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Vikings Inactives Week 2

Vikings players listed inactive for today’s game:

-CB Brandon Burton

-FS Mistral Raymond

-DE Adrian Awasom

-WR Greg Camarillo (to make rrom for Asher Allen)

-DE D’Aundre Reed


Active Players:

-MLB EJ Henderson

-CB Asher Allen

-C Joe Berger


Jeremy Fowler is reporting that with Greg Camarillo inactive, the Vikings plan to use Devin Aromashodu in the passing game today. Look for a few balls to go his way.

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50 Responses to “Vikings Inactives Week 2”

  1. Randy Perrin says:

    OT DeMarcus Love and C Brandon Fusco also inactive.

  2. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Run, Gerhart, Run

  3. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Touchdown, Vikes!!!

  4. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Field goal, Vikes!!

    Offense is looking good so far. Bucs defense has been on the field a long time in the first half.

  5. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Kudos to the OL…..just opening holes for AD and Gerhart!

  6. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Preston Parker is doing a good job for the Bucs. He’s another D2 guy, but played for our rivals, North Alabama…..that’s why I can only wear purple on Sundays!!!

  7. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Vikes need to get back to their running game this 2nd half……Bucs getting too close!!

  8. VSU Blazerlady says:

    Come on, Defensive Coordinator…..put in Larry Dean….he knows how to contain Preston Parker!

  9. Purple Charlie says:

    I watched the 1st half,I just came back…

  10. krugjr says:

    hey coach, take your “bend don’t break” and stick it!

  11. Skol12 says:


  12. Nume says:

    So, who is putting the tranquilizers in the halftime gatorade for the vikes?

  13. hookem says:

    jeez we suck in 2nd halfs

  14. krugjr says:

    Johnson drops another INT that should’ve saved the game…..

  15. krugjr says:

    welcome to the “head coaching” world of the NFL, Frazier… have yet to win a game (interim doesn’t count)… will you “low key” this fiasco? (insert Denny Green)

    cut to Wilfs….don’t even take this team to LA…..sell to an owner who knows football, please!

  16. krugjr says:

    Dear Ziggy and family,

    You hired Frazier to maintain continuity…..well you got it…the same loser’s attitude and performance we’ve had for years…..

  17. krugjr says:

    Spielman tried to get the band to run out onto the field during that last play but they all just stood there and laughed at him…..priceless!

  18. Norseman66 says:

    I’m excited about this team….A top 5 draft pick is well within our grasp!!!

  19. krugjr says:

    I’m the only Vikings’ fan sober enough to type…………..

    Ole…this is exactly what you and I said would happen if the Wilfs wouldn’t put together a “real” organization (GM and head coach with experience)….you get what you pay for, Ziggy!

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Very sober,Just stunned, Has to be coaching adjustments during the second half.

      I have to agree with you and Ole…
      It is worth the money to have someone with experience and knowledge of the game no doubt…

      Last week i could see it coming, After the way they played this 1st half … then turn the game on late and see the score…

      This week not so much.

  20. CalVkg says:

    i thought we might win 2 division games this year, haha

    are ya ready for some ohh and thrreee???

  21. wtfvikesfan says:

    Andrew Luck, would look very good in purple. Vikes should make trades pick up some draft picks, and go after Luck, Or moore, or any of the 10 or more qbs that will be very good nfl qb’s, Time to start Ponder and see what we have.

    • krugjr says:

      wtf…..about the Luck sweepstakes…Vikes will be 1-12 and will only have to lose one more to clinch the first pick….Webb will start last three games, win all three, and we drop to picking 4th, thus missing out on Luck, and the best OL in the country , and the best CB in the country…..picking 4th, Spielman takes a RB, saying we stayed true to our board and took the BPA…..

    • Skol12 says:

      Who said wed need to trade up for andrew luck. All we have to do is let kc beat us and andy will be a vining. Imagine the future of this division with stafford, luck, rodgers, and cutler!

  22. B. Grant says:

    OK, before any more ripping into Frazier, Musgrave, McNabb, etc., I want to offer another perspective.

    At the end of last year, this was hardly a competitive team. Many changes have been made, all without the benefit of an offseason of installing those changes…

    We start out with two teams on our schedule whom experts are predicting can logically make the playoffs, and we have a chance to beat them both right to the end of the game, all without one of our all-pro players, Kevin Williams…

    At one time or another, we have all suggested this will not be a playoff year for the Vikes, predicting an average of 8-8 for a record. We said this would be a struggle…, well, this is what a struggle looks like…

    Anyone watching can see that our secondary has improved, our O-line play has improved, and the offensive scheme makes a lot more sense, using AP both as a weapon and working off of him in the passing game. Yes, McNabb has missed some passes, and that has been frustrating, but I think we can agree this is a better offense than the Bevell version we have been watching the last few years. (Seattle didn’t score today.)

