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Viking Inactives: Week 1

Vikings Inactives for Week 1 against the Chargers:

CB Asher Allen
CB Brandon Burton
LB Xavier Adibi
S Mistral Raymond
DE D’Aundre Reed
C Brandon Fusco
OT Demarcus Love

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43 Responses to “Viking Inactives: Week 1”

  1. CalVkg says:

    ok, let’s surprise everybody and kick some ass!!!!!

  2. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Detroit just beat Tampa.

  3. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Is there a web stream of the game anywhere?? FOX is showing the Redskins down here in the south…

  4. VSU Blazerlady says:

    I’m watching the Vikes game on ESPN’s game tracker…..woohoo!

  5. AnotherBlondeViking says:

    Love it!!! Let’s keep the Boobirds active in San Diego!

  6. CalVkg says:

    HEY!!! we’re lookin pretty good at halftime. solid defense, can’t lay the 7 on them. let’s keep it goin in the second half

  7. akvikesfan says:

    Chris Cook is killing me today

  8. CalVkg says:

    jared allen the interceptor, haha

  9. akvikesfan says:

    Antoine Winfield
    Chad Greenway
    Jared Allen
    Michael Jenkins

    Joe Webb
    Chris Cook
    Jamarca Sanford
    Middle of the D-Line

    • Skol12 says:

      Adam, your not going to add Percy Harvin to that list? Opening kickoff for a touchdown, grant it he hasn’t done much since. Also your surprised that Berrian didn’t impress? When has Berrian ever lived up to his contract. Chris Cook has some great plays but way too many blown coverages and penalties.

      Overall this is about what I expected, so far, big plays from our defensive stars, but the rest of the team not being able to take advantage. McNabb should also be in the Did Not Impress list, he hasn’t done anything yet. Ponder will be starting by week 10.

      • akvikesfan says:

        Outside of the return, Harvin just hasn’t been all that impressive to me. One nice run on third down, that was nice.

        Berrian’s drop will be key if the Vikings lose this game. Announcers thought it was McNabb’s fault… but all I saw was a ball hit Berrian in both hands.

        • Skol12 says:

          39 passing yards is unacceptable for a starting qb in the nfl. I don’t care if your WR’s had 5 drops each. This loss is on McNabb alone.

          • akvikesfan says:

            Very true… T-Jack would’ve been a cheaper way to net 39 yards.

          • VSU Blazerlady says:

            I don’t know….Skol12! Remember it takes time for a QB that’s new on a team and receivers to gel. Let’s take a look at those dropped passes…..

            Was it a poor throw? Did the receivers run their routes correctly? Did the receiver give up on the play or not even catch the ball?

            Lots of questions that only game film and replays can answer!

  10. VSU Blazerlady says:

    No no no……how did that happen??? Wish I could see the game!!!

    Watching live stats is terrible!

  11. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Come on guys…..we need to tie it up!!

  12. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Geez….looking at the Game Tracker. The Vikes have punted the last three possessions.

  13. CalVkg says:

    offense fizzled in second half. what a shame, we could’ve won this one

  14. Tomb... says:

    Musgrave. You disappoint me. You look more vanilla and idiotic than Bevell. Honestly didn’t think that was possible.

    I figured this game was a loss, but we actually could’ve won this thing.

    ONE pass over ten yards, by my count. Way to stretch the field.

    I have a million comments, but I’m too disgusted to type them right now.

    We are the NFC North bottom dwellers if they don’t change things forthwith.

  15. Fragile Freds says:

    39 yards passing? 39? Has a QB EVER in NFL history who played a full game passed for less than 39 yards? 39? Hell man, at least break 40! Show some sack Don, at least break 40. Dude throws the ball 15 times and averages 2.6 per catch? And on the first play as a Vike throws a pic to a lineman on his own 5? Good golly Don.

    Freds wishes someone would have listen to Freds when he said two years ago to sign Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    39 yards?

    It’s only a matter of time before Don starts taking pictures of his weiner and the dome falls in again.

  16. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds can only imagine when Bjohnny sobers up enough to type what will be posted here.

    And poor coach Buds, Freds guy probably soiled his blue plaid Mills Fleet Farm Big Yank bib and down filled camo jacket.

    And ABV is bitching out Mr. ABV as we speak….

    oh the pain of it!

  17. AnotherBlondeViking says:

    ….worse than that Freds. I went out and finished doing Mr. ABV’s yardwork! I was too mad to even yell at him! We have high school QB’s who throw for more than 39 yards!

    And like others have said, we could have won this. That’s what is so discouraging.

  18. Fragile Freds says:

    Good thing Jumpin Joe came in and handed the ball off once for zero yards and got sacked on the second play. The good news for Joe Webb is that after game one he can say, that he is only 39 yards behind Don McNabb in passing.

