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How the Vikings WILL beat the Bills

It seemed like a novel idea. Leslie Frazier chose not to abandon the running game in the first quarter. This team surely needs to give the ball to Adrian Peterson at least 25 – 20 times. But if he can’t go, why not give the ball to Toby Gerhart and let him pound away at it ? That is just what Frazier did against the Redskins, and the kid looked pretty good. He runs with such force with a total lack of abandon. I am a bit concerned about him putting the ball on the turf though.

Another good idea who’s time has come, would be to let Favre audible out when he sees a miss match. This is something he has not been allowed to do under Brad Childress since their famed confrontation last season. Because Childress was a bit of a control freak, he had a hard time letting go of control enough to let Favre audible very much. Now I’m not saying he should be given complete free reign, but there have been numerous occasions when it should be obvious to a good field general that a certain play simply will not work.

Like when a team packs eight men in the box to stop Peterson and it’s clear that there are only 2 cornerbacks and 1 safety covering 2 wideouts plus a tight end but the play calls for an off tackle run. This is the time for an audible, and after twenty years, I have every faith that Favre knows when to pull the trigger. So, I for one would really like to see some of the controls taken off when the numbers are in our favor. After all, offense is really nothing more then putting your best players in favorable situations so that the odds dictate success.

Another thing I would like to see is for the team to get Percy Harvin involved early including a few plays at running back and even a Wildcat or two.

But the biggest thing I want to see on Sunday, is a little imagination on offense. Last week was a step in the right direction, but at some point, let the athletes air it out ! To do that, means that the offensive line needs to give Favre more then 2.4 seconds to throw. If the line would find a way to do that, then a lot of the offensive woes would take care of themselves. That, …… and a few less Favre panic throws.

Defensively, it would be exponentially favorable for the feared defensive line to actually act fearsome. How about a little pressure from the bookends Jared Allen and Ray Edwards. Also a little push up the middle from the Williams boys would also help. It has been getting a bit better week to week, but this SHOULD be a dominant front four. It would be awesome if they’d play like it.

And would it be asking too much to create more turnovers then we give ? Just asking !
So, what should we expect on Sunday ? More of the same, or least I hope so. It was nice to win a game. But really, the main reason was because the offense didn’t turn the ball over, for the first time all season. Still, we didn’t put up many points, and the defense gave us good field position on several occasions.

Last week, the Leslie Frazier era was rung in properly. The effort was much better and the team played as a team moving ahead instead of backwards.

The hard luck Buffalo Bills come to Minnesota on Sunday. Hopefully we will get a team demoralized by the Steelers last week. They continue to fight hard despite several last second ( Literally) losses. They have been on the short end of 3 overtime losses. Expect the Vikings to have their hands full in this one.

My guess is the team shows up. The Bills have issues on the O-line so I say Jared Allen has a big game, Chad Greenway makes plays all over the field, and Peterson ( IF he plays ) hit’s the holes created by a motivated offensive line hard and just keeps pounding. If Favre has time, and can manage to not make any glaring mistakes. The defense bails the team out again, as the Offense continues to have trouble in the red zone. However, …Longwell adds 3 field goals and the Vikings win.

Minnesota – 19

Buffalo – 13

SO BE IT !!!

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51 Responses to “How the Vikings WILL beat the Bills”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    Good post Chris. With the game being in the dome and assuming AD is ok, I’m going with a little wider point spread. 31-14 Vikes.

  2. wtfvikesfan says:

    Coach said A.D. didn’t practice. He also said he will take it slow with A.D.

  3. Jon says:

    28-14 Vikings

    it was 28-7 when I played madden, but I’ll say 1 more score for Bills.

    someone please reassure me that our season is over, so I don’t have this lil spec of hope in me anymore 🙁 lol

  4. krugjr says:

    if Longwell kicks 3 FGs and we score 19, who kicks the other FG?

    GO VIKES!!!!! currently picking 9th!

  5. Fran the Man says:

    Currently picking 9th huh?
    If we lose another game, I sure hope we see more of Gerhart and a few glimpses of Webb thrown in. Go ahead and let Favre start but stick Jackson in there for a quarter or two.

    It’s my worst fear that we’ll be eliminated from the playoffs and still go with the first team. We HAVE to see whether Webb or Jackson has anything before the end of the season.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      I really think they will try something along those lines Fran. I dont think Childo would’ve though. Once they are mathematicaly done I can see Frazier changing things up a little especially if Wilf tells him he’s the coach next year.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        Johnny,Krugs,Fran, Others
        I really enjoyed not seeing Childress on the sidelines, Nice to see Leslie and the Team enjoy themselves, I think allot of the tension is gone now…

        • bigjohnny84 says:

          You hit the nail on the head there Charlie. I know it’s early but I’d like to see Leslie inked as our next head coach and remove interem from his job description.

        • krugjr says:

          Charlie……couldn’t agree more, but, man, it took a long time to get rid of brad…..makes me wonder (I know, wasted time) what this talent could have done with a diff coach…..still think we need a couple of def superstars to win the big one…..

          GO VIKES!!!!! TOP 10 PICK

        • Fran the Man says:

          It was a totally different sidelines, wasn’t it?

          I still want to see Frazier coach a bit before we sign him though.
          There’s time to get a good look at him and not rush into it, like we did with Childress.

    • Jon says:

      I dont think Peterson will like it if Gerhart is in. He’s all about being the best, and unless he finishes 1 in TD, yards, scrimmage .. hes not a happy camper.

  6. Dynalee10 says:

    I expect to win not sure of the score though but I have to temper my expectations because that was a bad team we just beat and if they caught some of those drops we might not have won. I will hold out hope till we are mathematically eliminated as I always do ” my son thinks I’m crazy” lol.

