Victorious Quotes

The Vikings locker room was as energized as it has been all year following Sunday’s historic comeback to edge out the Cardinals.  The excitement seemed emotional from owner Zygi Wilf on down to the water boy.

A majority of the post game questions revolved around head coach Brad Childress’ job security and here is what the players had to say:


You come out and hear those chants, ‘Fire Childress.’ It’s a tough situation, not to point anyone out. Some players miss tackles. I might mess up. But, at the end of the day, it’s a job.”

“Did I feel I was playing for the coach’s job? Me, personally, I have a lot of respect for Coach Childress. My main goal is to win a championship each year. I know not only would I get that ring, but Coach Childress would get that ring. We are all in this together, so I fight for everyone around me.”

“I can definitely disagree with some of his decisions, and I’m sure he disagrees with some of the things that I do, But you’ve got to be able to overlook that, know that it’s a business. You’ve got to consider that and know that ultimately at the end you’ve got to still have the same goal in mind.”

“We made big plays on both sides of the ball when we needed them the most. Me and a couple of the other guys kept pumping the guys up (saying), ‘Hey, we’ve got time. These guys aren’t stopping us. We’re stopping ourselves. I saw the look in guys’ eyes. I knew that they believed that we could pull this game off. I’m overwhelmed and excited.”


“Do I always get along with my head coach, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator? No. Do I always agree with the plays that were called? No.  Why should that factor into me wanting to be the best player I can be? Whether Brad is the head coach or not, that should never change the way you approach it. Those younger guys in there, they want new contracts, they want to be in the Pro Bowl and the best player at their position. They can’t look at it from, ‘Who’s my coach?’ It’s still football. You have to run routes, you have to block, you have to tackle, you have to make the right reads, you have to overcome adversity.”


“We won one for us.  We won one to get back in the NFC North.”

“Honestly, if you lose this game, things can come apart at the seams and I’ve been on a team where we lost nine straight and we were in first place going into our bye week and you can just watch it unravel.”

“I’ve played in a lot of games.  I don’t know if it was the best game ever, but it was the best of this year and it felt good.”


“(The coaches) put together a great game plan today, and we executed it. Internally, we’re a steady, solid team right now. There’s no schism, anything like that.  You guys don’t have to worry about any headlines this week, OK?”

“We just started playing for each other, man. That’s what it’s all about. It’s all about the team. It’s all about executing. It’s all about us whipping ass. We just have to stay focused, not got derailed by nothing, period.”

“It’s a circus around here all the damn time. We know that. Period, end of discussion, but that’s the type of outside crap that we deal with a lot. We’re used to it.”


“It is tough. It’s a sticky situation trying to answer those questions (about the coach and locker-room chemistry).  I know you guys want answers and the fans want answers, but it’s really kind of hard because you get backed into a corner and you don’t really know how to answer those questions.”


“I think we play for each other more than anything.  With all the stuff going on, we could have easily quit and let that game go, but we kept fighting and got the win.”


“We had that feeling from the first half.  We kept moving up and down the field and pretty much doing whatever we wanted to do but kept making mental mistakes and kept beating ourselves. Once we put in our heads, ‘Hey, let’s do it,’ we got it accomplished. When you’ve got Brett Favre at the helm, you can do anything.”


“It wasn’t a matter of not having Randy.  It was a matter of playing as a group. You could do that with or without Randy. We had a good rotation. It is a microcosm of the whole team. The receivers played together as a group. The team played together as a group. We had some ups and downs, but when it counted we came together.”


“I was able to go out and rally around these guys and give it my all. At one point I really didn’t care if [my ankle] went out on me or not.”

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76 Responses to “Victorious Quotes”

  1. Lost Viking says:

    Like Berrian’s response.

    Al Harris being available is a surprise. He’s been a solid corner and would seem to be a fit.

  2. Fragile Freds says:

    Not much chatter about Randy from the Moss lovers. Probably would have been more if we lost.

    So did you miss him?

  3. Adam Warwas says:

    On the great hustle play from Camarillo that saved a TD… I did not miss Moss 🙂

  4. Adam Warwas says:

    By the way, kudos to “Michael Driggs” for having the closest prediction this week.

  5. Fran the Man says:

    That’s a good point Adam in regards to the question, was it inept coaching or 8-9 men in the box that resulted in AD only getting a few touches.

    Could have been both as it seems Childress forgets we have the best RB in the league at times but they were stacking the box, for sure.

    I miss Randy only because we still have no one to demand double coverage.

