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Vikings RB Peterson upset with lack of carries in second half against Lions

Adrian Peterson opted the professional route Sunday when talking about his lack of ground attempts in the second half, but make no bones about his fury according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.

The Vikings superstar running back is angry with the club’s separation from the rushing department in the second half of Sunday’s crushing 26-23 overtime loss to the division rival Lions, Peterson’s father, Nelson Peterson, said Tuesday.

After 12 attempts for 73 yards in the first half, the Vikings called Peterson’s number only five times for five yards in the second half and chose for backup Toby Gerhart on an unsuccessful fourth-and-1 run early in the fourth quarter that proved to be a momentum-changer in the game.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb tossed 18 second-half passes.

“I see the agony on his face,” Nelson said of his son. “He was frustrated that they weren’t going to him. He wanted to help them win the game. Five carries in the second half? That’s 2.5 carries per quarter. He thought that with a 20-0 lead, he was ready to lead them to a victory. He’s being a good sport about it, but he’s upset.”

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46 Responses to “Vikings RB Peterson upset with lack of carries in second half against Lions”

  1. […] Vikings RB Peterson upset with lack of carries in second half against Lions Adrian Peterson opted the professional route Sunday when talking about his lack of ground attempts in the second half, but make no bones about his fury according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. The Vikings superstar running back is angry with the club’s separation from the rushing department in the second half of […] […]

  2. […] Vikings RB Peterson upset with lack of carries in second half against Lions Adrian Peterson opted the professional route Sunday when talking about his lack of ground attempts in the second half, but make no bones about his fury according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. The Vikings superstar running back is angry with the club’s separation from the rushing department in the second half of […] […]

  3. Zag says:

    I’m starting to get frustrated with our coaching staff.

    We’re up 20-0 and we run AP 5 times…

    It doesn’t seem like we make any adjustments at half time…

    Fourth and 1, we give the ball to Gerhart instead of AP. I know that the entire defense knows AP is getting the ball, but we need to get it in his hands regardless.

    It’s not a conditioning issue. Our guys aren’t getting tired.

    I don’t care if we run the same 30 plays that we ran in the first half, just do SOMETHING for the last 30 minutes. It’s obvious now that we should not put the game in McNabb’s hands, but why even try in the first place? We have Adrian Peterson!

    Good thing we signed AP to a contract now, because if things keep going this direction, he’ll want to get out after the season is up.

    Musgrave is becoming a second-half Childress with his idiotic playcalling. McNabb sucks and didn’t take advantage of the Lions stacking the line of scrimmage. Our receivers suck. Our o-line sucks.

    We suck. At least Jared Allen and Brian Robison are fun to watch.

  4. B. Grant says:


    “make no bones about his fury, according to Jeremy Fowler”

    You talked to his dad, Fowler. His DAD. At least have the integrity to state that the fury belongs to his dad, as far as you know. I don’t think Adrian Peterson should be categorized about his feelings by what his DAD says!

    Does Adrian want the ball more? Sure! So does Percy. So does Shank. And no one’s happy about being 0-3, so they all want a chance to solve the problem.

    Fowler never observed any fury from Adrian. He talked to his dad, and made a headline to make people believe he had some sort of scoop. In my book this is sensationalized reporting.

  5. wtfvikesfan says:

    Most of the problem is McNabb is out of shape!!!! He was sucking wind all second half and throwing short passes. Vike would have been better off wit Webb or Ponder in the second half. Get McNabb is shape or bench his ass.

  6. Mike T says:

    The balance of this season should focus on identifying weaknesses. The Vikes should be in great shape salary cap wise to take advantage of free agency. We should also have a few extra draft picks (I am thinking a 3 and a 5) for the losses of Rice and Edwards. A high draft pick in each of the rounds will be very beneficial so while the loses are excruciating they will help in the long run. The biggest question mark will be QB…I know they have Ponder but Andrew Luck is the next Elway/Manning and would look great in purple for the next 10 years. The need 2 o-lineman, a QB, a WR, a DL, LB and a safety. 2 or 3 big free agents and 3 or 4 good deaft picks and this team is back! What do you think?

    • phil says:

      couldnt agree more. i know we just spent an early first round pick on ponder, but you cant pass on someone like Luck. players like Luck are extremely hard to find and he could change the franchise

    • Al says:

      Sounds great but the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expecting different results. Danial Schnieder and now the Eagles are proving that building a campionship team via free agency does not work. Building a team via the draft where the players grow together and learn together has proven to be the best way to build a solid team and organization. See: Green Bay and Detroit. What you need is ownership and management that are willing to be patient and dedicated to excellence.

