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Winfield Could Miss Sundays Game

Antoine Winfield underwent an MRI on his neck and could miss Sunday’s game against Arizona according to the Pioneer Press. Winfield was held out of Wednesday’s practice and it’s unknown the severity of the injury but team will continue to evaluate him the next few days.

Losing Winfield is not what the Vikings need if they have any chance to battle back from 0-4. If Winfield sits, Chris Cook would likely get the start while Asher Allen would play inside in their nickel defense.

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35 Responses to “Winfield Could Miss Sundays Game”

  1. bisatc says:

    Ok. Now is the chance for our young secondary to prove themselves. play mostly man to man, and bring the heat with the line.

  2. Gary says:

    It dont matter anyway, McMiss starting……0-5…..Frazier needs to go…

    • B. Grant says:

      Yeah, really… I mean anytime a team loses four straight games by a total of 19 points, they should immediately fire their coach, right? With the right coach, we’d be 4-0, right? EVERYTHING is riding on the first four games of this season, so this guy HAS to go.

      I know. Let’s fire him and not have a coach. Then we’ll either win because we’ll be better without Leslie, or we’ll lose all our games and be able to draft Luck, and then everyone will live happily ever after.

      Sorry Gary, but you pushed me over the edge. Nothing personal.

      • Ole says:

        ….ahem….. These are the guys who cut Dugan!

        yup, they gotta go

      • Gary says:

        Why is he sticking with McMiss? He was benched the last 2 teams he played with, and I see why………McNabb is no good, never been great, played well at times……thats it…..He clearly cannot throw an accurate pass, overthrows/underthrows wide open recievers, has no speed to scramble out of the pocket to give recievers more time to get open…..Bottom line……McMiss is washed up and Frazier wants to stick with him, thanks alot Frazier, and that is speaking from a lot of fans…..Ponder or Webb are both hungry young athletes who want a chance to prove themselves. Who is to say 1 of them cant step in and go on a 12 game win streak???? As silly as it sounds….this year, it may take 12-4 get a playoff spot….11-5 might not be good enough…..Im just saying, we cannot afford another loss……McMiss has to go….Frazier is losing a lot of respect from thousands of fans who have loved this team way before he ever came around…..

        • CalVkg says:

          win 11 or 12? not with tom brady as QB. we’d hafta have superman or Jesus Christ on the team to do that

          they won’t fire frazier, and they shouldn’t, either. we’ll see a change at QB at some point, it doesn’t really matter for the season’s record, only for the development for the future QB. letting ponder sit and learn is fine, he’s had no regular off-season, so now he’s kind of playing catch up. i hope we end up with ponder, webb, and luck, cuz this is a passing league and if ya don’t have a good QB, you’re prolly not gonna win a title

      • Gary says:

        Who is Luck?….and why look that far forward? People spent thousands of dollars this year to watch some good football, not a team practicing for next year! Its pathetic the Vikes signed McMiss to start with, but to keep going with him after proving why he was dumped by his last 2 teams is even more pathetic….This year is done, and all I can do is sit back and laugh now….At least I can save 350 bucks next year on the sunday ticket, blackouts coming!

  3. Purple Charlie says:

    That’s true, will get a chance to see the young guns get a chance to play…
    Be nice to see them have a good game this Sunday…

    Not for nothing this year has had alot of changes, I remember putting up and Suffering with Childress for years and some of the Draft picks he made (Tarvaris Jackson )…

    I for one can consider this a transition year for us… I’m not ready to go on the dump Leslie Frazier bandwagon…
    I know a few of the games were lost by a couple plays, Robison off sides, Johnson not holding on to a game winning interception…
    Leslie wasn’t offsides or dropped the ball…
    I Can’t justify blameing Him…

    It,s tough to see the team go thru this…
    I guess the only about McNabb I’ll say is If he makes it to the middle of the Season and Still is missing WR’s open, Then it Will be time to make the change…

    • Vikadan11 says:

      I couldn’t agree more ~ Well said ~

      I was looking for this to be the start of the rebuilding ~ I would have be happy with another 6~10 season ~ I never had any faith in McNabb based on how he ended with the Eagles and then the Redskins ~ But he has been far worse than I expected ~ Now I’m looking at 3 or 4 wins maybe ~ Now if they make a move to Ponder who knows how well he might play or how bad ~

  4. Zag says:

    Awesome. This is just what the Vikings need… The one playmaker in our secondary with a busted neck.

