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To All The Gabbers Out There: ‘THANK YOU’

In about two and a half years, in writing over 2,000 posts on the pages of Vikings Gab, I have a bond with many of the readers of this fine site. 

I am thrilled with how this site has grown in size, traffic, quality, readership, and character. 

This site has been a constant source of pride for me as a writer (aka Hack Blogger), as a football fan, and as a person.  A lot of the readers here at Vikings Gab have read not only about the Minnesota Vikings and their ongoing road to their first championship, but have been true friends of mine during a period of my life in which I married the lovely Mrs. Warwas, gained a new dog named Percy, and even had my first child (future starting strong safety for the Vikes).

And I have loved every minute of it.

I am incredibly grateful to Matt Loede and the Sports Gab Network for allowing me to be a part of their incredible organization, and providing me the freedom to make Vikings Gab my own unique little corner of the internet.  They truly are stand up people and can’t thank them enough.

Unfortunately, life has its twists and turns and I have made the very tough decision to step away from being Vikings Gab’s Editor.

I have been told they won’t be deleting my access to the site’s inner-workings and that I am welcome back anytime.  Maybe I’ll write a post from time to time, or maybe in the distant future I’ll be back again on a full time basis (should I pull a Favre?), but in the meantime I am just going to kick back and watch Randy and Branden create excellent content on these pages and comment on them like the rest of you.

Oh, and just so you know, I am going back to my old moniker of “akvikesfan.”  Now you’ll know me when you see me in the Vikings Gab discussions.

Again, I want to give one last thanks to all of you loyal readers that have put up with me for so long, it has truly been an honor.


Adam Warwas

P.S.  To all my friends on the east coast, take care of you and yours, we are all thinking about you.

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47 Responses to “To All The Gabbers Out There: ‘THANK YOU’”

  1. sb says:

    Thank you for all your fantastic work over the years, Adam. I have thoroughly enjoyed following this site, and it’s allowed me to keep up to date with everything Vikings here in Australia for the last couple of years. It’s greatly appreciated, all the best!

  2. Brett says:

    You’ve done a great job here, Adam. Your posts will be missed!

  3. 44forthehall says:

    It has been a pleasure, you will be missed, thank you very much Adam for all of your work.

  4. B. Grant says:

    Well… to be sure, this is not good news…

    But I have no doubt, Adam, that this has been given its due thought, and that you are making a good decision for you and yours. This has been a lot of fun since I game over from the AV, and your perspective has been greatly valued. You’ve really done a nice job with this thing, Adam. Good luck and best wishes in the re-focus of your time and energies!

    Tough act to follow, Randy and Branden. Good luck to you as well. (PS – Please keep Freds under control.)

  5. starrc10 says:

    The wife and I are sad to see you will have less of a presence here… but I feel strongly that you are doing what you need to.

    Que todo vaya como quieren!
    I hope things continue to go well for you!
    -starrc10 down south

    • akvikesfan says:

      Thanks to both you and the Mrs.! I hope you guys are doing well down there… I’ll never forget that it was this blog that put me in touch with such an inspirational young couple. Keep up the good work!

  6. Fran the Man says:

    Well shoot Adam, you’re the reason most of us came over here to VG from the evil AV.
    You’ll certainly be missed and as Coach said, tough act to follow for Randy and Branden!

    Now, if you have some time on your hands, come on up to the lodge the weekend after Labor day weekend and we’ll kill some Ptarmigan, catch some Grayling. . .

    Keep in touch.

    • akvikesfan says:

      That sounds like fun, Fran. Weekend after labor day? Do you get the football games up there at the lodge 🙂

      You were the first person to comment on one of my articles Fran, and had a lot to do with making this site populated with former AV readers… I owe a lot to you and what you helped me with here!

  7. c.carterhof says:

    Thank you Adam for putting in alot of time and effort into this site. You let us all continue to have a place that we can call “home”, and be with friends.

    See you around!

  8. CalVkg says:

    i’ve looked at some of the stuff you’ve done on this site, adam, and i could tell how time consuming it must have been to do all the research and writing, so i want to say thank you and i appreciate all of your hard work you’ve put in here

    family comes first, and i can’t blame you one bit for needing to focus on more important life issues. you’ve done an excellent job here and really made this thing work, so that’s something to be proud of and deserves a congratulations. i’m glad you’ll still be checking in as you will no doubt still have a need for an outlet for your writing and just being a vikings fan, but i’m sure we’ll all miss your work as editor

    • akvikesfan says:

      Thanks Cal, it has been fun. I always enjoyed you being on the site in the evenings (only 1 hour time difference for us) at the same time as me. We have had some good discussions over time. Something tells me that won’t change 🙂

  9. Purple Charlie says:

    The honor has been mine to have been able to read your posts from the beginning… Family is first, and I understand that very much.

    It’s sad, But if you chime in time to time, that will be awesome!
    Adam, I wish you the best, You and the Family.

    As I’ve said before, This is the best site ever. And i am sure Randy and Branden will keep it that way.

  10. Randy Perrin says:

    Greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for the site and hopefully well still be hearing from you time to time. We do have some huge shoes to fill and we will continue to build a site you’ve dedicated time, Passion and hard work to create. Thanks Adam!!

  11. wtfvikesfan says:

    Thanks Adam for everything you’ve done to make this blog a great blog!!!! We all will miss your posts!!! Take care!!!

  12. Lost Viking says:

    Oooooh! A crummy way to start a day and a season, no less.

    Echo the thanks of many others for your fine work and creativity in developing the site. This site fills a unique role. Its value to readers has increased over time.

