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Vikings/Tampa Injury Report: UPDATED

Injury Report 9/16


DE Adrian Awasom(Knee) – Questionable

MLB E.J. Henderson(Knee) – Questionable

CB Asher Allen(Toe) – Probable

WR Michael Jenkins(Groin) – Probable

Tampa Bay

WR Sammie Stroughter(foot) – Out

CB Myron Lewis(Ankle) – Questionable

LT James Lee(Knee) – Questionable

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12 Responses to “Vikings/Tampa Injury Report: UPDATED”

  1. c.carterhof says:

    Frazier said the team’s commitment to Peterson will pay off eventually.

    “Everything that we do is based on getting [running back Peterson] going because it opens up so many things for our offense,” he said. “But there has to be balance. We understand that. But because of so much attention being paid to adrian, it opens up so many opportunities for other players on our offense. I don’t think that’s going to change. People have to pay attention to Adrian Peterson.”

    It seems as if Denzel knows what he’s talking about, and has a plan. OR, just the opposite.

    It was just one game, and for a half it was great. Sooo, Im thinking Ill give him the benefit of doubt.

    There does have to be balance. I dont really care how many yards McNabb throws for, or AP runs for. The only stat that matters is win or lose. And we were one or two plays away from a win. On the road versus a talented team. But lets find a way to keep those drives going, and clamping down on D so they can get off the field. What da ya say Leslie? (Pat on the back)

  2. Lost Viking says:

    Tampa Bay ran the ball for 56 yards against the Lion.
    And they had four fumbles.

    Viking allowed 77 yards in running last week (< 3.0/carry).

  3. Vikings Fan says:

    The vikings versus the Bucs is my favorite match up. Perhaps is the fact they are both ocean traveling people?

    Hopefully the Bucs play well I want to see at least a good fight.

  4. krugjr says:

    cc…..I agree, doesn’t matter the balance, just win…..blows me away when coaches say, we’re gonna “establish the run early”…”we’re gonna get the ball to AD early”…..”we’re gonna run the ball 30 times”…..”when it opens up we’ll take a shot downfield”…..”we’re gonna let Webb run a little”…..etc…..somebody said a while back, they seemed to know what play was called…..duh-uh…..only reason to bring in McFlabb was 1. hopefully he still has an arm and 2. smart enough to read the def………………ooooops, wrong on both counts….starting to see Brad Johnson on his deep balls and he’s panicking in the pocket before a good read….and don’t gimme the OL thing, we’ve got two QBs ready and willing to give def fits by running around and making plays…..offensive cord says we’ll use our players’ talents……well get to it……Donavan wasn’t brought in to keep games close, and lose, it was to “win” games…..with our roster anyone can keep games close……I’d rather “lose” with the young guys and have some fun and prepare for the future…this “old man QB” stuff is pathetic and embarassing……

    what’s the over-under on number of games (losses) before a QB change?

    why do we as Vikings fans end up trying to defend the “laughing stock of the NFL” over and over again…….yeah yeah yeah, monday morning QB thing, but I still say we should have “bought” a DB instead of McFlabb and started playing for the future…..
    think I’m done for a while!

  5. Purple Charlie says:

    Maybe they see something we don’t as far as getting McNabb,And putting him in this system to win, I would love to see these guys get in Rhythm and win…

    It is about the Wins, I’ll take a ugly win anytime ! To be honest, I would have liked to have seen someone stepped up and took Berrian’s spot.
    Just sayin

    • krugjr says:

      Charlie…..I think the coaching staff just panicked when the strike lasted so long and didn’t want to crash and burn with Ponder in their inaugurational year, so they took out and expensive insurance policy with McNabb….think they bowed to a little pressure from the vets on the team too that didn’t want to “rebuild” at this point in their careers….another game or two like last week, and they’ll want to change policies…

      GO VIKES!!!!!

  6. c.carterhof says:

    Hey Charlie and krug! Thats right Chuck, we did alot of ugly winnin’ back about 40 years ago. “I love winning…its like alot better than losing.”
    Read a thing old Juggzy wrote about us having no deep threat. I just dont understand, why couldnt we send Webb on a few fly routes. Dude is 6′ 4″, can run like the wind, and jump…he can jump. Maybe he cant catch?

