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Viking Roster Cuts

Vikings will be cutting 26 players to get down to the 53 they can carry on the roster. I will be posting them here as they come in.


RB Tristan Davis
DE David Akinniyi
OL Byron Isom
DE Stylez White
DB Devon Torrence
S Ryan Hill
WR Jaymar Johnson
WR Emmanuel Arceneaux (Will be asked to practice squad)
RB Alexander Robinson
FB Ryan D’Imperio(Will be asked to practice squad)
FB Matt Asiata (Will be asked to practice squad)
WR Stephen Burton(Will be asked to practice squad)
WR Juaquin Iglesias
LB Ross Homan
LB Heath Farwell
TE Jeff Dugan
DT Tremaine Johnson
DE Cedric McKinley
CB Tony Carter
RB Caleb King
OL Chris DeGeare
OL Thomas Welch
LB David Herron
CB Cord Parks
OL Ryan Cook

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139 Responses to “Viking Roster Cuts”

  1. akvikesfan says:

    Hopefully Davis or Caleb King at least stick to the practice squad. I liked the little bit I have seen out of both those runners this preseason. Stanley Havlii cut by Eagles today… FB solution?

  2. starrc10 says:

    Are some of the early cuts done to give those guys a chance on other teams? Just curious if that is a normal practice.

  3. Lost Viking says:

    Viking and Spielman should to be Cutdown Eve shopping for Boxing Day deals. NFL has already gift wrapped K-Will 2 game roster exemption.

    Need to cut roster below 52 to make additions.

    Short list:
    Offensive Tackle – worth giving up late round draft pick for experienced back up talent.
    Linebacker – Coy Wire from Falcon would be an upgrade at WLB
    Cornerback – Can’t have too many
    Wide Receiver – Some surprises coming

  4. akvikesfan says:

    LB Rennie Curran cut by Titans today. Curran was a pre-Draft favorite of the vikings brass it seemed… wonder if they still think highly of him???

  5. starrc10 says:

    All in consensus that Erin Henderson can’t hang?

  6. Lost Viking says:

    Watch to see if the Artis named Hicks is set free by Redskin.

  7. Tomb... says:

    By the way Adam, AK, sex kitten photo-op, pro-sproles man, I think the nomination of our good friend Coach as one of VG’s writers actually has serious merit. No joke.

    We all know he is a beloved and well respected opinion machine here. He has that solid line of unwavering and logical thinking that is hard to argue with. His writing style is exemplary, much like yours. Fantastic cadence, and an easy read, with spelling and grammar well accounted for. A good sense of humor (puns aside), and an absolute wealth of knowledge for Vikings lore past and present.

    I’m not saying this to usurp the fantastic work of our new boys on the beat, Randy and Brandon (good work thus far, fellas!), but as a solid complement the their collective work.

    I’m actually serious that you should consider adding him to the stable of writers on VG.

    Plus, the idea of pouncing from the shadowy internet corner and critiquing his work sounds absolutely delicious!

    Think it over!

    • akvikesfan says:

      Coach has been offered a spot on VG’s pages in the past (most of you would make great bloggers, I am sure of it, so if you are interested let me know) but turned me down. I also think he would do a fantastic job but understand the desire to simply be one of the masses.

      If any of you are seriously interested in joining Branden and Randy, let me know… I think I might still have some pull around here 🙂

  8. starrc10 says:

    It would be really fun to read B.Grant between the little brown haired character and the yellow file folder.

  9. Justin gallardo says:

    As long as SHERELS &AWESOME doesnt show up on the list i will be happy they have been the preseason mvps

  10. B. Grant says:

    Ill do it Tomb

    • Tomb... says:

      Buds! Don’t toy with us! If you are serious, I am extremely happy with your decision!

      You are designed for this, and you have my full and unwavering support. No “tomb” jokes, this is your kind of stage my man, and you are typecast for the role.

    • Tomb... says:

      By the way, it’s “I’ll do it,” not “ill do it.”

      Jumpin’ jeebers, I just complimented your spelling and grammar. Pull yourself together, and we’ll get through this. =>

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Awsome Coach and I’ll echo Tombs kind words. He speaks a helluva lot better than me. I see Jaymar just made this list so I guess Coach is right about Denzel making this his team.

    • B. Grant says:

      OK. Someone is back to the old tricks at the AV and posted as me, the actual B. Grant. (isn’t there a way to prevent that on here?)

      I just started reading all this, so I’m not sayin’ one way or the other, but just for the record, I did not post “Ill do it Tomb”. For starters, I hate making spelling or punctuation errors, so that was the first clue.