    • CalVkg says:

      i miss randy and i miss the 3rd round pick. there’s a chance that whole thing might’ve gotten us BB back in some way, but one game isn’t enough evidence

      • Fragile Freds says:


        We didn’t have him all last year, things went pretty well. That is alot of proof. If we lose a game it isn’t proof that we should have kept him.

        Freds just asked if you missed him. Did ya?

        • Adam Warwas says:

          I did miss him… in case that wasn’t clear.

        • CalVkg says:

          yes, i just wish we would’ve had a coach to match his talent

          i’ve never thought childo was more than an over-reaction to the love boat. safe, secure type of guy, not inspiring at all, and i don’t want to get to the big dance and fall short again after the four losses. i liked tomlin a lot. when childo’s gone, i don’t know yet, but probably not frazier

  6. wtfvikesfan says:

    UPDATED: Court lets NFL complaint involving Vikings players go to Minnesota state court
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court won’t stop a Minnesota state court from getting involved in a fight between the NFL and Minnesota Vikings defensive linemen Kevin Williams and Pat Williams over violations of the league’s anti-doping policy.
    By: Associated Press, INFORUM

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court won’t stop a Minnesota state court from getting involved in a fight between the NFL and Minnesota Vikings defensive linemen Kevin Williams and Pat Williams over violations of the league’s anti-doping policy.

    The high court refused Monday to hear an appeal from the National Football League.

    The players took the weight-loss supplement StarCaps, which contained an unlisted but banned diuretic that can mask the presence of steroids. The federal courts threw out the players’ appeal of their NFL suspensions, but said there were issues that should be considered in state court.

    The NFL wanted the entire lawsuit thrown out, saying the players’ union contract and federal law trump state law in this case.

    The two players argued that the NFL’s testing violated Minnesota workplace laws.

    “It’s a wonderful victory for Kevin and Pat, and it’s a wonderful victory for employees in every state throughout the country,” the Williamses’ attorney, Peter Ginsberg, told The Associated Press. “And hopefully it will make the NFL more sensitive to what state Legislatures decide is important for the safety of their employees.”

    Ginsberg said a hearing is scheduled for Nov. 17 before the Minnesota Court of Appeals on whether a permanent injunction should be issued against the league so that the Williamses, who are not related, “can play out their careers without worrying the NFL is going to suspend them for this ingestion of StarCaps.”

    Ginsberg said a permanent injunction is needed because eventually the preliminary injunction allowing the Williamses to continue playing will expire.

    In a statement, the NFL said the Supreme Court’s decision “does not address in any way the merits of the claims made by the players, which have been rejected by every federal and state court to consider them.”

    The Williamses have been playing for nearly two years, going back to the NFL’s initial announcement in December 2008. Both have been playing this season.

    Minnesota state law requires that an employer give an employee who tests positive for drug use the right to explain the positive test. The NFL’s policy says a positive result won’t be excused because a player was unaware he was taking a prohibited substance.

    Attorneys for the NFL had argued it should be allowed to enforce its anti-doping policy because it was a product of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement with the players union. The agreement is governed by federal labor law, which they argued pre-empted the state laws.

    The case is National Football League v. Williams, 09-1380.

    Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.

  7. wtfvikesfan says:

    It copied a bunch of junk. I just wanted the story about the Williams wall.

  8. c.carterhof says:

    I think Ill try for the 42? HDTV.

  9. Jon says:

    I guess im the only person who isn’t upset about Peterson not getting the ball enough. I mean peterson is not the problem he will always be there, better than ever. But favre’s arm IS the problem. I think the more he slings it with succession the better he feels about himself, he’s obviously having some mental issues this year, and has been giving peterson the ball a lot and thats not helping him. ya it may help the team, but no matter what favre does have to throw and if you only let him throw when he needs to hes gonna choke, if you let favre go and sling the ball 42+times it’ll make him more comfortable, 42 throws 2 interceptions, is way better than 25 throws and 4 interceptions….so the more favre throws it the better in my book, he can always resort to Peterson, but let him get his shat together first.

    good game vikings.

    • titan concrete says:

      Im with you Jon. Im not that upset about it. We were only ahead for 1 drive through the whole game, during that drive I believe we started out with a Berrian reverse which resulted in a loss of 8, followed by passing plays, which were good calls with 3 minutes left in the half.If we would have ran the ball a couple times on that drive everyone would be asking why Childress was trying to run the clock down.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      If being ahead is the criteria for imposing your will on the other team via the run game, then I admit I am wrong here.

      Interesting comment, Jon. So you go the opposite direction of the “pitch count” method and say more throws are better for him than less. Can’t say I have seen that before and can’t say I can argue it given the way these first 8 games have gone. Good post.