  7. VSU Blazerlady says:

    As I posted in another story, I only saw the last few minutes of regulation and overtime, but I counted twice where McNabb threw a pass short….didn’t even get to the receiver. Time for the rookies, IMO………

    I think another factor was the time management and play calling at the end of regulation. It was 3rd and 5 on about the 30 or so yard line with 2 minutes left, and what do they call? A post pattern to the end zone, which was missed, then the field goal to tie. We should have tried to make the first down and run more time off the clock. If we had made that first down, we would have had a lot more options to go for the win, rather than tie.

  8. phil says:

    so what number do you guys think Luck is gonna be since harvin is 12..

  9. Tomb... says:

    Interesting year thus far. It reminds me of that one time when…well, doesn’t remind me of anything. No team has ever squandered a two digit lead for the first two games of the year, much less THREE.

    Coach, I know what you’re saying, but you needn’t be a Leslie apologist. Three times is not only a record, but a pattern. Something is inherently wrong.

    …and I honestly don’t know why everyone has such a stiffy over Luck. Yeah, odds are he could be a damn good NFL QB, but he could also be a bust. Seems like everybody acts like he’s a lock. Hell, Jamarcus went first overall, an apparent “lock” back in the day. Brady sixth round, a “project possibility.” You absolutely never know when drafting QB’s.

    I’d love to see Ponder and/or Webb play this year, sooner rather than later, see what we have. Would help in the draft next year to know if we have something worth a crap or not…not to mention I feel like we know what we have with McButthole. Not much.

    • B. Grant says:

      (I’m being calm and cynical here – not ranting.)

      So… does he change from Gatorade to Powerade at halftime?
      Does a clipboard need to be smashed? Longer cleats? Softer locker room music? Louder? A serving of melon and orange juice?

      Oh right, more carries for Adrian. We KNOW that’s the answer.

      My point is that we’re making it sound like there is a mysterious and magical change that Frazier needs to make to solve this. I’m gonna say it again: If Berrian doesn’t drop a pass and Robison doesn’t jump offsides and McNabb throws an easy sideline go to an open receiver, we’re 3-0 and Leslie is a coach of the year candidate. I would defend any coach who is getting this kind of treatment from his team’s fan base.

      If we let this all fall on the coach, we are letting the players off the hook, players who need to make plays.

      BTW, what three times is what record? I miss something?

      • Tomb... says:

        Easy tiger!

        “So… does he change from Gatorade to Powerade at halftime?
        Does a clipboard need to be smashed? Longer cleats? Softer locker room music? Louder? A serving of melon and orange juice?”

        Little condescending my good sir! Tho it was funny, I’ll give you that. I never said anything about “running AD more,” though there is some merit to that argument. 5 carries in the 2nd half when you have a 20 point lead for arguably the best RB in the league does seem a little silly, no?

        I’m no NFL coach, my ass isn’t on the line, if it was, I’d have spreadsheets and graphs laid out. BUT, one thing I did notice, is that I don’t think McButthole is very good. If he’s not throwing in the dirt, and manages to hit a receiver, it’s never in stride. The receiver has to make a weird contorted effort to catch, which virtually eliminates YAC yards. McNabb, methinks, needs to go. We know what we have with him, and I don’t think it’s good. Would like to see what our two youngsters can bring to the table.

        …and single coverage on Megatron?? If I were head coach, I don’t think I’d do that with Nnamdi or Revis Island, much less our DB’s (though I will give props to Cook, he did OK, considering he was single covering perhaps the best WR in the game), but I think THAT was unwise.

        …and then bowing to the will of AD, who basically said on 4th on 1 “I got this, we are going for it,” then NOT giving it to him, the guy who said “put this on my shoulders,” I think was unwise.

        I’m not letting the players off the hook, they didn’t perform for four quarters, YET AGAIN. But I’m also saying that I really don’t see this happening to Belichick.

        The NFL record I referred to I said in the opening line: “No team has ever squandered a two digit lead for the first two games of the year, much less THREE.”

        • B. Grant says:


          I have but one point that I will make very calmly………….

          Leslie Frazier will be a very good NFL coach, and I for one, hope it is for the Minnesota Vikings.

          • Tomb... says:

            I hope you’re right, but thus far………well.