    Hey Don, NOW do you know why that last year’s red neck QB never passed to Bernie Berrian?

    Hey Coach Denzel, glad you ran such a smooth camp all your players love you, maybe it’s time for some ass kicking. 9 penalties? Freds doesn’t care if your players love you or not, 9 penalties is WAY too much.

    39 fricken yards? 39?

    So much to say, so little time.

  19. Zag says:

    This was a terrible game to watch.

    San Diego beat us with dump off safety-valve passes to their running backs. That’s it.

    And can anyone tell my why the hell we put Webb in after Jared Allen’s interception? You’ve got momentum, take a shot! Don’t put in the gimmick QB!

    • Tomb... says:

      …and right after Peterson scored a first down, had momentum. Musgrave disappoints me.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      That’s when the game started going in the crapper. They better practice that wildcat or blazer whatever the hell they call it alot more before trying it again. Musgrave made Bevell look like a genious today. O-line forgot to come out of the locker room at half.

  20. Fragile Freds says:

    Have you seen how many blue gym mats this guy can jump over? That’s why!

  21. Fragile Freds says:

    By the way ABV, this was very nice…well done!

    AnotherBlondeViking says:

    September 11, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Good Morning, Friends!

    This morning, We chose to watch the 9/11 coverage on TV rather than go to church.

    Before we get stoked for football, I would just like to say a prayer for all the families of the victims that day in NYC, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon. We would also like to pay special thanks and give a tribute to our brave service personnel who have lost their lives these last 10 years.

    We also send continued prayers to our current armed forces and wish them God’s Speed as they continue to keep us safe and ensure that the USA is the finest country on the planet. Because of all of them, we will be able to enjoy football today and for the rest of the year, in a peaceful, free country.

    So before we Show Our Horns, please take a moment of silent relfection.

    Thanks! God bless of you–and the United States of America!


  22. Ole says:

    watched the game via the Chinese interweb link. This is why I was not enthusiastic about Don McBoob. The guy may have some game left in him but not much.

    Bring back some criminals at WR, or at least have Cheech fire up his bong and pass it around before the next game

  23. bigjohnny84 says:

    Holy crap. I just read Vikes had 28 yards in second half. 28 yards? Dont win too many games like that.

  24. Dr. K says:

    Play calling was terrible. Offensive line still cannot open holes in the run game or give the QB enough time to throw. No offensive adjustments in the second half. Just kept trying to run without sucess. Took one shot down the field and should have hit it but off course didn’t. I thought the defense actually played descent. I like the blitzing but if we have to blitz every play to get any pressure it’s going to be a long season. Gotta start throwing some on first down and if we run on first we need some play action on 2nd. Going to have to let McNabb throw it more or all Peterson is going to see is 8 even 9 in the box. Game we could have won but we played to keep it close.Very frustrating!!

  25. bigjohnny84 says:

    If we want to find a little bright spot, I think Brob showed that he’s more than an adequate replacement for RayRay. He really made some good plays against the pass and run.

  26. sb says:

    Damn it. I watched the first half and everything looked like it was going pretty well! Come back to check and I thought the stats must not have refreshed.. 39 yards what the? Did the chargers have few long drives or something? Even in the first half the running game was too predictable they need to take a few shots down field to keep the linebackers from creeping up.

    The rest of the NFCN teams looked pretty good today, Stafford was absolutely torching the bugs secondary…

    Fingers crossed Musgrave makes some offensive adjustments for next week and our WR’s grow an extra set of hands

  27. krugjr says:

    Cannot write anything positive, sorry…day before we signed McFlab, I wrote no way we sign him, vikes are finally past the washed up QB thing…even with short off season, I didn’t believe owners and coaches would take us there again, but they did and now we play the dreaded when do you pull him game…sorry guys and gals, we are going to be at the bottom rebuilding for a long time…wilfs, you get exactly what you deserve …game was on tv and i watered house plants ….that’s how excited I was with this team…some day the loyal purple fans will get real ownership with a GM and a coach we can be proud of…..lighten up Krug __its just one loss…..nope, its 40 years of this crap….im way too old for this…..agree with all who said this weekends 911coverage… was AWESOME!!!!!

  28. Edwin says:

    This was a farce, 76 yards passing with McNabe at Quarterback, you can’t run Petterson for three consecutive downs. Wake Up

  29. bisatc says:

    Wow, so much negativity. I agree, a horrible 2nd half and ugly stats for the passing game. However, the sky is not falling. The season is not over. It was one game gents.
    There were some positives to take from this game, IMO. Our defense played pretty stout, we ran the ball decently and we almost beat a damn good football team in their home. We will fix the problems and move on…have some faith Vikings nation!

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