      • titan concrete says:

        Generally speaking I would say yeah, if you are playing from behind you should probably prioritize the passing game. The ratio of pass vs run would depend on how far behind and how much time is left in the game. Even with the very poor season favre has had, the passing game is averaging 7.3 yards and Peterson is averaging 4.8 yards per carry.
        There are so many different scenarios to account for in this equation that it is very hard to go into a game saying no matter what happens, we have to give the ball to Peterson 25+ times.

        I think that you can impose your will on the opponents if you are ahead, or a td or less behind WITH the confidence that your team can pull out a victory from behind, which hasnt been the case since last year.

        • Adam Warwas says:

          In this game, the Vikings were tied through the entire first quarter. They had a lead until shortly before halftime.

          Passing plays are going to always have a higher average yardage gained. Run plays are going to have less big losses compared to the 17 sacks taken so far. Favre has thrown a pick once for every 20 passes this year, added to WR & QB fumbles. Peterson has not fumbled once technically.

          Not saying there isn’t value in the passing game. Just saying they need to stick with the run more if they plan on beating better teams. If the Vikings defense hadn’t forced four three-and-outs in a row at the end of the game, the Cardinals would have won based off of stupid mistakes on special teams and in the passing game, and I think we’d all be sitting here wondering why Peterson only had 11 carries.

          • Adam Warwas says:

            38% of the time, a pass play is getting no gain, going backwards (sack), or going the other way (INT).

          • titan concrete says:

            1st quarter- 2 drives 6 passes 5 run plays, 1 of which was Gerhart
            tied 0-0 throughout quarter

            2nd quarter- 1st drive 4 pass plays 1 run= 7 points
            2nd drive tied 7-7 6 pass plays 4 run play = 3 points
            3rd drive from the 24 yard line with 3 minutes left in quarter(clock management a factor) 1 run play (Berrian) 2 passing plays.

            From there it was playing catch up. Down by at least 11 until 4 minutes left in the game. If you take away the last drive of the 1st half, when clock management was an issue, 16 pass plays, 14 run plays. I think that is a pretty good ratio to be at, although to your defense, there were a couple of them run plays that were from Gerhart and 1 from Berrian.

            Another thing that you have to factor in is Favre reading a blitz and adjusting the play before the snap, which cant be put on Childress’ play calling.

            Once again, I want to be very clear that I am NOT saying that Peterson should only get 10-15 carries a game, Im just saying that you need to adjust the play calling if you are playing catch-up.

          • titan concrete says:

            38% of the time, a pass play is getting no gain, going backwards (sack), or going the other way (INT).

            This is true. Fortunately this game it was only 23.4% of the time. But that doesnt change the fact that his yards per attempt (not yards per completion) is 7.3 through the season and Petersons at 4.8. The interceptions are another factor that can rarely be put on the play calling. The majority of the interceptions were simply horrible passes with a couple of bobbled catches, not plays that forced him to throw into coverage.

          • Adam Warwas says:

            Down by four should not put this team in “catch up” mode to the point of abandoning the run. That sort of panic is what is going to get us killed against better teams.

          • titan concrete says:

            We were only down by 4 for like 30 seconds and we took a knee to go into half. That was followed by the Harvin kick return fumble that put us down by 11.

          • Adam Warwas says:

            All very good points, Titan. And something to keep an eye on as the season goes forward. I stand by it though… giving Peterson 11 carries in a game will not beat better teams, playing from behind or not. Favre will not last if he’s throwing 40+ balls every game.

          • titan concrete says:

            I agrees 100% that it would not beat better teams, and I hope it doesnt happen again, because that would mean we are probably playing from behind. 1 thing we have to remember is that this was a must win game for the team and for the coach. Without the botched return, I think we would have seen a much different 2nd half. All that aside, It was nice to see that we could get the ball down the field when we needed to with the receivers we had,maybe Berrian and Favre are finally on the same page which would be huge with Rice back, and the D made the stops when we needed them. Maybe it will start a trend.

            Another player that is never mentioned that has been extremely consistent and accurate, and seems to always put us in good position is Chris Kluwe.

          • Jon says:

            Ya I agree with all your points on strategy with differences in playing “catch up” and than just running the back because we want to control the clock, and march up the field slowly rather than the letting it fly. But i feel like since we were playing a weak secondary, Favre used this opportunity wisely to get himself back in the zone. to throw the ball with confidence and no regrets, ya he threw 2 dumb picks, but he threw 5+ flawless throws that couldn’t be thrown better by anyone else in the game.

            I want Peterson to have the ball 25+ times. But I think the way Favre took advantage of the weak secondary, was perfect. Hopefully he carries that on for the rest of the season, and gets his mojo back.

