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Gearing Up For One Last Stand

There is no doubt that the Vikings have to win six of their seven remaining games to have a shot at the playoffs, and most likely would have to win out.  That makes every game from here on out a “must win.”

On Sunday, the Vikings could get healthy enough to raise some eyebrows if they can find some rhythm.

Sidney Rice is reportedly “almost certain” he’ll return to the field this Sunday against the Packers.  Brad Childress made it known that the unfilled roster spot left by Randy Moss is open and waiting for Rice, but that if he can’t play on Sunday he will likely be shut down for the rest of the season.

Bernard Berrian (groin), John Sullivan (calf), and Anthony Herrera (elbow) are all listed as questionable. 

Probable for Sunday are Brett Favre (ankle, foot), Asher Allen (concussion), Chris Cook (knee), and Jamarca Sanford (hamstring).

Safety Eric Frampton has been declared out for Sunday.

Wide receiver Donald Driver (quadriceps), fullback Korey Hall (back) and defensive lineman Ryan Pickett (ankle) are listed as questionable for the Packers.

UPDATE:  “I’m going to play,” Rice said.  “I don’t think I can go the whole game but I’m going to play as much as I can.”

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22 Responses to “Gearing Up For One Last Stand”

  1. krugjr says:

    Ole…….hear anything about Colt’s condition????

  2. B. Grant says:

    Just so we understand, this will not be the 2009 version of Sidney Rice. There will be no confusion with Jerry Rice this Sunday.

  3. vk4life says:

    While I agree Rice might not be able to play as good as last year. I still believe Rice on the field is better than no Rice at all. So we shall see. Hopefully he is able to make the best of any opportunity while is is on the field.

  4. B. Grant says:

    This is the 100th meeting of the Vikes and Packers. I think I have seen most of them. I learned very early in life to despise the Green Bay Packers!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      So how old did you say you were Coach??? I know its none of my damn! At least with Rice in the game the deep threat is there. Might have to launch a couple deep ones his way even if they dont work.

      • B. Grant says:

        Almost 58, johnny. My favorite win was the 3-0 defensive abuse we put on them one year. Fred Cox led the scoring in that game! That was funny. Yeah, Rice will help, no doubt, and I agree that we take two or three shots and see what happens.

        • bigjohnny84 says:

          Geez Coach the way Freds talks i figured you were alot older. Thanks for the info.

          • B. Grant says:

            That’s OK, johnny, Freds has led more than one victim down a path of misrepresentation of the facts. He’s a crafty old shutdown corner. Did you know that a number of Viking players thought they were going on a fishing trip with him several years ago?

        • CalVkg says:

          coach – your 3-0 game is mentioned at the bottom

          “People forget I’m actually from Wisconsin,” said Grant, who was born in Superior. “I grew up with the great, old Packers. They were always my favorite team. It was always special for me to play the Packers, especially at Lambeau Field. Better than Atlanta or somebody.”

          Grant lost his first four games in 1967 by a combined score of 117-55 when he traveled to Milwaukee for the first of only two meetings with Lombardi. Lombardi was in his final season as Packers coach. He won Super Bowl I the year before and won Super Bowl II later that season.

          “That first game against Lombardi was pretty special to me,” Grant said. “They were actually the better team than we were, but we kept it close and got some breaks.”

          The Vikings won 10-7. Lombardi won the rematch later that season, but Grant would go on to dominate the Packers and finish with a record of 22-12-1 from 1967 to 1983 and 1985.

          “Oh, what a real treat it was to get Bud in there after what we went through,” Marshall said. “He was so logical. You understood what his program was and why it made sense. I can’t remember all the details of that first year, but all I know is we played a hell of a lot better once Bud came in and got us organized.”

          One game in particular showcased the essence of Grant’s Purple People Eaters of the 1970s. On Nov. 14, 1971, the Packers held the Vikings to 87 total yards and five first downs … and lost 3-0.

          “That’s what we were made of,” Hall of Fame safety Paul Krause said. “We were supposed to win games that way.”

    • Fran the Man says:

      I’m with you there coach. Looks like on age too.
      I hate the Packers more than any other team. Dallas is a close second, then the bears.

      Rice should be a help in the red zone. He’s never been a real burner anyway, so I can’t see him helping much in the passing game for the next two games or so. Not sure if his hip is going to allow him to leap as much as we need him to in the endzone but we sure suck inside the 20. . .

      • B. Grant says:

        That’s cool Fran. Many don’t realize how utterly hapless the Packers were for a very long stretch of time. Coaches Phil Bengston, Bart Starr, Dan Devine, etc. led a pretty poor product onto the field for many years, and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. I am a bit surprised that the Pack leads the overall series by two games, but of course they won most of the time in our first 6 years as an expansion team. And they won the replacement players game which should not count.

