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Training Camp So Far

Thanks to Twitter and compilations of information (like this one over at 1500 ESPN) even those that reside in the far reaches of the globe (like yours truly) can get up-to-the-minute progress reports from Mankato.

It has been two days since I have updated my impressions (via the impression of others) of how things are going in training camp.  Tomorrow, the 16 some off players that have not yet been able to practice will be able to suit up, so things will likely change.

Here is some information of interest in nifty bullet point format:

  • The quarterback depth chart seems to be falling into place.  Ponder appears to be out-performing Webb.  Webb seems to be out-performing Bomar.  McNabb will be the week one starter.  Webb is still running with the first team, but that seems more like a formality than anything.  No surprises at the quarterback position… for the first time in about 6,546 months (give or take).
  • Running back Adrian Peterson is reported to now be the father of a baby boy.  Can we just draft the kid now, or do we have to wait?  Peterson is expected to be back in Mankato by the weekend.  Some beat writers (here’s looking at you Pelissero) seem on the verge of making a big deal out of his absence, but let’s all be honest, Peterson hardly ever does anything in the first week of training camp anyways.
  • The fullback competition seems to be between Ryan D’Imperio or not having a fullback at all.  D’Imperio, who landed on the practice squad last season, is making a good impression at camp, but Bill Musgrave did go out of his way to make the comment that his offense does not necessarily need a fullback on the roster.
  • Both Visanthe Shiancoe and Kyle Rudolph have looked solid.  Shiancoe is reportedly in ridiculous shape.  As if we needed more tight end depth, Allen Reisner is apparently making some nice plays in Mankato.
  • Apparently Percy Harvin and Jaymar Johnson, the first team receivers at this point, both look to be doing great.  Harvin has lost some weight in an effort to gain speed and has stated that his migraines are under control.  Johnson, who was on injured reserve for all of 2010, is said to look as good as any receiver in camp.  Manny Arceneaux has also been making some nice grabs.  Conversely, rookie Stephen Burton seems to be dropping passes and really having a hard time.  Andre Holmes is also having a rough camp.
  • Brandon Fusco has been in on two botched snaps with quarterback Rhett Bomar, so as of right now it looks like he may be staying put as the third string center.
  • Chris DeGeare has been playing at right guard in the place of the injured Anthony Herrera, but is supposedly struggling quite a bit, and at one point was dominated by rookie defensive tackle Christian Ballard.

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33 Responses to “Training Camp So Far”

  1. Malte says:

    wait a minute? Did he say that Dugan would be cut? WHAT?!

    • B. Grant says:

      From what Ole tells us, Dugan may be better suited to move up to the front office anyway. He knows how to handle referees, has negotiated international peace agreements, and is familiar with every postion on a football team as he tried to find the one right for him. His talents are likely being wasted as a backup short man on the kick off receiving unit.

  2. Vikadan11 says:

    Yeah he said something close to that about Dugan ~ I believe it’s due to the play of Allen Reisner who had some good reviews ~ Now word on what kind of blocker Reisner is though ~ ???????????

    I read somewhere that DeGeare is a little out of shape and that is believe to be the reason DeGeare is struggling quite a bit ~

    I’m hoping this is the year Jaymar Johnson finally makes a splash ~ He has had two great mid camp with Larry Fitzgerald were he and Cris Carter have noting but great thing to say about him ~ Last year Cater said he thought Johnson would be able to become some teams #1 WR and then the injury early in camp landed him on IR ~

    Ponder seems to be looking like the QB the Vikings thought he was when they drafted him ~ I like the fact that if called on he should be able to hold down the job as a rookie and that he will get a chanch to set and learn if McNabb can stay upright and play well ~

    OC has said Webb will be moved around a lot now that they can carry 46 players on game day ~ I believe we will see him get a lot of work in the preseason at WR and returning kicks ~

  3. VSU BlazerLady says:

    Do you think Ponder will get the majority of the playing time during the preseason or McNabb?

    How is Larry Dean doing? Is he going to make it??

  4. Lost Viking says:

    Now where is Troy Williamson when we really need him? I’d trade next years 7th rounder for some speed out there…

  5. Zag says:

    I think that -in Musgrave’s offense- Dugan and D’Imperio will be fighting for a roster spot, especially considering what Musgrave said about having/not having a fullback.

    D’Imperio has youth going for him. Dugan has experience at TE and Fullback.

    As far as TE is concerned, even if Allen Reisner got cut tomorrow we’d still have three good TEs on the roster.

    I love the guy’s work ethic, but Dugan is probably the odd man out.