        • titan concrete says:

          Down by 11 with 2 quarters left on a team we scored 10 points on in the 1st half with a balanced play calling.

  10. Fragile Freds says:

    It appears that some Viking fans were rooting for a loss yesterday so Childo might get fired rather than a win and he gets to stay round? Anyone agree ?

  11. Fragile Freds says:

    This is why Chilly should not try humor:

    Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress said he was not criticizing his quarterback after Sunday’s game when he addressed his job security by saying he wasn’t going to “stand here like Brett Favre and tell you … I need a hug.”

    It’s kind of funny, but Brad should just give his standard boring comments and get off the podium. We’d like to have the guy open up and be more candid, but he just can’t it’s just not him. He ends up saying something stupid. Not everyone is as entertaining as Mike Tice. Crappy head coach, but fun to watch and listen to.

    Favre does need his hugs.

    • titan concrete says:

      Yeah, its not easy to pick out his humor when everything is monotone. Maybe during his press conference he could use some sound effect from the common man so we know when its a joke.

      “Im not going to stand here like Brett Favre and tell you … I need a hug.” followed by the “I always loved that one” sound byte.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Freds, I see Childo as an “elitist type”. He thinks he is smarter than everyone else and he’s probably “book smart” but in the common sense area he’s very lacking. Kinda like some of Freds liberal pals in the media and such.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        Freds was telling Adam he didn’t miss Moss. Understandable, But I know he has to miss Rice…
        I know I do….

        • Fragile Freds says:

          Yes, your old pal misses Sid Rice. Let’s not confuse the two (Moss and Rice). Very different players. But having Sid should help, he will be the only guy on this team that can go up and win a jump ball. Farve needs that guy, as good as Havin has been, he can’t win a jump ball for obvious reasons and Bernie the glass might scuff a shoe, he sure as hell isn’t going to air born. The other thing Rice does well is block down field, we miss that as well.

  12. Ole says:

    why is it that Dugan never gets quoted in these articles?

    ML King
    Winston Churchill
    Ronald Reagan
    Jeffrey Dugan

    • titan concrete says:

      The problem, Ole, Is the aforementioned are all deceased. It may be many years before the comments of Mr. Jeffrey Dugan are truly recognized for their brilliance.

      • Ole says:

        what exactly are you saying Titan Concrete? That we should slay Dugan!?! Berrian can’t drop all of them passes by himself, he needs Dugan to help

        • titan concrete says:

          Lets get something straight here Ole. Berrian doesnt need any help dropping passes. He is perfectly capable of doing it on his own. What do you think were paying him 5.5 mil this year for ? Help dropping passes? sheesh

          • titan concrete says:

            Next your going to tell me that Favre needs Dugans help throwing interceptions, Jarred Allen needs Dugan to help him not get a sack or the o-line needs Dugan to help show the guys accross from them where the qb is and the quickest way to him

  13. Ole says:

    Dugan has many talents, he taught James Brown how to dance

  14. Ole says:

    to all you Dugan critics, I didn’t say he was the 1st person to discover gravity

  15. Jon says:

    is Dugan the chuck norris of the Vikings? whats up with all dugan comments haha

  16. titan concrete says:

    Chuck Norris … Please …. More like the Steven Segal.

  17. Ole says:

    Dugan is the AntiHarvin, except when it comes to chicks

  18. Ole says:

    Heart of the Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson
    Soul of the Minnesota Vikings – Kevin Williams
    The Smell of the Minnesota Vikings – Jeff Dugan

  19. They Call Me Tahi says:

    That’s right folks . . . it’s all Dugan . . . Dugan . . .

  20. wtfvikesfan says:

    More no-huddle for Vikes?
    AM ET
    Brett Favre | Vikings

    The Minnesota Vikings have had some degree of success operating out of the no-huddle this season, and for good reason. As Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press writes, it’s a scheme seemingly tailor-made for Brett Favre. It’s passing heavy, and he has much more freedom to call plays.

    Former NFL coach Sam Wyche, a no-huddle proponent during his coaching years, thinks it’s a good fit. “Favre can do that in a heartbeat,” Wyche said. “It’s not as much about his conditioning as it is about the 10 players with him, including the linemen. But I’m pretty sure he can handle it, and he’s always had the ability to freeze defenses. You can sprinkle in no-huddle sets for three or four plays at a time if guys get tired.”

    Vikings head coach Brad Childress admits that the team may deploy the strategy early on in Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears, a departure from their prevailing strategy. Then again, with Childress’ job seemingly still on the line, we’re pretty sure he’s willing to pull out all the stops in the weeks ahead.

