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Nothing Set In Stone

As the Vikings coaching staff is assembled and comments from coaches trickle into the media, I have consistently been commenting on what I think all of this may mean for the Vikings various strategic schemes.

I want to be clear:  I don’t know.

I’ve been making guesses based off of veiled comments and the history of the men being hired, but please understand these are just guesses.

Leslie Frazier made it very clear that he wants to employ whichever schemes allow the players on this roster to have the most success.

“The fact he wasn’t just tied to one system but could see globally, that was important to me,” Frazier said.  “We have a multitude of weapons on our offense and sometimes you get so tied up in a system that you don’t see the forest for the trees.”

New offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave also stated that he wants to run whatever blocking scheme best fits Adrian Peterson, but didn’t let on as to what type of scheme he thinks that is.  Traditional thinking is that Peterson benefits from a zone blocking scheme due to his one cut running style, but again, that is just a guess.

The only thing that Frazier confirmed for certain is that the defense will remain of the 4-3 variety under defensive coordinator Fred Pagac.

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23 Responses to “Nothing Set In Stone”

  1. CalVkg says:

    the perception so far has been that they’ll focus on running, and guys don’t change their stripes a lot, so i’d expect the falcons’ offensive system, maybe with some wco hybrid tweaks. a lot can change before next season. musgrave has to see in person what he’s got, and there’s so much up in the air right now, who’ll be passing, catching, and blocking, i.e., almost everything

    from the old basement –

    Naturally, the key question for Musgrave is what style of offense he’ll run with the Vikings. In a conference call with beat reporters Thursday, Musgrave described the system he’ll install as a blend of different ideas and concepts.
    “It will definitely be the Minnesota Vikings system,” he said. “It will have its roots in language, I’m sure, from my history with coach [Mike] Shanahan and most recently from my experience with Mike Mularkey. There will be some language that our guys will recognize right off the bat because it will have some West Coast roots, and it will have some formations and protections that are more along the Pittsburgh Steelers offense, which we ran down here in Atlanta with coach Mularkey.”

  2. krugjr says:

    I’d rather go global than postal, so I’m happy…..not only important to scheme w/ talent available but also change it up week to week based on who you play……I think I’m down with this global thing….

    think I like this Davidson guy too (no, not like that)

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  3. Adam Warwas says:


    We don’t really have a movie theatre where I live, but I’ve seen quite a few of the “big” movies that are supposed to award winners this year and have not been very impressed. However, i watched “Winters Bone” last night with the Mrs. last night, and that is one quality movie. Intense and riveting without all the special effects nonsense. I highly recommend it.

    Also, off topic, I’ve been noticing that perhaps a few comments are being marked as spam when they shouldn’t be. I’ve had an invasive species (someone you are all familiar with) around here lately and am trying to block him. If you have trouble posting comments, please let me know.

  4. LeCount80 says:

    Im just happy that whatever it is,it will be a change from the stale old mess we had been running out there.

  5. chris says:

    looks like ap sucks with zone blocking, as well as the rest of the team…let the guy find his own hole and make a burst through

    • c.carterhof says:

      AP sucks? Our best player sucks?

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        CC, I dont think he meant it like that. I think he was just saying that this group sucks at zone blocking. Nobody in their right mind would say AD sucks.

        • c.carterhof says:

          I believe you are right Johnny, its just that AD has been running behind that zone blocking for four years. And while he could be better…he is still very good.

          • bigjohnny84 says:

            CC, we both know that alot of AD’s yards he creates on his own, very seldom is the hole where it’s supposed to be. Too many rushes for no yards or yards lost, that’s always been the case. just more proof of Ad’s greatness, most other backs would have only half the yards under same circumstances.

  6. bigjohnny84 says:

    Btw way CC what’s your take on any talks of Vince Young joining the Vikes? I’m not sure what to think about it, dude needs an attitude adjustment for sure but could also be very good.

    • c.carterhof says:

      Good point on AD Johnny, dude is the best regardless of blocking (or lack of).
      He does have some talent, but his tendency to act like my grandson when he doesnt get his way is a concern. My grandson is great and I love him…but he is THREE.
      I think I would rather roll with Webb.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        That’s the way I’ve been leaning on the Young talk too CC. It just really sucks to be in this situation on the qb position. Even having to consider Vince Young and his antics is a damn shame. But I got a feeling Frazier will do the right thing on the qb position.

  7. Lost Viking says:

    Bevell Bevell hiring confirmed by Seahawk. He becomes the fourth offensive coordinator in the last four seasons in Seattle.

    Little wonder their Offense sucks

  8. chris says:

    johnny – exactly what i was reiterating. ap is the best back in football bar none…my personal favorite player too lol…but the zone blocking sucks…and our fullback sucks too, i hope he isnt back. but back to ap…look at what jamaal charles, arian foster, maurice jones drew did this past yr? i cant even name an OL from there teams…that should say something AP is a billion times more talented then them and they put up better numbers because of better schemes and probably better OC and HC…if were gunna keep lowsy mckinnie then use his strengths: pushing foward, not moving around trying to keep up with ap!!! same goes for hutch and loadholt…we need a new rg and center big time….and not to mention i’ll be happy if we trade or release mckinnie (we’d have what? 8 million more in cap space this offseason?)…i have trust in frazier and musgrave sounds like he’s excited to use ap, harvin, rice for who they are and not make them robots executing some dumb dink and dunk west coast offense thats a useful as a poopy flavored lolly pop…anywho thats my thought, anyone want to share theres?

    GO VIKES!!!

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      chris, most of us around here have been saying the same thing for quite a while now. So we’ll have to wait and see what the new staff comes up with. Hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised, fingers crossed.

      • chris says:

        gotcha, ive only been on here for a few weeks so hopefully i’ll get to know everyone a little better and lets get this purple ship turned around lol go vikes damnit

        • bigjohnny84 says:

          Hope you stick around chris. Adam is the best hack blogger around and the guys and gals that come here are the best there is. And yes let’s get this ship turned in the right direction. Skol Vikes!!!

  9. LeCount80 says:


  10. chris says:

    i’ll be here guaranteed!! too many morons on the strib yaking away about the packers, its so annoying..its funny though the saints fans went away for some reason??? marshawn lynch anyone?

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