and averaged 27 yards on three kickoff returns.  These two, combined with the talents of Randy Moss, should contribute to a formula of a truly “kick ass” offense if only more consistent play out of the quarterback and offensive line were obtainable.

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18 Responses to “Five Points About The Loss”

  1. vk4life says:

    I really think Cook will be ok, just think he needs to play instinctively and confident. D-backs gonna need their best effort against Brady though. Gotta contain their two beast rookie TE’s wow these guys are good.

  2. Zag says:

    I completely agree, but I would also like to say something about the D-line. What the hell is going on? The only guys I saw in the backfield on pass plays were Kevin Williams, Letroy Guion, and once in a while Pat Williams. Jared Allen was invisible again, and Ray Edwards was too. Plus, Rogers was getting the ball out quickly most of the time, thanks to Allen and Cook, but still, the D-line didn’t show much pressure.

    It’s sad and frustrating that Peterson, Harvin, and Moss can deliver like that… and Favre finds a way to blow it. The only passable interception was the one he threw as he was being grabbed by the ankles. I don’t want to make him the enemy, but he is, at least right now. His O-line played pretty good. I’d like to give special props to Herrera and Sullivan.

    Gerhart is showing that he can be reliable both as a spell halfback and in pass protection.

    And you’re right about Childress. He actually called a good game. He ran the ball hard and often and used Percy well.

    Gotta wonder what would have happened without the interceptions…

  3. Purple Charlie says:

    The interceptions are killing the team,
    Zag, Without the Ints,I think it would have been a win, The Jets was another killer, 1:35 to go… Gutwrenching losses…

    And your right, What’s up with the D-line???

  4. B. Grant says:

    Looking at the bigger picture, fellas, the Minnesota Vikings are 5-8 in their last 13 regular season and playoff games. Granted, there are tough teams in that group of opponents, but if we are talking about being a SB team, that’s not a record that gets it done.

    While I do not blame this loss on Chili per se, there is this growing feeling that under his leadership, this team finds a way not to win. None of those 8 losses were blowouts, while most of the wins are. There seems to be the pattern here that if everything is working we run away with the game, but if it comes down to critical decisions and execution, we find a way to lose.

    Just lke the NO game last year, there we were last night on the 15 yard line, first and 10. What do we do? A five-yard false start and a 15 yard face mask. First and 30 is not easy to convert, especially from that point on the field.

    Chili has to take responsibility for the way this team has played in close games. Its not good.

  5. B. Grant says:

    … and that rambling is not to excuse Favre’s mistakes at all. It snowballed, and made every snap too important to throw the ball away in his mind. Even so, Chili knew this guy when he brought him in, and it is pretty clear they are operaating on two very different philosophies. Whether the coach is or is not right, it has to be done his way, or the party is over. And I don’t see a way to win at New England, so the party may indeed be over.

  6. Brett says:

    On a happier note… AP leads the league in rushing yards even with having the bye already… So happy to have him… pray we don’t lose him.

  7. Fran the Man says:

    First off, Favre cost us this game. That pick 6 was the killer.
    I’ve never said this in my entire life, but Childress actually called a decent game, with a couple of exceptions;
    1-Taking a knee at halftime was chicken-Sh**. 26 seconds left, timeouts to use, on the 50 yard line and we take a knee?? Did Dennis Green somehow morph into Childress at the end of the first half?
    2- Not challenging the GB TD was inexcusable. The whole world saw it was not a TD, why no challenge?

    And where in the hell is our pass rush? That is almost as frustrating as Favre’s ineptness. (Almost)

    I’ve said this before, I know but I think we HAVE to get T. Jackson in there NOW, just to find out if there is a glimmer of hope that the guy can become an NFL QB. Otherwise, we need to make plans to be able to move up in the draft next year to get our QB.

    Very, VERY hard loss but a real entertaining game, it was.

    Did everyone see Favre shaking his head at the end of the half, while looking at Childress, I suppose and Moss looking over at the sidelines, with his arms spread, saying WTF?? to the taking of the knee. Can you say ‘INCOMING SCHISM”

    • Purple Charlie says:

      It is so frustrating at this point…
      I’m with Coach, I don’t see with beating the Pats in their house…

      • Zag says:

        Ain’t no way we’ll be able to handle Branch, Hernandez, Gronkowski, and Welker, especially with Brady throwing to them. We in trouble.

        I doubt we’ll be able to run on them, either.

        • Brett says:

          I wouldn’t count us out against them. One thing our D is is resilient. They will pull through if our O can do anything. And what makes you think AP can’t run on their young defense?

        • Jon says:

          people have been lighting up the score boards against patriots, they’re defense isn’t anything special. The bills gave them a run, its going to be tough going to their home and trying to win. But the way our offense moved the ball yesterday, minus moving it the other way with the 3 picks, Harvin is back to the same Harvin as last year, and AP is on fire.

          Childress… play called the other night was when it was i think 3rd and 4 and they faked the run and took percy perfectly down the middle for 40+ yards. We need calls like that where we have a QB whos not scared to throw it. Favre is so cautious up until he feels a hand on him, than he just goes straight crazy and the ball flys where it flys.

          I feel it doesn’t matter what team you put against us, it’ll always be a close game, from the bills, to the (insert whatever team you think its the best this season).

      • Fran the Man says:

        Purple, you know it!
        I’ve been a Viking fan now for 50 years and I have never been this frustrated.

    • Brett says:

      I was really hoping Moss would call out Childress for wussing out like that as soon as I saw that look on his face before the half. No fight in him (Chilly).

  8. Vikadan11 says:

    JMHO but this is as much Chillys fault as anyone’s ~ I believe he has lost the team ~ This isn’t some college team he is coaching ~ Moss throwing out his arms as time ran out just about says it all ~ Chilly coaches scared and it’s not the first time this year he has been happy to call plays to set up a FG this year or take a knee before halftime in the past ~

    • Fran the Man says:

      I don’t think Chidress ever “had” this team.
      He has been such a complete fool from day 1, it’s not likley he’s ever had the teams’ respect.

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