  21. wtfvikesfan says:

    Multiple teams want Harris
    PM ET
    Al Harris | Packers | Interested: Jaguars?, Texans?, Vikings?, Eagles?, Lions?

    UPDATE: Al Harris has cleared waivers, and is now free to sign with any NFL team.

    According to Brad Biggs of National Football Post, Harris’ agent Jack Bechta has indicated that he is in negotiations with several teams, although he declined to name those teams.

    The Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars have been mentioned as speculative possibilities for Harris’ next team.

    Harris did a number on his left leg on Nov. 22, 2009. On that day, he tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the lateral collateral ligament, the IT band, the fibular collateral ligament and the lateral hamstring. If you’re considering a hunt for any other players that have suffered the same battery of injuries at once, good luck.

    Despite the range of those injuries, Harris had worked his way back to playing shape, and was thought to be close to an activation off the physically unable to perform list. Instead, the Green Bay Packers released him, as reported by Jason Wilde of ESPN 540 Radio (Milwaukee).

  22. wtfvikesfan says:

    The return of Rice
    PM ET
    Sidney Rice | Vikings

    UPDATE: Even if Rice can’t go in Week 10, the Vikings have a newfound love for an old weapon (see below for ESPN NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert’s take).

    Last week was a busy one for the Minnesota Vikings corps of wide receivers. Randy Moss was cut, Percy Harvin reportedly got into a physical altercation with head coach Brad Childress and Sidney Rice was removed from the PUP list. Rice did some work on the field prior to the Week 9 game against the Arizona Cardinals, but he was not on the active roster.

    Now that Rice has been taken off the PUP list, however, the Vikings are on a deadline to make a decision on his status. Within three weeks of a player being taken off the PUP list, his team must either activate him or place him on season-ending injured reserve.

    As for Rice’s ability to play this week, Childress was non-committal Monday. After saying that the WR was “very close” to a return, Childress admitted, “Whether he’s close enough to play, whether it’s another week, it’s hard to say right now,” via the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    – Tim Kavanagh

    Kevin Seifert
    Favre-Berrian connection will be key
    Remember Bernard Berrian? The fleet-footed receiver the Minnesota Vikings guaranteed $16 million in 2008 to be their No. 1 receiver? Oh, yeah. He reappeared Sunday at the Metrodome. Demoted to reserve status following the trade for Randy Moss, Berrian re-captured his starting role and caught nine passes in the Vikings’ 27-24 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. The production tied his career high, set in 2007, and doubled his season total over the first seven games of the season.”

  23. kurt says:

    If one loss results in more wins, You would take the one loss IMO.

  24. Fragile Freds says:


    Well said, Freds isn’t sure what the hell that means, but he couldn’t agree more.

  25. CO Vike Fan says:

    is 68 comments on a post some kind of record here?

    • Fran the Man says:

      I don’t think so. I think 70 is.
      WAIT A MINUTE! That’s me!! I win.

      And I’ll just have to agree with you Freds. What the hell did Kurt mean?

      • titan concrete says:

        I think Kurt is referring to the return of Rice article above. Meaning if we have to sit Rice for another week to make sure hes healthy and it means a loss, take it.

        I will strongly disagree with that. We are playing a division rival that is ahead in the standings. Right now every game has to be played with a must win mentality. Even if Rice is not 100% and he can be out there, get him on the field. He is a threat, especially at the goal line. If we lose to the bears this week we can probably start looking at the draft.

        Chilly and/or Wilf, if you are listening and have any intentions of signing Al Harris, whatever financial terms you agree to, could you throw in a gift card to great clips please. As much as we are in need of a descent corner, I think the hair could be as much of a distraction as Moss was. thanks.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      No record, we’ve broken 100 a few times. Usually posts get more comments when I don’t update for awhile like today. We most recently broke 100 comments when Matt posted that Moss had been released. That post had 100 comments before I got home from work that day.

  26. Fragile Freds says:

    AK –

    Moss? Did Fred ever tell you how he felt about ……

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Ok Freds, I really really miss the Moss from !998-2005 when he had our own CC mentoring him but todays Moss thats ego writes checks that his body cant cash anymore, not so much. He has become a bit too elitist for me. Still a dangerous weapon when motivated though, too bad he couldnt coexist with Childo because he always took a guy out of the box for AD.

      • Jon says:

        the guys we have should take people out of the box including AP himself, we’ve actually started using the screen pass more and more, and everytime we get a 1st and some…. its a beautiful thing when they use it, specially since AP doesn’t like to block :p, he can just run right pass the rush and DIP SET. I think we’ll tear the Bears apart…specially after such a big win, and the confidence i saw on the field the 2nd half. I wanan see a shut out.

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