  7. Purple Charlie says:

    Vikings 27 Bills 17

  8. B. Grant says:

    Yogi Berra once said…

  9. fozz44 says:

    Vikes could win by 30, but could easily lose this to a very talented Bills team

    This team is so unpredictable, I’m not even bothering w/ predictions.

    johnny…..the 18th is an affirmative for the ‘burg, to toast Chilly’s firing and knock out some ‘yotes. I’ll be in touch.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Looking forward to it Fozz but you cant keep me out all night again. But what the hell we both know that’s gonna happen anyway.

  10. titan concrete says:

    Titans dumped Moss. That made my day.

  11. B. Grant says:

    The Vikes are not going to score alot of points in this game. Injuries to AP and the already suspect OL will make it very difficult to move the ball. Defense will have to guide us to another 17-13 type win, and Gerhart will have to break a record number of tackles.

    In other news, Bernard Berrian woke up with a sore throat this morning, and has been ruled out for Sunday’s game.

    • Jon says:

      when can the vikings release berrian without a financial hit?!…i know he signed that huge (WAY OVERPRICED) contract about 3 years ago for 42mil, and it was for 6 years….butttt is that the final word? orrrrr can they release him after this year or what can happen!?….we need the crowds to start chanting FIRE BERRIAN!! rofl.

  12. c.carterhof says:

    Favre admits he could have run vs Saints-

    “I could have done that, wish I would have done it. Or I wish I would have thrown it to Bernard [Berrian] in the flat. But that wasn’t the case.”


  13. B. Grant says:

    OK gang, here’s MY 50 Greatest Vikes. Some of these guys were just “great Vikings” and maybe not the best overall players. I used a few of my own rules: I didn’t include punters, a certain amount of longevity was needed (no Jared Allen, EJ Henderson or Joe Sensor) , and the “greatness” had to be in Minnesota (no Favre, Moon, Langer, Cunningham, Stenerud, etc.). Obviously, OL was the runaway leader of Great Vikings. Hope I didn’t leave anyone obvious out – but probably did. (Had to hold my nose to include Moss.)

    Grady Alderman, Matt Birk, Matt Blair, Bill Brown, Joey Browner, Bobby Bryant, Anthony Carter, Chris Carter, Fred Cox, Chris Doleman, Carl Eller, Chuck Foreman, John Gilliam, Dale Hackbart, Wally Hilgenberg, Steve Hutchinson, Tim Irwin, Steve Jordan, Joe Kapp, Karl Kassulke, Tommy Kramer, Paul Krause. Kirk Lowdermilk, Jim Marshall, Tommy Mason, Randall McDaniel, Randy Moss, Darrin Nelson, Dave Osborne, Alan Page, Adrian Peterson, John Randle, Ahmad Rashad, Ed Sharockman, Jeff Siemon, Robert Smith, Scott Studwell, Milt Sunde, Fran Tarkenton, Mick Tinglehoff, Stu Voigt, Lonnie Warwick, Gene Washington, Ed White, Sammy White, Antoine Winfield, Kevin Williams, Roy Winston, Ron Yary, Gary Zimmerman.

    10 I hated to leave out: Dennis Swilley, Paul Flatley, Fred McNeill, Henry Thomas, Pat Williams, Ted Brown, Keith Millard, Jeff Wright, Jimmy Kleinsausser, Gary Larsen.

    • c.carterhof says:

      Coach, I have some real issues with your list.
      Nah, it’s great.

      However, I believe EJ has earned the right to be on there. And like it or not so has Culpepper.
      And a couple of CB’s, Nate Wright & Carl Lee, as well as safety Robert Griffith.

      I’m workin on mine, will have it tonight.

      • B. Grant says:

        Oh boy, cart, you’re gonna subtract some gosh darn good players to put those guys on! But I can’t argue that they were some good Vikings as well. I considered them all, but had my various reasons.

        Look forward to your list.

        • bigjohnny84 says:


          I’m at a disadvantage with this. Alot of the early Vikings I never saw in action. My frame of reference doesnt start til the mid 1970’s. So are you gonna eat my lunch if I just start there?

          • B. Grant says:

            Not at all johnny. You make YOUR list just like I made mine, which I realize may be a bit skewed to the early days. I gotta tell you though, those were some players. Like a Lonnie Warwick, for instance. He was a ball bustin’ son-of-a-gun. EJ or Greenway might be better athletes, but ‘ol Lonnie kept things pretty well plugged between the tackles. If one got away, Winston and Wally mopped up. And that’s in spite of Lonnie and Kapp chasin’ that worm in the bottom of one bottle after another.

            It’ll be real interesting for me to see who’s on that official list.

      • Dynalee10 says:

        Not sure why everyone is so high on EJ he’s played like two seasons complete and is awful in coverage. I think people over rate the superman flying thing.

  14. bigjohnny84 says:

    Hey Chris “coach” Boynton, did you try to email me? My inbox is showing a phising scam suspected so let me know here in the comments if thats true. I’m not very knowledgable in this area.

  15. Lost Viking says:

    Oh oh. No endorsement from the Handle…once again!

    Bill (2-9) at Viking (4-7)

    The Bill may have a rotten record but they are money, Baby! Not since October 10 has Buffalo lost by more than three points but oddsmakers continue to undervalue this spirited bunch. Taking a handful of points against a Viking team that has lost four of past six and has exceeded 18 points only once (against the Cardinal no less) since October 24th appears to be an easy choice. Minnesota may also be without NFC rushing leader, Adrian Peterson, after he sprained an ankle last week.

    TAKING: BILL +5½

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