      I don’t know what to say about the request yet, but I needed to set the record straight about that comment posted.

  11. Lost Viking says:

    Disappointed to see Jaymar Johnson among the cuts. Good player.

  12. Fragile Freds says:

    Let’s hope jj jaymar signs with the seahawk. He and tjack can work on their potential for the next ten years.

    Freds also agrees that Buds should use his Internet quill to write about Freds favorite team. You’d be great Buds.

  13. fozz44 says:

    Stunned to see Jaymar go. Camarillo has absolutely no value to this team…..and certainly no upside.

  14. fozz44 says:

    Maybe they’ve already signed Randy Moss, just clearing roster space.

  15. starrc10 says:

    Stylez and Jaymar were surprises to me. I am really looking forward to see how the Frashe decides to put his TE crew together. Will he finally give his job and the QB spot to Dugan?

  16. akvikesfan says:

    Bud, if you mean it, shoot me an email

  17. hookem says:

    Hope we can get Stylez white on our practice squad

  18. c.carterhof says:

    Would be great if you wrote for this blog Coach! You have my support, 100%.
    Jaymar = gone.

  19. CalVkg says:

    before ya start the video after the link below, check out judd’s face. looks like he took an ex-lax or sumpthin

    • B. Grant says:

      Ok, cart, I had to stop it after 3:30. Judd did look like he had taken x-lax, along with 5 cups of expresso the way he talked. I felt dumber for having watched it, I award them no points, and I pray God’s mercy on their soul. If there was something I missed in the last 7 minutes, please let me know. (Those guys get paid? Really??)

      • titan concrete says:

        Kudos coach for making it 3:30 into that video. Cal, if you are being held against your will somewhere and forced to watch Judd’s videos, we are here to help out fellow gabber. Just type “I am missing Childress” into one of your posts and we will put out a search party.

        • titan concrete says:

          Also, If they start reaching for the Sid Hartman tapes…just give into their demands. No one will blame you if you want to end it.

      • AnotherBlondeViking says:

        Coach-I didn’t make it that far. I echo your sentiments!

  20. Randy Perrin says:

    By the way everyone, Branden will be back next week..He had some personal things to take care of and had to step away for a few days.

  21. B. Grant says:

    Ooops, sorry Cal. I thought that was from cart… my bad.

    To be fair, I should say what annoyed me there…

    1. Judd – the yawn thing was not amusing… at all. And you need to get an understanding of the whole 4 pre-season games/full charge concept. Yes, full price for a ticket seems a bit unreasonable, although it is not “highway robbery” (in a mocking tone). Its all part of the revenue/expense game. I can assure you that if you pay less for preseason, you will pay more for regular, so get over it.

    2. The fourth game does have meaning, and it is absolutely not true that all decisions are made going into that game. (You embarrassed yourself there, fellas.) Are they close, sure, its not like they START the process the next morning, but players can and have played their way on and off of a roster in that game. I believe four games are absolutely needed in order to have some sense of order and competitive entertainment in the opening regular season game. (For those who may not know, we used to play SIX!)

    3. Its not all about roster spots. Specific plays are called to see what a player does on that play versus a new body on the other side. Along with roster decisions comes depth chart decisions. Who is the first back-up, second, etc.? Special teams players might change… My point is that a lot of decisions are made, and just because its not like a regular season game with all the hoopla, it is an important “scrimmage” in game situations that people can either watch or ignore. But don’t call it meaningless.

    4. “Joe Webb was Joe Webb.” Now there’s some insight! That’s when I decided it would not be a 10-minute experience for me.

    No offense to anyone who may have enjoyed the piece, it just tripped an old man’s trigger. Sorry for being a curmudgeon, but that’s one man’s perspective, and the reason I watch less and less of this stuff all the time.

  22. starrc10 says:

    I think, at the very least, coach could write up a little something about the offensive line every week for the site… maybe he could just post a nice long comment and then the comment could magically become the next post on the blog.

    • starrc10 says:

      I mean, since the O-Line is the engine room of any team and I can’t get enough analysis of O-Lines (maybe I could get enough, but I wager I shall never find out since the media never has much to say other than SPECTACULAR or TERRIBLE).

      In short, fire away Coach (aka: screen-name-that-evokes-images-of-Walter-Matthau-in-Grumpy-Old-Men).

  23. akvikesfan says:

    Farwell cut… some cap space there, tough loss though.