    Going to miss reading your insights and evaluations with my morning coffee. Terrible thing when real life intrudes on a guys commitment to enjoying his football team.

    All the best to you and your family. Looking forward to hearing from you frequently in future.


  13. Fragile Freds says:

    This news is troubling. Really really troubling. Your old pal Fragile believes there is more to this here story than meets the eye. It’s kind of like the corporate executive that chooses to leave the company to pursue “other interests”, but in reality got fired for doing the fanny dance with his secretary.

    Now Freds isn’t saying that AK was doing any fanny dancing with his secretary, but if he had a secretary, well….. maybe, but probably not.

    As Freds has undertaken a deep undercover operation to get to the real story. Here is some of the info, your old pal has uncovered to date:

    1) Warwas reported to Vikings Gab opening day this year to write his first article weighting 396 pounds. Matt Loede got tired of AK wasting his talent with the lazy ass attitude and gave him his release. Freds expects he will write again soon enough, probably in Baltimore.

    2) Adam was seen walking in the Psychiatrists office in downtown Valdez, Alaska wearing only his Vikings jammies muttering “ too many men on the field?, too many men on the field!…too many men on the F’in field..that bald headed bastard…there too many men on the field!!”

    3) Warwas: “I just didn’t feel it”

    4) AK had no appetite to write 125 of the same articles this year, all of them saying our offensive line still sucks.

    5) Dude is spending tons of money and WAY too much time on family matters, specifically trying to find out why his dopey dog gets migraine headaches everything he retrieves a ball or stick.

    6) The lovely Mrs. Warwas was heard screaming at AK, “if I let you call me Leslie Frazier will you stop typing and come to bed?”

    Enough of this silliness.

    Well, one more… and Branden Lemke’s #1 bold prediction for this year. “ Warwas won’t be writing for Viking Gab this season.”

    Thank you Adam, your old Pal Fragile appreciates your fine work.

  14. krugjr says:

    seems like only yesterday when Ole suggested I check out this site…”Adam’s good and some of the “buddies” are there”….a fast 3 yrs…I often wondered how you found the time, Adam, GREAT job…..God, family & country, you bet! looking forward to you checking in now and again, and, of course, there will be that SB party when we all get together and win it all!

    GO VIKES!!!!!

    • akvikesfan says:

      I appreciate that Ole did that!

      Finding the time is exactly what became the problem, Krug. I’m not one to half-ass something, and I felt like lately the lack of time caused me to half-ass my efforts here at VG too much. Maybe someday thing will change and I’ll feel confident in my ability to do this again.

      Thanks for everything, Krug!

  15. bigjohnny84 says:

    Great job with the site Adam, you will be missed. Will you have the same e-mail address? If not let me know your new one.

    Thanks for the laugh Freds, I was a little sad after reading this.

    Branden and Randy, Coach is right on, you guys have some big shoes to fill.

  16. Bill Malone says:

    Hey Adam; Terrific job with the Gab…this decidedly comes as distressing news for those of us left. Give us a shout when you’re in town! And, thanks for your efforts!

  17. bigjohnny84 says:

    Dang it my comment got dumped, probably in Adams trash folder.(stifle what you’re thinking Freds). Now that the shock is over I have a question, who’s gonna host the live-chats now? Branden? Randy? Freds?

    • Randy Perrin says:

      Branden and I will be hosting the chats from here on out Johnny. I will be putting in my best effort here at VikingsGab to make sure the site continues on and continue to create friendships with everyone here.

      • Branden Lemke says:

        As will I. I do have another full time job, plus KFAN, but I am dedicated to keeping this a great site for everyone!

        • akvikesfan says:

          You two are going to do great! I’m looking forward to participating in your live chats!

          • bigjohnny84 says:

            Great job responding to everybody Adam, whoops I guess it’s ak again now. Thanks Randy and Branden for keeping the live-chats going we really enjoy them.

            Now lets go Vikes and kick some Cowboy ass.

          • Purple Charlie says:

            Can’t think of anything much better than kickin the Cowboy’s butts…
            (Packers ) ???

  18. krugjr says:

    Randy & Branden…..what has kept this site strong (good rep) was Adam’s ability to keep it “clean” and deleting the eh holes…..from what I’ve read, you guys know your stuff, and the 2011 Vikes will certainly give you plenty to write about….dis gon be fun…..

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  19. Malte says:

    I really enjoyed when you asked me to make a blog for the site, and I really enjoyed your view of the Minnesota Vikings.
    I can say on behalf of my self and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings fans (also us on the other side on the pond 😀 ) That you will be truely missed

  20. SupaScout says:


  21. LeCount80 says:

    I havent been around very long, but I really respect your insight and writing skills. Vikings Gab has been a great place to come and visit with all things Vikings, and you were a very large part of that.

    I wish you well with your new endeavors. Thanks for all the work you have done here.

  22. VSU BlazerLady says:

    You’re leaving??? What’s a newbie to do???

    I’m good friends with Brandon Misener who runs the website and can completely understand that doing something like this is sometimes an all-consuming, thankless job. But from all the comments above, one can see that your work was very much appreciated.

    Good luck in your future endeavors!!

  23. Tomb... says:

    I tried posting TWICE on this damn thing. How vexing.

    I guess I’ll keep it simple, we’ll miss you Adam, you smelly old comfortable shoe. Just make sure you comment often. I’m watching Sproles playing, and amazingly, he’s not dressed in purple! Just thought I’d point that out. Somewhere out there, gunslinkers is happy about that.

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