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Top 50 Vikings Of Franchise History

The Vikings chose this weekend to officially mark their 50th season in the NFL.  Part of the ceremonies included the unveiling of a list of the top 50 Vikings of all time.  Here is the list, feel free to commence any and all comments on the subject:

1. Grady Alderman, T, 1961-74

2. Jared Allen, DE, 2008-present

3. Matt Birk, C, 1998-2008

4. Matt Blair, LB, 1974-1985

5. Bill Brown, RB, 1962-74

6. Joey Browner, S, 1983-91

7. Bobby Bryant, CB, 1967-80

8. Anthony Carter, WR, 1985-93

9. Cris Carter, WR, 1990-01

10. Fred Cox, K, 1963-77

11. Daunte Culpepper, QB, 1999-2005

12. Chris Doleman, DE, 1985-93, ’99

13. Carl Eller, DE, 1964-78

14. Chuck Foreman, RB, 1973-79

15. John Gilliam, WR, 1972-75

16. Bud Grant, coach, 1967-83, ’85

17. Wally Hilgenberg, LB, 1968-79

18. Steve Hutchinson, G, 2006-present

19. Tim Irwin, T, 1981-93

20. Steve Jordan, TE, 1982-94

21. Tommy Kramer, QB, 1977-89

22. Paul Krause, S, 1968-79

23. Gary Larsen, DT, 1965-74

24. Carl Lee, CB, 1983-93

25. Jim Marshall, DE, 1961-79

26. Randall McDaniel, G, 1988-99

27. Keith Millard, DT, 1985-91

28. Randy Moss, WR, 1998-2004, ’10

29. Dave Osborn, RB, 1965-75

30. Alan Page, DT, 1967-78

31. Adrian Peterson, RB, 2007-present

32. John Randle, DT, 1990-2000

33. Ahmad Rashad, WR, 1976-82

34. Ed Sharockman, CB, 1962-72

35. Jeff Siemon, LB, 1972-82

36. Robert Smith, RB, 1993-2000

37. Scott Studwell, LB, 1977-90

38. Doug Sutherland, DT, 1971-81

39. Fran Tarkenton, QB, 1961-66, ’72-78

40. Henry Thomas, DT, 1987-94

41. Mick Tingelhoff, C, 1962-78

42. Stu Voigt, TE, 1970-80

43. Gene Washington, WR, 1967-72

44. Ed White, G, 1969-77

45. Sammy White, WR, 1978-86

46. Kevin Williams, DT, 2003-present

47. Antoine Winfield, CB, 2004-present

48. Roy Winston, LB, 1962-76

49. Ron Yary, T, 1968-81

50. Gary Zimmerman, T, 1986-92

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35 Responses to “Top 50 Vikings Of Franchise History”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    Geez, Culpepper is in and Kapp is not? That’s unbelievable to say the least.

  2. Adam Warwas says:

    Crying shame that Daunte is on that list but Big Pat isn’t.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      And I didnt think Jared Allen has been a Vike long enough either. Other notables left out Robert Griffith, EJ, Lowdermilk, Chris Walsh, Jake reed, Kleinsasser. I’m sure Coach and CC will have some disagreements as well.

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    51. Fred Smoot

  4. Adam Warwas says:

    Agreed. If short stints can get you on the list, then where is Cunningham?

  5. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds favorite on the list is Tim Irwin. No show, all go.. Freds guy was all business.

    Freds least favorite, Bob Smith. Dude always rubbed your old pal the wrong way.

  6. bigjohnny84 says:

    Gary Zimmerman was one of my favorites too, he was alot like Freds guy Irwin. If I remember right didnt he go like 2 years without missing a block or getting a penalty?

  7. Ole says:

    two huge omissions from the list

    Karl Kassulke

    a legitimate argument could be made for Dale Hackbart too

    • B. Grant says:

      Ole – its not the top 5,000 Vikings, which is the list Dugan would be on. I certainly hope that Kassulke was only a few votes short of the top 50.

  8. bill says:

    Culpepper?? are you kidding me??? Joe Kapp not a top 50 viking?? who made this list? Joe Kapp was the vikings….40 for 60….didn’t accept his team MVP…etc…. unreal….

  9. B. Grant says:

    An absolute travesty! Kapp takes the Vikes to a Super Bowl, and Culpepper does what…? Excuse me?

    Otherwise, I only disagree with Jared Allen and Doug Sutherland. A little surprised at Gary Larsen. Wasn’t a real fan of Carl Lee or Keith Millard, either, but I can see the case for them. Nice to see a number of names there, great memories!!