  24. starrc10 says:

    I loved Farwell! I worry our special teams will now start to decline…

  25. Ole says:

    Dugan cut??????

    must be a ruse ……………. yea, that’s it…………..


    this is worse than losing to the Chiefs in their first super bowl

  26. Norseman66 says:

    Since Homan has been waived, does this mean Larry (Jimmy) Dean has made it?

  27. bisatc says:

    With these surprise cuts at linebacker (Farwell?) and wide receiver ( Johnson, Iglesias, & Arceneaux?), I can only assume the vikings are targeting some free agent players from other teams released today. What say you?

    • starrc10 says:

      I say they are happy with Larry (Jimmy) Dean and they are feeling good about the TE position with their crop of Kyle Rudolph the Red and Allen the voice of Reisner.

  28. Norseman66 says:

    By my count, Vikes only have 10 more players to cur. Correct me if I’m wr… wro… misinformed.

  29. Norseman66 says:

    cur = cut

  30. Ole says:

    just heard that Dugan is on a plane to New England, and that he is flying First Class! Belecheat will probably sign him. That chump the Patriots currently have at TE only caught 10 td passes last year as a rookie.

  31. Norseman66 says:

    LB Xavier Adibi has been cut by the Texans. Would not be a bad pick up.

  32. starrc10 says:

    Dugan, you will be missed.

    Continue your zebra hunt, Jeff. Follow your dream of running down all mediocre referees.

  33. Lost Viking says:

    The Giant have decided to keep former Jet Steve Weatherford over the resurgent Matt Dodge. The person requested anonymity because the Giants have not yet announced the move.

    Does this means that Matt will soon be heading out….

    In other news Giant released Darius Reynauld, WR

  34. Ole says:

    Lost called it, Artis Hicks cut by the Redskins

    • Lost Viking says:

      Now if we could only Spielman to pick up the phone. Hicks would give us some stability at OT.

      • Lost Viking says:

        Washington Redskin are trying to trade backup guard/tackle Artis Hicks to the Cleveland Brown, according to the veteran lineman. If the teams can’t agree on a deal, he will be cut.

        Hicks started 10 games at right guard for Washington last season

  35. Dan says:

    Jaymar, White, Dugan, and Farwell are all slightly surprising cuts individualy, but I’m really surprised to see all of them go. I figured Styles would make it after Williams got suspended, but he’s a vested veteran so they would have been on the hook for his entire salary had he made the week one roster. It’s sad to see guys like Farwell and Dugan go, but good to see that Frasier can make those tough decisions to ensure the talent at the bottom of the roster has better long term potential. Looks like Dean and Reisner are safe for now, but I agree with the posters who are expecting a couple outside guys to be brought in, especially at LB because Henderson hasn’t blown me away in the pre-season and there is zero depth behind the top three guys. I’m expecting Brinkley to be put on the PUP list to give them a six week roster exemption for him, that makes more sense than IR right away.

  36. bigjohnny84 says:

    Holy cow what a fire sale. Sorry about Dugan Ole.

  37. titan concrete says:

    Brandon Meriweather cut by Pats. Could be a good addition, but is a little too similar to Randy Moss. (Takes plays off)

  38. Justin gallardo says:

    Pats just cut safety marrieweather.. Hope the vikings go get him.. He is a solid safety..and we dnt have a true solid safety..i like jamarca but he would have to prove he can cover..

  39. Dan says:

    Tavarres Gooden of the Ravens would be a solid guy to grab. Starting experience at LB for the Ravens, that would add some depth to our group.

  40. Lost Viking says:

    Anybody with the name sounding like Tavarres wouldn’t be first choice with Viking fan.

    Speaking of same fickle fan what to think when viewing QB carnage including 2006 draft day choices. Brodie Croyle, Kellen Clemens, O’Donnell?

    Some of the derision directed at a certain Childress draft selection might be re-considered. Consider present circumstances of those other sure-fire selections including: Derek Anderson, Alex Smith, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Trent Edwards, Brian Brohm etc.

    Who would have thunk T-Jax as starting QB on team with playoff intentions.

  41. Justin gallardo says:

    Pats also just cut Brandon Tate he is young and fast..i think the viks should go after him and cut camarillo..tate can be a boost and camarillo not so much.

  42. Dan says:

    I agree about Tate, but I’ll guarantee you someone with a higher spot in the waiver claim order will grab him before the Vikes will. Corner Tony Carter can be added to our release list.

  43. B. Grant says:

    Still no real answers on the offensive line… Interesting.

  44. akvikesfan says:

    DeGeare cut!?! REally!?!? C’mon, now.