    I have zero faith in Asher Allen. Cook showed up fairly well against Calvin Johnson, flashing that he can use his size and length, but he’s hit-or-miss every week.

    But it doesn’t matter because Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell are going to abuse our offensive line anyways.

  5. Vikadan11 says:

    I hope the Vikings take a good look at Marcus Sherels if Winfield is out ~ And if it turns out he misses a few weeks I would hope to see Brandon Burton also ~ It cant hurt ~ This team isn’t going anywhere near the playoffs ~

    • Purple Charlie says:

      I like Sherels, could be a diamond in the rough, your right it can’t hurt.
      And they aren’t going to the playoffs or close…

  6. krugjr says:

    Coach…..good to “read” you again…hope all is well and your blood pressure is manageable….kinda knew you were weary of this “dump frazier” stuff, and it’s obvious NOBODY gets fired months into a 3 yr deal…BUT, Gary and thousands of Vikes’ fans (and me) are trying to send a little message to frazier: step up to the mic, have some bawls and get on with it….tell us “the buck stops with me and my office, I hired the staff, I OK’d the roster, I OK’d the game plans…some decisions good, some not so good, but this is who we are, this is what you,as fans, get….I take the blame for the 0-4 start, that’s yesterday, I’m workin’ on tomorrow”………….I believe even you, Coach, would rather hear that instead of what has come out of frazier these past weeks…his pressers are terrible, and if he talks to the team at halftime like he talks to the press post game, no wonder we set records for 2nd half collapses… you actually agree with him when he says if we’re all nice to each other our QB play will improve…or when he says we’re working on Donavan’s mechanics and they’re steadily improving, along with his accuracy, etc…….I don’t really care who plays QB for the next few games, and I don’t believe frazier has to yell and scream and run around like a mad man, like some think we’re suggesting…just start making some sense, Coach Frazier, that’s all we’re asking!

  7. krugjr says:

    or when he says, “did you see that one play where we threw the ball waaaaay down there and the guy caught it?”

    he really says these things, which is why so many of us are so disappointed…we realize his hire was a business (monetary) decision, and we’re watching a head coach learn on the job…with the talent we have, we deserved better from the wilfs…spielman included….hope I didn’t push your blood pressure back up there, Coach!

    • B. Grant says:

      No, krug, you make some very good points. And to be honest, I was absent for a few days because…, well, because I was absent for a few days (I don’t do computer on the road very well.) And my blood pressure is fine because while I sincerely hate to ever see this team lose, my expectations were a little more guarded than some.

      I agree that Leslie’s strong suit is not his ability to address the public, and getting thrown into that arena with four straight heartbreaking losses shouldn’t be wished on anyone. I still think, however, that he is more in tune with the team than his pressers make him appear.

      I also am still (barely… cough, cough) astute enough to realize that perhaps Leslie is not going to work out as a head coach in the NFL. I have liked a lot of what I have seen, but there is a lot left to prove, and I am not handing him a pass for all that has happened.

      BUT… my point is that it is simply waaaaayyy too early in his young career to be shooting the arrows at him the way many fans are right now. Fans have no control over what they are watching, they get frustrated, and they become a pack of dogs. To be honest, I am more upset by that than the 0-4 start, which by the way, has me just as frustrated as everyone else. Even so, you just don’t go throwin’ people off the cliff after 4 games.

      So, good post, krug, I appreciate the observations. And just so you know, I believe everyone has the right to post, rant, bark, whatever they want. (…and I have the right not to like it, too. 🙂 )

      • Fragile Freds says:

        Dear Freds pal Buds,

        You state the following regarding Denzel.. “. I have liked a lot of what I have seen..” So tell me, oh king of the blue plaid hunting shirts, what specifically have you liked so far?

        • B. Grant says:

          My pleasure, Freds…

          – Some good roster decisions. Some of the old guard was thanked and patted on the behind (BMac, Madieu, Leber, Dugan, Cook, etc.)

          – A calm sideline demeanor. C’mon Fred, I don’t need to explain this one, its who I am!

          – No knee-jerk decisions. Despite a fan base jumping out of windows, Denzel knows what he believes in,

          – A team that has been completely competitive in every game. I know we hate being 0-4, but we aren’t hapless or clueless. The team has been prepared enough to win each game. That’s all a coach can do.

          – I like the guy, and I’m pullin’ for him. Not gonna apologize for that.

        • B. Grant says:

          “Dear Freds pal Buds”? What’s up with that?

          Seems a bit formal — you’re not trying another one of those resolutions on us, are ya?