          • B. Grant says:

            In case you might have missed this…
            The first-year NFL coaching records of a pretty solid list of coaches…
            Tom Landry 0-11-1
            Jimmy Johnson 1-15
            Chuck Noll 1-13
            Bill Walsh 2-14
            Bill Parcells 3-12-1
            Weeb Ewbank 3-9
            Bud Grant 3-8-3
            Dick Vermeil 4-10
            Marv Levy 4-12
            Don Coryell 4-9-1
            Andy Reid 5-11
            Tony Dungy 6-10
            Bill Billicek 6-10
            Jeff Fisher 7-9
            Mike Shanahan 7-9

          • Tomb... says:

            It’s not the 0-3 record that concerns me, it’s the manner in which it happened…but yes, I will concede he can certainly right the wrongs, I’m just saying I’m not getting any warm fuzzies at this point.

          • TexVike55 says:

            B. Grant, you are bizarrely faithful to an untried coach, especially after the results of his last three coached games. If the Vikings go 0-16 ( and at this rate it is not impossible ), are you still going to worship the ground he walks on?

          • B. Grant says:

            Tex, if I may…

            I “support” Mr. Frazier because I feel he is doing a lot of the right things in setting up his football team. He was dealt an awful hand in terms of the QB position, and he is trying to work his way through that while satisfying some hungry veterans. A won-loss record is a very poor way to judge a first year coach (which is why I posted first year records of some great coaches), and regardless of when the points were scored in these first three games, we are only a few away from being 3-0.

            He is facing some real adversity in what has become a very bizarre set of circumstances in his first year. Let’s see what becomes of his team through all this. What I am opposed to is taking all this hindsight of three games and declaring that the man can’t coach. I have no choice but to use the word ludicrous for such rationale.

            I can’t answer the 0-16 question, as it would depend on how they play those last 13 games. I will acknowledge, however, that defending him after an 0-16 record would be an exercise in futulity in this sporting age. So I guess my answer is no to that question.

            By the way, I worship no ground walked on by anyone, and actually kinda resent that reference to my support of Coach Frazier. But that’s OK, its just a phrase, so I’m good, Tex.

          • TexVike55 says:

            B. Grant, I made the reference because that’s the way I interpreted your responses in regards to coach Frazier. You say ‘regardless of when the points were scored in these first three games, we are only a few away from being 3-0.’ This is very true, and had Frazier made the common sense decisions he should have to score those few points or generate ANY appreciable offense in the second half of those games we would indeed be 3-0 and I would join in with your vote of confidence with Frazier. And if ‘If’s and And’s were pots and pans, we’d all be tinkers.’, as Don Meredith liked to say. Frazier has made some inexplicable coaching decisions that kept us from getting those points and offense, such as not using AP in the second half of those games more, not including Percy Harvin in the offense more, and making bizarre calls such as using Gerhart on 4th and one in the Lions game instead of AP. You can blame this on Bill Musgrave, but the overall offensive play-calling personality of the Vikings inevitably comes back to Frazier. Frazier is new to head coaching, and from what I’ve seen, and I’m not the only one, he has a great deal still to learn. Unfortunately, the Vikings and we fans will suffer because of it, until he gets it right, if ever.

  10. bisatc says:

    I agree with Tomb that people are jumping the gun with this talk about Andrew Luck. Enough of that….we will not be in the running for him (we won’t have a pick high enough). Even if we were, he will be a rookie quaterback next year.

    I have to admit coach, that I am starting to doubt our current coaching staff. (This after much praise/hope of them from me in earlier posts). When we have the lead all but 6 min and some change so far for the SEASON, have the best rb in the league and we don’t take advantage of him by running the ball consistently late in games to close them out…I start to doubt the coaches. I do agree with the fact that the players have to execute plays also, but when you go to throwing the ball all over the yard in the second half with an apparent average qb when running the ball got you a 20 pt lead in the first half…just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Also, defensively, why do we go away from the aggressive style which seems to work quite well, and start playing passive zone and prevent type defenses. Is this player execution?, or coaching strategy? again, I am starting to doubt the coaches as well as knowing poor execution from players dooms us as well.

    Donovan and the entire team needs to get better with their execution, but if we don’t start using some of AP’s talents late in games it will be a short career for our coaches.