  45. akvikesfan says:

    Brown, Love, Olsen and Fusco all make the roster… with Ryan Cook and Chris DeGeare sent packing. Nobody predicted anything like that.

  46. akvikesfan says:

    David Herron and Farwell both gone, with Brinkley on I.R. Thin at MLB this year, has bit Vikes in the ass in the past.

  47. akvikesfan says:

    Joselio Hanson would be a nice replacement for Asher Allen who somehow made the cut as a dime back (at best) despite being worthless on special teams.

  48. bisatc says:

    Interesting. Perhaps this year our personnel will seem much more suited for the type of TE Jumbo run packages we are going to see. This may turn out positive after all. But I do have to admit I like DeGeare’s future potential.

  49. akvikesfan says:

    Next big things to keep an eye on: low-level trades, small free agency wave rumors, and practice squad formation. Fun times!

  50. akvikesfan says:

    Vikes are taking the youth movement seriously. High percentage of draft picks made the roster, and two undrafted guys too (Dean and Reisner).

  51. bigjohnny84 says:

    AA made the cut??? They better not dump Sherels

  52. akvikesfan says:

    Rashad Jennings goes to I.R. and everyone seems to expect MJD’s knee to blow up this year… interesting to see if they go after Caleb King or if the Vikes manage to stash him on their PS.

  53. Zaimain21 says:

    The full roster has been posted on link below:

  54. Zaimain21 says:

    11 of our players have no NFL experience.

  55. akvikesfan says:

    Very interesting day. Cut day always has a few surprises, but this year seems especially surprising on a lot of levels.

  56. akvikesfan says:

    Three centers and a long snapper… interesting. When KWill comes back, I bet it is either Fusco or Cooper that gets the ax.

  57. bigjohnny84 says:

    I see they kept Onatolu, that surprised me a little.

  58. akvikesfan says:

    Homan and Stephan Burton are the only two (of 10) 2011 draft picks to not make the roster. That’ll be a nice line on Spielman’s resume if these guys turn out to deserve the roster spots they’ve been given.

  59. akvikesfan says:

    10 O-linemen and 11 DB’s make the final cuts… Quantity a sign of the quality.

  60. Ole says:

    via twatter

    “going to Darfur to stop the civil war and save millions of people”
    “after that, I’m gonna fix that global warming thingy”
    “wait…. might have to stop in Libya too”
    “dang, now the Arabs and Jews want to have a sit down with me”
    “whoa, the Pope is on hold, line 1”
    “Putin left a message, something about rescuing the Space Station”
    “Princeton’s genetic splicing lab looks like an interesting place to work”

    Jeff Meta Universal Peace Dugan

  61. akvikesfan says:

    The Colts just cut Nate Triplett… why didn’t Spielman offer them a 5th rounder in a trade to get him in purple??

    Kidding… of course

  62. bigjohnny84 says:

    I think I would have taken a shot with Chord Parks and let AA go.

  63. Zaimain21 says:

    Biggest surprise cut to me was OL Chris DeGeare. He was probably the most versatile OL that we had. Interesting.

  64. Ole says:

    you know the economy sucks when Jeff Meta Universal Peace Dugan loses a job

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Ole, looks like he’ll be a little busy with the things you listed above. He has no time for football domination anymore.

  65. akvikesfan says:

    2010 Draft well on it’s way to being one to forget. Everson “groin grabbin'” Griffen may end up being the best pick. Cook and Gerhart are backups and have a long ways to go before being anything else. DEGeare, Triplett, D’Imperio, and Shuler already goners… I’ll never forget everyone going “WTF!” during the live chat of that Draft.

  66. akvikesfan says:

    I gotta say I am a lot more “totally shocked” about this roster turnover than I ever expected to be. Frazier has really made this his roster (especially on offense) for better or worse. Interesting string of events this offseason.

    For those that missed it… Sidney rice is already questionable with an injury in Seattle.

  67. akvikesfan says:

    116 comments, great job the last two days Randy!

    • B. Grant says:

      Dare I say I’m not all that surprised about today’s results. This is Leslie’s team, and the people that made up the OL in previous years simply did not get the job done. For anyone who says pre-season game 4 means nothing, I say these guys proved they can block in that game, and now they get their chance.

      Because of this youth movement, we will need to be ready for some ups and downs this season. I believe many of these decisions are being made with the 2012 season in mind.

  68. Dan says:

    Judging by the #’s, they’re not done yet. They have six interior lineman but only 5 LB’s. There are probably some waiver claims coming tomorrow. Reed making the roster surprises me too (pleasantly surprised), I think they could have gotten him onto the practice squad. He’s probably going to take Kevin Williams roster spot the first couple weeks, then they’ll try to slip him through in a couple weeks. Lot of surprises.