  8. Fragile Freds says:

    The idea that Ziggy fires Denzel after 4 games is crazy. Who knows if the guy is a good coach or not, but it’s just too early to tell. Until the Vike find a QB and invest in some offensive lineman, the rest is just noise.

    For all you kooks who loved Denzel for his “calming influence” last year ( a stupid reason by the way) through all the trials and tribulation, don’t trash him now, you loved it then, he’s the same dude. As for Fred, he is pulling for Denzel, it would be great to see a good guy come out on top.

    Denzel will be put to the test this week, Fred suspects the Cardinal will be throwing the ball all over the place and having great success. If Don doesn’t step up (and he won’t) Denzel will need to say in very subtle tones, “Don sucks, we’re movin’ on.” If he doesn’t have the stones to do that, well, it’s bye bye fans.

    Entertain your old Pal Freds Zig, entertain me. Fred will watch a rookie learn and make mistakes, Fred won’t watch an old washed up pile of crap like Favre or McDizzle poop themselves and call it a fine use of 3 hours on a Sunday.

  9. Tomb... says:

    Well, being disappointed in Leslie and calling for his head are two different things. So far, not impressed. But firing him after four games is Al Davis crap, that’s no good. He’s a rookie, let’s hope he learns.

    I’m more disappointed in Musgrave than Leslie. His offense, in the 2nd half, sucks. That and our D in the 2nd half.

    But I can’t stand McNabb. He is what we’ve seen. He’s not going to get any better. Seeing that POS all smiles at the half is irritating. There’s two halves to a game, jackass. He has no drive, methinks. I’d rather watch a rook struggle and learn for the rest of the season. I’m so done with McButthole.

    Remember that whack job from Boise State that beat AD’s Oklahoma team (think he’s with Texas now)?

    Jumpin’ jeebers I would love to have that guy for OC. He may be nuts, and lose you some games…but damn it he is entertaining. Tomb approved move, Zygmumd. Make it happen.

    • B. Grant says:

      I have to admit, Tomb, that one of the good reasons for benching McNabb would be to hopefully put an end to the McButthole reference. If you were to ask me, (highly unlikely) I’d say let it go, man. Try McKnob, McNag, or something else. Create, Tomb, create! I know you have it in you.

      • Gary says:

        His name is McMiss, aka McSlow, McLousey, McBench…..Embarrassed the Vikings even signed that guy and I said it from day 1..

    • Tomb... says:

      Be careful what you ask for! I can go pretty lowbrow. I thought McButthole was a PG version, and makes me laugh.

      I mean, do you really want me calling him Donny McBrowneye, or McMangina? McPoopchute?

      I can get much grosser, if you want?

      In any case, I look forward to calling him McBenched.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        Steady Tombster,
        I know you can ! lol

        McBenched is coming…

      • B. Grant says:

        (sigh) When will I learn?

      • Gary says:

        For the record, Im sure he is a nice person, to my knowledge I have never heard any scandels or of him being a dickhead….BUT……he is just not going to do any justice for the team..and he has already proven himself. All 4 games he has missed open receivers, in which could have and wold have been for touchdowns or 3 points…..That is why we are 0-4, and that is where he earned the name McMiss….He has to go…….its not even fun watching them this year.

  10. JWebb says:

    I hope they’re just trying to get to the bye without the wheels coming out. It IS a McBust. I didn’t like Mcnabb before, but I was hoping he might turn it around. But, without being able to move the team, release him. I say Joe Webb is the QB to try right now. He’ll score points with his legs, yes. So what? It might stir it all up. Might hit some passes and come on. McBust isn’t likely to come on. Ponder could learn watching Webb as well. It really is the best move.

  11. Lost Viking says:

    Reminds me a lot of Chilli’s first year – 2007. KAO offense w/ Brad Johnson, Marcus Johnson, Bobby Wade & Travis Tayler as WRs, Chester Taylor as RB.

    Musgrave’s WCO is still being installed and implemented but no one is going to be fooled. Brad couldn’t do much with that squad and McNabb is facing the same. Prediction: Next to last in scoring and maybe four or five wins.

    • Vike-aholic says:

      I believe Chilli’s 1st year was 2006. Adrian was drafted in 2007 and would have obviously been included in that offense (although Klink, in his infinite wisdom, refrained from making AP/AD the starting back for a few games if I remember correctly). I am not impressed with Musgrave at all – wasn’t he just the qb coach in Atlanta?

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