    • B. Grant says:

      A word to the wise, bis. Never start a comment like you did this one. When it starts “I agree with Tomb…” the following happens:

      1. You lose credibility with the other bloggers
      2. You encourage more comments from Tomb (ughhh)
      3. The site loses sponsors

      Otherwise, good post. I understand that the coaches have to step up here and get this thing righted, so I hear ya.

      • bisatc says:

        Thanks for the advice coach, and for agreeing with me. Its tough not letting emotion influence your words, especially when you bleed Viking Purple and are let down so often. I am enjoying your wisdom on this website and think you have a unique perspective of things. I look forward to your posts, especially in these tough times. I happen to still think we are going to be .500 at least yet this year……but the players and coaches gotta turn it around.

  11. c.carterhof says:

    After re-watching the game, I have a question. And an answer.
    We have the best RB in the league. He has 58 carries in 3 games. (I think)
    Why are we not running the ball more with the best RB in the NFL? Especially with the lead for all but 6 minutes. (bisatc)
    I think its obvious. And it falls on both the coaches and players.

    The offensive line SUCKS!!!

  12. c.carterhof says:

    The penalties are killin’ us!

    “When you have an opportunity to make plays on offense, defense or special teams, make those plays,” Frazier said. “Play smart football, don’t do things that are going to hurt the team with costly penalties. … That’s Football 101.”

    We had TEN, yes TEN penalties in the second half.

  13. c.carterhof says:

    We have converted 1 of 15 (I think) 2nd half 3rd down tries!!!

  14. bisatc says:

    That is funny c.carterhof, I happen to be re-watching the game also. I agree, I didn’t realize how many penalties we committed in this game, especially the 2nd half. That will kill anything.

  15. Skol12 says:


    How can you defend Frazier, and say you would defend any coach if he received this treatment from his fanbase? Did you defend Chilly? So far it appears that chilly was a MUCH better coach than Leslie(I almost can’t believe I am able to say that, 2 months ago I would have never thought it). Barring a 6-7 finish or better I think Frazier should go, grab a new coach(one that excites the fanbase for once, like Minnesota teams have a habit of doing(see Brad Childress, Leslie Frazier, Tim Brewster, Jerry Kill), draft Andrew Luck(You guy who think he is going to be a bust are nuts, hes considered the safest qb prospect EVER, even more so than manning.)

    Lets face it, Cutting McKinnie was stupid, hes better than Charlie Johnson I dont care how fat he is. Drafting Ponder was a Mistake, Mallet in the 2nd would have been MUCH better I dont see ponder having that “it” factor. Keeping Berrian was a mistake, even Berrian’s mother agrees with that. Not signing a safety was a mistake, Hussain is a below average safety and Johnson/Frampton probably wouldnt start on some college teams. AND most importantly, cutting Dugan was a mistake, hes the difference between 0-3 and 4-0(yeah hes that good he gets a bonus win).

    #Suck For Luck

    • Tomb... says:

      “You guy who think he is going to be a bust are nuts”

      Who said he IS going to be a bust?

      I said: “Yeah, odds are he could be a damn good NFL QB, but he could also be a bust.”

      “Could” and “will” are completely different, and I said the odds are he WILL be a good QB.

      To say he WILL be a bust is indeed nuts (which was never said). Just as nuts as assuming your team will suddenly be 16-0 by drafting him.

      • B. Grant says:

        I can say that Tomb knows a bust when he sees one. Give the man his due. (Is that a pun, Tomb?)

        • Tomb... says:

          I believe that actually falls under the category of double entendre, and due to the thinly-veiled salacious nature of those, they are not only acceptable, but strongly encouraged!

  16. Stuck By The Horn says:

    SERIOUSLY – Hasn’t anyone been paying attention to the lack of execution by a quarterback that was done at least 3 years ago. The only difference between the game vs Lions and the other two, is NOTHING! We have been McNabbed once again!!! The offensive coordinator needs to call more plays to #28. For the 3rd time, he has had almost 100+ first half yards, then gets a few courtesy carries in the second half – WTF! Best running back in football – what are you saving him for, playoffs? Good luck now getting there with the wonderful 0-3 start! Been a Viking fan for almost 40 years, and my main question is “What the hell were they thinking?, are thinking, and direction they are heading?” Enough for now!

  17. GBNordic says:

    I still do not understand what Musgrave is trying to do with the offense playcalling. To start the season, it was suppose to be a run first time and all McNabb had to do was manage the game. The Vikes have the best RB is the NFL.