    Agree with Ole, Kassulke and Hackbart were “Vikings” all the way. Was a fan of Irwin as well, Freds. No punter – figured they would have to have one, but I’m good with it.

    • CalVkg says:

      …and only one coach, deservedly so.

      • B. Grant says:

        Cal, I think it might have been a nice touch for Burnsie to be in the group. He was a major innovator in offense for his time, and bleeds purple through and through. Everyone has a Burnsie story or two, and in the grand scheme, I could see him as one of the 50. What a character. Personally, Jim Finks and Max Winter could be considered as well, but probly not for something like this. Those guys were huge in the development of the glory years. Max Winter never got near enough attention for the type of owner he was, which is the way he wanted it. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone to say a bad thing about him. (other than dufus Mike Lynn, I suppose.)

        I have to say it really “sickens” me to think we have this many people in our fan base who think of Jared Allen as one of the greatest 50 Vikings. It’s worse than Culpepper, and blatantly insults a lot of truly great Vikings.

        • CalVkg says:

          yes, coach, that’s the way it is, for sure. arrogant attention grabbers get noticed, low profile types don’t. also, 10% of the 50 are active, and people vote what they see

    • Mike says:

      Gary Larsen absolutely deserved to be on there….as did Joe Kapp and Joe Senser….and NOT Randy Culpepper

  10. Fran the Man says:

    I surprised to see Jared’s name on the list and completely outraged that Culpepper was on it and not Kapp.
    Who ever checked that off is an idiot.

    Coach, I had to quickly check the list after you mentioned “surprise” at Gary Larsen. I thought for sure you were saying they had left him off! Seriously, you think he doesn’t belong?
    Original Purple People Eater has to be on the list, right?

    • B. Grant says:

      Well, Fran, its true he was part of a storied unit, and played a critical role. However, as we compare him to others not on the total list, I’m not so sure he is a definite. I’m neutral on his presence there — I didn’t have him on my list, and there are some awfully good football players not on that list. Should he be there instead of Milt Sunde or Karl Kassulke or Kirk Lowdermilk? Just sayin I was a little surprised…

  11. Zag says:

    100% agree. Kapp needs to be on there.

    Jared Allen does not.

    And Randall McDaniel needs to be in the top 15.

    • B. Grant says:

      (Psst…Zag… They’re in alphabetical order, not ranked.)

      • bigjohnny84 says:


        I ass/u/med the list was just for players. If I had to redo my list Grant and Burns would be there for sure. I’d be really pissed if my name was Joe Kapp too.

        • B. Grant says:

          Yup, johnny, that is a major slap in the face to Joe, and I think a real embarassment to the whole organization. That’s the kind of injustice that happens sometimes in this fan voting thing. Actually saw a commenter on a strib site say (he was being serous) it was too bad that Bryant McKinnie was left off, based on his consistent play for a number of years. (Yeah, consistently BAD – does this guy actually watch the games?) Wow! Those are the people who screw up a process like this.

          I also think that the absence of Tommy Mason is rather significant, but you can’t win that argument in today’s environment. And we all have to admit that there will be arguments no matter who makes it.

          • scottie mattson says:

            loved doug sutherland but top 50 all time? PLEASE!!! He was like toilet tissue in all 3 bowls he played in. what about burnsie, kapp, sensor, reed, coleman, palmer, griffith, fuller, ball, christy, or terry allen?

          • bigjohnny84 says:


            The only list McKinnie should be on is the Vikes top 50 boneheads. I wonder in this voting process you speak of if some people are voting multiple times? That sure happens alot in the probowl voting.

  12. They Call Me Tahi says:

    ?? – Is this one of those Cryptograms? I don’t see myself or Cullen Loeffler anywhere on this list.

  13. Pat (p.c.) carlson says:

    where is the great Gary Anderson? He only missed one inconsequential field goal during the 1998 season.

  14. Pat (p.c.) carlson says:

    And what about Darrin Nelson! His drop on the NFC championship game is archtypical moment in franchise history.

  15. Adam Warwas says:

    I wouldn’t have minded one bit had Ragnar been the list.

  16. mnwizkid says:

    Sammy White?

  17. MND had caught it.sportsfan says:

    I’m no fan of Darrin Nelson, (He was WAY better than Marcus huh?) but the NFC Championship game against the Skins was lost becasue AC tried to grab the glory and brought two defenders into the endzone forcing Nelson to run his route short. He wouldn’t have gotten in even if he

  18. Chris says:

    Are you kdding me, Jared Allen?! A little to premature to say the least..

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