    When evenly matched teams are playing, NFL games are often decided by big plays. If either Robison isn’t offside or Johnson holds onto that INT, we win the game. Again, I’m not big on “ifs”, but this team is good enough that its simply a matter of making some plays. I believe that will begin to happen soon.

    I was disappointed and somewhat surprised at today’s outcome, but so far there are some things you have to like about this team…, or at least I do.

    • Nume says:

      I’d agree with you in the first half. I was watching that first half, and thinking this is what we wanted. They were dominating on both sides of the ball. The offense looked fresh, McNabb looked like the veteran pro he is, Adrian was running like a man possessed, the defense was constantly in Freeman’s face. Then the 2nd half started, and they started making stupid plays, getting dumb penalties, and stopped stopping the run. Those 2 things were the biggest killer imo, because everytime they had something going and needed a play, they shot themselves in the foot. I don’t disagree that they still have a chance to become a good team, but they definitely need to start showing they can play a full game.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      I agree with you on some of the things they have improved this year…

      Just hard to see them lose leading 20-10 in the 4th quarter.
      Now they have the Lions to deal with, And they are playing great to say the least…

    • krugjr says:

      coach… argument with most of what you’re saying, however, I believe the frustration a lot of fans have right now is it looks like we played (were coached)in the second half “not to lose” instead of playing “to win”………and that smacks of Denny Green and Chilly all over again…..that’s where the “ripping” is coming from, IMO…..I only saw the 4th quarter and I saw a defensive scheme that cost us the game…soft zones, cover two deep, very few blitzes, eat up the clock prevent defense type stuff…..2 long drives with 2 TDs in a way we’ve all seen sooooooooo many times before…..some of us were hoping for a more aggressive style of play on both sides of the ball….isn’t that why we got McNabb? this looks to me just like chillyball with TJ, get a lead and hope the clock runs out…..all this talk about it’ll come together, give them some time, little bit better this week than last, is fine with a rookie QB not a vet, short off season or not…..

      • B. Grant says:

        Yeah, guys, don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming anyone for being frustrated. And Denzel knows the buck stops with him, so he’s not happy either – nobody cares if you’re the best 0-2 team in the league. I was like most everyone else, really disappointed that we lost that game today, but I still gotta say I like a lot of what I see. Frankly, as far as 2011 is concerned, I am as much interested in HOW we play as in whether we win. Make no mistake, the bottom line is winning, but there is some brickwork that needs to be done here. Chilly went “all in”, and came up one play short. OK. This whole starting over thing is gonna take some time, but its not fun to go thru, no doubt.

        I guess I didn’t see the Vikes playing “not to lose” today. They took a couple shots down the sideline on third downs, kept mixing in the pass and run, I don’t know, they seemed to stay with their game plan. Maybe they could/should have been more aggressive, but I wasn’t sensing that myself. I would have liked to see a couple more screen passes in that fourth quarter, seemed like that was effective in the first half.

        When it’s close, its about big plays, and we had chances to make some that we came up short on. Tyrell catches that interception and we’re all talking a lot different tonight.

        • CalVkg says:

          coach, i like what we’re doing, but only in the first half of each game

          it’s how we’re losing that bothers me, after having a good lead, we blow it. that tears a fan’s heart out

          i know we’re rebuilding and i don’t expect much this season, but i do worry about the effect it could have on getting a new stadium and moving the team

  23. bisatc says:

    I agree coach, the new mentality of offense is satisfying to me also. I am excited to watch every week, regardless of record.

    It is very frustrating we have let two teams come back on us, but I think coach is correct in seeing some positives in these two games.

    Again, a solid safety would win us at least a few games.

  24. Jughead says:

    Berrian needs to go…’s amazing how little effort he seems to show for someone who is suppose to be a “big part” of this offense.

  25. Pinwheel26 says:

    Oh, those buzzkill Vikings. Did anyone catch the shot of Frazier right before the bottom fell out? He looked like he was going to hurl. He could see it coming. Is it the new OC? The new DC? I’ll tell you what, this isn’t much fun. They had both games and now they’re 0-2. I saw on NFL network, 0-2 something like 80% chance of missing playoffs. After 2 games, it’s all but f’ing over! Buzzkill Vikings. And get rid of those stupid f’ing uniforms! Scrap the whole mess. The Vikings have been ruined! Stupid metro barn team. F’ing ruined! I can barely watch. Barely.

    • B. Grant says:

      May I take a shot at making you feel better, Pin?