  6. titan concrete says:

    I have an insider at camp, and from what I am hearing, come rugular season Dugan will be splitting time with Peterson. When he isn’t taking the handoffs, he will be under center. His only “rest time” will come of course at half time , and during special teams. It is very likely after week 4 when he is done filling the gap for the missing Williams wall , he will be relieving Greenway and EJ Henderson. So what ypu read about being cut was simply cut from tight end/fullback duties.

    • starrc10 says:

      Actually Dugan will be cut… from his duties filling in for the Williams Wall as well, he argued that the suspension be suspended as part of the CBA and Roger G, knowing superior logic when hearing it, agreed.

      I love the Jeffster.

      • B. Grant says:

        Dateline 2020: “Today Commissioner Jeff Dugan announced the settlement of a new 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement between NFL owners and the Players’ Association. Negotiations lasted about 15 minutes, and Dugan stated that both sides simply agreed to do whatever the Commissioner decided was in the best interest of the League and the Players.

        The Commissioner now moves on to settling the Referees Union dispute, a negotiations setting where he apparently has significantly less clout. The Commissioner offered that the tenseness of his presence in the talks may stem from an obscure incident that occured during his playing days. Visibly shaken as he spoke, Dugan declined numerous requests to elaborate on the incident.”

  7. hookem says:

    Anyone know how Everson Griffen is looking so far??

    • Malte says:

      on the first day with pads on (thursday) Everson Griffen had to straight sacks working on Thomas Welch.. It was Christian Ponder he sacked twice

  8. Tomb... says:

    OL sounds atrocious:

    5:06 TomPelissero: Jared Allen has begun the torturing of Charlie Johnson. Everson Griffen doing the same to Thomas Welch with 2 straight sacks. #Vikings [via Twitter]

    5:07 JuddZulgad: Christian Ponder was “sacked” on back to back plays. He can’t be hit. Webb now in with threes. #stribkato [via Twitter]

    5:08 JuddZulgad: Should note officials have thrown a lot of flags for infractions here today. A sign of how rusty things are at this point. #stribkato [via Twitter]

    5:08 TomPelissero: Wow, four touch-sacks in eight snaps for defensive line. Oline is a mess. #Vikings [via Twitter]

    5:11 TomPelissero: Johnson’s gettin destroyed. Two more “sacks” by Jared Allen. Second one he got out of stance slowly and never touched him. #Vikings [via Twitter]

    5:11 JuddZulgad: Various offensive lines are struggling in a big way with McNabb latest to have whistle blown because he would have been sacked.

  9. Tomb... says:

    ugh. Both commenting on the same play, but both seems unimpressed with our new LT.

    5:23 JuddZulgad: Jared Allen continues his abuse of Charlie Johnson, the Vikings new LT. Maybe Johnson is just learning on the job. Maybe. #stribkato [via Twitter]

    5:25 TomPelissero: Aaaaand Allen gets another sack with a bull rush on Johnson. Maybe it’s first-day jitters. Yeah, let’s go ahead and say that

  10. Tomb... says:

    Certainly begs the question, is our OL just working out some kinks, or are they just plain as bad as a Bud pun?

  11. krugjr says:

    restructure Chad and AD…take the new cap space and buy the best fat man available…if any are left…..prolly some new blocking techniques being put in too, maybe that’s a good excuse…

  12. krugjr says:

    why do I feel this is 2010 deja vu all over again?

    at least chilly is GONE

  13. Nume says:

    It’s still very early with a new Oline. Offensive lines typically take a decent period to gel together, especially with a new scheme. If they are still playing that badly in the last preseason game, it may be a cause for some concern. On the positive side, glad to see Jared Allen is able to take advantage :P.

  14. VSU BlazerLady says:

    Ha…..just read a news feed about today’s practice and it said that Larry Dean and Seth Olsen got in a shoving match!!

    Way to go, Larry….don’t let those Minnesota dudes push you around!!

    • B. Grant says:

      We don’t need trouble makers on this team, Lady. Is Larry a trouble maker? Huh, is he? Cuz if he is… he’s outta here.

      • VSU BlazerLady says:

        Gosh no!

        He’s is one of the most humble people I know with one of the best attitudes I have ever seen. I don’t know the circumstances of why they were shoving. The news feed did not say……I just assumed it was on the field and not off.

        So what is Olsen’s problem? Is he a hot head or something?

      • VSU BlazerLady says:

        Did you see what happened?

        I would find it hard to believe that Larry started anything. That is just not his style. Whatever is going on up there, I can tell you right now that Larry is NOT a trouble maker!

