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Who’s To Blame?

I thought of having this as a poll, but instead I went with making it an open discussion. The Vikings are surprisingly off to an 0-4 start, this much we all know. There are a lot of different opinions going around as to why this is happening. Even the players themselves don’t know how to answer that question. So my question for you guys is, who do you blame? IS it McNabb? The coaches? Defense? Let’s hear your opinions. Vent a little!

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30 Responses to “Who’s To Blame?”

  1. Randy says:

    I think the blame goes all around. It goes to McNabb for not being able to make plays like a pro should. It goes to the people that decided to sign McNabb knowing his career passing percentage is sub 60. Goes to the O-line for not blocking for 4 quarters and for not creating a hole for the beast AD. Goes to the offensive playmakers who are not making plays. Goes to the defense for giving up to many plays over 30 yards. Also to the D for not tackling. To the safetys for not being able to make a play. I think the only 2 people on the team that do not deserve much blame is Jared Allen and Brian Robison. Goes to the coaches for not being able to coach or motivate their team to a win. Just face it Vikings fans its better to rebuild now when we already have some pieces than to wait until AD is out of his prime, until Percy is out of his prime. We are one good draft and free agency away from being competitive and 2 drafts away from winning it all

  2. Fragile Freds says:

    After much consideration, your old pal has narrowed down the fault to the list below:

    1- Erin Henderson
    2- Not moving Tony Winfield to saftey
    3- The catering company

    Thank you.

    • wtfvikesfan says:

      Paul Allen from KFAN said Erin Henderson is playing great at linebacker, ANd several other media people have said the same thing.

      • Fragile Freds says:

        WTFVikes –

        Frankly, I put a great deal more stock in your opinion than Paul Allen’s. Paul Allen has Erin on his show every week right? Do you think he’s going to say the guy is a career backup? He is that. A very good special teams player, a back up linebacker.

        • Randy says:

          I think there are much more pressing issues than weak side linebacker. As in a hobbled secondary, and underachieving offensive line, and a quarterback that doesn’t seem to want to win.

  3. Sweetlew says:

    1. Coaches – nice job at haltimes. Way to play Jenkins as much as Percy. Care to get AP involved in 2nd half?
    2. Management – Bringing back Berrian, bringing in Jenkins and McNabb. The 3 of them combined havent made a good play. Release Berrian now!!!
    3. OL – AP sure could use some holes..

  4. Vikadan11 says:

    Chilly is who I blame ~ He rode the skit tail of the talent on the roster and wasted the best year of players like Hutch~Leber~Pat Williams~KW~Ray Edwards~Winfield and many others ~ He wasted AP two best seasons as a pro so far ~

    This team had won 3 games last year when Chilly was fired ~ When Leslie took over they won 3 out of there last 6 and played well in their loses and they have been close this year ~ The only difference is the Vikings have a new offensive staff and it’s going to take time for the offense to gel and the team needs some new blood just as it did last year ~

    The Vikings were up against the cap this year because they needed to sign Greenway and AP (in no order) and sure they could have reworked some contract (and did a few) but they were more worried about the future than this season IMHO ~ Next year the cap goes up 20 to 25 million due to the new ESPN deal and the Vikings will most likely let go of some aging vet that will clear more money for FA and the high draft pick ~

    If the team keep losing it want be the first time something like this has happened in order to force the start of the rebuilding and it want be the last ~ Sure it could be a long season and many things are not going like we had hoped ~ Not one of us here or any where else knew what was going to happen this season ~ We all have had gut feeling one way or the other ~ It takes time to gel with a new OC and blocking system and new players to boot ~ IMHO this wasn’t going to be a good season based on what I have listed above ~

    This is the start of the rebuilding of what Chilly left behind ~ A aging mess with a few great peaces still in place ~ Nothing more and nothing less ~

  5. Long Beach Viking says:

    It’s just what happens in the NFL. There are 32 teams. What is it that will make your team better than the others? In 09 it was Favre, and a good team put together by Childress and co. You fire the coach, lose an 09 impact WR and a great quarterback, and release the starting left tackle, that’s alot. Each team we played this year had a quarterback good enough to come back on our defense and our passing game couldn’t move. Peterson isn’t doing it, either, when we need it, in the second half. It could be O line, coaching, Peterson, who knows? All I know is Peterson doesn’t come thru like we need him to, mostly in second half. I think Percy is more reliable from the back field in the 2nd half…. Boy, they need to fix the offense and capitolize on Peterson, Harvin and Gearhart. Serious. I’m with Randy, that we need to reload. Try Joe Webb now, quit screwing around with Mcbust. See what Webb does, then we know. Like with T Jack. We needed to see and we saw. He looked great when he first started, we saw he couldn’t be consistent and he still can’t. And Allen and Robison have been excellent. Change it up and start Webb after bye if Mcbust can’t win. It makes you appreciate how Childress got better each year by 2 games. We’re at the absolute bottom.

  6. commander says:


    • Skol12 says:

      I believe this is how I will feel come next April, but there is no reason to say that as a fact… yet.

      If I were given the Head Coach/GM job now I would play out the season with Ponder see what I have,(likely not much but that is TBD) end up with a draft pick in the 1-3 range and go from there. If it is first overall I would take Andy Luck and have an open competition next year for starting QB and trade the loser for a very inflated value to a qb needy team ala Kevin Kolb. Otherwise draft Matt Kalil and pray.

  7. MDBLITZ says:

    Rick Spielman, Chump Childress, Frazier and his staff and this list wouldn’t be complete without McNubb.

