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State Wants Vikings To Up Their Ante

It is sounding more and more like the Vikings are going to have to commit more money to the stadium deal if they want the State of Minnesota to push public money towards the project.

The current deal is thought to be split into thirds with the Vikings, State, and local partner each contributing a third of the cost.

“I think somewhere between a third and a half, probably closer to between 40 and 50 percent … because I think that’s an appropriate share,” Governor Mark Dayton recently stated.

Dayton was then pressed to explain why the team shouldn’t be responsible for an even larger piece of the pie and he said it wasn’t realistic to expect much more than that if Minnesota wanted to keep the team.

“That’s my assumption and belief, that if we don’t build a new stadium, that within the next couple of years they’ll either move the team or sell the team to somebody who would move it elsewhere, and we’ll lose the team,” Dayton said.

While the Vikings have only offered up the one-third investment, I think there is more happening behind closed doors than we realize.

Way back in February, we referenced a report out of San Diego that said the Wilfs were willing to contribute up to $400 million towards a new stadium in Minnesota.  Perhaps by giving the appearance that they are playing hard ball right now the Vikings will allow the new Governor to look like he negotiated a good deal while the Vikings still get the stadium they want at the price they find acceptable by delaying the increase in their offer.


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8 Responses to “State Wants Vikings To Up Their Ante”

  1. Dynalee10 says:

    I can’t say I blame them at all. I think the owners of any NFL franchise should have to put up at least 50% of the cost for a new stadium. I understand that they only get the benefit of about ten games a year but in those ten games they make way more revenue than all the other events combined I would guess. In this economy getting any public support is going to be a tough sell as we all have seen so it stands to reason that the owners should pony up half the cash for new digs for the Vikes. It’s not like they didn’t know just what they were getting themselves into.

  2. LeCount80 says:

    My point is , do the owners reap the benefits of having multiple businesses spring up around the stadium? Why should they pave the way for the many resturants,hotels, corner stores, coffee houses, drug stores, supermarkets, etc…. that spring up around the stadium that they build in a market that had nothing previously? Anyone that says the owners should build their own stadium is very shortsighted. Do the owners get to take the stadium and all business nearby with them if they decide to relocate their own business ( the NFL TEAM) Hell NO! To say the owners should buy their own stadium is ludicrous! Ummmm…let me, the successful business man pay for the way of many,many other businesses to have a profit. Get over it….to have a NFL team in your city is nothing but a boon for the area. Anybody that says different is a fool. That being said……I dont think a 50% investment is out of the question.


    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Agreed LeCount well said. In a perfect world Wilf would foot the bill 100% and the state could have all the benefits but that wouldnt be fair and I dont think he can afford it either.

      • ClintJones says:

        It is for the Minneapolis and Minnesota people. Otherwise, they could move to LA and be set up. Why wouldn’t they want to move to LA, and have the highest profiles. It’s up to the community of Minnesota to convince them and support the idea. You would think tho, that Zigi could find private investors to help, with the way they (NFL teams) throw money around, you’d think they’d be able to finance it. I mean, really.

  3. c.carterhof says:

    I agree as well. Whats the going rate? Couldnt you just average it out, you know what is the average of what all the other owners paid.
    All I know is that if they do not get this done in about a month, our Vikings will be playing their last season in Minnesota.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Hey CC, yes there has to be a formula on how much Wilf should have to pay vs. the tax payers of the great state of Minny. Should be fairly simple though

  4. B. Grant says:

    Timing is everything boys. More taxes and State spending are not exactly popular topics in St. Paul these days with a $5b budget shortfall. I think the Vikes are going to have to be realistic about the current financial and political climate. Not sayin’ what’s right or wrong, just sayin’ what is.

    • CalVkg says:

      you are right, coach. the window might be closing for these deals for a long time, too, as gov’t money gets tighter. could be 1937 all over again, when the gov’t stopped spending and the real economy couldn’t keep things going on its own, the stock market fell about 50% that year

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