      The 0-2 80% garbage is just that. It doesn’t matter when you lose two games, just like it doesn’t matter who scores the first 17 points. Yes, it would be more hopeful if we were 2-0, but I recall the year we started 6-0 and didn’t make the playoffs. I bet the odds were much greater than 80% on that one.

      Everyone will expect the 2-0 Lions to beat the 0-2 Vikings. Maybe they will, but that isn’t close to being a lock. Neither team is use to being where they’re at, and I think it will affect the mentality of both teams in our favor. Yeah, Lions, come struttin’ in here…

      Pin, I sure wish we would have won one or both of these games, too, and I expected us to be 1-1 at this point. But I still feel like this is an up and coming team. We had two very good teams all but beaten, and there is lots to like about that fact.

      • Pinwheel26 says:

        Thanks coach. Those stats always get me. It seems like all the parts are working, just not in the 2nd half. We MUST take it out on the Lions.

  26. B. Grant says:

    Just read some ranting on the comments section of the Strib. Good grief!

    Just because a coach doesn’t run up and down the sidelines yelling and screaming doesn’t mean he’s not actuely involved in managing the game. Anyone watch Tony Dungy? Andy Reid? Bill Walsh? A certain former Viking coach? You actually WANT a coach who isn’t doing that stuff, but rather is putting all his energy toward thinking. Chili always looked like he was too emotionally involved to be doing the necessary thinking in critical situations.

    I agree that I would have liked to see us using our timeouts at the end of yesterday’s game, but don’t for one second expect me to believe that Denzel wasn’t thinking about the pros and cons of that. Good golly, let’s give him a little slack here, folks!

    • c.carterhof says:

      Very little, Coach. I cant think of any reason not to use the TO’s in that situation. Bucs had their TO’s, so if they had wanted to they could have stopped the clock.

      If they had been out, maybe you catch them in panic mode. So in my mind it was a coaching blunder. It goes along with the whole 2nd half, a total collapse, players and coaches. Im a little calmer a day later. Im still behind this team, 100%. But if they do not stop this thing next week and find a way to get a victory…losing breeds more losing. Especially those kind of losses. Just ask a Lion fan.

      • B. Grant says:

        Some first-year NFL coaching records for our consideration…

        Tom Landry 0-11-1
        Jimmy Johnson 1-15
        Bill Walsh 2-14
        Bill Parcells 3-12-1
        Bud Grant 3-8-3
        Bill Billicek (Cleveland) 6-10
        Bill Billicek (New England) 5-11

        You don’t think there weren’t some doubters in those first years? I’m not saying Leslie will be one of these guys, but I think he deserves a lot more than 3 or 4 games of his first year (last year doesn’t count in my mind at all).

  27. Mike T says:

    Bernard Berrian should be cut or traded immediately….so should Terrell Johnson….this is not a knee jerk reaction but a conclusion after watching last year and the 1st two games this year. I do think there are some positives. The O-line does look better, the defense looks pretty good (especially with-out K-Will) the secondary looks some-what improved. As much as I hate to say it I think it will take the Vikes another year or two to dig themselves out of this hole. Our division is outstanding and until we develop a QB we are going to stay in last place. It might just be best to tank this year and welcome Luck with open arms…..

  28. B. Grant says:

    Mike – wouldn’t it be a reach to assume the Vikes would draft a QB in the first round two years in a row? They would have to arrive at the conclusion that neither Ponder nor Webb are their future QB’s and I don’t see them arriving at that conclusion this year. Remember, when your first round pick is a QB, then it’s not a stud Olineman or Dback.

  29. bisatc says:

    Denzel’s demeanor does not bother me, ranting and raving on the sidelines is pointless. I was a bit surprised and dissapointed with the clock management in the closing minutes, but we must move on…
    We are not going to be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes next year gentlemen, nor should we be. You would think this guy is the ‘2nd coming of Christ’ from your comments annointing him before he ever takes the field. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he is going to be a rookie QB next year, just like any other. I have confidence that we will salvage this season, and not have a top ten pick next year.
    I would much rather draft a stud lineman or defensive back with the early pics next year.
    Vikings season so far a buzzkill?, yes. Vikings season over?, far from it. I say, bring on them Lions! Go Vikes!

    • Pinwheel26 says:

      Ok, Ok, I’m with you. It IS a new team. We HAVE been in each game. Like Frazier says, the team needs an awareness of where they are in the game.
      They need the killer instinct. I hope they rally. Go Vikes!

  30. Justin gallardo says:

    And with the _ pick the minnesota vikings select. Wr Justin Blackmon …..and in the 2nd round they select moriss claiborne cb from LSU

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