    • krugjr says:

      cc…..look at that replay of the Berrian “drop”….he ran right past the defender and was 2-3 steps ahead when the underthrown ball showed up…guess Donavan was hit as ball was released, but my point is Berrian DID streak right past the guy and was wide open….in pre season, Webb and Ponder were throwing over the head of many deep routes…they do have the arm, and we do have some speed (if we don’t have speed then fire the coaches and Spielman)….I guess when someone says we don’t have a deep threat, they must mean we don’t have the right combination at WR and QB to “consistantly” connect on the long ball enough to be a threat to the opposition…..I guess this IS my point…if we aren’t good enough to have a passing attack, and if it’s going to take half the season and a 2-6 record to develop one, then we just should’ve gone young in the first place….we didn’t bring in McFlabb to “practice”….and IMHO, he ain’t half the QB Brett is…

      Jeff, this is hard on the ol’ ticker!

  7. B. Grant says:

    We will beat the Bucs.

  8. krugjr says:

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011
    For McNabb’s Sake, Time for Vikings to Install Webb at Quarterback

    In Sunday’s loss to the San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Donovan McNabb went 7 for 15 for 39 yards with one touchdown and an interception. The woeful numbers speak volumes on their own, ranking McNabb dead last by a wide margin in any meaningful quarterback statistic.

    Although it has only been one game, one game in the NFL is akin to ten games in MLB at 1/16th of the season. One more game like Sunday’s and fans will be left pondering whether the Vikings can climb out of their 0-2 hole and finish strong over the final 7/8ths of their schedule. In short, while one game does not a season make, there is little time to remedy a poor start when the season is as short as is the NFL’s.

    While McNabb’s performance was poor on Sunday, a great deal of his struggles were other than self-inflicted. In addition to playing on a team that confoundingly continues to view Bernard Berrian as a legitimate deep threat, McNabb finds himself mired in a system that requires nimbleness in the pocket and elusiveness for escaping the ever collapsing pocket. And all of those problems are dwarfed by the threat that is the reinvention of the Childress Coast Offense to an impossibly more offensive degree.

    Given that the Vikings’ offensive line is terrible and the offensive play-calling is fathoms below NFL grade, there already appears to be no point in retaining McNabb as the starting quarterback. Despite having the strongest arm on the team, McNabb is too slow to escape trouble, too errant on his throws, and too late on some of his reads to any longer support the claim that he is the Vikings’ best quarterback under the circumstances.

    Were McNabb playing behind the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line of the late 80s and early 90s, he would have the luxury of surveying the field and waiting for receivers to get open. This Vikings’ offensive scheme, mired in the notion that a ten-yard play is an “explosive” one, and fixated on encouraging opposing defenses to stuff the box, thus creating more readily disguised blitz schemes, works against everything that ever made McNabb a success early in his career–particularly when McNabb appears to be in late-in-his-career running condition.

    Both Joe Webb and rookie Christian Ponder offer greater elusiveness than McNabb and both appear to make good reads and have good releases out of the pocket. The great irony, in fact, is that both Ponder and Webb need to improve their pocket play. Given that the Vikings rarely have a pocket in which to play, Ponder’s and Webb’s greatest and similar weakness is essentially irrelevant and their abilities outside the pocket become all the more meaningful.

    If the Vikings insist on playing Musgrave Coast Offense (MCO), there simply is no point and no value to having McNabb in the game getting pummeled and making bad plays. The wiser option would be to insert either Webb or Ponder. And given that Webb has more experience than Ponder and is more elusive, Webb is the better choice.

    Switching to Webb not only would allow the Vikings to spread the defense horizontally, it should free up the middle of the field for one of the team’s three tight ends as the middle linebacker would have to stay home to cover Webb.

    Although it is early in the season, there is reason to worry about where this Vikings’ team is going, both this year and beyond. Bill Musgrave appears to be about the same guy that was relegated to career quarterbacks coach before the Vikings–in another move wreaking of misguided ownership support–came to the rescue, Leslie Frazier appears unaware of the magnitude of the situation, and the Vikings’ $100 million signee is stuck in a system that leads to him finishing in the middle of the pack or worse, week after week. It’s beginning to resemble a house of cards at Winter Park with the builders having failed to recognize the need to establish a proper foundation. Only a dramatic change in philosophy now can salvage this season and give hope for the future.

    from VIKESGEEK

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