    Think about it,,,, if 6 other NFL teams weren’t in such dire need at QB,
    OT,DE and safety, Peterson would have never fallen into our lap in the 2007 draft. And as Vikadan11 stated, Childress misused Peterson’s talent along with pissing away valuable time that was still in the tank for several key veterans.

    Sure the Vikes found some diamonds in the draft with Greenway and Harvin but the so called “power triangle” did nothing to bolster an aging underachieving offensive line in the draft. Drafting sub-par OL linemen yr after yr is one of the reasons why the Vikings offense can’t convert those 4th and 1 plays.

    Another reason is the coaching staff. I have never been impressed with any of the Vikings HCs or coaching staff. Could we someday hire a HC that was already a HC in the NFL before. What are we a testing ground for newbies HCs?

    And finally washed up McNubb. Dude can’t even reach the WRs with his throws, skipping them or overthrowing them. McNubb is the biggest reason why the Vikings are winless. McNubb is a joke and other teams are laughing.Offensive line play and stupid penalties on both sides of the ball. Coaching could fix that kind of crap if we had decent coaches.

    • sb says:

      Harvin and Greenway Diamonds in the rough? They are first round draft picks. Outside of last years draft class (Gerhart.. what a waste of two draft picks. Imagine if they them on two Interior Olinemen!) I don’t think the drafting has been that bad. We have drafted AP, harvin, rice, used a first rounder on jared allen, ced griffen and ray edward’s.. that’s far better than a lot of teams. They haven’t had too much luck in the secondary, but most decent cb’s in this league are first rounders anyway, so until they spend some high picks on the secondary I don’t see them improving.

      What I can’t understand is how Frazier is supposed to be a db coach, yet year after year, despite generating decent pass rush, the secondary is terrible!

  8. krugjr says:

    if we must, then I pick the wilfs…they put together chilly and spielman and now they give us frazier….the blame goes right to the top….if you don’t know football, you better hire someone who does

    #2…I blame the uniforms…they might as well wear pink

    PS…..I keep hearing Cossell,”DOWN GOES FRAZIER! DOWN GOES FRAZIER!

    • Branden Lemke says:

      i like our uniforms.

    • Randy says:

      I really hope you were joking with the uniforms comment.

      • c.carterhof says:

        The new ones? Im not crazy about. The throwbacks! Now those are cool. We need to find a way to let ownership know we want those back.

        Cmon Branden, youve got some inside connections, right?

        • Long Beach Viking says:

          No doubt. The new uniforms suck. The throwbacks are excellent, tho. They need the 70’s away uniforms as well. Those new safety helmets are UGLY. Who designed that crap. They look like bike helmets. I’m glad Peterson swithed back. Ponder looks like Mommy sent him out there.

      • I was not. i don’t see what’s wrong with them. i think they’re cool.

  9. CalVkg says:


  10. MDBLITZ says:

    There’s no better time than now to break out the purple pants!!!

  11. Gary says:

    #1 – The person who went after and got McMiss
    We would be at least 2-2 if not 3-1 and maybe even 4-0 if McMiss knew how to throw the ball. Watch the replays of all 4 games. All could have been won if only he made some easy throws that Larry Flynt could have made….
    #2 – Frazier
    Why would he keep going with McMiss knowing he is and always has been just an average QB in a much faster game today…
    #3 – Wilf
    For allowing Frazier to keep going with McMiss. Oh well, its his money he is going to lose. Any of those $4.00 tickets sell yet?

  12. MDBLITZ says:

    Ok sp, so just because you draft a player in the 1st rd, it makes him a diamond? lol cmon. Go back and check how many 1st rd DL the Vikings have selected in the diamond round and you will see how many turned out to be cubic zirconium turds. Sure there are teams who drafted far worse, and plenty who have drafted far better. I’m just saying the Vikings haven’t added much to their OL through the draft for yrs now.

  13. bleeding purple says:

    The blame squarely goes in mcnabb’s shoulders…He can keep drives going hes blatently missing the recievers. Quite frankly have 15 yards he couldnt hit a broadside of the barn….You can hardly blame the defense when ther out there most of the time especially second half…..The play calling has been way too preventative and mondaine…..Wheres the good plays, that actually work?

  14. bisatc says:

    Its our fault, the fans, for continuing to support the Minnesota Vikings year after year.

  15. Purple Charlie says:

    Do you anyone missed anything ???

  16. Jerry Odden says:

    We have no deep threat, Berrian catches only a third of the passes that come towards him, thats if he is running the right route. I don’t think Berrian could start for anyone else in the NFL and yet he is allegedly our burner. Also we have given up players that were key in Adrian’s running game. We have said goodbye to Tony Richardson, one of the best FBs in the league, Matt Birk, who I believe when healthy can outplay Sullivan anyday, and we gave up Chester Taylor, who complimented Adrian nicely. The Vikings also have a tendency to go away from what works. Jenkins catches the ball in the first half, he disappears in the second half. Peterson runs the ball hard in the first half, almost non existant in the second half.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Well said,I’ve missed Birk allot (Sullivan is no Birk ), Tony was one of the best and a Attitude to match…
      Berrian… never has or will live up to being a Deep threat, And the 2nd half of the season ??? Couple of key mistake plays that could have sealed the games…
      Plus the list above pretty much sums it up…

  17. MDBLITZ says:

    bisatc is right, but as soon as I stop being a fan of these purple bumbling fools, they will win it all and then I will be the fool. lol Can’t win with them and can’t win without them,,,either way I will still keep the thought of them winning on my bucket list.

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