        • Ole says:

          Don’t worry VSU Blazer Lady, your son Larry is ok

          word out of camp is Kyle Rudolph and Tom Pelissero were trying to set up Jeff Dugan. They wanted Dugan to fight Seth Olsen so that our favorite hunk of man meat would get cut from the team, but their nefarious plan went awry due to the fact that Olsen is from Iowa and not too bright. He pushed the wrong guy, your son Larry, hence the nearly tragic misunderstanding

          • VSU BlazerLady says:

            Well, thanks Ole, though Larry is not my son. In Division II most of us avid fans really get to know the players, and sometimes they are your students(*wink). I just knew he didn’t start anything, but if you push, he’s gonna push back, he’s not going to let anyone walk over him.

  15. krugjr says:

    Posted by Mike Florio on August 4, 2011, 3:57 PM EDT

    We previously obtained the salary cap room (or lack thereof) for each team as of Tuesday. Several of you have asked for something more current.

    Your wish is our command.

    Here’s the info as of Thursday.

    The teams with cap space, a day before all teams must be in compliance, are as follows: Buccaneers ($ 29,560,000); Chiefs ($ 28,431,000); Jaguars ($ 28,000,000); Browns ($ 27,620,000); Bengals ($ 27,164,000); Broncos ($26,542,000); Bills ($ 23,460,000); 49ers ($ 22,570,000); Bears ($ 19,300,000); Seahawks ($ 16,387,000); Cardinals ($ 14,603,000); Redskins ($ 11,450,000); Packers ($ 11,106,000); Jets ($ 8,920,000); Dolphins ($ 8,446,000); Colts ($7,925,000); Titans ($ 7,127,000); Saints ($ 7,027,000); Patriots ($ 5,264,000); Chargers ($ 5,031,000); Eagles ($4,604,000); Ravens ($ 3,558,000); Panthers ($ 1,915,000); Vikings ($ 938,000); Falcons ($811,000); Giants ($623,000); Rams ($621,000).

    The teams in the red are: Raiders ($15,246,000); Steelers ($8,597,000); Lions ($7,793,000); Cowboys ($6,671,000); and Texans ($3,358,000).

    By tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., there should be no teams in the red.

  16. c.carterhof says:

    Way to go Mr. Brzezinski. You are…The Cap Wizard!

  17. Ole says:

    Dugan fever – catch it!
    but if you get a cold sore it ain’t his fault

    I hate to say this but because of the lack of OTAs and other off season activities, we may see some horrible injuries the first couple weeks of the season when the contact is for real. It would be awful if the Vikings had to beg brent favre to come out of retirement due to an injury.

  18. krugjr says:

    Posted by Mike Florio on August 5, 2011, 7:53 AM EDT

    Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is entering the final year of his contract, and the Cardinals having no way to keep him from leaving after the season, since the contract prevents the team from using the franchise tag on the 2004 first-rounder. As a result, Cardinals G.M. Rod Graves recently told PFT Live that the franchise’s top priority at this point will be to sign Fitzgerald to a long-term extension before the regular season starts.

    Some believe that Fitzgerald’s top alternative will be to return home to Minnesota and play for the Vikings. One person with unique access to Fitzgerald’s thought processes has provided some insight into that theory.

    Appearing on ESPN Radio Los Angeles with Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. had this to say when asked about the possibility, via “No. The Vikings are clearing cap space I have heard that but Larry has to make that decision. This is his life and he has always wanted to be a Viking because he is a Viking. He was a ball boy and that type of thing. He loves playing in Arizona, he’s valued in that community, and he’s a Cardinal.”

    So what would it take for Larry Jr. to be a Viking? “[T]he Cardinals would have to fall on their face,” Larry Sr. said.

    One of the hosts then said that connecting the dots takes Larry Jr. back to Minnesota. “Well yeah he always wanted to be a Viking growing up. He got drafted by a Viking. Dennis Green left Minnesota and went to Arizona.”

    Moving forward, the Cardinals should make their best offer to Fitzgerald sooner rather than later, especially with more than $14 million in cap room as of Thursday. If they can’t work it out with Larry Jr., then they should trade him to Minnesota now and get something in return.

    We know it sounds far-fetched, but when Larry Sr. points out that the “Vikings are clearing cap space,” it sounds like something could possibly happen before 2012.

  19. starrc10 says:

    Far fetched indeed sir.

  20. […] Re: Anyone have news on Ballard and Klug? On Ballad: "•Chris DeGeare has been playing at right guard in the place of the injured Anthony Herrera, but is supposedly struggling quite a bit, and at one point was dominated by rookie defensive tackle Christian Ballard" On Reisner: "•Both Visanthe Shiancoe and Kyle Rudolph have looked solid. Shiancoe is reportedly in ridiculous shape. As if we needed more tight end depth, Allen Reisner is apparently making some nice plays in Mankato" Both quotes from this Vikings Gab article Training Camp So Far Vikings Gab […]

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