    • Lost Viking says:

      Good observation. Three centers and a long snapper….huh?

      Viking may be more serious about Everson Griffen experiment than previously thought.

  69. bigjohnny84 says:

    Wow Adam I dont think I’ve ever seen you go on a commenting tear like this? Good job

  70. Bleed Purple N Gold says:

    Id like to see us go after brandon merriweather and brandon tate….theyd be a good upgrade to safty and wide out…surprised to see some of these cuts…especially degreare…farwell..jaymar johnson..stlyez white..thought hed be good for a DE rotation….Id like to see chord parks..ross homam added to the practice squad..i thought they showed some potential…like the other practic squad guys though..I persoanlly wouldnt put 2 FBS on the practice squad though

  71. B. Grant says:

    I’m sure Ryan Cook is a fine young man, but I have to admit that it pleases me greatly to see his name on the cut list. It just comes down to the fact that if he is worthy of being kept, the unit is weak. There is just no other way to spin it.

  72. Bleed Purple N Gold says:

    Glad to see reeisner and sherels make the team they deserved it..itll be interesting this year for sure

  73. akvikesfan says:

    I feel like we are suddenly more like the Chiefs and Bucs of the league, instead of the NFL’s nursing home.

  74. titan concrete says:

    Is there in info out there on cap space now? do we have any room if we make a waiver run for anyone?

    • Dan says:

      I would estimate swapping Farwell/Dugan for Dean/Reisner frees up roughly 1.5-2 million. None of the other cuts are really going to effect anything because the cap #’s we’ve seen floated the last few weeks are based on only the top 50-some highest paid players on the team. Farwell is the key cut as far as cap space goes, but it’s not going to be enough to pay for a big name vet.

    • akvikesfan says:

      Not much space will have opened up. Farwell is really the only guy that had a substantial salary (top 51, as cap is calculated) so they probably gained $1-$2 million today.

      • titan concrete says:

        Then we probably wont be putting a claim in for any “big names”. I just think we are in big need at the safety positions. No one seems to have a problem going over the top on us and that hasnt really been addressed.I think Meriweather is only due around 2 million this season, and is in his final year of his contract which could make him play at an even higher level. But for that price, the lions might snatch him up just to make sure he doesnt get to us.(assuming he makes it that far)

  75. titan concrete says:

    Or is Meriweather past four years? If thats the case, I dont believe that he goes through the waiver system.

  76. sb says:

    There are certainly some interesting cuts today. I’m a little disappointed DeGeare was cut, I was really hoping he would turn into a solid player. I guess we will have to wait and see if Denzel’s moves were for the better or worse, but at least there has been a solid injection of youth into the team!

    That 2010 draft class isn’t looking to crash hot at the moment, hopefully Cook can pick up his play or it could be an extremely disappointing draft!

  77. Dan says:

    Meriweather was a 4th year guy, so no waiver order on him. My gut tells me they won’t be interested in Meriweather, and it’s got nothing to do with his salary. Agreed he’s better than what we have as far as talent, but there could be a character issue with him. Frazier wants committed guys, and if the Patriots gave up on him then there is probably something wrong with him in that area. Adibi or Gooden would be solid additions for LB depth. Not really seeing much for FB’s out there, if GB hadn’t traded Quinn Johnson to the Titans I think the Vikes would have been all over him.

  78. Dan says:

    *4 years complete, actually a 5th year guy

  79. titan concrete says:

    I think you are right Dan. Its hard to argue his talent, but has Moss written all over him. It doesnt seem that they are too interested in keeping a FB. I guess with 4 TE on the chart, you arent really in dire need of one. Hopefully AD keeps learning to pick up the blocks when hes in or Mcnabb could have a really long season(or a really short one)

  80. bisatc says:

    For what its worth, I just set my franchise Madden 12 Vikings team to the current roster (sans A. Awesome, Sherells, Dean, and Bad-moon-Reisner ) and the team is pretty sweet to play with!

    Whatever the outcome of the Minnesota Vikings this year, its sure going to be fun watching the new Musgrave offense for me. Does anybody else feel sorry for Seattle’s offensive hopes under Bevel?

    • Lost Viking says:

      SeaHawg Offense is a lot more interesting for me to watch this year than it was in past. Big weakness is thru offensive line. Darrell Darrell Bevell Bevell might take an interest in guys like Cook, DeGeare and Hicks hitting the street.

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