        As you recall, Fran, for many years, half of their home games were in Green Bay and half in Milwaukee. And it broke my heart when our beloved Gopher Darrell Thompson played for the hated Pack. I disown him to this day. (lol)

        I found a synopsis of that 3-0 game (below). We were sooo bad on offense at that time. I didn’t get to see the game, heard it from Ray Scott on the radio! Stupid Packers!!!

        Nov. 14, 1971: John Brockington rushes for 142 yards and the Packers are inside the Vikings’ 20-yard line five times — but lose 3-0 at Met Stadium. The Vikings have only 87 total yards, 21 passing yards and five first downs, but stop the Packers at the 16, 1, 20, 10 and 8. Two interceptions, a fumble, a blocked field goal and being stopped on downs at the 1 kill the Packers. Vikings coach Bud Grant’s mantra? “Statistics are for losers.”

        • Fran the Man says:

          Aw, the good ‘ol days! Eh coach?
          I didn’t get to see many of the Viking games in the early years, as a young boy growing up in the Southern Ca. area, my family (My Dad) was a rabid Rams fan. Jack Snow (WR, LA Rams)lived just up the street from us and my Dad knew him.

          Most of my family moved from Minnesota to California in the ’30’s but that wasn’t why I became a Viking fan.
          From the time I could remember, I was told that my family, originally from Sweden, were from real Viking stock. So naturally as a young boy, I was fascinated with anything “Viking”

          I can still remember while watching a Rams game with my Dad around age 8, I heard the announcer say something about “Vikings” so I asked my Dad what he had said and he told me that a new NFL team had just been formed and they called themselves the Vikings!

          That was it, I was a Viking fan on that day and haven’t looked back.
          It used to drive my Dad crazy, because if you remember, the Vikings pretty much owned the Rams for several years, winning a lot NFC titles at the Rams expense.

          Man, I can’t believe 50 years have gone by so fast!

          • Brett says:

            FRAN! How excited are you then that the Vikings COULD move to LA?!?

            Really guys, heart warming stories. Your diligence and resilience in being a Viking fan is applauded. Jon and I here are just youngins (I’ve been a fan since 97 and haven’t missed ONE game since then! 🙂 ) and we have already gone through hell. Can’t imagine what you two have been through! 🙂

          • B. Grant says:

            That’s an interesting way to become a fan, Fran. You been true, thats for sure. I’m sure your dad suffered through some of those playoff games. How many times did the Rams have to come to the frozen Met field in December – ALMOST felt sorry for them as they huddled around their heaters with parkas on. Remember one where they opened the game marching down the field unexpectedly on the great Vike D. We finally stopped them and they had to settle for a field goal. Except that Bobby Bryant blocked the kick and took it to the house. Rams had this great start to the game, but trailed 7-0.

            Jack Snow just down the street – wow. Roman Gabriel, Deacon Jones, Jack Youngblood, Merlin Olsen, they were nemises for many years. let’s hang in there Fran. I think our day will still come!

  5. Fran the Man says:

    It’s been hell Brett! lol
    I’ll probably get completely torn apart here for saying this but if the Vikings moved to LA (Not very likely) it would mean cheaper tickets for me to games and a free place to stay. So it wouldn’t bother me too much as long as they kept the name.
    Let the flames begin!

  6. B. Grant says:

    Its OK Fran, can’t blame you for that. And Brett, yeah its been a long haul, but a lot of really good memories. I still can’t get over the first Super Bowl loss. NO WAY to lose to the Chiefs, and I still say if we played that game 10 times, that’s the only one the Chiefs would have won. That one was the most frustrating. But really, the Vikes have played a lot of really good football over the years, and it has been my pleasure to be their fan.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Yeah, that first one was a real killer. I can’t remember the “Spread” but there was no way KC was supposed to have a chance in that game and they killed us. I’ve hated Len Dawson ever since. Had the best game of his life that day.

  7. CalVkg says:

    there’s no reason to think that the trends of these two teams will change in this game, as much as i’d like them to, even with a side of Rice, so i am picking the phackers to win this game, 27-20

    i hope i’m wrong

  8. Fran the Man says:

    Coach, boy do I remember those times the Rams had to play in Minnesota. My Dad would always say if the Rams could only get the Vikings in LA for a playoff, they’d win.
    That day finally came. I think it was a division playoff game but it was in LA and the day before the game, it RAINED buckets ALL DAY and turned the field at the Coliseum into a mud filled quagmire.
    It was Viking football all day long and of course the Vikings won.
    My poor old man was just beside himself.

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