    In the first half he is doing a decent job in calling the plays in the second half, I am still unsure what the Vikes offensive approach is at this time in the 2nd half. The Vikes have had 10 point a and greater in the 1st three game.If Musgrave keeps it up he is going to see the door sooner than later.

  18. Fragile Freds says:

    People calling for Denzel’s job after 3 games? Kooks!

    And Buds, IF frogs had wings they wouldn’t hit their butts on the ground when they hopped. Virtually every game has two or three IF points, let’s not hang our hats on what ifs.

    It’s time to sit Don after the KC game, give Ponder a bit more time to watch how not to play QB, then throw him in there. He’s a rookie and will make plenty of mistakes, but at least he will entertaining.

    Kind of early to be talking about drafting Andy Luck isn’t it?

    Dear Adrian’s dad….shut the hell up. The last thing your son needs is you in the press. My man AP has enough problems with communicating his thoughts without his convict dad spouting off.

    • B. Grant says:

      Freds, don’t give me that IF stuff. You know as well as I that playmakers make plays that define the difference in wins and losses. I’m not talking about the bounce of a ball or a marginal call by a referee. I’m not talking about wanting all the breaks to go our way. I’m talking about players being in positon to make or not make plays that change the outcome of NFL games. DMac and BBar are not making the plays needed to sustain drives and drive the stake into the opponents.

      This QB situation he was handed is not being helped by DMac. Leslie chose a direction and has publicly sided with his QB, but the man is killing him, and is making this tougher than it needs to be.

      • Fragile Freds says:


        Let me see if Freds has this right.. “playmakers make plays……” Got it.

        If they don’t make plays, perhaps they aren’t playmakers? You’re putting Bernie and Don in your category of play makers? Come on now Buddy boy….easy…..step back, slow down….

        Buds, are you sure you don’t worship Denzel? Just a little? Maybe a movie star kind of crush? In all seriousness, it’s more crazy to judge a coach after 3 games as a failure than to wait and see how he develops the team in the coming year.

        We know Denzel will be in trouble when Bjohnny starts the “losing the locker room” talk.

        • B. Grant says:

          I’m just trying to give the man a little slack, Freds. He’s been fired and incarcerated from the way things sound, so I’m just trying to offer a counter perspective. Yeh, as a coach, I empathize perhaps a little more than others. I really don’t look at anyone as a rock star, (well, Montgomery Gentry, maybe) so I’m pretty sure that’s not a problem.

          You are right (jeez that hurts) that perhaps BBar and DMac are not playmakers. They’re PAID like they are, so they should be, and if they don’t make the plays, we don’t win the games and Denzel has to make his decisions accordingly. But as of today, those guys gotta make plays for us to win. Otherwise…

          • bigjohnny84 says:

            Ya Coach Denzel does deserve a little slack here, the way I look at it a rookie head coach is kinda like a rookie qb and a few growing pains along the way are gonna happen. I’m taking a wait and see approach on Denzel, he’s a hard guy not to like and has paid his dues as a player and as a long time coach in various roles.

          • B. Grant says:

            A lot of people were rolling their eyes and wondering about Bud Grant his first year, johnny. Van Brocklin came off a 4-9-1 year, and ‘ole Bud puts up a 3-8-3 season, full of the most vanilla football you’ve ever seen. Wound up in last place in the division and lost his first four games. Sure glad we didn’t dump him!!

            Of course, we barely had TV then, much less blogs and tweets and ESPN. Way less media issues for a coach then than there is now. I really feel for Denzel through all this.

  19. TexVike55 says:

    Not giving AP the ball more in the second half when he is the BEST running back in the NFL borderlines on criminal. Our offensive coordinator, the ex-Atlanta Falcon ‘wunderkind’ Bill Musgrave is the one person we can point to for the three game loss fiasco. What the hell is he thinking? We can blame McNoob and Berrian and Gerhart all we want, but in the end it has been his dubious play calling that has made us the laughingstock of the NFL. And the one to thank for the Vikes busted season after it hardly started. Offensive Coordinator? I wouldn’t give him the job of water-boy after his performance so far.

    • BBryant says:

      I’m with you all the way with that. Some of the guys are really stepping up. I think almost everyone’s ready to go, it’s the coaching. I think the biggest factor in the game was their two best guys: Stafford and Johnson, and you have to wonder how they leave Cook one on one. It seems so obvious, watching Moss all these years. That was the game right there, those two guys, and we didn’t use our two best guys, Peterson, and Harvin was sick. He probably saw what was coming. I know I did.

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